Sunday, November 25, 2007

Trouble In Store At Tottenham

What's painfully clear is that untill the ramshackle approach to defending is addressed, Tottenham will fail to realise her noisy pretentions to being a 'top ANYTHING club.'

West Ham have been/will forseeably continue as an industrial and joyless outfit to behold. Premiership footballers in this life, bolier suited Canvey Island garage mechanics the next. My point being that the draw, or rather the failure to beat this lot depressingly defines form that reinforces Tottenham are better than Wigan but probably worse than Man City.

Throw on another 26 million quids worth of strikers!' stopped being funny when Jol revealed he didn't have any better answers. Ramos has thus far demonstrated his brain is sharper, but his options are fundemantally as limited (Bent, Defoe) .

In defense of JR, he marshalls what he has like any good general.

He removes casualties (Kaboul) from the field so they don't distract or hinder his remaining forces. Also, I am prepared to suggest at this early stage that his man management skils are keener. This is the second noticably good performance that Jenas has turned in since the UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT sign went up in the window.

So where does that leave us?

Tactically, the issues are and were too, under Jol, two fold: THE SERVICING OF THE FORWARDS. Few Premiership teams have such an embarrassment of riches. It makes me laugh when I see you good Internet folk harping on about Berbatov's attitude. How would you respond to Robbo's hoofs up field together with the assortment of other second rate balls disguised as passes?

Second is THE BACK FOUR. I'm totally disinterested in discussing Ledley King. The brain dead 'King'll be back soon' brigade are wishing. By the time their fantasy cavalry arrives we'll have continued scratching single points off mediocre teams and have run out of rubbish teams to take three from.

My at a glance evaluation is this:
Chimbonda: Undisciplined.
Dawson: Huge potential needs quality around him.
Kaboul: Ambitious, much more to learn.
Lee: Massively improved.
Stalteri: Half decent sub.
Rocha: Not good enough.
Gardner: Occasionally alright.

And does anyone in their right mind think this lot will be help deliver CL footy in a 60,000 arena?

In conclusion the gloves are off. If Jol was sacked for embodying the Peter Principle then JR's perceived greater abilities MUST BE fuelled with the right men.
Because if we are still fannying around in February with a make shift rearguard and a midfield that is incapable of providing quality through balls to any one of our FOUR strikers we will be lucky and I mean lucky to finish in the top ten.

From what I have seen of Ramos so far, I believe he can deliver, but the task is one beset by the introduction of genuine quality where we need shoring up which means that DC fella MUST buy right.

The West Ham goal...

And the Tottenham one...



The Drifters said...

Lee improved? You must be joking. He is consistently the worst player on the pitch.

Thank fuck JR has decided to play Bale at LB.

The Drifters said...

In fact, I might also add that I think Rocha IS good enough and should be given a series of games at CB to prove it when he is fit.

He may not be a future star like Kaboul, but right now we need experience and the ability to twat it into row Z - and Rocha fits that bill.

elk said...

the drifers - you're wrong mate, YP has come on loads...

Harry Hotspur said...


I think I've said it before, he may well come good in time.

Perhaps then he ought sign for a club that has that time to give him?

I undeerstand folk 'getting behind' the team and specific players'. I do it. But what has Rocha done to earn your support so far?

I'm afraid JUST PUTTING THE SHIRT ON 'ARRY won't cut it ...


Anonymous said...

drifter, wanna but some pegs, dave?

The Drifters said...

OK I concede that he might be a little more sound defensively that he used to be, but has anyone ever seen him deliver a dangerous cross?

I'd also wager that he has the lowest completed pass ratio in the entire league!

The Drifters said...

Rocha is calm in defense and composed on the ball, yes he is prone to the odd cock up, but generally I think he is quite solid.

More than that I cannot provide - but how about "I just like the look of 'im 'arry"?

It's Them and Us said...

I think a little harsh to be honest.

What more can you ask for than a penalty in the last minute which if you score gives the oppostion no chance to retaliate? (I know, I know. We could of been 5-1 up and it needn't of mattered whether we score or not, but at the position of 1-1 I make the point.)

