Monday, January 07, 2008

Four Great Berbatov Quotes For His Detractors To Chew On

1."I'm fed up of seeing my name in the papers all the time. It's obvious that speculation will continue to the end but I wish the media leave me alone. I just want to play my game."

2."The worst thing is that I see 'my' quotes which I've never said. This is crazy; I'm not worth so much money."

3."I'm happy at the moment, and I know I can win trophies with Spurs."

4. "Juande Ramos is the man who can help us. He's very good as a man and as an expert, he can see details which are hidden from other people's view."

No man is bigger than the club and as I have said, players, managers, licensed clipboard operators, all are simply custodians of either office or the badge on the time line of history. Perhaps the last and rarest laugh is ours, the long suffering fans. Our love, as it cools and warms in direct correlation to those penalties is fluffed or the odd cup won... is eternal. And we cannot be fired.

The frustration caused by a player not coming out and refuting inaccuracies said about him is huge. Combine this with dropped shoulders on the park and.... Berbatov's agent is a hairball. And Berbatov should've responded sooner. But that he has chosen to do so via his own country's media speaks volumes to me. His contempt for the 'London' media is palpable.

*The above quotes are from a telephone interview given by Berba yesterday on Novo TV in Bulgaria


Wilson said...

Yea, fuck 'em.

theshelfer said...

I think Berbs is playing it as straight as he can. He appears genuine when he says he loves the club, and his sulking on the pitch is probably more a case of the standard of some of his teammates rather than a dislike for the Spurs in general.

Also, it is unreasonable for any rational person, even those in the executive boxes, to think that he would not be attracted by an offer from a Champions League club.

We all know he is going to leave and the only question is whether Levy takes the money now or later.

theshelfer said...

I think Berbs is playing it as straight as he can. He appears genuine when he says he loves the club, and his sulking on the pitch is probably more a case of the standard of some of his teammates rather than a dislike for the Spurs in general.

Also, it is unreasonable for any rational person, even those in the executive boxes, to think that he would not be attracted by an offer from a Champions League club.

We all know he is going to leave and the only question is whether Levy takes the money now or later.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Hey Harry you stole my exlusive!! How dare you!!

what can i say... Berb is my rare is it nowadays to see a world class player with such modesty and apparent loyalty..

so glad he finally spoke out..

long may he remain in a white shirt..

florida pete said...

Hmm, slightly rose tinted specs methinks Harry, I mean, he could have said all this before Man U denied any interest, but then again, from the way I see it, most footballers are fairly simplistic human beings, especially those with a special gift..Besides, wouldnt be surprised if it does all come down to money, and we sell him to Citeh for 31 mill, excuse being that theyre not top 4 and so it wont hurt so much..I mean, look at the Hutton fiasco that is unravelling, its laughable the fake sincerity and loyalty, Rangers may send him down the road for the filthy lucre after all....

Wrighty7 said...

Berbatov saying he wants to stay dont mean shit. Look at the legend Thierry Henry, saying how he wanted to stay at Arsenal and then hopping on the plane to sunny Catalan. U Spuds must face up to the fact that Berbatov is now Berbaoff! He is class but sulks like a 3 year old girl when things dont go his way, I noticed that standing 10 yards from him on 22/12/07. He's off either this month or summer

Harry Hotspur said...

If Robbo kept hoofing the ball at me I'd sulk...

BimitarDerbatov said...

and even if he does go in Summer i don't think i would hold it against the very least he's not messing us around like S*l C*mpbell did and like Jermaine Defoe appears to be doing..

Wilson said...

Oi, wrighty, get your head out of the redtops arse.

Harry Hotspur said...

wrighty7 old bean, if you need to have the deceitful episode of Henry explained to you, browse the archive on this blog.

Or ask a gooner with an IQ in triple figures (this will NOT be a relative) there's a few about.

Harry Hotspur said...

How's your blog getting on wrighty7? I understand you've had the painters in... lol.

mike said...

