Monday, January 28, 2008

Chimbonda On His Way

Pas calchimb onda. From the latin: Jury still out

I throw the decision to to the crowd. My personal feelings on this man aren't good.
(First a bitch about Jenas, now Chimsey ~ Harry, the staunch brigade will have you for breakfast and supper now., what kind of anti Spurs clown are you, dammit!...)
He came to us at what many thought was 'top dollar'. I thought and said loudly at the time he was value then. Barclays Dream team man. An investment. Initially he delivered. I liked the reliability and the calmness. And the training ground piccies that came through. Always a cheeky grin and playful sparring with Berba. Good stuff. Then came the attacking full back. Great. An extra dimension maybe. Some of the best ones are, you

The reality, was a quality player, but one who became an invariably unnecessary addition to our strike support. Classic Chimbonda for me was him running up the pitch BEYOND Lennon, achieving little of real worth. His ultimate forward pass was always the same, right footed, predictable, in~swinging nothingness.

My real issue is the then rag tag scarper back routine. How many complications and disasters would have been averted if he had just stayed in position?

And so to my final point. His goals. The last bastion, perhaps of his faithful.
Disinterested, quite frankly, Bonda Backers. I'd be a fool to say no to any goal, but by Christ, what a laboured wait we had for his.
How many versions of that 'Let's put it on PC's head on the far post rubbish punt routine' did we see go wrong before we got a goal? Clearly it WAS working in training. Otherwise there was no way it would would have been so ridiculously indulged in real games.

In summation, do I hate him? No, but I absolutely question what he has become. An undisciplined and too frequent liability.

Oh yeah, and then there's the "quotes."

"Kevin Keegan has approached me and they've offered me more money. "

"I am definitely leaving Spurs. It's all about the money. I don't care about the final, I don't care about the cup."

These have appeared everywhere and been retracted by no one bar Wee Willy his agent. Do Spurs fans seek better assurances than those of Willy? I do.
FOR ONLY £19.99!


Anonymous said...

Come on Harry, not only is this an OLD rumour which Keegan has long since refuted but those quotes attributed to Chimbonda are completely unsubstantiated.

Poor show mate.

Anonymous said...

If we sign Alan Hutton and I really hope we do! then chimbonda will be out on his ear! Gunter looks good and he is defo one for the future. Chimbo is a liability in defence and really as Harry says nothing of true value in the way of attack. lets Hope Hutton joins then we will have a truly world class Right Back at our dispoasal.


Anonymous said...

Old rumour? That that cnut might go if the money was right? I think H is pretty close to the mark IMO. If not Toon it'll be Cheatskee. Oh no, they f**ked him off!

Harry's Little Blue Writing said...

Sometimes you hate for haters sake and this is a case in point. Chimbo is a good squad player , stop moaning for moaning sake, why don't you write an article about Woodgate signing instead of moaning about a player who has had a lot of bullcrap written about him. Not good enough this time 'Arry Monk Hotspur!

matt said...

Get rid of the goon and the fragil rock hutton in

Morgan. said...

Firstly my quote about Jenas 'The Lad is class and I wish everyone would stop slagging him off'

As for Chimp, Ive always liked him but your right, he's become predictable and if that comment we have seen everywhere is true then i'd give him away or let him rot. So if someone is willing to pay money and good money for a player who admits he doesnt care about winning cups he just plays for the money then great, rip there bloody arm off for it!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone agree but i was glad to hear that Chunky monkey "Mido" had his pubic bone injury, maybe big MJ gave him the kick in the B*lls he deserved, or was that a Comolli signing, hmmmm me wonders?

dannyboy said...

100% in agreement. The fact Ramos wants Hutton speaks volumes; the writing is on the wall for Chimbonda. It all started going wrong imo when he forgot he is a defender and started gloryhunting. Wouldn't have minded if he scored more than he was responsible for conceding. I still reckon Hutton will sign - at about 2 minutes to midnight Thursday!
What's happened to our defence? New LB, RB and CB - last season we were OK?????


Harry Hotspur said...

Harry's Little Blue Writing ~ hello mate,

I half fancied a Ramos says, 'I've Got Wood' headline, but this Chimbonda story isn't just a figment of my limited imagination...

Anonymous said...

love chimbonda. Think he has been our most constant player through the good Jol days and the bad Jol days up to now, we need to stop this anti Chimbonda crap as no person let alone footballer in this modern day of being media savvie would come out with some of the quotes that are being attributed to him. Lets be fair we dont need another right back let alone four in total, so go figure would you not be pissed off . we need to celebrate players who have been good for us not continually put them down at any given moment.

Harry Hotspur said...

Dannyboy are you coming out on HH as an Iron Maiden fan mate?! ;)

grittyspur said...

Harry- long time..first time- it's easy to admonish Pascal and his gallic approach to the game- but, really, who else is there in the squad? Bales' out, Lee's a class act, but clearly he's lost a step or two since he's got here, and I'm not sure where Rocha's gone. That leaves Staltieri and our Pascal. It's easy to see who's going to be picked on game day!
At this point in time Ramos has got to field the best player available to him for each position, and Chimbonda fits the bill for the RB. And don't get me started on Alan Hutton. The guy looks great but how many SPL fullbacks succeed in the Premiership???