I think we showed over the course of the game to be the superior side but I do believe you have a point with our service being quite poor to the front men. Berbatov had a lot of the ball but was playing far too deep (I guess because Defoe and Bent are 'pace men' for balls over-the-top). Lennon still needs to work on his crossing as the only real quality coming from crosses were from Bale.

I think we looked quite solid at the back. Any shot from outside the box was dealt with by Robbo (which hasn't been the case all the time but deserves credit for his recent form, regardless of opposition). An experienced centre-half is a must and that explains why (if you believe the 'oh so evil papers') Jol wanted Distan.

Dawson needs a King-like character beside him, who can control the backline and just tell him what to do. Kaboul sometimes shows his young age and makes rash decisions when he needn't do. But with injuries to our under-strengthed defence we're left with what we've got. No one really knows the situation with Ledley King and people will continue to speculate through-out his career what exactly is the problem and whether he's playing through pain, or can only play once a week, etc.

I think it's a good sign the players were unhappy with a draw as most fans would of said, probably, that they'd take a draw before the game (I know in our hearts we want to win every game but purely as we've been untested under Ramos, a draw wouldn't of been that bad a result). We controlled the game before switching off and allowing them a cheap goal. We should of had a penalty and if Green was sent off it could of been a comfortable 3 or 4-1 win.

Is there still major problems? No doubt. But are those problems being dealt with? I think so. There unfortunately isn't a magic wand to make everything change right away but until the window opens we have to make-do with what's there.

Harry Hotspur said...

Hang on, you're happy for Rocha (or whoever) to hit the birds off the West Stand but you demand a high completed pass ratio from Lee?

Lee is a right footed left back who has physically adapted to the league and made much of a limited array of talent. His tackling is generally good and I would say he rarely loses possession.

I was a pretty fierce critic initially. He fell over more than Zokora and his crosses??????(Hang on he's a right back!!!!!!) Were invariably poor.

With any luck he'll continue to play deeper and better with Bale in front of him...

Harry Hotspur said...

but how about "I just like the look of 'im 'arry"?

You're entitled to that. That's fair comment. ;)

Anonymous said...

sign an experinced centre half to replace Kaboul and we'll be fine.
I've seen enough from Ramos to be confident we have a good manager.
I supported Jol, but he wouldn't of gone to a three at the back or of made the change around the hour mark.
Every week that goes by the team will get better and if Kaboul stops making mistakes we'll be fine.

The Drifters said...

"Hang on, you're happy for Rocha (or whoever) to hit the birds off the West Stand but you demand a high completed pass ratio from Lee? "

Well yes, that is exactly what I expect.

Rocha is my pitch for a stand in CB and as such his main job is to clear his lines and not do anything stupid.

Lee is staking a claim for 1st choice LB and as such part of his job is to deliver quality balls into the box and assist in attack by finding his own teammates in the build up.

I aks again - has Lee EVER had a bonefide assist?

Harry Hotspur said...

MMmmmnnn. What are the assist rates of other Prem left backs is a better question.....

Anonymous said...

"Lee is a right footed left back who has physically adapted to the league and made much of a limited array of talent. His tackling is generally good and I would say he rarely loses possession."

Would like to see him given a go on the right.

Anonymous said...

I only heard first-half radio commentary and saw the MOTD2 highlights. The first 15 minutes or so it seems we controlled the game and passed well until Kaboul made his mistake and then WH came into the game. It never sounded like we were actually going to score after that, except for the penalty that wasn't given...that's hpw it sounded, I don't know what it looked like for real.

Anyhow, last week Poyet was credited with saying that he had told Jenas to concentrate on controlling the mid-field and not worry about scoring goals, but that to me is one of the things that reduces our threat and doesn't support the strikers. If you watch Arsenal or ManU, usually when the strikers are approaching the box, at least 2 mid-fielders are there as well, adding numbers to the attack, whereas from the commentary yesterday, it sounded like there was no-one or at best one forward to get on the end of any crosses.

