Sunday, January 27, 2008

Medicals At The Lane For Gilberto & Woodgate

Jonathan Woodgate is signing.

As is Hertha Berlin's Brazilian defender Gilberto.

Both medical's are imminent if not sooner. The money on Woodgate is thought to be around £8 million.

And the Jarque transfer is 100% not happening because of his well publicised injury.

Hutton. Mmmmn. Word is that he may yet come, he's still 'making his mind up'/ Rangers are trying to slip him one million pounds 'go away money'... blah blah blah but frankly I say that the time frame on this doesn't relate to THIS window and all reports are pants.

The bottom line on this deal is that his wife is due in less than three months. And is he looking to bail in a hurry from a club that he actually enjoys playing for...? No, he is not.



Anonymous said...

Keano Keano Keano

Anonymous said...

i think the cunt ronaldo needs to borrow tevez's binky, already cried twice and its only halftime

Anonymous said...

Hope we get them but needed them start of the window. We have Huddlestone and O'Hara in defence today. Better late than never I suppose

daytripper said...

O'Hara is my hero - he tried to take out ronaldo on the follow through, but no such luck.

FYI - they said King is nursing a minor knock and they didn't want to rush him back in.

I'm not missing Chimbonda one bit!

Anonymous said...

berbatov and lennon both got a goal coming in the 2nd half!

coys said...

jenas is back to hes noraml self crap sorry guys

Anonymous said...

shit shit shit

daytripper said...

Done in by 2 very long balls that would have landed in the 6 yard box. Where is the keeper? Still the #1 signing priority IMO.

I hope everyone sees now why we need Woodgate. We can't count on Ledders to play a full schedule, and Dawson is dreadful without his stellar partner next to him.

Down to 10 men, with kids all over the pitch, and we came a post away from a draw against the best team playing their best lineup. I am SO proud of the boys!!!!! COYS!!!!

doug said...

Well said Daytripper... I can't see Juande reeling out a load of match stats and being an ungracious t**t.


doug said...

Oh and by the way... For all the Goons that are bound to show up on here in a moment... THOSE are what kids playing in your team look like... 19 year olds and players from the youth system. NOT £12m signings with Champions League experience and World Cup winners.

Well played O'Hara & Gunter.

Anonymous said...

"Down to 10 men, with kids all over the pitch, and we came a post away from a draw against the best team playing their best lineup"

Agreed Daytripper.

Hud, Gunt, O'Hare, Lennon, Prince are all very young, so to go to Old T and give their first team a right go was commendable indeed -- especially with no King, no Chimbo (although I won't be sad to see him leave provided we can get an upgrade at RB) at the back.

If JJ had buried one of his 2 glorious chances it might have been different, but alas, what was Dawson thinking??? And Lee getting out of the way rather than blocking Tevez' shot? C'mon YPL, that's what you're paid to do as a so-called premiership defender!

Let's hope the lads can get a result against Chelski.


Waddle's Mullet

Vinny said...

Valiant effort considering our makeshift defence.

Unlucky yet again considering Jenas' 2 x one on ones (still at least he got in those positions), Lennon's bad decision to chip in when had 2 players waiting and Berbatov/Wes Brown's shot at the post...we had our chances! so another case of killer instinct lacking again I'm afraid...after the 30 minute mark you could see the lads play reflecting they were starting to get nose bleeds thinking shit we're 1-0 up at Old Trafford and murdering them!

Dawson at fault for both goals, 1st
goal should have trusted Lee to clear it as was in front of Giggs originally, bad decision making. Goal 2 - desperate handball, should have left it to Rooney to try n finish, instead of handing them the game, again very bad split second decision. Suppose it's a case of nervousness in the absence of King again.

Huddles did alright considering, but not the long term solution, so will be good to get a experienced premiership defender in Woodgate in to cover as our King sadly goes missing again.

After the 3rd goal would give Robbo the opportunity in the next game to prove one last time he should be our number one.

Shame!...but complicates our season a little less - 2 possible cups and an almighty effort for a Uefa finish by league position from now on.

Anonymous said...

O'Hara's free kick was a thing of beauty. Pity it was just the wrong side of the post.

Dare I say, if King had played it would've been a different story.

Will Woodgate be the answer? Or is he simply a more expensive Tony G -- someone to keep the team physios employed on a regular basis?

Anonymous said...

Agree about giving Robbo one last shot. I'd still be looking for a replacement in the summer if not during this window. I think the 3rd goal was deflected off Malbranque and may have wrong-footed Cerny, so I wouln't put it down to poor keeping. However, if Robbo is ever going to get a chance to prove he can still do it, then that goal may be seen to justify such a decision by JR.

BimitarDerbatov said...

my game wa called off so got to see the match in the end...

and low and behold...what did i spy only the main man Jenas back to his usual bottling self...

and i'm not just talking about his two unbelivable misses..

he may have played well Tuesday night but we're right back to square one with this lad..

who was it on here that said if he's not good enough to get into any of the top 4 sides then why are we persisting with him..well whoever said it, it's so true..

here's my notes on the game..

