Sunday, November 25, 2007

West Ham Away: Tottenham Player Ratings

7 Robinson
Spilled a couple, saved a couple,
barracked endlessly.

7 Dawson
Lovely goal.

6.5 Chimbonda
Got everywhere
made very little of it.

4.5 Kaboul
Not his finest,
a good substitution.

6.7 Bale
Needed more of the ball
Tried and tried.

6.5 Zokora
A better game but scary
as a defender...

6.6 Malbranque
Really grafted, difficult day.

7 Jenas
Good game. Sure, could've
made more, but he fought.

6.5 Lennon
Our new right back.
Gave it loads in the first half.

6.5 Keane
It was a penalty. He faded after
the windmill impressions.

6.9 Berbatov
Some elegance but no bl**dy goals.

Bent & Defoe


Tottinghams said...

Really peeved after the game. Why didn't Berba take the penalty?

Anonymous said...

To busy moaning at everyone else

Anonymous said...

Immediately off-topic i know, but where can I get a TH retro towel like the one in the top photo H? A fine merchandising project for your website...
And who is the player with his tongue in
the Ho
of Hotspur?


Anonymous said...

JJ was bloody fantastic today.

Anonymous said...

Why didnt anyone else take it....wouldnt have been moaning if Defoe had scored, anyone COULD have missed it, just like TWAT RILEY missed the 1st pen

onedavemackay said...

I think you got it just about right Harry. All in all we look much more competent, both Dawson and Robbo seem to be returning to form and I think Steed gets better and better. Even my pet hate Zokora was much better but the replays of their goal do show him stopping instead of chasing back. Apart from Kabul's howler nobody had a bad game and though we didn't create enough chances we are a million miles ahead of where we were a month ago.


Anonymous said...

West ham fan here bet ur spurs fans r happy u got ur lucky lil point how long as ramos been sleeping with that reff for then and for all u nob eads that think that 1st was a pen he was fucking offside sort it out!! 2nd wernt as pen either! i can say spurs got a way with murder and if u cant see that im guessing ur wearing the reffs glases an all!WEST HAMM ALL THE WAY !!! UP THE IRONS

Anonymous said...

Could see Defoe missing the penalty before he took it.

Defense looked pretty good today apart from Kaboul's cock up. Dawson and Robbo looked at their best and his goal was nice too.

Berba didn't move enough but showed glimpses of class. Good to see Bale back, looked good down the left. Left back or left mid?

Lennon played ok and Jenas had a fairly solid game. Zokora as a centre half?!?! Did an ok job.

Ref's and assistants had stinkers. Loves his yellow cards.

Overall, a good performance and unlucky not to get the 3 points.

... Stone wall penalty at the end of first half but, you know...

Anonymous said...

Thought we did well personally.Remember this is thier cup final and we went took control of the game early doors to shut em up and they were lucky to score(when will the penny drop for kabhoul that you dont have much time) should of had at least a goal in the first half on balance of play,second half i thought we was always brave(unlike jol era)Ramos showed serious balls to take off kabhoul even though no centre back on the bench go 352 and go for it and bang we get a goal,i thought pascal and zakora ,lennon did admirably when we changed things with them in diff positions etc and it showed me the players believe in juande, it was refreshing that it wasnt us hanging on for the point at the end and just a shame jermaine didnt tuck it away!we will spank wet spam at the lane mark my words! all in all good away point,still unbeaten under ramos with some home games coming up.

Anonymous said...

Surely Jimmy Greaves ?

Anonymous said...

I think you should be happy with your little point ,at home, think you was the lucky ones really eh? Even the anti spurs pundits on sky said it was a pen and one of them was an ex hammer!if it wernt for a fuck up from one of our players you would never of scored,jog on ,litlle pikey mug!

Anonymous said...

up urs you yidish prik everything went ur way ramos ad his nose up da refs arse! ashton jumper for da ball didnt touch bale its a freekick?!?! lennon pushes shitty ehterington over and its not a freekick and dats wot it was like da hole game! robinson did make a few good saves though! xx

Anonymous said...

Spurs controlled the game and the racist pikey scum were lucky to get a point. The spammers got a footballing lesson and all they can do is kick the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Fine by me im a proud yid and you're a pikey! I think we got a few decisions in the second half but If we did it was because he was crap for us in the first! no1 was happy with the ref in this game i dont think! You are lucky he didnt give the real pen in the first half when keano was on the pitch coz he dont miss, put that with dawsons goal and you'd of lost and rightly or wrongly it was us missing the pen at the end surely its you thats happy with the point!