I think Ramos will put this right as we appear to be far better organised already than under Jol and as for the central defender issue I also think that Rocha looked quite good when he had a run in the side before he got injured....not great, but steady which will do until the window.

In the window we desperately need a mid-field general/captain to go with Jenas who has improved significantly over the past few weeks, and another pacey wide player to replace Malbranque or Lennon if he doesn't learn how to cross.

Florida Pete said...

Not gonna keep harping on about Rocha, but think he is slightly better than yore giving him credit for, and should be given another chance when ready...Anyway, def need more width on the pitch, we always play better when Lee and Chim are going forward, with Bale and Lennon..Didnt happen yesterday, but, we were away, and Bale doesnt look fully fit yet..I reckon we can take City apart at home if Bale and Lennon are on song, which would bode well for the away game in the Carling...

Anonymous said...

1:54, I completely agree. Chimbo is looking good as a centre back, why not leave him there and put right-footed Lee on the right.

Who would imagine it, Bale a left footed left back and Lee a right footed right back...

Zokora needs to go to the Africa Nations pretty soon... and stay there!

Tom The Yid said...

Agree HH with most of your article, especially about Dawson. He was amazing alongside King (although distribution is not brilliant and never has been, especiallythose long high balls he hoofs upfield, usually to shortest man o the pitch Lennon) but with looks a lttle lost leading that defence with Kaboul (also considerably inexperienced) feel however that you're a bit too generous on lee and stalteri. Stalteri is not champs league quality, even as a step-in (neither is Zokora on that note, and although he has shown his best performances in European matches, he will not be able to cope against the cream of european crop)
and Lee is just not up to the standard we hope to achieve, even though he has shown improvement. Agree that Rocha is useless though, and I would rather see Gardner fill in over him if fit.

Hearing more and more that Ledders is now out until Feb at the earliest (no suprise there). Can anyone honestly see him complete even 20 matches in a premiership season again? Fantastic player and in my opinion better than Ferdinand and would be 2nd choice behind Terry for England if his fitness was consistent. However, as much as we should stand by our captain, maybe time to wipe our mouth and move on.

We are already hearing that Huddlestone has to lose a stone or he's off, and the fact that Ramos seems this strict is a good feeling and it's something that I feel Jol lacked.

Still, Juande undefeated and it's early days for him. Think the only way is up....I am really looking forward to seeing what he can muster up in the FA Cup!

Anonymous said...

Did you see JR's celebration of Dawson's goal? It was the scariest thing I have seen since Friday the 13th part 17.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

whats happened to you harry?? suddenly gone mental and negative

Harry Hotspur said...

Come on, I was the clown who ran TOTTENAHM WILL BEAT WEST HAM!

There was lots to enjoy about the game and I did enjoy it. I just wanted to spell out a couple of things...

Or maybe, that little tyke Defoe missing the penalty and thus causing me to flush my £5 West Ham/Tottenham bet @28/1 has caused me to express my grief in other ways....


Vinny said...

Generally agree with the jist of your article Harry.

Especially the lack of "quality" to get the best out of our forwards who given the right service are amongst the best of the best imo.

Yeah Jenas has improved slightly in the last couple of games, and Zokora tries hard, but the ability to unlock tight games and link up play is missing big time which I see little chance of changing.

Lets face it, Jenas or Zokora just aren't that type of player and the one player that seems to have the raw talent to do the job - Hudds, is not mobile enough in fast, hard games like these London derby games or any other game where the going gets tough.

At the same time I don't even believe Jenas or Zokora control games enough in the middle in the same way as Essien, Mikel, Fabregas, Gerrard or Scholes.

Sorry, for me they're decent, but not the fearsome midfield generals we crave which really pisses me off given the high hopes we have had for the last couple of seasons that they will finally come good game after game and also factoring the amount of midfield players we've been through and turfed out.

Saying that Jenas has the odd blinder, all be it against lower level teams, and Zokora was starting to look like a dynamo back end of last season. Still time for Ramos to work his magic maybe?...I give them till the end of the season to prove they got what it takes to be part of the Ramos revolution, or I have no doubts he will bring his own men in the middle as we have already seen he's not slow to make a decision or two.

