Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tottenham Beat Reading: Photo Opportunity

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Wendell said...

Nice to see Mr. Capello watching the lads for the 2nd time in a week!

Good chance at reaching Carling Cup final at the expense of Gooners, ManUre oblivious to their imminent FA Cup departure and Sunderland at the weekend. Lovely :-)


niceonecyril said...


the future looks ugly lads!

Anonymous said...

Had classes so wasnt able to watch the game, how did Gunter look

Anonymous said...

Yupie....WE WON!!!!
Anyway how did gunter fare?? better than ifill???
dun know Y they sold ifill
how did SPURS PLAY???
THe game wasnt screened in singapore.....



bueller said...

Only saw the highlights but it looks like we managed to scrape through without having to play Berba and King. Can't ask for more than that.

The Keane and Defoe partnership even managed to spawn a goal!

As the lads above have said, if anyone who went to the game can inform us of how the boy Gunter played, it would be much appreciated.

Mabbs said...

That is exactly the type of performance we haven't been able to produce in recent years. I was never a Jol hater but I'm really encouraged by recent form away from home and you have to give Ramos his due.

Just need to stop conceding 2 or more in every home game now and we are sorted!

bueller said...

Oh, and also. I know we need to win on Saturday but I think I would rest:


And maybe even Keane. I am not sure how I would manage that but maybe Juande has the answer.

Oh Jermaine Jenas, how you confuse me! He's awful, he's brilliant, he's wasteful, he's incisive. I cannot make up my mind.

HighandLow said...

Another who just saw the MOTD highlights and read the reports, but it looked a fairly easy Away win, which isn't to be sniffed at.

I appreciate it may not be general consensus, but personally I would take a loss at the Mancs IF we could win against 'Southampton Irish' and Le'Arse.

Bueller sums up Jenas quite nicely, but I've got a slightly different tilt upon it;
Ability wise, I think he's in a different stratosphere to our other CM's and because of that he's judged on a different level. If A.N.Other hits a misplaced pass "at least he's trying it" but because of Jenas extra potential/ability the crowd are on his back if he does.

Player confidence is generally governed by crowd reaction, its either; Low (when the crowds on your back), Medium (when you don’t provoke a reaction either way) or High (when there’s a chant about you). Jenas confidence is somewhere between Medium and Low and it makes me wonder how good he may be if he were in a higher bracket?

Arguably Jenas has been a better player this year for the team than Defoe, unyet the crowd reaction is totally different.

Anonymous said...

Jenas is a useless ponce, who has had long enough in the PL to prove he's up to it and has failed.

As long as he's the first name on the team sheet, thank you Levy, we'll be nothing more than also rans.

k1ngs said...

I was at the match last night and it was a pretty dull affair to be honest. MOTD pretty much showed all the hilights there were and everything else was pretty dull.

It looked like all we wanted to do was go 1-0 up and then shut up shop so on that front we did pretty well. I got the impression that neither team were too bothered about winning (knowing the opponents in the next round).

Gunter had a solid game with some timely tackles and a few good runs forward. He even found himself in the box a few times putting in crosses (none of which were of note).

Our right side looked pretty awful. Chimbonda refused to cross the halfway line (following orders?) but was also very lazy at getting back. To me he looks like he's on his way out. KPB played on the right and also refused to get too far forward despite having bags of room. At one point he had the ball all by himself down the right. He put his foot pn the ball, turned round and passed it back to the defence. Keane had 89 minutes of moaning and one minute of brilliance (well he was in the right plave at the right time).

The game was there for the taking and once we got the first goal we stopped playing. Thankfully we didn't concede but I think that was due to lack of ambition from Reading as well.

Players of note were Kaboul who looked a danger at set pieces. Gunter was solid. Tainio did a great job in front of the defence and mopped up everything (shame he cant bang the long passes or he would be graet).

Finally I do worry about the substitutions. KPB on the right was crap and when we saw Lennon was coming on we though the swap was straight forward. However he took off Defoe and put Lennon up front (WHY?).
Then we were simply protectig te lead so we took off our best midfielder (Tainio who was doing a great job protecting the defence) and brought on Ohara. Were we TRYING to throw it away.

Anyway, these are just my opinions of the game, no doubt someone will completely disagree with me and wonder what game I was watching. I like to think I don't have any bias towards any of our players, if they have a god game then I'll give them credit.

k1ngs said...

sorry about the typos above!

HighandLow said...

Anon 12.27;
I certainly cant argue with logic like that.
A well constructed arguement full of useful information
.....Well done!

(I'm assuming you're unhappy as it was cold in your cave this morning?)

Anonymous said...


Truth hurts don't it, keep sticking up for him I'm sure he'll come good for you, it takes time in the Prem, five years isn't long enough, but I won't be holding my breath.

dildo said...

i think JR has an important role for taino to play in the next match.

wats dis story bout us signin jarque and fred?

mancity wants defoe and bent for 20m?

bloody rumors!!

Anonymous said...

Fred is staying at Lyon.