Vinny said...

Not a bad result at all at the end of the day.

Obviously as Spurs fans our hearts were telling us we could pick up the 3 points here, and we nearly did, although I feel the Irons would have felt a bit hard done by to walk away with nothing, as I feel we would have done too.

So fair result in a tougher fixture than it appears given we are still on the road to recovery and was by far the most difficult game of Juande's reign so far.

The positives were we were up for the scrap, no one wanted to go awol. You could say the same for West Ham as well, made for not a particularly pretty game but a great contest.

Juande again showed a positive willingness to change things around when we needed to get a goal back and Kaboul was clearly looking vulnerable. A brave, but great tactical change up which I feel the previous regime would have kept things the same until the late 70 or early 80 minutes.

Even with 3 strikers we looked nicely balanced with Bale again showing nice quality on the left and Malbranque moving inside working pretty nicely.

Robbo had a decent game I thought, which was almost inevitable that he would play well and stick his fingers up to that costly decision by McLaren.

The one obvious negative was the form of Kaboul, who looked like he would get beaten by average West Ham strikers every time in one on ones. Looks the central defensive version of Huddlestone - great potential but in a fast uncompromising premiership his immobility really hurts us and makes our back line as vulnerable as ever - still needs addressing.

Daws had a good game and seemed to smile a lot more, especially after his goal which will give him a nice boost.

Dare I say it was difficult to see enough quality in both these sides to challenge for a champions league spot this season, but I have a feeling come the end of the season both ourselves and the Hammers will be vying for a European place, which for us would be a decent recovery given the direness of our form at the end of the Jol era.

Steadily and surely we'll get there, patients is required gentlemen...COME ON YOU SPURS!!!

Anonymous said...

Robinson 6.3 - Didn't chuck the bal into his own goal at least. Stopped everything he bleedin' should do!

Chimbonda 5.8 - Commitment not good enough, quality not good enough.

Bale 6.4 - Not very effective from deep today. Defended well. Looks young and raw, but brilliant when fully involved.

Kaboul 3.9 - This cant go on. I dont care how good he looks for 89 minutes if he's gonna keep gifting goals and defending like a child then has to be benched.

Dawson 6.5 - Decent game.

Lennon 5.6 - He never fails to dissappoint these days. Nice one lad you didn't fail to today either.

Zokora 3.5 - The shape looks better, the individual parts dont.
This effect has had it's effect on DZ too. Benefiting from a slightly more motivated team, but ultimately is crap and only helps to bring the team back down. Still made a nice run which may keep him in the side for a month.

Jenas 5.7 - An assist from a free kick, well I never! Might have been "better" today, butnowhere near good enough for me.

Malbranque 6.0 - I quite like Steed. Today he was a slight grade above most others, but not THAT good!

Keane 6.1 - Not his day, but he cant do it all on his own. ould have had another goal if not for poor referee.

Berbatov 4.9 - Must be dropped.
I cant even start discussing Berba properly, I'm on such a downer regarding him and his attitude.

Ramos ?? - Not gonna judge him. No point, the players on the field and the board will let down whoever manages, supports or even likes Spurs. Good luck mate.

Anonymous said...

defoe is a c*ck. thats the third of fourth pen he has missed for spurs. the tw*ts who claim he is better than Keano are total pr*cks. defoe a great finisher, he cant score with a free shot from 12yds.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:03...did you actually watch the match? Or, r u one of these racist pikey spammers on a wind up?

Summerspur said...

oi, pikey west ham fukwit

was at your ground today, i know the east end took a battering during the blitz but i thought it had been tidied up by now. your ground is a complete and utter shithole.

why didn't anyone tell your fans it was 1 30 kick of. more noise at the library!!

must add your an odd looking bunch, bet you cleaned up being extras in the hills have eyes and 28 weeks later.

Anonymous said...

lol summerspur fucking quality! you wonder how someone can be so ugly with only one head!

Anonymous said...

spurs say arsenal dive core that was diving beyond belief football is a contact sport u no u shit team from arsenal! ref was all in the spuds fafvour hopefully next time we play u at shite heart lane we well get a decnt ref and our full squad to kill u cunts!!

Col said...