Central Defence - again no question we need a good solid central defender to step in while Kaboul finds his large but undoubtedly talented feet. If Commoli was responsible for choosing him along with Jol's blessing (as I don't believe any signings were forced on him), then given Jol is no longer accountable, Commoli has to take some blame for not finding a "ready made" centre defensive back up for Ledley and clearly took a gamble with an untried 20 year old from Ligue 1. What we really needed to challenge for champions league THIS season was established proven quality, not "ones for the future" type players.

On the bright side, Bale really does seem to have the quality to finally balance out the left handside and provides a good option to mix it up between him and Malbranque who showed he is capable of doing a decent job in a more central position with Bale providing the left wing outlet.

For now, Lee Pyo has shown enough to be "decent enough" at left back, works hard, but elaborates far too much sometimes and faced with a dangerous right winger gives us a feel of vulnerability, which you don’t feel with Chimbo on the other side providing he is concentrating 100% of the time.

Generally our first choice 12 or 13 players, with the right manager are very capable of being the 5th best team in the prem...tell me something new we all say...but we have the same old question where is the limit that Ramos can possibly take this team as it stands...because Champions league is where we want and need to be, so we'll need the personnel capable of getting us there.

In my humble opinion I honestly believe we're not a million miles away, 2 or 3 more key players and we're there. But this will not happen when we sign "players for the future" or "stop gap" players such as Rocha. What we need are genuine Top class players who are currently kicking ass in a Top side in a Top league in Europe (including the Prem obviously).

Easier said than done we know, and will require Top money to get those Top players, but quite frankly instead of looking at the cost of signing such players it should be more of a question of what will be the cost of not being the champions league within a 2 or 3 year period?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Vinny.

Anonymous said...

The reserves kick of tonight with a midfield that several fans would've been happy to see line up against Blackpool a couple of weeks back, namely:

Taarabt, Boateng, Huddlestone, Routledge

How will they get on, I wonder? But more importantly, how long until we see young Danny Rose pushing for a place in the first team squad? Personally, I'd like to see him at left-wing, rather than as a striker, which, it seems, is where Clive prefers to deploy him for the Reserves.

Ze Prince

PS. Can anybody confirm Peckhart is injured?

Anonymous said...

Another thing...

I see Glory-Glory got a one-on-one with Dan Levy. Harry, did you get offered such an exclusive? If not, why not? And if you did, what would you have asked him?

And for anybody else who read his answers, did you notice that he managed to skip the first clause of the transfer policy question?


Ze Prince

Anonymous said...

,,,,,,,An embarassment of riches upfront? More like a fucking EMBARASSMENT! Those strikers cost a fortune, and u can sum them up like this: Berbatov-believes his own hype, head too big, Keane-Jumped up little leprecorn, Bent-biggest waste of money since Rebrov, and Defoe-wasted at a club like u. Wrighty7,,,,,An embarassment of riches upfront? More like a fucking EMBARASSMENT! Those strikers cost a fortune, and u can sum them up like this: Berbatov-believes his own hype, head too big, Keane-Jumped up little leprecorn, Bent-biggest waste of money since Rebrov, and Defoe-wasted at a club like u. Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

Harry, every time I log on and see that photo of Bill Nick in the dressing-room I still feel absurdly uplifted.

'He was the architect of a team as exhilarating, as balanced, as downright beautiful as any British combination in living memory, a glorious fusion of silk and dynamite which became the first in the 20th century to win the coveted League and FA Cup double.'

I love that description - 'silk and dynamite'. Yes, that beautiful football was a long time ago. Yes, harping back to it is nostalgia. But it's in the blood. It's in the nature, and the nature will out. Give us silk and dynamite, JR.

'...but quite frankly instead of looking at the cost of signing such players it should be more of a question of what will be the cost of not being the champions league within a 2 or 3 year period?'

Well said, Vinny.

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...

Wrighty7 you are going to have to come up with some more substantial than that rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty7 - so stupid he had to post it twice.

Zokora - as a defensive midfielder, he makes a fantastic 400m runner.