Ronaldo is an absolute w*nker. no doubt about it...everything he does is either for himself or the cameras but never for the good of his - pretending to cry after missing a chance..

i now 100% dislike Wayne Rooney.. my reason?? i will qoute what he said in the first didn't need to be a lip reader.."Oi ref, f*ck off ref, ref, you're a f*cking pr*ck."
how many young children are going to see this now and think this is how footballers should behave..disgusting..really disgusting

CERNY: (6)
loses marks for his first mistake in a Tottenham shirt

LEE: (3.5)
no good...way out of his depth here...

DAWS: (5)
at fault for first two goals..

BIG TOM: (6.5)
ok.. sweet pass to Lennon for goal

O'HARA: (6)
grand...did well om Ronaldo and also did well going forward..

LENNON: (6.5)
gets extra marks for the first decent cross we've seen in a while..loses marks for drifting out of game a bit

JENAS: (5)
see above..

marginally better than Jenas

102 and complaints..

BERB: (7.1)
dropped back deep so many times to try and show Jenas how to be a midfielder..a great leader..not his best day ever but still some nice passages of play..

KPB: (5.5)
still a bit mental..still can't figure him out

DEFOE: (4.5)
shite..f*ck off..quick

nothing special let's be honest..

that's all for now..

that boy's a bit special said...

great performance today, only came unstuck by some individual errors that i thought we'd managed to eradicate

Dawson is Superman when next to King but Gardener when with anyone else, needs to learn to be a leader, just like Ledley did

Jenas was back to his mediocre self after mid-week, should have scored both his chances - he is the eternal enigma

but my god how crap was that pitch? so many bad touches and miscontrolls that were down to bobbles on the surface, id spend they money they were saving up for Berba on some decent groundsmen

oh and Cerny would never let one like that go in when on the carpet that is WHL's pitch so lets not get into a debate about letting Robbo back in, lets just not let him back him

at least now we can concentrate on the final & Europe

Pete The YiD said...

big thanks again Harry for transfer update: :)

Anonymous said...

BimitarDerbatov >>>> Before you start slating Dawson... It was his pass that set Lennon off for Keano's goal. He does seem to panic more when he doesnt have King next to him.

Personally I thought that O'Hara played a blinder today, as did Steed who was always there to help him double up on Ronaldo. Gunter I thought played well for what I saw of him. especially considering that it was his second first team appearance and he was up against Ryan Giggs!!

The whole performance gave me tremendous confidence for the rest of the season and I cant wait for next season to get underway, with Ramos having a team of players that he wants we will not see another season like this one again

Anonymous said...

A good perormance IMO- pity we missed the chances. However, I don't see why Jenas should be slagged off yet again - his finishing is off yeah but he still puts himself and the ball about the midfield an awful lot.Y P Lee is not up to this level but we knew that before. I thought Tanio,Hud, Gunter, Lennon , Keane & Malbranque all had impressive games.I'd like to see berrbs a bit sharper & Defoe too.Personally, I'd like to see Chimbo again - simply the bird in the hand principle... he's our best right back even with Gunter around. Some wanted Tainio out as well but IMO he's been really impressive the last 2 games.Anyone know why King wasn't playing? Injured or is Ramos resting him...?

Anonymous said...

Gotta say DimBerb, don't agree with your scoring for this one. Thought we played well, & with 10 men. & whoever asked whether we can compare Woody to Tony G, You seruious or what? I'm just trying to fathom why Real Madrid haven't snapped up big T for millions also?!!! And to you goons, like the comments earlier - have a look at some true youngsters...

Collo the yid said...

right, i was there and i must say we gave the mancs a match like they hadnt had in a while. We played our own game which makes a change from under Jol where we would be bullied into defeat. Tainio, Malbranque, O'hara and Berbatov had top performances today, especially for players that wernt that great under Jol this season. I must say that i was impressed with our level of grit and determination. we wernt afraid of getting stuck in when was needed apart from Jenas who is the most overated player since theo walcott

Anonymous said...

daws played the ball to lennon for the goal


I think that Woodgate will be a quality signing as even if he can not play every game the guy is a superb defender and if we get 30 games out of him a season he will make a massive difference and having Ledley and Woodgate is like having two world class centre halves on their day...
Gilberto will be a welcomed addition as we seriously lack left sided quality when Bale is not there.... But why have we not signed a goalkeeper i think this is essential for us to be a top club...

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, Alan Hutton's wife used to live next door to me. I was at her third birthday party.

Harry Hotspur said...

You're gonna have to flesh that out if I'm to run it as an exclusive, mate....

Harry Hotspur said...

"But why have we not signed a goalkeeper i think this is essential for us to be a top club..."

We are looking...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Harry Hotspur said...


There aren't any rules as such on here, but the general gig is abuse is generally aimed at me. Please follow suit...

BimitarDerbatov is entitled to post his opinions without such nonsense.


daytripper said...

bimitar - you gave Lee a lower rating than Jenas? What game were you watching? That was the best he's played in two seasons. He was tearing up the field with the ball and delivering great passes to Lennon and the strikers, he was very strong backing up our defenders and midfielders who were getting torn apart by Tevez and best of all he was defending UP the pitch (note to Jenas & Tainio - you are allowed to defend in the MID field). It was the first time all season I have seen Evra held in check by any team. Good job YPL!