Harry im just pissed off with the lot of it. I cant belive money has become so evil within our beautiful game.This Hutton saga , i mean the boy so obviously dont wanna come to the lane yet he is pushed by his club all for the pound note.And as for Man City being interested in berba , do me favour what the fuck are they gonna win ,they have been the luckest team ive seen this season.If he goes there then he is definatly a mercenary.And one more thing why is everyone down beat about us playing united in the cup ,if we wanna win the fA cup then you have to beat these teams and at least they wont be at full strength unlike if we met the semis

Neamman said...

Unless you are that rare local lad playing for his boyhood team most players are mercenary. Dont blame them either, if someone came in and offered me twice my salary to change jobs Id do it without a second thought. I certainly dont think Berbatov is worth 31MM and at 27[?] hes coming near the end of his prime. $20MM tops and thats being generous.
I feel sorry for Hutton who I believe is a Rangers fan.

dannyboy said...

'How's your blog getting on wrighty7? I understand you've had the painters in... lol.'

Harry, you child!! How very dare you!

Wrighty, ya bellend, get the fuck off the best Spurs blog going. Go publicise your own piece of shit.

As for Berba - who cares? Players come and go.....tra la la......


It's Them and Us said...

At 27 he is just coming into his prime.

I think we have the rest of this season and until next January to convince him his dream of winning cups and medals can be achieved here. If after then we haven't progressed I'd happily see him to go Madrid or Barca and tear up the Champs League.

Of course the ideal situation is him ripping up the Champs League with us. But it needs a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry spuds, face it Berby is off. Fair play to him, class player, deserves to be playing at the top level, challenging for the title and playing in the champ league. Who would you rather play against, Aalborg or AC Milan. He will get you a big fee, yet like Carrick, merely used you as a stepping stone for bigger and better thing. No fear though, at least you have the 16m man Darren Bent to replace him... how I wish Arsenal could compete with spurs..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Above

Shouldn't you be back in the home by now. You don't want the nurses having to come and put you to bed.

onedavemackay said...

As Gus said who says he is unhappy who says he sulks who says he is going ? The media and about a million blogs and 2nd rate websites that write any old bollocks to attract attention . And talking of that arrogant sulkmeister Henry he was meant to be leaving the goons from almost the moment he arrived.

Most matches Berba works his socks off and the way he put his arm around Keano after the penalty speaks volumes.

He deserves total respect from all true supporters.

Wait till he scores the winner at Old Trafford !

Oz on you Spurs said...

Guys, guys I've been thinking about this for a while now. I think we are hated by the press, particulary Levi, ever since he banned that Standard jurno. Based on that and since then, they have never left us alone. I know Berba is quality but they snipe at us all the time. The media are ganging up on Spurs because Spurs had a go at one of their own.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

someones had a lager tonight!

Anonymous said...

To Harry - I've just listened Berbatov's interview recorded two days a go(Nova TV , Bulgaria)... and it's very pity that 99.99999% of you don't speak or at least understand bulgarian language! There was a nearly twenty minutes conversation between Mr. Krum Savov and Berba. It drew two conclusions: First - english, italian, irish, bulgarian or whatever newspapers - they are all the same - the more copies they sell the less truth the reveal! And second - Berba is happy at WHL, no matter what everyone might think about his sulky faces during certain games


dildo said...

berba's my hero. eventhough he sulks but dat dont matter. he's no motivator but he plays well when the team is well. lifting the team is the capt's duty.

pls JR revamp our back 5. at this rate i'd have to stop watching spurs game b4 im 40. else i'll hv a heart attack!!

Anonymous said...

BY THE WAY, I WANNA KNOW WHERE THE FUCK BERBA IS WHEN WE PLAY THE SO CALLED BIG FOUR????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Does anybody here agree with me that charlton ripped spurs off with the darren bent deal?
From what i have seen since he has been there he aint worth a shite!
As for Defoe, he is like a little angel really. Poor sod just aint had the games and starts to prove it.
And lennon needs to buck his ideas up and start performing like he did under Jol.
Also people need to realise that king should not be the captain anymore seeing as he cant stay injury free for more than 10 seconds!

Vinny said...