Rammo said...

Good stuff Harry as usual. Like you I thought he was a cracking signing at first, but he dithers back to position after a half-arsed cross to the opposite corner flag.

He has to go, if only to save us from David bloody Pleat continually calling him Shim-Bom-Ba.

egg said...

If the chimp is dragging his knuckles out of WHL then so be it. We don't want or need players who don't care about winning things. Newcastle should suit him down to the ground!!

Is anyone else pleased that Woodgate took as much notice of the fat Pharoah as the rest of the world?

Get Hutton and COYS!!!!

Anonymous said...

at least it is not "Ramos got his first Brazilian".

Simmo said...

has anyone got any of the Spurs TV online interview with Woody. Haven't heard anything from him or anyone at the club.

Morgan. said...

yeah but gunter, bale, woodgate and hopefully hutton are great addictions so we are stil going forward.
It makes me laugh when people always go on about how great chimb is in the air and headers at corners, he dont score that many does he!

and as for woodgate, when leeds would playing well, many years ago, I wanted the spine of there team at Spurs. Robbo,woodgate,Bowyer and Keane. we now have three(and yes I know Bowyer has beeen shit for the last few years and we wouldnt want him now but he was good then)

Spurs King said...

Chimb is a class player , we must keep him , as for as Dawson- mmmm extremely bad defender.

seneca said...

chimbo has good and bad days. not sure i'd criticise him for overlapping - kind of has too if we want him to add something to the attack. also, if the attempts to get him to header the ball at the back post fail often, it's not his fault. perhaps jol should've worked harder on different options. as to the quote - 'i don't care, i just want money' - even cashely cole wouldn't say something so stupid and crass.

dannyboy said...

"Ramos got his first Brazilian". Quote of the night; quality mate. Don't be anonymous.

HH - Iron Maiden? WTF? Over my head that one!!!


Anonymous said...

Living in Irelnd and have to put up with a commentator calling him "Jimmy-Bonda", figure that out, it setanta Ireland by the way!

BimitarDerbatov said...


gunter, bale, woodgate and Hutton: great "adictions"

whatever works for you mate..

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again for the info on all the transfers HH your a top man. I for one will be sorry to see Chimbo go i think he has a good buy for us and i hope he goes on to have a good career.And as for Hutton i have not see him play enough to pass judgement on him. I only hope he is coming to spurs because he wants to not because of the money.And finally HH will we see Gilberto at the lane tomorrow?

Harry Hotspur said...

2 minutes to Midnight!

Oh well..

*gets coat*

Harry Hotspur said...


Tomorrow? Can't say for sure, but my understanding is that it IS done.

Anonymous said...

He is off to Villa as soon as Hutton signs.

Villa just about sold Gary Cahill to Bolton and Melberg is on his way to Juve at the end of the season.

Chimbonda is off to Villa..and Stalteri is off to Portsmouth to join Spurs rejects reunited.

Morgan. said...


Yeah just noticed that, theres a lot im adicted to but not male footbellers thank god :o)

Harry Hotspur said...

grittyspur ~ careful now, there are a lot of wasters out there only too quick to give it loads of 'what about Archibald' etc..

I happen to share your sentiments, hope he works out IF/WHEN he comes, but a bit nervous he'll pan out.

Harry Hotspur said...

Melberg = Beardy tosspot. Does he need a lift to the airport?

egg said...

So no chance of a tough tackling centre mid before Feb then? I appreciate that Jenas and Tainio played well against the @rse last week, but we still need someone to get hold of games for us...


Anonymous said...

so where's he going??

Anonymous said...

What about "Ramos to blood his Brazilian" a bit vulgar I think but maybe a headline or Gilberto?

Anonymous said...

and whats wrong with beards?!

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Chimbonda is solid enough for me. There are plenty I would ship out ahead of him so I would be happy enough if he stayed. On the other hand he strikes me as a mercenary bastard. Look at what he did last game of the 05/06 season. Same as Defoe a couple of years earlier. That kind of attitude cannot help morale.

Anonymous said...

The actual coup in the transfer amrket will be Gilberto the current Brazilian first choice full back.

Lee is not good enough despite a lot of improvement either physicaly or mentaly since Ramos taken over.

Gilberto is a brilliant left back and in proper attacking sense as well.

What we need is now Albelda alongside a tough tackler and a Goal keeper.

In the summer Ramos will concenrate on his teams preparations rather than transfers.It seems like we are doing our homework properly this time.

He will have an already settled team in need of fine tuning in the summer.

I think next season everyone will see a top class Tottenham.

Anonymous said...

I don't reckon he said any of that stuff. The reports say that he was saying this nonsense to 'some friends' 'hours after the arsenal win'. Erm. Smells like bullcrap to me.

That said, so long as Hutton comes, I shan't miss Chimbonda too much. Unless Hutton turns out to be rubbish of course!

It's Them and Us said...

I somehow sense you won't be met with such opposition to your opinion as you did with Jenas.

Not basing it on that article because, well, it's utter bollocks. If you actually read it there was no definite quotes but "pals overhearing" him 'say' this. Poor work from the Sun.