On the plus side, Branson's lot have apparently made a bid to take over "Northern Rock". Leaving aside the sight of thousands of Geordie lads in the new team kit, the idea of Alan Smith running 'round with "Northern Virgin" emblazoned on his shirt, is priceless. Surely he'll self-combust?

Harry Hotspur said...

Ze Prince

I didn't get offered an Q&A with Levy. There are a number of reasons behind this. The most obvious is that I am percieved as rubbish. Second is I have no contact with WHL other than sending them emails they rarely respond to and lasty...

Let's see what they actually get...

Anonymous said...

Reports today suggest DC is looking at Rangers right-back Alan Hutton for a reported £6m bid in January with one of Ricardo Rocha, Anthony Gardner or Paul Stalteri as part of the deal.

Not sure if Hutton is better than Chimbo, but I do agree with HH the latter is undisciplined. I thought after his breakout season with Wigan he'd be more accomplished, but he has done little to really impress.

I do think we need a back line overhaul (hardly news I know), and AG, Lee, Rocha and possibly Stalteri are not Prem class. Unlike some posters here, I think Rocha has been awful whenever he has played, and Comolli should be ashamed, as the money he has spent on Kaboul and Rocha could've bought a quality CB that could've made an impact in King's absence (which was known about before the season started!).

Don't know how much Spurs could fetch for the likes of Ghaly, AG, Rocha, Stalteri and perhaps BAE and Chimbo, but it has to be enough to buy quality. I'm not saying DC could get Cannavaro and Nesta here, but some real quality at the back. The club's goals against ranks among the worst of any Prem team in history!

Don't mean to slag players, but I also don't rate Zokora (another dissapointing DC signing).

This is going to ruffle some feathers too -- but I just think Malbranque, despite being a hard worker, isn't what Spurs need. He's a right-sided attacking midfielder, who could occasionally come on for Lennon, but that's it.

Finally, if he's never going to play, then let's get something for Routledge. Same goes for Defoe.

There you have it ... just my humble opinion ... so have at me, then!


Harry Hotspur said...

9:51 No I think you're pretty measured there. Disagree about Steed. His game on Sunday was battling and I always feel that he is at least looking to feed the strikers.

Better be good.
Scottish footy...

DC has nowhere to run this window, they must spend to support JR and if they only do one thing it's buy a defender.

The King fiasco has dragged on forever now.

EL said...

I have a question:

How will you feel if in two seasons time, Ramos has taken us to two 5th place finishes and no trophies?

And if he turns Jenas & Zokora into midfielders to rank alongside any in the top 4 clubs, i'll eat my laptop at the Lane inside 90 minutes.

By the way, I eventually saw that photo Kaboul took; it was lacking focus and under-developed.

Anonymous said...

Agreed HH -- the irony is (and Jol was the first to say it) is that they will have to buy a CB and left winger for JR -- which are the very two positions MJ was begging DC to help fill.

Harry Hotspur said...

Just read the Glory Glory interview.

Strange questions. If the whole thing is legit, then I don't understand why some more 'biting' questions were put to him?

How is JR's English? MMMmmmmmnnn.
How's yer mother's yorkshire pud, while your there...

Very brief too. Very brief.

Harry Hotspur said...

el - Super question.
Perhaps one DL could've been slow bowled today...

Jenas looked good on Sunday ~ but that just means we now have ten or so sh*te games to come out from him?


simeone said...

Come on Hatchet,our performances need time to really improve.What matters is we seem to have found the right man this time and with the rumors of a 6'0000 version of WHL,you gotta admit things are loooking up

Anonymous said...

,,,,,Listen, being honest here. Spurs aint that far off being a decent side. Its obvious what positions and what u need to do to improve. What u need is to give the manager time, JR will be a good manager for u. And, dont take this as a dig, keep comparing urselves with Arsenal. We are on another level & will get even better. So will u, just dont get above urselves and expect too much soon. Wrighty7,,,Listen, being honest here. Spurs aint that far off being a decent side. Its obvious what positions and what u need to do to improve. What u need is to give the manager time, JR will be a good manager for u. And, dont take this as a dig, keep comparing urselves with Arsenal. We are on another level & will get even better. So will u, just dont get above urselves and expect too much soon. Wrighty7

Vinny said...

