Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tottenham Get A Bye Into Carling Semi Finals

image courtesy of Spurs Network

Well, maybe in Lollypop Land.

Harry would have preferred Chelsea at home to be honest.

I predict Everton to dispatch Chelsea. Liverpool didn't give the Cheats from Second Hand Fridge a proper run for their money tonight. Fat Frank & The Ukrainian Donkey both scored courtesy of deflections. They defended well, but are fundamentally Drogless. The ANC will further remove Essien.

Arsenal away it is. All that can be honestly said is that our rubbish form appears to deserting us at just the right time. Can we beat them? Absolutely.



BimitarDerbatov said...

Harry ain't it a two legged affair??

anyway i think we'll beat them..
was just the draw i was hoping for..


spanner said...

bimi - yeah it is mate, but who wants to play the first leg away?!

spurs1983 said...

i wanted everton and then the scum in the final oh well if it has to be the semi then so be it a 1 nill win at there place and a 2 1 win at ours will do just fine bring on the scum

BimitarDerbatov said...

i've a good feeling about this

reason: last year Jol was too gutless to push on after going 2-0 up at WHL...i think JR will be much more tactically astute and will be able to see off their reserves..

having said that..they were awesome for the first half yesterday aginst Blackburn

if they are afforded time to play, they will rip us to shreds..

sydney wale said...

Fabregas et al will be wheeled out for the semi final so the game at the weekend will be influential on confidence. Ramos got whipped 3-0 last time a team of his went to Woolwich Wanderers stadium so I'm not holding out much hope of stuffing the scum. However, maybe he saw the light after last time and has the ideas to beat them......

Anonymous said...

I want to play the first leg away in any two legged game. Doesn't everyone in the world prefer that?

Harry Hotspur said...

There's only one way to beat arsenal and that's to break up their passing game. Give them space and they will build and build...

Anonymous said...

your such an idiot Harry. This site goes from bad to worse. A bye into the semi's!!?? what the fuck are you talking about you muppet!

dannyboy said...

there you go, mr. anonymous sniper is back.

as for the game - no predictions from me; a 2 legged semi can go either way, but here's hoping we're at wembley obviously.

too much false hope and dawns in the recent past for me.


Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing aren't we? Win 2 games and we can beat anybody, lose 2 games and we are going to be relegated.

Come on boys...yeah we are playing better but we have to start beating the "top 4" teams regularly before we can claim to be really good.

Don't lets make ourselves hostages to fortune again by saying how we are going to beat the Wanderers from Woolwich...they are a great side at the moment, even their reserves, so let's be realistic. We are the underdogs both on Saturday and for the CC semi-final and on form and results to date we have little chance.

However, if we win either of those games, then is the time to start bragging ie: when we have achieved something and not before.

I really, really hope we win but I'm not going to make our club look stupid by saying we will. Support and hope yes, but idle boasting at this stage, no.

Exiled in Canada said...

Aw will stick to his guns and wheel out our kids. Its going to be a tough tie as the spuds are coming into the form everyone expected. Still, I think we will get through ..teams just seem to keep on underestimating our kids.
As for saturday, dream on.. a comfortable win for us I think. That being said I never believed the spuds would stay where they were. Much as I dislike them I recognise they have a top 6 team, though it may be too late for them this year..

Anonymous said...

if Mj was still in charge i wouldn't of given us a prayer with the injuries etc,i still don't really give us much hope tbh but now with Ramos in charge the "just maybe we can do it" ember is burning quietly but surely inside my lily white heart and if the lads have the will then they just might find a way!

Harry Hotspur said...

11.11 f*ck off you vegetable.

Harry Hotspur said...

Lovely stuff bty...

Anonymous said...

First leg @home is the Tottenham way, throw the good work away over Leaving mountain to

J said...

2-0 up and Ramos will go for more - that's the way his teams play (and we are only on the way to being a Ramos team).