Although with Hutton done (either for this window or the summer, it looks set in stone) I see Chimbonda being ousted. Good player when his mind is on the job at hand. Chelsea coming in last summer changed everything. The lad doesn't seem to care anymore and sees himself above Tottenham.

I'll be sad to see him go, but nowhere near as sad as I'd of been if he had left last summer.

Anonymous said...

3 players in / 5 out...

3 have come in, and am happy that it's in defence, not in attack, for a change

But the 5 that have to bugger off.. in order of priority..?

can you imagine, "Ramos gets a 2nd bulgarian" - give barbie a friend

tottenhamtony said...

As an attacking full-back Chimbonda is not half as good as Stephen Carr was before his injuries.
To me he epitomizes the modern day football mercanery and Ramos obviously doesn't rate him as he is chasing Hutton.
I for one wont be sorry to see him go.

mr rose said...

With Tony there - the pursuit of Hutton speaks volumes. And have to say on the Jenas thing Harold, I think you were a bit harsh in your language but pretty true. Playing well once every 8 games isn't sufficient contribution for a player with so much scope handed to him. Love Juande so far. Not up to speed? You're gone! Lol........

onedavemackay said...

Apparently, Chimbo is attracted to the cold North-East cos he'll get a much better endorsements contract there for Chimbo's oversized gloves and exciting mens tights !

On the other hand Woodgate obviously preferred the lane as our medical staff have experience in dealing with injured central defenders that is second to none !

Anonymous said...

For headlines, how about about a Stewart Downing interview:

'Stewart Downing on Juande's Woody'..?

What's a Brazilian? ;-)

9.37 Anon

onedavemackay said...

Ermm.......excuse me, maybe I've missed something but if Ramos really only rates about a third of our squad and has turned down 7 or 8 suggested transfers in should we not be looking for a better Director of Football ?

Anonymous said...

I think every club should have someone called Randy Lerner.

What a great name.

I want a Randy Lerner. With knobs on.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

HH what do you make of the story in the daily mail saying that Ledley King's is unable to play regulary for us again. I really hope it is not true but the evidence suggests otherwise any news?

It's Them and Us said...

I don't think it's shocking news to know King can't make three games in a week after coming back from an incredibly lengthly lay-off.. yet.

Slow and steady wins the race, friend. Slow and steady.

Harry Hotspur said...


I ran a piece a good while ago where I lifted comments from the owner of Spurs Odious to this effect...

He had heard from a friend of LK's mother that there was a long term/ ongoing problem and we were basically looking at the beginning of the demise of King.

Just to add, the same site owner then CONFESSED on another 'private' site that he had help lie about the extent of King's condition to protect the club/ the source/ on behalf of... The Supporter's Trust.

Oh yeah.

Take it from me, I hate every match LK is out. But the man is properly crocked.

Anonymous said...


Could be public relations, mate, to a degree. The DoF is surely sensitive to criticism from Spurs fans. He recruited Ramos, so he's boss. But Ramos is no fool, and is proving very adroit in dealing with.... well, everyone. It does no harm to state that Ramos is fully at the helm, given the shenanigans that supposedly went on with Mishter Jol, who nearly piloted us onto the rocks.

Besides, why employ a new coach at huge expense if you don't have faith in his coaching and decision-making ability?

I hope Woodgate gets his hair cut and has a shave before he puts a Spurs shirt on. Bloody hippy.

Anyway, welcome to the club, dude. May the physio room be forever a mystery to you.

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...

And when the King tale of woe comes out... I'll be naming names.

Patronising pr*cks.

These are the same shower who knew Jol & Hughton were gone a few days before the night they went and 'suddenly' decided that enough was enough.

A week before this they would be the same braindead oafs who would tell you what a tremendous servant to the club their mate 'HUGHTS' had been.


doug said...

I've been a big Chimbo fan from when he started, despite the gloves in the middle of August.

But I'd had enough the other week at Russian Row, West London, when he lost the ball trying to take on Cole level with their area, then WALKED slowly back as Chelsea broke.

I mean the guy didn't jog, he didn't even do that walk/jog thing that fat Americans do... he just walked, like he was going for the paper on a Sunday morning.

Either he gets on with it, or get the money... but no more primadonna.

onedavemackay said...

9.37 Agreed.

Woodgate is a class act but by my reckoning he is the 4th central defender we have bought in the last couple of years. That hardly suggests the bespectacled smiling French Duck knows what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

King being properly crocked is a real bummer. Anyway, maybe with a quality centre back alongside him he won't have to work his b*llocks off when he plays to compensate for a fallible sidekick.

What we really need is a guaranteed, injury-free addition to the side to help take the strain.

Fortunately, we've now got Woody (gulp). Fair's fair, he's been ok for a couple of seasons.

And fair's fair #2 - Dawson's a trooper with King alongside him.

9.37 Anon

onedavemackay said...

Calm down Harry. You know the doctor told you to reserve your excitement for important things like Goon Bashing and winning cup finals !

doug said...

Sorry, I know the conversation had moved on from Chimbonda but I wanted my two penn'orth...

Anyway back to Ledders.

onedavemackay said...