Anon 6.36 and "anon - 9.37",

Thanks fellas.

You see, our beloved Spurs has been run very well as a business so far combined with a good measure of luck from about the period when Santini left till the end of last season in terms of transfers coming in and going out while the books were kept nicely balanced, and at the same time a pretty decent squad was amassed, good enough to be the 5th best in the premiership anyway, which is by no means a disgrace given the last 15 years or so.

Then this pre-season the board go all out and spend 40 million and we're jumping up and down thinking we will definately make champions league no probs.

However if you analyze the pre-season investment, it was laid out on about 4 players who would be "squad players" or "ones for the future" ie neither one of Bent, Bale, Kaboul or Boateng would have made the first eleven of Arse,Mutd,Liver or Chelsk, of whom are our main oppononents for that top 4 and a champions league place.

Bent - Great to have as one of a fantastic 4 forwards. But how much can you really improve on Berba and Keane when on fire and being serviced correctly?...Nice to have nevertheless and a proven premiership scorer who could prove more crucial if Berba walked or when there's injuries or dips in form and 50 odd games going on.

Kaboul - Raw and typifies this "one for the future" concept. I'm confident though with guidance from a top manager such as JR, should shake off the nerves to be a class defender. But could be next season or 2 before we see his best.

Boateng - Another 20 year old with potential, but again needs another season or so to bed in.

Taarabt - Great potential, too raw, needs time.

Bale - The youngest of all (Bar Taraabt), could have been the biggest gamble of all, but has been surprisingly the best value of all so far and does count as an improvement towards the FIRST ELEVEN!

So with 40 Million investment we didn't actually strengthen the 2 or 3 weaker positions we had in our first eleven that much, bar the left side of course with Bale and even then has been in spits n spurts due to his injuries.

Ok, due to not being able to offer Champions league footie it was hard to sign top players in their Prime eg Schneider went To Real Madrid and Nani chose Utd. But we did have a chance to sign the likes of Martin Petrov, Simao was available, Quaresma or maybe even Kim Kallstrom may have been worth a go. And hell even Curtis Davies due to having had some premiership experience may have adapted quicker than Kaboul...surely. If we were going to use Gareth Bale as a left Midfielder all along, then we could have signed Leighton Baines who was very capable to solve our left back problem, killing 2 birds with 2 stones...:0) we said previously though Lee Pyo seems to have responded well to competition so far, but he is still only "adequate" for me, so if Bale goes on to establish himself at left midfield , all of a sudden we'll be screaming for a new left back again!

Ok I'm getting a little greedy now, perhaps a tad unrealistic...:o)...but my point is our next transfer choices as Harry says will be crucial.

We need to not look at only this "sell-on value factor" in the future, but also if there is a 27 or 28 year old top player available which would strengthen our first eleven NOW...then we need to go all out to get that player as soon we get the opportunity instead of keeping options open, bargaining, procrastinating we have enough of the "future greats" and "squad players" now...leave that to the academy for fuck sake.

What we need is TOP players in our core positions ie solid experienced Centre-Back, Midfield General and a Playmaker...even if it means paying TOP wonger.

Don't get me wrong though...the future is fucking know the rest...:0)

Rant over n out...COYS!!!

Anonymous said...

Fair play. It's all well and good to invest in youth, IF you are rebuilding, but consecutive 5th place finishes suggested Spurs were not that far off. Sure Carrick leaving was a setback, as has been the injury to King, but buying only young players to either develop or sell on for profit has left the club unbalanced. All Prem clubs need veteran players with experience and leadership, but Spurs lack this, which is why King is missed so much. Robbo and Keano offer some of these qualitites, but neither is a natural leader. DC - get some experienced players in the squad pronto! This isn't a feeder club for Christ's sake!

onedavemackay said...

Is it me or is Wrighty7 is getting repetitive ?

Anonymous said...