Anon 3.16am, agree Lennon needs a kick up the arse in the form of some decent competition along with Chimbonda.

I say bring in Quaresma who's wasted in the Portuguese league to compete with Lennon.

And as for Chimbo, complaining about the club buying right-backs...welcome to reality mate, as any top club is supposed to have at least 2 top quality players for every position, it keeps players on their toes.

As it happens I think both Chimbo and Lennon are top players on their day, but could still do with some decent competition.

Quality competition is what we lack.

Right now we have 5 or 6 quality players, then another 5 or 6 players that deserve at least a squad place or are "ones for the future", but after that have too many average players filling up the rest of the squad.

Ideally we need to double up to have 11 top quality players for first team choice with another 11 strong back ups that consist with reliable standins and maturing youngsters.

On the subject of Berba...would love him to stay as he's simply world class. The inspiration of Ramos is our main hope of him staying, feel he would of fucked off by now under the end of the day, it's up to him now. Ramos and Poyet know what he brings to the party and have stated their desire to keep him. So unless he really wants to leave himself, the board would be making a serious mistake even at 30 million would seriously undermine our ambition to build for the champions league. Unless any of them WANT to leave would keep the strikers the same for now and concentrate on our 3 main areas of need - a Solid CD, a DM General and more creativity/service is always welcomed.

The Ben Tal Haim rumour if true wouldn't be a bad addition to help stop the defensive rot till the end of the season and beyond. But afraid sounds like just that...another rumour!

bueller said...

Anon 3:11

Where is berba when we play the big four? What a load of cack. He's usually head and shoulders above the rest of the players on the pitch.

Last game against arse he scored a vital equaliser and won a penno.

Against manure he was very unlucky not to put us one up and apart from Gareth Bale was easily our best player.

Against Chelsea last year he scored the opener and was very lively all game.

Against arse last year he scored a header, then got injured and didn't reappear for the return leg or else we would have been in the final.

When we beat chelsea last year, he didn't get on the score sheet but his hold up play was sublime.

So I really don't know what you are talking about.

Wrighty7, you wish you were a Spurs fan really don't you? Bless.

HighandLow said...

Great news on Berba, who knows if we win a cup this year we may see him in the Lilywhite next season.

Sky Sports are reporting that JR is quoted as saying "Defoe can leave". Genuine sentiment or just trying to keep the wages down on a new deal?

If he were to go, who would we want to replace him? I'd go for Kitson. Before you scoff, think about it.... a lifelong Spurs supporter who still gets to the Lane when he can. Content with not being 1st choice, great in the air and underrated on the deck. He would sweat blood for the cause.

GRAZZA said...

If Berba does go, say to Salford Red Socks, the best we can hope for is acquiring Mr Carrick back in to the bargain. But like Harold, player swap tales and speculation never convince me.

Dont forget that Spurs Legends Klinsmann and Sheringham left for better offers in the past so Berba would be in good company!

GRAZZA said...

PS Bueller you stole my thunder you son of a gun :)

GRAZZA said...

PS Bueller you stole my thunder you son of a gun :)

sydney wale said...

I can believe in what he says by the way he has started to be the leader by example and superior footballing intelligence since Ramos has arrived. I think he has been reborn since the Man City 2-0 game and looks like he means it.
I'm Backing Berbatov!!

bueller said...

What would you knowledgable chaps do with the front two against the arse?

In the past it has been a no-brainer because Keane has always looked dangerous against them and Berba is our best player.


Have you seen the quotes from Defoe. Best quotes from a footballer ever!!!!

Plus Keane had a bit of a nightmare against Francenal last time out.

I would be tempted to go with Berba and Jermaine.

Now, shoot me down!

shanemac said...

Bang. Defoe's going to pull a Sol on us this summer if he stays past january. Best if he understands now that he doesn't have a future at the lane. Keano is more talented and even on his off-days, puts in much more effort and sets others up for chances. Plus Berbatov works better with Keane, which is the most important thing.


bueller said...

I thought Defoe's contract was up next summer?

GRAZZA said...

Barcham ploughing a lone furrow for me tomorrow night! I jest.