No need to apologise Doug. This blog is famous for going off at a tangent you obviously weren't around for Tottenham the musical or the Ready Steady Cook blog !

Both hilarious by the way.

Anonymous said...

HH is this story from the same source as Mascherano's on his way to the lane ? Personally I'll believe either when they happen !I think Chimbo's our best right back at the moment and if we are going to get anything out of the season then an inform Chimbonda should play an important part.If Hutton come then that may change the picture but I would think he'll need time to settle so if Chimbonda is to move on then surely the summer would be better?That is unless there is agro behnd the scenes. IMO the best addition now would be a defensive midfielder.

Anonymous said...

I am personal friend of Pascal, I cantell you this.
He doesnt care about the club, he boasts abotu his earnings all the time,

He even get a car allowance at spurs, and here is a mad one, he demanded jam doughnuts after training and got them, now after training all players get donuts from sainsburys. Some apple and some jam,
He certainly has some cheek eh

bam said...

i don't think anyone in his rite mind would hv come out with those comments about just wanting money, i think the jam u eat every day is getting to yr brains, harry.

chimbonda is a very impt first team player for us n have saved us on numerous occasions. to say he is surplus is a bad joke. also, if u choose to believe every rumor out there, it started with ramos telling him he is surplus to requirements, so why jump on the player if he really wants to go?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Harry, and I am far from being one of the OTT fans of yours. I said after the Braga game that he should never play for the club again, and I think only injuries in defence have meant he has had to. He can get lost and I wish we had swapped him for SWP and Johson when we had the chance, of course he had 99% support of all the fans back then. (BACK THEN! It was 6 months ago for Christ's sake!)
I agree completely about his attacking, I like the fact that he GETS forward but I can barely remember him doing anything special. Defensively he seems to try and get through games with the least amount of effort and I hinestly wouldn't say he has looked a particuarly special full back for us. Whether he said anything to papers about Newcastle or not is irrelevant to me, because as far as I was concerned he stopped being a Spurs player 3 months ago when he decided to play every pass to the opposition in an attempt to show everyone how unhappu he was and just undermine the manager that little bit more (as if the manager needed to be undermined by anyone else right then!) No I've not forgiven that performance but then again I've never rated a Spurs players performance as 1/10...EVER, and he got less than that for such a disgrace. I cant believe he got away with that actually. I'm still seething about it now. Bring on Hutton and let Chimbonda go to Newcastle if he wants. I remember the last right back we had who had to go there and get away from Spurs...Who was that again? Dont think I've seen him since!

Anonymous said...

Chimbonda is only a mercenary. At Wigan, he steamed into the dressing room after their last game of the season and demanded a transfer. He was hardly in the door at Spurs when he was eyeing up a move to Chelsea. That was enough for me.

chiversmetimbers said...

Bit nervous about Woody...great player when he's at his best...quik,good in the air...great distribution...but haven't seen much of that kind of form since his Leeds days...I think he'll like London...Teeside must have been a bummer aftr Madrid! just hope we don't see too many "Woody is a Bonehead, Smashes Bong on Cop in Nightclub Brawl" kind of headlines.

Prayin' for Ledders......I think he has shown that all Dawson need is a cool senior partner and he can deliver for us. Let's hope Woody helps them out there
Chimbonda is a funny one....he;s definitely got all the tools...but he just doesn't seem to have the heart...he's served us fairly well but never shown that "die for the shirt" attitude that endeared lesser players like Freund to the fans. It appears that Ramos has gone around the squad and "Gut Checked" them all and found one or two wanting.
He's thrown down the gauntlet to fence sitters like Defoe and Chimbonda...and those who were a little too comfortable like Robbo...he's calling them out...Give me everything and I'll take you all the way....or beat it!

If it's true about Hutton's wife being 6 months preggo then I doubt he'll come before summer.....mind you I made my 8 month pregnant wife fly 3000 miles just so my kid could be born in who knows!...but somehow I don't think he has that feeling for the shirt either.

Gilberto sounds like just what the doctor ordered...

TCS said...

HH...too hard on Chimbs, but agree with you on JJ. The latter needs to prove that one performance against the Arse does not fucking cut it from August to May!

Nice Woody though.

GRAZZA said...

If Wendey y Gus dont fancy our pascal then such is the life of a footballer im afraid - he'll be moved on, i dont rate him overly as i feel at times hes a liability, so no real gripe from my point of view, i just hope that hutton is a better player and not the usual "like for like" signing that spurs love!

As for the quotes, im not sure, i like his agent saw him going wild at the final whistle after the arse match and giving the photographers the bird as that photo delightfully shows may have led to him being stitched up? after all theyre all spammers and goons. Thats a conspiracy theory Spooky would enjoy.

Hes obviously not the brightest, you have only got to watch him play to understand that but i wouldnt ever attribute quotes like that to any footballer! "I dont care about the cup"? i dont believe it, hes normally first on the scene to celebrate.

bueller said...


Regarding Ledders:

From what you have heard, when you say beginning of the end, do you mean the knee will get progressively worse? Or are you saying it's a Paul Mcgrath style injury which will only allow him to play a certain amount?

GRAZZA said...