I have to say that a draw was a fair result all round and anyone who thinks wany different know nothing.

Both teams played well in different respects. Spurs were good going forward but West Ham closed down extremely well.

The pen call ny Keane was offside anyway so nobody can call that as match changing although spurs had a good call for handball in the pen area. Good calls and bad calls from the ref but all in all a very fair result for both teams in a very entertaining (as usual) game.

Anyone, whether Spurs or West Ham to call for anything else wear rose tinted specs and don't deserve to even post on a forum.

By the way. I'm a West Ham supporter.

Anonymous said...

you can but hope pikey boy!
Shame they don't do degree's in text speak becuase you would have a masters!
as i said before jog on mug!

Anonymous said...

Now now people, calm down calm down...Jenas was good, really trying to impose himself, bit unlucky today not all went his way...Keane decent, Steed good, as was Lennon and Bale....On the other hand, Berba was shite, but maybe just bad day, Zokora was ineffective, and Chimbonda has deteriorated steadily over last few weeks, why? Dont like the cut of his gib right now....Dawson fantastic, as was ROBINSON, whoever is saying he had an average game is missing somethig surely?? FP.
Twas a good penalty, and better save...

Anonymous said...

fair play youve shown that you arn't all total muppets
agree with ya, good game

Vinny said...

Correction due to the cocky pikey's who've come on here giving it the large...

We WILL make Europe...but you pricks will finish an average 10th or 11th at the most.

Don't know what got into me being generous to degenerates thinking they're on the same level as fuck off back to your caravans!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love being told I'm a a nob ead after playing west ham. They really do have the most entertaining supporters.

Anonymous said...

Hey come on westham fans u know the big clubs get the descisons. Ramos has more respect from the refs its just common sense. U lot r so lucky we whipped u.

berbaneedsbabyfood said...

Any explanation for the abyss between this Berba today and the other Berba last game?
Can hardly wait...



Chirpy said...

Spurs were the better team today and should have come away with all three points; I think West Ham knew they were lucky to escape with a draw, hence their supporter's post-match 'celebrations'; Seriously, you'd of thought they'd won something.

Robinson performed well, in the main, despite the slightly confusing barracking. In fact our overall performance (as a team) has definitely improved in recent weeks, particularly Dawson, Jenas and Malbranque.

Thought Bale could have shown more confidence against Neil when going forward, he had the pace to beat him. Lennon is not yet back to his best and Berbatov remains frustrated with himself - although his contribution (team-wise) was good today, he looks like he needs goals to improve his confidence and demeanour. Surprised he didn't take the (dubious looking) pen. although Defoe struck it well enough; Good save by Green, "England's number 6".

Kaboul was the correct substitution and is the greatest cause for concern at present; His awareness is not up to scratch, yet, and we remain in need of experience in (and to lead) the defensive line.

Unbeaten and a point away from home; Sevens all round... Except to Riley (or was it Monty Burns)the ref. who made some poor decisions, notably in/around the penalty box.

Anonymous said...

i was really pleased tbh they actualy played like a team and were up for the fight, i disagree with the people that say chimbonda and zakora didnt play well i thought they both were well commited and did brilliant playing as centre backs against ashton and cole when we changed to 352 and lennon was good playing wing back ,tackling back,headers the lot ! imagine jol asking players to do that in a game! Ramos will improve and get the most out of our players and it was nice to be able to change formations and be a more expansive team as well, imo you can already see that he's putting it in on the training pitch and it will pay off,we was first to balls,getting the second balls and was sharp!for a change and for the first time in ages i was thinking bout us geting the winner in the last ten rather than biting my nails as we hang on to a point.

Anonymous said...

,,,U Yids make me laugh, call Arsenal divers?! Did'nt ur jumped up little leprecorn go down a little easily today? Not only that, he was offside! Burgertov looked interested as usual again today, apparently though he loves Spuds! Good quality defending I see as well, well done Kaboul. If West Ham had a full side out day u'd have been hammered! U was at full strength as well! Wrighty7,,,U Yids make me laugh, call Arsenal divers?! Did'nt ur jumped up little leprecorn go down a little easily today? Not only that, he was offside! Burgertov looked interested as usual again today, apparently though he loves Spuds! Good quality defending I see as well, well done Kaboul. If West Ham had a full side out day u'd have been hammered! U was at full strength as well! Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

the only fit centre backs we have played,hardly full strength.....muppet

Anonymous said...