Berbs and...............Defoe, Keane has been goal machine of late but hes a streak player for me and it seems that streak has ended, i also believe that keane isnt a team player contrary to most folk on here. I think JD and keane are very much a good cop/bad cop routine (ie the silver tongued irishman and the surly chip on shoulder merchant) and i prefer Defoes directness to keanes fart arsing about (no disrespect!) and arm flapping, I prefer pacy forwards to and i think think defoes got the upper hand there, i also think keane has a tendancy to be outmuscled too often and id also go so far as too say defoe is better in the air.

i dont subscribe to the hard work theory on Keane either, think he makes "token" challenges ie doesnt actually fight but does the running.

I think Defoes "hogging" is undoubted but i think that is almost like a childish way of trying to impress because i dont remember him being like it when he was top dog. Im not saying hes right to do it but i understand it.

Plus the fact that hes never bitten an Argy Wet Spam player works against Keano in my book ;)

As for the Campbell/Defoe comparison - who here would sign when they arent getting a game and you bring on an 18 yr old circus freak on ahead of you? or is that a chicken and egg scenario.

pete the Yid said...

Prove it then JD and sign the contract. You can't really have been stunned, as the fact remains you are still trying to hold the club to ransom. I want you to stay, but to do so as part of the team, not a one man band. I don't think that he can really give off too much, as Berbatov and Keane have both been playing well and are an effective partnership. Defoe's view of getting games implies he thinks they are not doing well. He has gotten a good few chances, but he has to deliver more effectively.

At risk of starting the whole Defoe/Keane debate again - in a one off, one on one scoring opp (or even faced with an open goal!) I think most of us would pick Defoe. Unfortunately I don't think he brings much else to the team, at least not consistently enough. Robbie probably needs twice as many chances to get the same number of goals, but his work rate ensures that happens, plus all the other creative stuff he offers.

Overall their strike rates aren't that different - whichever 'camp' you're in you can use the stats to support your man.

I don't want to lose Defoe - but the time has now come when he must STOP PLAYING MIND GAMES SIGN UP!!!!.

dog said...

Excuse the irrelevant question Harry, but do you know if we make it to the final and play Chelsea, does that mean even if we are losing finalists that we are guaranteed a UEFA spot for next season?

bueller said...


100% agree on Keane Re: Arm flapping, work rate and streak. I simply sometimes think that he is bad for team. He's one of those players that if he was playing up front with someone shite then he makes something happen out of nothing and you marvel at the wonder that is Keane. But when he's got quality around him he just seems wasteful and a poor decision maker. His partnership with berba has looked good because Keane clearly looks up to him and often looks to find him when he get's the ball. Which is good for the team.

I like Robbie Keane but I just don't hold him in as legendary status as most.

Defoe has his obvious problems such as first touch, ball retention and the like.

If all were fit I would defo be playing Berba and Bent tomorrow. As it is I would go Berba and Defoe.

I think.


bueller said...


No, that's only the FA Cup.

If Chelsea win the Carling Cup, an extra place goes to the league table standings.

GRAZZA said...

Pete the yid hit the nail on the head for me "Overall their strike rates aren't that different - whichever 'camp' you're in you can use the stats to support your man" at the end of the day the reason why its such a big topic for discussion is because give or take theyre pretty level pegging it just comes down to who you prefer.

"Bring it on tomorrow night you fecking gooner cnuts"

bueller said...


Bring it on tomorrow night you fucking gooner cunts, your boys are going to take one hell of a beating.......Ahhhhhhh

Arron said...

Ok i really hope that the optimism is justified but why did Berbatov make the comments just a day after Sir Alex Ferguson announced he wouldnt be signing anyone till the end of the season and Chelsea make a bid for Anelka.

Is it feasible that player and agent could be so out of sync?

The cynic in me tells me that Berbatov is holding out for the United move and if he can make a few statements to keep us all happy he will do so.

Might be wrong, hope so, doubt it though

Tom The Yid said...