Great quote from Southgate on Woody:

"We were then asking a question of Jonathan - do you want to be here and be part of what we want to do or do you want to head off?

"It seems he wanted to head off."

No $hit sherlock!

HighandLow said...

I'm a dissenter from the previous post, but in full support of your words in this.

I can recall a Wigan fan posting on here when we signed PC, stating he would only play for himself and was nothing but a mercenary... it seems the 'Pie-Eater' has been proved correct.

Any player, who wants to move purely for monetary reasons, be it to or from Spurs, shouldn't be of interest to us no matter how they perform.

Still very worried about Hutton, I looked on a Rangers site yesterday to see what their take on it was. One guy said he couldn't believe that "after less than a season of decent form and standing by him through his broken leg, he wants to go". He went on to say how ordinary he was last year. Doesn't sound like £9mil worth of player to me?

On the Woodgate signing, I'm assuming he's been signed to play the other half of The King's season? About 25 games apiece, with both playing in the biggest fixtures? Hope I'm wrong!

onedavemackay said...

It's a bit worrying that we seem to be spending 15-16 million on a great CB whose as injury prone as Ledders and a one season wonder of a full back who seems reluctant to join us !

Director of football- my arse !

jolsgonemental said...

Chimbonda - could be a great player if he could get his head out of his arse.

Watched him half heartedly run around when he came on against Sunderland and as far as I am conerned he can fuck right off.

Cant whinge though, we all knew we had bought a tosser.

As for Woody, never crossed my mind as a potential CB for Spurs and when I heard we were in for him was not keen given his injury record - BUT the idea has grown on me, he has always been a cracking player and looking forward to him in a Spurs shirt. A FIT Woodgate could be a major addition to our squad.

Woody, Hutton (I reckon it will happen), Gilberto, Gunter.....I think that is a decent bit of business.

Tiago would be the icing on the cake. Wouldnt rule it out still.

PS. King can only play one game in three? No shit. That would be why has been managing one game in three seen he came back '100%' from his injury problems.

Personally I think we need to write him off. We cannot plan a future thinking King will be a major part of it.

Anonymous said...


What was that Paul McGrath injury you were referring to? Didn't it involve getting, ahem, 'hit' with a bottle?


By the way, how do you make Joe Cole look tall?

Stand him next to Diego Maradona.

9.37 Anon

bueller said...

I thought McGrath had dodgy knees that didn't allow him to train........ well as being an alcoholic..

I have just read on the Spurs site (because I am terminally work-shy) that Woodgate hasn't played in any cup competitions. Result. He's available for the Carling and UEFA cups.

Imagine going out for the Carling cup final with Dawson and Hudd or Dawson and Kaboul at centre back. I don't think regardless of who else was on the pitch that we would win with those pairings.

I would like to see Kaboul given a go with either King or Woodgate in the next couple of weeks. I think he has by far the better potential between him and Daws. I love Daws but I honestly don't think he's up to it. Not enough quality on the ball, mentality is not good enough and he simply can't lead by example.

bueller said...

and don't get me started on his decision making

HighandLow said...

I hope you can substantiate calling our great leader a raging wino!
... I suppose it’s always the one's you least suspect?

Anonymous said...

My Glaswegian friend reckoned that Paul Le Guen was desperate to off-load Hutton, so poorly did he rate him. Are we being mugged for a wedge of cash?

Anyway, my pal's a Celtic supporter, so he WOULD say that. He does rate Hutton's current form, though.

Who can say if Hutton wants to come or not? I suspect he's being pushed a bit - every player has his price. If he's sensible, he'll come.

As a measure, I'm told an English team relegated from the EPL gets more in its 'parachute payment' than a Scottish team is rewarded by winning the SPL. Hutton represents quite a windfall to Rangers.

Regarding players not wanting to come, or not being wanted, I think Ramos stated he'd rejected several transfer targets because:
a) he did;
b) some may have rejected us (wage structure), and we don't want a reputation as a club that nobody wants to come to.

If some club (Ar*e, maybe) tried to destabilise the transfer of Woodgate at the last minute, then I think Spurs need to be congratulated for getting their man. Gutter-press rumours suggesting that Woodgate would have preferred to go the Empycrates shouldn't sour our welcome.

9.37 Anon

Pete The YiD said...

Thanks again for info about king mate cant wait for you to spill the beans!. Welcome Woddy!

Now some fans dont like Hair cut,I like the long hair, the majority of our top players have had long hair (since the double team that is)....

hoddle, waddle, chivers, gilzean, ginola, klilnsmann, sheringham, villa, greaves and ardiles both grew their hair, berbatov, bale, anderton when he was good, and many others.

lest us not forget the great michael hazard either!

have you not noticed that Jenas improvement in form has coincided with his new curly black locks of hair?

A mullet for Robinson I say!

seriously though.... i don't think the club would pay that much money for this guy to be back up to anybody.

and I don't think that they would continue to build the defence around King if they didn't have faith that he could become a full season player again.

And I doubt they would sign any player that they didn't think could become a mainstay in our first team.

So for those who doubt the manager, the board, etc etc, I'm very confident that for parts of the rest of this season and then for the next few consecutive years our centre back pairing will very much be Woody and King.