Wenger has also already stated that he won't bring out Fabregas this time and leave the kids to sink or swim.

I like our chances, I really do.

Additionally, Harry is it okay to pimp my Sol C#ntbell article on here? Traffic is not easy to come across when Newsnow don't want you :/

BimitarDerbatov said...

anon 11:20

pretty much agree with your sentiments there but sure if you can't be hopeful going into a NLD then what's the point..

BIOYC is rapidly becoming the new club motto... can anyone translate that into latin??!!

BimitarDerbatov said...

I've just googled

the results are as follows:

"Addo Is In Vos C*nts"

how would that look instead of Audere est Facere!!

florida pete said...

Would have preferred the arse in the final but am glad we got em either way....I think JR will know exactly how to beat these feckless wonders..Im just not so sure about the weekend, maybe we can nick it in the last 10-15 mins, a la Pompey..

Anonymous said...

We'll knock the scum out, they are too confident in their "kids" who we call a "squad"
You know, the likes of Taarabt, Defoe, Gardner, Boateng et al.
The players who come in when there's injuries. I wish people would actually see that instead of raving on about the scummers.
In any case, we'll draw at their place, smash em at our, happy days.

MCL said...

I think we are severely up against it on Saturday, particularly in defence. Fit: Kaboul, Stalteri, Lee, Chimbonda. Out: King, Dawson(?), Rocha, Bale, Gardner, Dervitte and Ekotto.

Even our first choice midfielder who can cover as a CB is suspended!!

I think that we will press and chase the game, but that they will hit us on the break and go out 2-1 or 3-1 winners.

The CC tie is a different matter, and I think that we will have our 1st choice defence back by then. I won't say I'm confident, but I most surely am not, but..... I think that come the time of the CC tie, we will be strong enough and confidnet enough to beat them.

PS. On the match this weekend, it will be interesting to see how well the Prince does against them. I have a sneaking suspicion that they will not appreciate his physical style of play, and that there will be bookings and maybe even a sending off.

An interesting weekend looms......

Anonymous said...

Tainio will probably play at CB

SpursUSA said...

excuse me (ever the american), but "BIOYCS"?

bueller said...

JGM was back for a quick two posts after a month or two exile and already a new club motto is born.

I was sort of hoping to get Chelsea. Save the Arse-Vermin for the final. Alas it has turned out the other way but I am still happy with the draw. A minimum 4 games against Arsenal this year. You can't argue with that.


Anonymous said...

I think we can do them this time.

Last season Wenger didn't play his kids, he played half his first team and half his reserves. Just look at their scorers - Baptista (14m quid striker), Adebayor, Aliadiere (OK, one exception) and Rosicky.

Last season, he played Fabregas in both legs, which makes a big difference of course.

Last season we only had Berba for 20 minutes of the 210 minutes (incl. ET) of the tie.

Last season we had BMJ who decided to sit on our 2-0 lead when Berba went off, with the inevitable consequences.

This season I think Wenger will play his kids, cos he needs his first team players for the assualt on the league.

This season they lose Eboue and Toure to ANC (Adebayor stays as Togo didn't qualify).

This season, we're at home in the second leg.

This season, we shd have our new January signings in place for the second leg and hopefully the King back too.

This season, we have Ramos.

This season, we're gonna do those South London f*ckers.


bueller said...

Amen Pete the yid. We will do em.

I think he may play some of the more experienced players though. What with the african nations cup and all.

Berba vs Senderos (thank god he's not african) a is mouth-wartering prospect.

Has anyone heard anything about how far away Ledders is from his dramatic return? It will be interesting to see if he gets a run out over 'the busy christmas period'.

I usually dread the arse games because I don't fancy us to get anything but I am really looking forward to lunchtime on Saturday. I fancy us to nick a last minute winner.

My old man said be an arsenal fan. I said fu*k off, b0ll0cks, you're a c*nt!!!

Markspur said...