That Dantchev is a little prick. To be honest Berbatov wants to have some control over his agent if he is telling the truth about wanting to stay at spurs. I reckon Dantchev would rather see Berb move on so he gets a nice bonus from the transfer fee, but failing that a nice little payout if spurs come out and say we want to keep berba publically and up his wages.

JJ said...

So many people talk about his body language, but the fact is his body language has always been the same. He has always looked moody, the only difference is that we were in the top 5 while he looked moody before so noone tried to read into it.

As long as he is saying he's not looking to move then he won't. We've got no reason to sell yet as he still has time on his contract.

Harry Hotspur said...

I'm in two minds over JD and out of both of them.

Grazza makes some good points.

What's to dislike?

Well confession time from me.

I often, in fact frequently feel that Robbie's goals are lucky to go in.

I'm not insane, so I am not about to attack his record. It stands.

All I am doing is saying...

Keane has scored many
memorable goals... But Defoe has scored some f*cking firecrackers.

Bottom line is Keane has served his master far better than Defoe.

But I just prefer the way JD scores.

Therefore I will hate to see him go, but I accept he has on far too many occasions been a total washout.

The politics of this potential departure are of interest, perhaps, or so I'd like to believe, Emporor Levy has learnt the value of keeping the crowd on his side.

If Defoe leaves now both player and club can part amiably.

Wrighty7 said...

I love it when u Spuds get all excited about playing Arsenal! All this 'Bring it on' talk just sets u up for the fall u silly prats!! Aint u worked that out yet?! Its about time u did dipshits! 7/11/99, the last time u beat us. Ur getting desparate, and our kids are gonna do u AGAIN! My blog looks much prettier now doesn't it Harry?! BIOYC?! BollockingIdioticOddBodYidCunts! Theres ur BIOYC! Twats!

onedavemackay said...

wrighty7. As ever thanks for that intelligent and well considered post.

raf_thfc said...

um, wrighty7, I feel you have serious personal anger issues....perhaps an appointment with a Doc on Harley Street may help?

Harry Hotspur said...


You are, without doubt one of the biggest spaz's I have ever encountered.

Wrighty7 said...

I know Harry, but u love me really! U love the banter my son!

chris_kiwomya said...

Lets face facts here guys, there is no point you getting all excited about the Carling Cup because you only look like idiots when the inevitable happens.

Eduardo must be creaming his pants with the thought of running wild against Kaboul, Dawson and Robbo.

Not only have you got their kids to contend with but I swear Comolli must still be on Arsenal's payroll, he's destroying THFC from within. The latest rumour I've heard is that he's looking to re-sign Mitchell Thomas and Oyvind Leonhardsen in the transfer window.

Wrighty7 said...

Yeah, wot Kiwomya said.

pompey yid said...

Hmm...of all the Berba comments, it's the last one, on Ramos, that seems to me the most interesting and/or encouraging.
As for keano versus defoe - well I'd like to keep both, but I've increasingly come to think it's the Dubliner who offers us so much more. Statistically he only just edges it - before this season Robbie netted about once every 2.4 games; jermaine one in 2.7. And when he first came to the Lane, I thought Defoe was potentially a great goalscorer (in the tradition of Greavsie and Lineker). Ok he can't hold the ball up, but he appeared to have all the other qualities: blistering pace, a cracking shot, a high on-target ratio, balance, bravery, etc. But, then, especially watching from the stands, it's clear his game has one great drawback: he lacks a football brain. I don't mean ordinary intellect - god knows Gazza was as thick as pigshit off the pitch, but on it was a PhD. No JD - or to give him his full name: Jermaine Defoe Offside - is as dumb as a day old doughnut.
Clever Keano - for all his irritating flicky-flicky whiney-whiney act at times - creates much more. Horrible term, but "assists" is not a word often attached to JD. Robbie (and Berba) tick that box loads.
If fit and on-form, RK vs JD is a no-brainer for me. But I will be more than happy if the little 'un proves me wrong.

Anonymous said...

wrighty7 ya fucking inbred nonce. go and snort some more cocaine off your sisters arse

Anonymous said...