Wrighty7: Understand this friend... The Arse could win the Treble ten times in a row, I'd still rather be a Spurs fan, no matter how embarassing it is at times.

onedavemackay said...

9.51 Some fair points but gotta disagree about Steeeeeeed. I'd still like to see him in centre midfield and for sure we need an experienced CB and experienced tough tackling midfielder. It's so obvious to most of us but not that smart arse DC . Anyone remember Naybet ?

I'm with you


Anonymous said...

i coldnt disagree more.
zoks had one of his best ever games in a spurs shirt on sunday, jenas looked improved too.

lennon and malbs were fun to watch and bale was strong and mobile for the whole game.
in fact everyone played better than usually and apart from a confidence wrecking mistake for kaboul and some very dodgy refereeing we would have one easily...

the team deserves credit not abuse.

Anonymous said...

What abuse? No one is saying x or y is kiddie fiddler! This is a forum where Spurs fans can discuss their team, for better or worse. The only one getting "abuse" here is the odd Scum fan on a wind up mission.

Re: Zok -- the odd good game does not a star make.

And Lennon and Malbs were "fun to watch"? What game were you watching?

Bottom line, we had trouble beating West Ham, for God's sake. How much better could the lads have been?

And Levy's unwillingness to take on any blame for the Jol handling is worrysome. Now he's put Comolli on the chopping block for recommending Juande. This guy is a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Can I join the circus with you HH? My score prediction with times and all didnt go down so well.

Oh hum, I sit here contemplating Hamlet. Close but no cigar. I also feel a deep sense of guilt - I let Spurs down in the dying minutes. I desperately studied the bottom of my beer glass rather than watch Defoe take the penalty. The TV screen ended up studying the beer glass quite closely as well. Christmas wish list: No 1 - new TV.

I dont think our performance was too bad apart from Kaballsed-up giving them the lead.
We are a young and exciting side and we just need to plug one or two holes (CM and CB) with some experience. Hopefully we will be climbing the ladder soon and cleaning up during the january window.

My last comment is going to be a positive one. The worst thing about our performances this season as been the lack of concentration in the final minutes. We have lost or drawn far too many games in the last 10 minutes. Against West Ham however it was very different. We were attacking and got the penalty. When the whistle blew we were in their half and keeping the pressure on. This is a great sign, JR seems to be improving the teams focus and stamina.
Ok so we lost out on two possible points, but we would have never had the chance for an extra two points earlier in the season. Signs are positive!!!


Anonymous said...

8:50 continued...

Oh and yes, Zokora had a great his standards. Unfortunately his standards dont meet the standards I expect of a Spurs central midfielder.

10 million on a CM in Jan. Pleeeeeeeease!

shanemac said...

Agree with Vinny, bring in the Kallstrom. I was praying for his arrival all summer. We need experienced players. Till then I still am waiting to see Steed and Tainio in the centre midfield. Just one match, just to see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Due to injury and inexperience, we now find ourselves in a bit of a predicament. But we are seeing improvements, whether due to more intense fitness programs, better coaching, etc., at least we look fitter and more solid. The main problem is the constant recruiting of raw potential and letting Carrick go, a disaster which has cost us dear both this and last season. Letting Kaboul join coach Clive Allen in the reserves, when alternatives are available, is the best option for now. But to crucify our players is never the answer. Why ruin a potential winner with criticism, leaving them bitter with another club later on in their careers? We must be patient, close ranks and never give in to our distractors who seem obsessed with cementing the 'Top-four' mentality. especially from rags like the Sun, and another of Rupert Murdoch's pets, Sky-sports seemingly fuelling this 'Top-four' garbage, designed solely to maximise profits, admittedly after huge investment, which is ruining the game. Empty seats in stadia all over the country when ever the so-called 'Top-four' clubs are not playing. Week after week, Man City have empty seats, except when you know who are playing them, despite a start which would have WHL fans sitting on the roof to see the game. We really are a huge club, badly or naively run at times, but we are on the up. Yes, I'm disappointed we have started slowly, but remember, 'We set our aims so high, that even to fail has a degree of success!' (Badly quoted, forgive me!) Ramos and Poyet seem to be very keyed-up on what we need, and will work hard to try to achieve it. We are too big than to give in to clubs such as our friends at the Hammers, who seem at their happiest criticising others, than to be playing football. Which shows up their inadequacies all too clearly. Yes, you have made some good points, H, but the newbies will learn, it is not their fault that clubs such as ours have waved wads of cash at them, expecting too much too soon. Lets hope for some silverware, this season, or at least UEFA cup football for next season, then we'll see how good Ramos really is! he should have been recruited earlier, but we must keep on at it. We are winners, with more success on it's way. And a point at WHU isn't too bad, except that we should have won it! Harry for England! COYS