Kaboul messed up and he knows it. He will learn more from this than he will from the equaliser against Villa. He will improve. If he doesn't, he will be moved on. Choice is his.

Robbo played well. Kept us in the game a couple of times. England football team is not a viable entity right now. It matters little that he was dropped. He can get back to his proper job - keeping goal for Spurs.

Bale probably not wholly fit. Not wholly great game, either. But still excites and creates anticipation when he gets the ball. Seems a genuine student of the game. Future captain?

Dawson - there's a smile back on his face. Seemed to enjoy himself today. Perspective, confidence, fitness returns. Good header, too.

Steed reminded us why we bought him.

Berba showed the usual great touches that make you go 'Oooohh....'. So what if he doesn't score right now? He will. He's class. But please score soon.

Inevitable that Defoe would miss the penalty. He kicked with his heart, not his head. Should've chipped right down the centre. I still thought we'd win, even after that.

In fact, I always thought we'd win this game. Even when we went one down. But this was a good point, and no tragedy that we didn't pick up three.

The encouraging news is the headless chickens phase is over. A solidity and shape is emerging. True form won't happen overnight. Out of chaos will come order.

Spam created little. Only our failings allowed their goal or enabled their opportunities. Otherwise, they looked, frankly, average.

Senor Ramos, assessing his side, looked like a man moderately amused at the tactical naivete of schoolboys. But this is a coach who thinks. He can't turn base metal into gold but, if there's any precious ore in his squad, I believe he's capable of finding it.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

comon spammers post more of your well informed comments its great to see how little u know about football. i dont suppose any of u went today but u might want to watch the tv tonight and reflect on your penalty comments. easy to see why your going nowhere with "support" like yours

Anonymous said...

This "Pikey" thing makes me laugh - have you had a look round your own supporters or do you just watch games on the box.? I've never seen such a bunch of wierd looking low-lifes since I passed through the mid west of America in Hillbilly country.

Anyway, you jumped up bunch of muppets - check the table out, we still have half a dozen quality players to come back as well..

Anonymous said...

check the table out at the end mug face, the only "quality" you had went to utd in the summer, remember you shouldn't even be in the league,fucking cheating filth, just as you went on a run after our game last season i predict you will again except this time a run of defeats starting away at chelscum next week!

Anonymous said...

Charming turn of phrase dear boy, did mummy put you on the naughty step.?

I would imagine you know about as much of the Tevez affair as the rest of your halfwit fans. Note our league position now and at the same time last season if our only quality went to Man United.

No wonder your "fans" are such a laughing stock - you're always gonna do better ain't you.?

Anonymous said...

Quality ? do enlighten as to what quality were talking here,Ashton?he made robbo look like mr skinny and i'm sure all top european clubs were clamouring for his signature!Cole,chelscum reject,upson average at best when he's not injured that is!etherington,if he played as good as he thinks he is he'd be world class but alas he's actually pants!mullins? noble?more like no ball! you are in fucking la la land if you think your players are quality, worst for you ya boa morte s n bellamys that you signed for shitloads and pay loads of wages too aint even gonna improve just average players for an average club with average fans with below average IQ's

Anonymous said...

There were lots of positive things to take from this game. But for me, the best thing was seeing how Ramos handles himself during a game. He is smart and brave. What a change from the Jol days.

onedavemackay said...

Point 1. No, it was not a well taken penalty or a decent shot. If you don't score from a penalty you have cocked up.

Point 2. It has long been accepted that Gooners are generally arrogant ugly bores and that Upton Park attracts people who live in tents and caravans and can't spell.

We cannot be held responsible for the type of supporter other teams attract but it is flattering that so many of these social outcasts would rather be on our blog than one of their own.

Anonymous said...

whats to know? you played with ilegal players , the teams in the relegation battle with you didnt!never mind that one of them practically saved you on his own last few games of the season!

Summerspur said...

gonnna talk in shtam languige sos u mite get it. av erd a ruma on the old grapevine dat clintons is doin cristmast cards this year with for "my wife and sister" on em. it gets betta me old chav mukers, u get a bottle of sunny delight free with each card

happy days soap dodgers

Anonymous said...