Might aswell stop giving opions on here if its being ruined by arsenal cunts.Aint they got there own forums to go on.This just becomes a slagging match just like a school yard rather than some decent chat.

daytripper said...

pompey - very well stated! I'll say it again because I think the comment was overlooked - I think Keane is tired. Way too much football for club & country, and both under immense pressure the last 3 months. No way he misses those PK's or easy putaways back in August.

HH - do any of JD's firecrackers compare to either of the Keane goals against Liverpool? When was the last time JD hit one of his stunners when he was being defended by one of the best in the world?

I know I am dreaming, but is there any way we can keep JD and dump Bent?

EL said...

Sell Defoe and get it over with. Never done enough. He's played as a super sub for good reason.

When Keane doesn't score, he generally makes things happen elsewhere on the pitch as does Berbs. Defoe tends more to wait around the box or make offside runs.

Lennon will never be a ronaldo. He's just not in that class. He hit the ground running when he arrived so some people thought he would develop(me included) into twice the player but I don't think he has anymore to offer. He's too often not quick enough to deliver the killer pass after a run but crucially does not possess a great shot. A bit one dimensional. Still young though and may yet surprise us.

Bent looks like a potential rebrov II but the price wasn't his idea and let's be honest; he hasn't been given much chance to show what he can do and given that Berbs is the one blocking his chances, we can hardly blame bent for that. He too may yet surprise us.

Although I've always liked Chimbomba, there's sometimes something worryingly ragged about his play and he can get caught too far upfield on occasion.

I suspect that Ramos/Comolli? is looking to snatch the money being offered for Defoe & Chimbo soon enough and if they put the money into a dogs bollocks midfielder, you won't hear me complaining.

I also have a feeling that Ramos's Spurs, one year from now, will be a quite different team, assuming he can wrestle the purchasing reins away from Comolli. I wonder if Comolli still feels he's in a position to pull rank on the manager?

Hope not.

Wendell said...

Just out of curiosity.. why do gooners always say we make ourselves look like idiots when we show a bit of passion towards our team?

I know there`s not much to be passionate about with your pretty boy foreign squad but that doesn`t mean you have to put your misguided enthusiasm towards us.

Carling Cup Final 2008:
Tottenham 3 - 1 Everton


Vinny said...

Just like Defoe is ahead of Bent in the pecking order, well Keane is definitely ahead of Defoe for me. These 3 guys are fighting for the right to partner Berba and Keane is far more versatile and equipped mentally.

Not saying Defoe is no good, as he will always get you goals, albeit as some have mentioned often against average teams rather than the top teams. Apart from that is no where near the team player Keane is, who brings others into the game more, grafts, encourages others and never seems to give up and to top it off has a good scoring record. Yeah he does miss some sitters but puts away some sublime goals too. His technical ability to volley the ball and his all round team effort reminds me a lot of Mark Hughes when he used to be a similar player at united and like Keane a great professional also.

Needless to say I like our Keano, and so what if he makes strange hand signals constantly, thats his way of communicating and someone has to speak up to the ref for the rest of the team its part and parcel of the ongoing psychology with the referee during the game to let him no youre watching his every decision. Take away that expression and passion and you've lost half of Keano. Good example to the youngsters and other squad players imo, never complained when was dropped by Jol, grafted back to make the place of Berba's partner his own and looks to have the best chemistry with the Bulgarian, even Berba seems to have less passing options when he’s Keanos not on the pitch.

Not to say Defoe's attitude stinks, because he's also been exemplary in the way he's gone about making the most of his 15 or 20 minutes here and there and scored his fair share, keeping his head down fair play but sorry STILL prefer what Keane offers. Defoe is far too predictable and seems to have less strength on the ball than Keano who seems to hold defenders off better when on the ball. You feel Defoe is more effective towards the end of the game when there's tired legs or else with fresh legs harrying him from the beginning of the game seems easier to track and contain than Keane who drifts and drops looking to pick the ball up much deeper and with his flicks although often exaggerated and annoying at times, keeps defenders guessing more than Defoe who just puts his head down and heads one way – forward trying to find little holes beyond defenders that aren’t always there to exploit with the majority of the better Premiership defender being able to match him for pace as long as they stay right on him, although I love the way he shuffles and gets his shots off quickly, but even then often makes greedier decisions shooting from impossible angles and distances instead of looking to put a team mate in, that’s just the way he is a little predator.