Also, I don't think we will be getting both Gilberto and Downing. We will either sign the good attacking full back who can make nice combinations with a left winger called Bale, or we will get the good hard working winger who can cover when Bale pushes forward. Getting both would make no sense, especially when you consider that Steed has done everything right in terms of making the position his own. Yes, in the long run he will likely be displaced, but for now he has done what he has needed to do.

I personally think that we will sign Gilberto and then when Bale is fit Bale will be put on the wing. His dribbling and crossing ability (not to mention his passing and pace) mean that he could become a top top quality winger just as easily as becoming a top top quality full back!

top physical fitness and diet programme is not only important because it helps players play for the full 95 minutes, think more quickly act more quickly and win matches.

A top physical fitness and diet programme is also important because it reduces the number of injuries that players get. A fast, strong, well-fed and energetic player is far less likely to hurt something than a struggling player with a poor diet and lower muscle tone who tires after 70 minutes.

I look forward to seeing the benefits of the Ramos/Alvarez regime in a much reduced club medical bill.

Anonymous said...


You were right. McGrath had eight knee ops in total - enough for an octopus.

He kept playing, though. Let's hope Ledders can, too.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Ha! Mike Hazard. I loved that boy. He deputised ably for Hod when he was injured.

Can still recall him pinging passes around and interchanging with Ossie.

Used to actually prefer Hazard to Hod in some ways, but he had his off days. Had a problem with his weight, I think, and liked the occasional burger.

Shaggy hair, though.

Played in that great night when we won the UEFA Cup in '84. What an experience that was.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...


Your wife flying at 8 months pregnant !

Is that legal ?!

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Anonymous said...

Let's get one thing straight. Chimbonda is a mercenary, who along with his agent, desires many moves in the remainder of his career so he can roll around in all his signing on fees. He is not committed, and seems to lack positional awareness and falls asleep at the most inopportune times. When the match clock is at 88:30, he's waiting for the final whistle... it's no coincidence we conceded so many late with a lazy selfish knob like him on the pitch. So good riddance, I hope you are right and he goes. I don't care how well he plays for 85 mins, if he's not committed for 95 mins he is not a team player.

Beardo said...

As has already been said Chimonda is a good squad player. The one advantage in him leaving is that we won't have to put up with Pleat calling him chimbomba in every commentry he does!!

jolsgonemental said...

Newcastle have just signed Wise in a signing/development role.

suddenly Commolli doesnt seem so bad.

Keegan and Wise!


they are seriously funny fuckers them geordies.

Toxic said...

"My Glaswegian friend reckoned that Paul Le Guen was desperate to off-load Hutton, so poorly did he rate him. Are we being mugged for a wedge of cash?

Anyway, my pal's a Celtic supporter, so he WOULD say that. He does rate Hutton's current form, though."

Neither a hun nor a tattie muncher, Hutton is crap and there's no Jock on the planet worth that kind of money, never mind in the SPHell.

HH you may be sick of Chimbo of being predictable but you might change your mind with constant aimless hoofs up the park to no one which is the staple for any fullback in Jockland.

jolsgonemental said...

I am all for the long hair.

is he still with that gooner slag though?

Anonymous said...

hes rubbish anyway

Anonymous said...

Just a quick message regarding Woodgate, I saw on another forum someone asking if anyone knew if he would be cup tied and not eligible to play for us in the CC Final... well Woodgate is quoted on the THFC site as saying he was rested by Boro for their CC games and is therefore, available if needed! COYS!

colmf said...

Paul McGrath was simply the best-what we could do with someone of his calibre!
Delighted with Woody's signing- it makes perfect sense- at long last we are buying players in positions we need. Being able to rotate the CB's will make a huge difference, and hopefully will eradicate all of the set piece mess ups we have had in the past.
BTW- Stephen Carr used to do all the things Chimbo is being accused off-getting too far up the pitch looking for a shot outside the box- and then struggling to get back and getting caught out LOADS of times...what was his excuse for going to the bar codes again?
"In my opinion, what Spurs are offering me now is not enough, the deal is not one I could sign, but it’s up to them. I’m not happy with what I’m on, they know that, and so we have some talking to do"
Sound Familiar?

Anonymous said...

hutton is class and will sign today chimbo isnt as good and has given a lot of goals away from corners he cant mark.

chiversmetimbers said...


Almost.....had to get a letter from a doctor saying it was ok!

At the time (1998) I said she was a real trooper....but since then I've seen her in a Chelscum shirt so I call her something else now EX! lol!...the kids a die hard yiddo tho! COYS!

Vinny said...

Looking into this more, we have to be careful a little here, as should Hutton turn out to be a 9-10million flop, thats a lot of money to waste.

Chimbonda, obviously not the most sincerest of guys, but is also far from the worst RB in the world and would have his right to feel unsettled since the signing of Gunter and the Hutton speculation began, clear message he wasn't wanted long term.

All that Im saying, we suffered for a full season with an average right-back in Stalteri and were all over the moon when we finally found a decent one.