"your always gonna do better arnt ya"
Than west ham ,yes, always have always will,thats why you dont like us remember!
your a little yo yo team that has been up and down more times than ya mums knickers(and thats saying something!)be good when ya go down the leagues again and get to play your real rivals millwall,nothing better than seeing a bunch of nazi thicko's kick the shit out of each other!
fuck me! lend me your brain wet spam fan....i'm building an idiot!

Anonymous said...

You want me to lend you my brain to build an idiot when you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" and can't spell "aren't"..? Nice one - was your school so good it was approved.?

ODM - this site had a link from a WHU site was the only reason I wandered in, I only posted because I was astounded by the ignorance.

Annonymous. Illegal eh.? You just proved my point you know nothing donut. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

wet spam, still waiting for you tell me about the "quality"at wet spam?shouldn't you be getting ready for bed?its a school night you know!
whats that song you sing..i'm forever blowing bubbles?....spunk bubbles no doubt,twat

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Harry, I know that you are a champion of Kaboul but he really was shite today. He has no defensive awareness whatsoever and surely no future in the Premiership. Problem is we are stuffed until January, when we can buy another Rocha.

Berbatov had the usual clever touches but this was a game for some blood and guts. It would have been better taking him off instead of Keane. At least we would still have had our penalty taker.

Anonymous said...

Since so many Wet Spam fans invading this site seem to think they were unlucky, perhaps they should look at one of their own sites 'Wet Spam 'till I die' and read the following quote:

"Their non penalty was a bang-on penalty, although the linesman had already missed the offside, so justice was done in a perverse sort of way. He also missed a blatant handball by Carlton Cole in the penalty area in the second half. Their actual penalty was about the only thing he got right all game. Apparently we committed 33 fouls and they only committed nine, yet we got three yellow cards and they got four. Work that one out."

I guess the only Wet Spam site they visit must be 'till death us do part'. You poor stupid moos !

Anonymous said...

Harry, Where are you based? Do you go to any games? All your insights seem to be based on what's shown on tv!

Anonymous said...

,,,,Anon 6:54, ur telling me that u were'nt at full strength?! U say 'the only fit centre backs' u have?! Im sure Dawson is one of ur first choice centre backs, I did'nt include King because he's been out for about 10 years! So really, u was at full strength.....muppet. Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

why the FCUK do wet spam fans come on this website??? fuck off!!! anyway my fellow yids, i would've taken a point before the game!! didnt think we were all that but it is slowly but surely much as i keep touting kaboul as the boy he is real lame...out of his depth and we should play pascal at CB while the king is out...berba pleeeeease start playing again we love you!! we need a good CM IMO?? maybe poulsen or guti are realistic?? on the plus side ramos ha shown he has massive bollocks... good man!!

Glen said...

come on spurs! I love tottenham!
Harold you are a legend... x

Anonymous said...

of course we've had better days. But... get behind the lads. He who dares rodders... he who dares...


bemusedandconfused said...


what the fuck are you doing on here? i can understand spammers on here; it will probably be their best result of the season having been totally outclassed for 85 minutes. but you? find a wigan blog or shag your sister you inbred. if your sister supports wigan, youve had a right result, ya fucking inbred.

harry - i bet you can guess who i am ?! ;-)


bty said...

(Moved from previous blog by HH)

Thought we did well personally.Remember this is thier cup final and we went took control of the game early doors to shut em up and they were lucky to score(when will the penny drop for kabhoul that you dont have much time) should of had at least a goal in the first half on balance of play,second half i thought we was always brave(unlike jol era)Ramos showed serious balls to take off kabhoul even though no centre back on the bench go 352 and go for it and bang we get a goal,i thought pascal and zakora ,lennon did admirably when we changed things with them in diff positions etc and it showed me the players believe in juande, it was refreshing that it wasnt us hanging on for the point at the end and just a shame jermaine didnt tuck it away!we will spank wet spam at the lane mark my words! all in all good away point,still unbeaten under ramos with some home games coming up.

Harry Hotspur said...


Kaboul was brutal today and I do admit he looked fantastic based upon some early games, he, along with Bent has gone completely off the boil under JR.

I'm doing a bit in the morning on JR and our back four, but basically we are only out the drop zone FOR NOW unless we go shopping for defenders in Jan.

And we need to spend as indiscriminately on them as we have on strikers.

Harry Hotspur said...

bemusedandconfused: You come across as a very grouchy chararcter and I'm sure I wouldn't know anyone like that ;)

Harry Hotspur said...


Where am I based? You trying deliver a pizza, mate?