And I would like JD to stay, but if he wants to leave, let him while we can get some decent wonga back. Ramos has actually been very smart playing the psychological "ball is in his court" game knowing he ain’t signed his contract...we'll see. If he does leave though despite our need to strengthen other areas, still believe we need 4 good strikers and would love that Benzema kid from Lyon to come in, phenomenal potential and can’t turn down that kind of talent if he's encouraging us to go after him...but only if Defoe leaves that is who's more than good enough for our 3rd choice striker for me if he wants to stay.

Vinny said...

My team for tomorrow whould be;


Chimbo Daws King Lee


Jenas Steed

Berba Keano

Subs: Cerny, Archibald-Henville or Stalteri, Lennon, O'Hara, Defoe.

Need a solid side too nulify the Arsenal ponces first half and then bring on a hungry Azza with apoint to prove second half. Not too mention the extra attacking options of Defoe and O'Hara if we need to get goals back.

GRAZZA said...

Latest this morning is that Juande wants 8 out of the lane.....ive just looked at the squad and to be honest it could be any 8 except:


Have i missed anyone? maybe Lennon

bueller said...

I doubt he'd want rid of some of the youngsters he's blooded either.

I couldn't see him getting rid of likes of Boateng and O'Hara for the simple reason they have started to get a look in and he appears to like what he see's. He also tried to sign Boa for Seville.

I would imagine Lennon could be safe too although less so than the other two as he has a reasonable value attached.

I think we could do with shedding 8.

I would love to know what Ramos thinks about Hudds.

HighandLow said...

I hate the fact that Le'Arse can point to examples of our pre-game enthusiasm setting us up for a subsequent fall, who knows it could happen again.

But the day I stop getting carried away before games like this, I expect to be cold and 6ft below.

The flip side of this, is the arrogance their fans show will make the victory that much sweeter.

I'm not a fan of going onto other teams blogs to gloat but, Harry please, when it happens; publish the address of Wrighty's blog for us!

GRAZZA said...

Too right, if you cant get excited about a semi away at the goons then what the hell can u get excited about.

We are very different animals though, thats what makes us yids and them goons. Could hear a pin drop coming away from Ashburton Grove Refuse tip after the last semi - can you imagine Tottenham High Road being like that if we'd just dumped them out in the Semi? dont think so. Maybe their padded seat chill them out like a night on the sofa with the fire going - who knows. Or maybe theyre just a "gooner" for the status thang.

Back to the other subject, good point re: young pups like Boateng and O'Hara - they will prob survive. I know i shouldnt judge young O'Hara yet but he doesnt look like a top flight footballer to me.....of course i wish him every success for the future though as i love seeing youngsters out there, its so rewarding and you warm to them straight away.

2 of the most cuntish and annoying phrases known to man "Gooner" and "Thee Arsenal" have you ever heard either delivered in anything other than a smug, self congratulatory tone? Grrrrrrrrrrrr I might be getting a touch over psyched for tonight :)

HighandLow said...

Grazza; It goes without saying that Bale would be on your list of 'untouchables'.
I'm sure that JJ appears on JR's list as well, if not neccesarily mine.

bueller said...

Yes, HighandLow! Bale, how could we forget.

Re: Over psyched. It's hard not to get like that.

I have been sitting at my desk and bearing in mind that i only work with 20 people, three of them are gooners. One of them is going tonight. I have been getting the 'Berbatovs last game in a spurs shirt' bollocks and 'We don't even care about this cup' all fucking week. I am about ready to snap.

Please give me something to smile about Tottenham. Please.

For all those going tonight, let's have plenty of noise early doors. Get the boys going.


GRAZZA said...

I apologise forthwith to Mr Bale!! how could i forgot our new star in the making??

Bad Grazza.

I will donate my ticket for tonight to Bueller as a form of self punishment ;)

Does JGM still surface on here?