Also, if VanDerSaar were our keeper, Dawson wouldn't have had to play those headers in retreat, because any decent keeper would have taken them out of the air. The problem is between Robbo & Cerny, I think Spurs fans have forgotten what it is like to have a decent keeper that truly commands his box.

An off day for Vinny too - I dont agree with a single thing you said.

neamman said...

To the idiots boasting about Ohara.

Traore, Fabregas, Hoyte, Fabrianski, Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner, Walcott. All kids. Of those only Fabregas could be considered a regular first teamer.
Bleat on all you want but you wrere playing a weakened team. Do you honestly think you would have put 5 past us if we were fielding; Almunia, Clichy, Senderos, Cesc, Flamini, Rosicky, Adebayor and Van Persie from the get go??

Dream on.

You deserved to win the two legs, no dispute, but it wasnt our strongest team by 8 out the starting 11.

neamman said...

Your next game will be a test for you. Forget the top 4 see if you can beat one of your true The teams in 5th thru 8th. If you get a result at Goodison I think you have the right to feel confident you have turned a corner. But i think you will be lucky to get 1 point out of the next two games.

dildo said...

daytripper, if u analyze dawson's game, u wud realize that he doesn't really trusts his GK. this was maybe because he played so many times in front of robbo who was never commanding.

cerny was solid despite the 3rd goal. i will vouch for him to keep his place till end of season.

if we were playin a blaming game, i wud say that dawson practically handed man u their win.

defoe didn't help either. it's worthwhile giving our young reserves a breakthrough. JD doesn't look like he's out there to impress. he's been crap for the last 2 games.

jenas wasn't his best but he certainly wasn't crap yesterday.

Harry Hotspur said...


Spurs or any team can only play the one put before them. And if you might check the rule book on fielding a 'weakened' team....

Get over it son.

Your welcome, but maybe writing into an
Arse blog discussing your lot hitting each other would be a more productive post mortem activity?

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Woodgate coming means we will have the strongest central defence in any treatment room in the country. If he can keep injury free then great but the risk is that him and King will both be out at the same time so we will be no better off than we are now. One thing is clear, we cannot go on with King playing every other game at most (probably nearer one in three).

Shame about the false scoreline yesterday. In all my time as a Tottenham fan I have never seen the team work like they have in the last two games. With that kind of attitude they won't go far wrong.

Biggest disappojntment to me yesterday was Berbatov. Looked very clever from time to time but never threatening. Agree about Cerny, especially on the second goal but felt Lee should have called and headed that ball away.

It did expose Dawson though as the honest journeyman he is. Never seen a centre half misjudge the flight of a ball as much as he does.He did the same several times last season.

Jenas? Well he is frustrating but at least he gets into those positions. Problem is he is not a great passer so if Ramos plays a defensive midfielder with him then we lack a playmaker. Hence the need for two wingers I guess.

Don't agree with all the flack for Lee. Despite the opening goal I think he has looked pretty solid the last two games. He might not be in the desired first eleven but he is a decent enough squad player.

Defoe? Amazed he is still at the club. Touch, prowess, shooting ability and confidence; it all seems to have deserted him and his left foot weakness it more obvious than ever.

Anonymous said...

Heard on Radio Scotland that Alan Hutton flew down to London lastnight for a medical this morning, he's another player with Champions League experience alongside Gilberto and Woodgate.

The Woodgate will have a positive effect on Robinson's confidence as they were team mates at Leeds along with Keane and Lennon.

Anonymous said...

Just heard that Ar5ena1 are in for Woodgate too.

Pete The YiD said...

i bet woody does to arseholes. :(

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Pete, we're getting Hutton, which is the better buy. Woodgate has a big 'Potential Ledley King II' on him. There are other centrebacks around.

chiversmetimbers said...

GREEAAAT! now we have signed Woodgate to keep Ledders company in the treatment romm....can we now please sign a half decent centre half who can stay fit for 3 games in a row?

egg said...

Glad to see that Woodgate paid as much attention to the Fat Pharoah as the rest of the world does..


T.H.F.C said...

no mata wot ne 1 sez if woodgate can keep fit which i think he can he'll be a great buy.19 games 4 boro this season already... duznt sound lyk hes got a re-curing injury 2 me! i hope gilberto signs aswel i realy do and also hutton! hutton, king, woodgate, gilberto. that is a quality bak line and with the organsisation ramos can provide we can be a real force next season yido's!! if we get them 3 defenders plus a new goalkeeper n mayb a quality proven world class center mid hu scores gols and creates things were off i tell ya! stalteri,lee,gardner,boateng,defoe,robinson out , IN = new quality keeper,woodgate,gilberto,hutton,luka modric or carrick and scout a promising young striker

dannyboy said...


is that english what you wrote ?! ;-)


chin up mate. as someone else said, woody has played 16 prem games this season - hardly injury prone. 14 more than King!!!