Anonymous said...

Kaboul may have looked fantastic early on but that was mostly going forward and getting 3 goals...anyway you judge a player by the way he reacts to adversity, after all anyone can look good on a sunny day?
Anyway, the good news is Dawson's looking a lot more solid.Even though I think we'll move a way from the relegation zone soon, I basically agree with you about the central defence issue- any news on King? Or for that matter Commoli - is he belatedly trying to do something about this ? Otherwise 3-5-2?

onedavemackay said...

Though Kaboul looks a bit shaky at present I have a feeling he could turn into something special in a year or two.

Anonymous said...

If Defoe is such a great finisher, why was that the 3rd or 4th penalty he has missed for Spurs? A great finisher does not miss with a free shot from 12yds.

Anonymous said...

This is the sort of game where a draw is harder to take than a loss. When Jenas was taking the free kick from which Dawson scored, I didn't see us getting back into it! But it was a good goal and from then on either team could have won it, and obviously we should have. Two players that may receive abuse here, Defoe and Kaboul; the penalty miss was one of those things, the pressure may well have got to him but we can't sit here and say Berba or whoever should have taken it because Defoe is our taker when Keane is not on the pitch and he even scored there last season.

As for Kaboul, he had a shocker. It was a very brave decision by Ramos to take him off and it worked, credit to Lennon, Malbranque and especially Zokora for getting stuck in and defending deeper than they are used to. It's not that we don't have strength in depth, I believe all five of our centre backs are good players but Kaboul is very raw and needs time to adjust and has had the unenviable task of having to play more games that we would have hoped with injuries to Rocha, Gardner and King.

As for the game, we played wonderful football in the first and last twenty minutes. But we created too few chances for me and Berba for one was too elaborate at times. He had that luxury against a poor Wigan side, but against a solid West Ham away when you have possession you need to make it count better. Having said that, some of his close control was marvellous and great to watch but he could have interacted better with Keane and Lennon in the final third.

Apart from the obvious, the players played pretty well. It's just our defence is still too fragile looking and we tend to go in for brinkmanship too often and are not aware that their players have most likely been told to close us down quickly which is where their goal came from. Robinson was excellent but for one dodgy cross. His save from Boa Morte was world class and could have saved the game for us. Jenas and Malbranque also performed capably in midfield. There was one instance of Jenas breaking from midfield into the area which was very impressive but he doesn't do it enough.

All in all a decent result, but these are the sort of games that when you are gifted the three points you have to take them. Not that I care but it would have been harsh on West Ham......Pete the YID!

Anonymous said...

Harry, you didn't answer my other question. do you go to any games?

It's Them and Us said...

I still find it bemusing to see people rate the players so low after a game they fought for, and in the end, had the chance to win (not your ratings, HH).

I thought we looked as good as we have done this season. Robbo was solid and the defence, if sometimes scrambling, looked strong for a change. Kaboul might have to be placed in the box of 'one for the future' because far too often he's immature in his display as a CENTRE-HALF. Then we get back onto 'who do we bring in? ledley is fucked' topic.

Should of had a penalty and to be honest I think the ref did his best to ruin the game. So many needless bookings in a 'look at me' performance. Did I see right, around the 80th minute, that West Ham has commited 31 fouls?

Defoe scored there last year so out of those available he is probably the best choice, as we had no recognised penalty-taker on the field.

Nice to see Dawson on the scoresheet again. Jenas ran his socks off if a little sloppy with possession at times but generally good. Zokora harried as he usually does but maybe should of ran to Cole instead for their first goal.

And is it just me but for someone that gets up so well, is Chimbonda really bad in the air? He seems to be beaten to everything and when he has a chance at the other end rarely gets it on target.

Overall a good performance. A refreshing change to see a striker come on for a defender even if that meant no one knew who was playing where for five minutes, ha.

It's Them and Us said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harry Hotspur said...


I didn't answer as I had you down as an arsehole.

My mistake, you're actually persistant arsehole.

Tell you what, email me, we'll hook up and go TO EVERY FUTURE GAME.


Really excited. Don't let me down now.

Anonymous said...

Thought as much Harry. You don't go to spurs at all. You just sit at home watching tv. All proper spurs fans were there yesterday. You weren't.

jolsgonemental said...

there is only 3000 proper Spurs fans?

We better tell Levy before he gets applications drawn up for a bigger stadium.

What an oversight!