Friday, December 21, 2007

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur Prematch Prattle

Teaching Wenger's Lot Latin.
Lesson 1: Addos is in vos ****s!

Awesome Dawson has a headache, Walnut has the flu and Sir Tony has an upset ankle. The Boy Bale is still recovering from the latest thug who kicked him, not the ball. Assou Ekotto also still nurses that knee. King now has a 'thigh strain'. No comment.
Keane is back with Rocha, Jenas and Benty all being assessed after training.
Zokora and Denilson is are both, ahem... indisposed for legal reasons.
Arsenal 1st Half Tottenham 2nd half is as monumental 66/1. Get on it.
Fibreglass is the dangerman. Six league goals and eight assists so far...
Haraldus Hotspur.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how we go about this,surely jr will realise how influential fibreglass is and will make arrangements acordingly.The whole midfield are going to have to work thier collective chads off,we need to keep the ball and play our game,we can't be nervous,over awed,or anxious and need to be concentrated,professional and determined for the whole 90 odd minutes, one step up from our last couple of performances and with some luck we could do it. i can't help but think though that a dodge pen or decision will go against us or another sending off but hey that didnt stop us the other night!
just give it ya real best tommorrow boys, play out of ya skins, any thing is possible BIOYC

Harry Hotspur said...

Valid point there mate. Amongst 276 other things, we need to play for 95 minutes, not 85.

Anonymous said...

The end of the day mate no one expects us to do anything there,just like they didnt at pompey or citeh so BIOYC !no matter what happens we gotta make sure we win the 2 at the lane over christmas,get some players back/in and do these fuckers in the cup semi

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Ramos can break the losing habit we have against the 'Big Four." If Jenas and Boateng give a little bit of bite, the entire middle of the scum should implode meaning Keane and Berba can do the business. Relying on Chim and Kaboul at the back is a bit risky though... 2-1 Spurs, Gallas; Jenas, Keane. Sorted.

Off on a tangent, what do you know about Chris Gunter, Haraldus?

Anonymous said...

this may sound stupid... what does BIOYC stand for???

scribe said...

It comes from the Latin: Addos is in vos c**ts!

Bring it on you c**ts!

Harry Hotspur said...

Gunter you say... Watch this space...

Neamman said...

If Jenas and Boateng give a little bit of bite, the entire middle of the scum should implode >>>

Thats what Blackburn thought! The days of Arsenal being intimidated are long gone. You dont get to top the table by rolling over when you face thugs. To the spuds credit they ussually dont resort to raw fouling but who knows..if they are desperate enough?? Anyway, we have Sagna who will teach any thugs a lesson the way he taught Huddlestone a lesson back in the rat hole.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Spuds scum. When u was the last time u beat us?

Anonymous said...

805, any chance of posting in English please?

Anonymous said...

Since when does Keano miss a penalty? I love the guy, always have, and you can see he was distraught afterwards. But, in truth that was the point in the match in which we could have snatched something, and we needed him to do it.
Jamie o'hara - solid.
Berbatov needs to sort his life out. With 3 minutes to go, you don't turn up the miserable, you turn up the skill and the desire. His ability was shown in the goal and in the lead up to the penalty but Dimitar, son, the fans need to see some hunger. If you can't motivate yourself in a north london derby, you can't moitvate yourself at all.
Adel was decent when he came on. We should have won a second penalty.
Thudd made half an impact, some decent vision shown.
Defence is improving, midfield was dominating, silencing the likes of fabregas. Up front we have the quality, obviously, but to draw it out of them takes something really special, obviously not a north london derby.
eurgh. Lucky Arsenal.

Hello said...

Ouch! Hahahahaha! Don't worry you make all the "U pplz got lucky, COYS!" and "Ur a team full of foreingers" claims but all that matters at the end of the day is the result and that was 2-1 to the Arsenal.
But I admit... you people played very well considering all the injuries, even though we were below par.

Markspur said...

You foreign legionnaires are just lucky cunts! I am disappointed, but happy at the same time! More recruits to come in January, the Ramos/Poyet revolution even stronger, some players back from injury, brilliant stuff! We are going to Wembley, and there is nothing you arrogant fucks can do about it! There is silverware coming to the Lane this season, and next will be a blinder! BIOYC! COYS!

Death said...

Hmmmnnn...a lot better than I expected with a makeshift defence, and almost a ....

Yeah but there's that word almost again. I think/hope the JR/GP combination will give us something to cheer about in 2008


Anonymous said...

Scumbags! Another victory over the bitter little yidscum from down the road, who win fuckall year in -year out.



jolsgonemental said...

give a shit.

easily matched the the league leaders at their home ground with our second string side.

results arent going our way but we have been to Emirates, West Ham ,city, boro and Pompey under Ramos and been the better side in every game.

bodes well.

You cant account for missing penalties and bad luck.

We will get top 6 this year. We rock.

Chirpy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chirpy said...

Dear 8.05am, 3:17pm and 4:47pm,

Is that all your own work?

Did you know there are some wonderful English language courses you could attend during half-term?

Oh and let's see where Arsenal are in the league at the end of a season, once a number of your mercenaries/players have indulged in sabbatical at the African Nations Cup.

Happy Christmas.


Chirpy said...

Harry, with Thud doing his best to burst the seams of an XXXL shirt, do Spurs need another Gunter?


Harry Hotspur said...

The Gunter deal is done I'm told.....

dannyboy said...

Chris Guntner - Welsh 18 year old right back; international team mate of Gareth Bale. Interesting - could they be regular club and country team mates for years to come?

On the game today - a tale of missed chances, end of. After being totally pissed off with the Sky Sports 'Spurs are in for a hiding' garbage, it was great to see us compete all over the pitch. Goons didn't have an off day like so many commentators are saying, we made them look poor. Well done Spurs - great performance, let down by poor finishing. OUR KIDS DONE GOOD - HA.


Harry Hotspur said...

Vive le Chirpster.

EL said...

Re: "we will get top 6 this year, we rock".

Let me guess jolsgonemental.

4 Tramadol and half a pint of Dows 1999 LBV port?

Am I even close?