Suppose the bottom line is if this goes ahead, Chimbo's finished anyway as would have no desire left at all to put in a decent performance. Then secondly if the main man Juande wants Hutton, then I'm happy with that due to the man's midas touch, seems he can bring the best out of every player he sends on to that pitch.

onedavemackay said...

Pete the yid raises an interesting point. Our best players do tend to have longer hair.

Maybe with short hair their heads get too cold stopping oxygen reaching their brains.

Ok in Chimbo's case that would make little difference.

HighandLow said...

Looks like we will be finding out about Huttons qualities soon, Rangers are reporting he has cleared his locker and said his goodbyes.

A friend has said the Tiago deal has been cancelled today, anyone else hear that, or the reasons for it?

Anonymous said...


Kids have NO choice !! They way it was for me and the way it should be, haha

Now seeing as defenders are all thet talking point at Spurs, if we do sign Hutton (on offical Ranges site as done deal) and this Brazilian Gilberto then we will have a ridiculous amount of defenders in the first team sqaud :

(mind you, not all good though)

Ledley King
Michael Dawson
Pascal Chimbonda
Gareth Bale
Jonathan Woodgate
Younes Kaboul
Alan Hutton
Gilberto da Silva
Benoit Assou-Ekotto
Chris Gunter
Ricardo Rocha
Anthony Gardner
Young-Pyo Lee
Paul Stalteri

My take is the bottom 4 are all gone in the summer, no doubt. And possibly 1 or all 3 of the Frenchies ?

If we can keep the 4 strikers next season, then the summer targets have to be in the midfield department, with Senor Ramos bringing in a real diamond to boss the game in the middle and maybe a little flair to share the games with steed.

Exciting times !

Spuuuurs are on their way to Wem-Bley ......

Anonymous said...

* Rangers

** little flair on The Left with steed..

Anonymous said...

God this kind of stuff is annoying. Us Spurs fans have a collective reputation for being a fickle bunch of moaners and on this evidence there is a lot of truth in it. The amount of abuse players like Chimbonda and Jenas get is ridiculous when they are clearly good players. Chimbonda has a tendency to try and play his way out of trouble and likes to roam forward, but isn't that within the Spurs attacking tradition that most Spurs fans crow about? He is a very good all round right back who can attack and defend and is good in the air, something that isn't true of most full backs. Jenas is athletic, dynamic, creative and solid defensively and we'd be a poorer side without him. True he has the odd quiet game and has missed a few great opportunities, but he scored in both legs of the Arsenal match and has a habit of contributing when the going gets tough (the equaliser in the 94th minute in the 2-2 draw with Arsenal last season, for example). Like the majority of you (including those clamouring for his signature) I haven't seen much of Alan Hutton, though he sounds a good player. But right back is not our weakest point. The key, as always, is to get behind the team, not get on their backs and single out individuals. Especially now that we have, at least on paper, one of the classiest centre back pairings around.
P.S A note to the idiot who said Dawson is a bad defender - did you actually see Spurs play last season? He was one of our most consistent and solid performers. He hasn't had the best of seasons so far and made 2 mistakes against Man U, but give the lad a break.

HighandLow said...

Anon 2.47...
with respect, you're clearly missing the point...
The inconsistencies of Dawson & Jenas, the mercenary tactics of PC and the King injury woes can clearly be attributed to the current 'Sampson Complex' sweeping the club.

It's Them and Us said...

Ledley King
Michael Dawson
Pascal Chimbonda
Gareth Bale
Jonathan Woodgate
Younes Kaboul
Alan Hutton
Gilberto da Silva
Benoit Assou-Ekotto
Chris Gunter
Ricardo Rocha
Anthony Gardner
Young-Pyo Lee
Paul Stalteri

Stalteri, Rocha, Gardner, Assou-Ekotto, and possibly Chimbonda will go I think. Kaboul out on loan leaving Dawson, King and Woodgate to contest our centre-back partnership.

HighandLow said...

I would wager the fact that Assou-Ekotto wont be leaving us.
He's still thought of as 'one for the future'

Anonymous said...

When Spur splayed Sevilla last year, Ramos is quoted as telling his lads in their dressing room that the danger men were Lennon, Berbatov, Keane and...Chimbonda.

The other three are flowering under the Good Signore, yet Chimbonda is getting replaced? Doesn't seem to make sense when he starts every game and is versatile. Woodgate/Chimb centre pairing? Stranger things have happened at the Lane.

Ze Prince

Big Fish said...

Interesting. I've always liked Chimbo as an attacking option, but he's gone awol too many times at set pieces, so he's a liability to our defence. Hutton's a good signing, as is Woodgate IF he gets out of the teatment room for a lengthy spell. Now just need Deco and Gattuso in midfield and my God, we'd actually have a team.

Anonymous said...

it's them and us


Why would we only retain the services of three centre backs, two of which are prone to injury? Particularly if Stalteri and Chimbonda (both of whom have played centre back in the past) have also departed. Have you not grasped the problem we've been suffering from i.e. insufficient cover for unfit centre halfs

EL said...

Don't think it's a character thing, I just think Ramos has seen one too many raggedy displays from Chim and knows that Hutton constitutes a more solid and reliable full back more in the mould of a neville as opposed to a daddy longlegs in a pinball machine.