Toxic said...

Hutton would be a huge mistake, all he does for Rangers in the CL is aimlessly hump it up the park trying to find a blue shirt in the third row of the stand. One half decent game for the Jocks is no indicator.

Wrighty7 said...

Three weeks and three days till your cup final boys!!!!!! ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL!!!!!!

Wrighty7 said...


GRAZZA said...

sounds like you're more excited you tool!

Anonymous said...


did you ever find a wigan fan to blog with? your sister? did you shag her? ya fucking inbred twat. 3 weeks time our defence will be sound, the goons will have lumps kicked out of them and defoe will score a last minute penalty to win 1-0.


Vinny said...

Just to prove my point our reserve side with Huddlestone, Taarabt, Boeteng and Rose lost 1-0 to Reading reserves last night.

Now how you supposed to win enough tough games against top premiership 1st teams to get a sufficiceint amount of points to make a top 4 spot with solely a team of youngsters?

They will be great players, but will not learn enough off eachother to reach their full potential as they need to be learning off experienced players at their peak to guide/influence/teach them to reach their full potential (which some of them no doubt will), but how many "champions" at the peak of their game do we have in our first eleven?

e.g. The Arse are reaping the benefits of their current crop having been groomed with Thierry Henry, Lundberg and Perez etc for 2 or 3 years before they were set to pasture and then their young uns took on their mantle...clever, clever SCUM!!!

(Wrighty 7 don't get a boner, we're all straight here...:0)

4 Ever Hopeful said...

There should be no other transfer dealings until we have signed at least two but preferably three central defenders. Gardner is yesterday's man (if indeed he ever was), Kaboul is Ryman League standard and King is no longer anything other than a pipedream. He might come back in a few weeks but we all know that the moment he trips over a sweet wrapper he will be out for the rest of the season.

That leaves Dawson and Rocha, the latter being far from ideal but sufficient until we get others in during January. He would have donje a better job than Kaboul did on Sunday had he been fit.

I hope the scouting net has been thrown far and wide cos there is nobody obvious and we do not need youngsters.

By the way is Terry Dixon still injured? (I know he is a forward)

Vinny said...

For ever Hopeful - A little harsh mate.

We need 1 decent central defender to partner Daws until Kaboul is ready, baring in mind Ledders may be back to play in bits n pieces at some point and someone like Gardner could be 4th choice CD incase of emergency, as seems to be happy to play a bit part.

Kaboul and the new player would battle for that CD spot, would be good for his development and the team.

Kaboul has got the potential (and hair) to be a good Premiership defender. But needs a season or 2 at the most. Anymore than that would mean we would have signed a dud...hopefully not!!!

Vinny said...

Terry Dixon is the Taraabt bracket "one for the future", but a few subs appearances for these young players when we're 4-0 up against Derby for example, would do them no harm.

He had returned from injury, don't know if he's still regaining fitness or got injured again?

Wrighty7 said...
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Wrighty7 said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Harry Hotspur said...'re fired.

jimi jazz said...

Thank St. Bill Nick for that.

dannyboy said...

ha - wheres wrighty7 now? love it. go on kanoute. coys

Harry Hotspur said...

Good call, Dannyboy!

Chucked a little blog in there for the pr*ck to dwell upon...

Anonymous said...

sevilla WITH Ramos lose 1-3 to arse.

sevilla WITHOUT Ramos win 3-1 to arse.

Why are we quite so happy?