Kids my Arse! They'll through everything including the kitchen sink at us, but we'll be ready! We actually have a better team than Seville, and now a coach to inspire us. the reason I am excited is not because of the wins, but the style and hunger in the team! So those who are going Saturday, don't forget to smash up their loos, we can then smash them up again just as they have them repaired! Hopefully a win this weekend, and a follow up in the cup! Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur! And yeah, 11.11 Fuck Off! Happy Hanukkah! COYS!

Markspur said...

Nearly forgot! Keanos back on Saturday, and Ledders will def be fit for the semis, maybe sooner! COYS!

It's Them and Us said...

I'm not one of those 'love Jol and see nothing wrong in his reign' types but as for the home game against the Arse last time the reports from everyone afterwards -- players and coaches -- was that Jol told them to keep pressing and breaking up their play because if we sit off they'll get chances. So for me, I blame the players. Of course I understand you could also blame the coach for not making changes if it wasn't going to plan but meh..

Nice having the home leg second. If we approach the game right we're more than capable of getting a draw at their place and having it in our hands at home.

The key to beating Arsenal is simple: Pressure. Get into them, force the pace. If you allow them time and space they are capable of ripping teams apart. It's about being disciplined.

Is Zokora missing for both those games too? Well, is it time for the return of the King?

Markspur said...

Didi's suspension confirmed by the Gooner loving FA. In the reported words of Eric 'Nutter' Cantona at a Froogy FA meeting, you are shit, you are shit, you are shit & you are shit! Now I know we'll be fired up for the arsholes! COYS!

Death said...


I look at the history and think it's got to be our turn soon...

Then I look at the teams for Saturday and think... but not yet

Strong possibility of a hiding on the weekend but, hey, things are on the up so I'm not going to get too down about it.

Anonymous said...

Quick question for the Spurs stattos out there:

How many Spurs players have made our first team who are from London since the departure of Judas in 2001? And can you name them all?


Ze Prince

shanemac said...

Look for a big performance from Tainio on Saturday. I like what I'm hearing from Ramos re. Berbatov. I hope the new year sees us inspire him to stay on for another few years. Long live the Ramos Revolution!

Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie......... greatest xmas song ever?

dannyboy said...

nah mate, best xmas song ever is a spaceman came travelling by chris de burgh. well, in my opinion.
big performance required by all on saturday to get anything out the game. am reading that king is crocked again now; he's had it. shame.


Anonymous said...

Would love 3 pts sat but a draw will do me fine. Which i think it will be. Come Jan 7th we'll be wiping arsene's kiddies arses all round the pitch. Long live the revolution the boys are back on form lol

Anonymous said...

Ze Prince,
im strugling on this one, King and Jhonnie Jackson (sp) are the only ones i can think of?

shanemac said...

West Ham want Darren Bent?!

Tip of the hat to old St. Nick for that one!

Almost makes up for the "thigh strain" that ledley king has allegedly sustained. Is this not just another attempt by the club to delay informing us that they lost Ledley King in South Africa and still haven't found him? I think it is.


Wrighty7 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dannyboy said...

so what did the deleted comment say? always intrigues me!


Hossam of the Hotspur said...

Q.what kind of twat would choose a blue background for a goon site?


Anonymous said...

please don't advertise his site on this one.

BimitarDerbatov said...

best xmas song is Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth by Bowie and Bing Crosby..

Stop The Cavalry is second best..

Harry Hotspur said...

BimitarDerbatov I agree with your choice. Class in a glass.


Quality link! I left my blessing.

Anonymous said...

Just heard Man U are buying a striker from Angola. Sir Alex gave up on Berbaflop.
Now it's understandable his pledge to Spuds. No news there. The guy is a fake.

So, he'll stay there and rot.

As I told ya before.

Again and again.


Wrighty7 said...

'Ere Harry, thanx for the blessing. It was very kind.

Wrighty7 said...

And thanx for saying its a 'Quality link' I aim to please!