Hope it comes off coz;

Hutton The Gate King Gilberto

Looks a site more steady & imposing that who we're currently playing.
Especially with Gunter, Daws, Kaboule & Bale in the wings.

I also wish we got a disciplined captain figure in midfield. Maybe then players like Shimbomba wouldn't go walkabout so easily.
It appears to me that his playing style and attitude reveal a player who's really only in it for himself. There are worse crimes though.

I'm already getting slight butterflies re; the cup final. It's an important one over and above the cup itself. Come on Juande, clear this last fence. Next season depends on it.

In the meantime, how about a good rebound game.

waxy said...

Surely your complaint is with the tactics that sees Chimbo making ineffective runs beyond Lennon.

It is up to the management to stop this if it is proven to not be working for him.

My opinion is the Chimbo "is" a good player and by all accounts Hutton hasn't exactly been falling over himself to sign for Spurs. I'd rather see Pascal stay and this Hutton geezer needs to sort himself out. If indeed he does sign, in my opinion he would have to work very hard to prove that he WANTS to play for Spurs.

jolsgonemental said...

From all accounts Hutton is a very attack minded fullback possibly to the detriment of his defensive duties.

I dont think we are getting a defensive bedrock.

Anonymous said...

Hi Desperate plea time,

does anyone know any season ticket holder or member with more than 10 points (yes that me) who isn't applying for a final ticket.

I will for the ticket and also a bung on top for your time.
if you know anyone please let me know i will check the site again about 9.30 so leave a message on this thread.

many thanks


p.s i only have 10 points because i live in notts and london is £150 round trip! cheers

jolsgonemental said...

It dont make pretty reading....

Dodgy knees, hamstring and thighs. Other than that runs like a dream.

Summerspur said...

totally different topic here guys and gals but is it me or does Joe Hart look a bloody good prospect?
while the cheque book is out ........

for the chimmy knockers, can you name a decent right back in recent memory for spurs fit enough to lace his gloves

EL said...

Having checked Hutton properly as opposed to listening to a bloke dahhn the pub, it appears you're right JGM.

Hutton is an attacking right back who has been compared to Brazils Cafu(allegedly). Was also eighth in Uefa's young player of the year award of 2007. Has been getting a few important free-kicks, corners & penalties for rangers recently too, especially in the Uefa cup.

I take it he can defend?

pompeyyid said...

Pete the Yid
Re: great players with luxurious locks. You forgot Bill Nick's last signing: Alfie Conn. Hair by Russell Brand; sideburns by Elvis; attitude by Begbie (the psycho in Trainspotting); and career planning by Amy Winehouse.
I always loved Alfie sheer bloody couldn't-give-a-toss cheek. Not just the infamous sitting-on-the-ball episode against champions-to-be-Leeds; nor the brilliant hat-trick on his full debut against the barcodes at St James' Park. But when we sold him to Celtic (having bought him from Rangers), one Glaswegian shit-stirring journalist tried to stitch Alfie up at a press conference by asking him which of the Old Firm clubs was his favourite. Conn, quick as a whippet, said "Spurs".
Yiddo! Let's hope Hutton has his bottle, but is just a bit more consistent in performance.

onedavemackay said...

What is it with you M.I.Burns esq also known as Pete that you bother to go on the site of someone you detest so much ?

Sounds like jealousy to me but let us all know the sites that are better so we can judge for ourselves.

Incidentally, though HH is my preferred blog I do visit the others from time to time.

Harry Hotspur said...


Are you on drugs???

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree here. Chimbonda is good, but now every time he steps onto the pitch, its clear that he not only knows it, but thinks he's GREAT.

All hes done for us is stunt Lennons once prodigious growth.

We have ample cover with Gunter, who looks decent, and hopefully Hutton in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I've had enough of Chimbo. For some time now, his heart's been somewhere other than the lane. As a result, his performances have dropped and if our back up was more substantial than stalteri, i'm sure he'd have been victim of one on juande's new ideas.
My thoughts, are that if i was hoping for a move to a 'bigger' club, i'd play my bloody heart to get myself noticed for the right reasons. Not muck about with pathetic back heels.

you_fickle_bastards said...

No wonder Spurs fans have the biggest rep for being fickle! Forget about the good characteristics of any of our players..No, instead focus on the one or 2 times they are "out of position" - OMG! not out of position! u lot are fuckin ridiculous! Chimbo is most definitely one of the best players in the team, who the fuck is this Hutton dude anyway???

dannyboy said...

"All hes done for us is stunt Lennons once prodigious growth."

Listen mate, Lennon is always going to be a midget; you can't blame Chimnobna for that ! ;-)

If Hutton is the real deal, and Gilberto signs, it means virtually a brand new defence. I'd therefore suggest these are Ramos / Poyet signings and not Comollis. I think the writing was on the wall after the Poyet 'I've had enough' comments a few weeks back after the Villa game I think it was?. My faith is in the management. They know what they're doing.


Harry Hotspur said...

Quite simply....

Go On The Dannyboy.....

Anonymous said...

"focus on the one or 2 times they are "out of position"

Not being cute love, but have you watched this bloke?

Anonymous said...

this is harry pretending to be anon. harry you are a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!