Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tottenham Squad 100KG Overweight

That's the word*.

Juande Ramos has officially declared war on the waistline at White Hart Lane. Apparently there are in excess of one hundred kilos on the books that ought not be.

Tommy Huddlestone in particular was singled out to lose at least a stone.

And the days of unchecked meals are gone. Now, in keeping with 'big/real teams' the diet of the players is now under genuine scrutiny.

Aside from obvious Robbo gags... any thoughts?

*Stolen wholesale, allegedly, via a third party email, from Archibald on Spurs Odious... Home to And Another Lie, "I've been banned from HH" and At The Rotten Eggs, "I'm pompous AND vacuous too".


Anonymous said...

Harry, hope you don't mind mate, but can anypone help me out.

I just got a EUROVOX MAX 2008 box. But I need a link to where I can get the software from?

Can ANYONE help?


Tottinghams said...

"*stolen wholesale, allegedly, via a third party email, from Archibald on Spurs Odious*"


Doesn't suprise me. Jol I think was way too cuchy cushy - the lack of fitness is one of the reasons we conceded (and still do) loads of late, late goals.

madeupname said...

Ha ha ha hah ha I lurk on SO H and they hate you! One reg poster wants to drop an anvil on you from the PL upper! Beware mate!

Anonymous said...

You are a very bad boy Harry and we love you son. Mind yer head!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm theyd have to throw the anvil 30 miles to land on Harry. ;)

Anonymous said...

11.20 You saying you know where HH is then ;)) ?

Marcus said...

10:36 - will sort you out mate.

jolsgonemental said...

whats a EUROVOX MAX 2008?

some sort of lawnmower isnt it?

jimi jazz said...

Not just any lawnmower, JGM. It's the finest in grass-trimming technology mate. It's got 3 different length settings: Kevin Keegan, Gazza, or Martin Jol.

AndAnotherThing said...

Whoops finally figured it out, so I can actually get on here, great, oh joy. I know this is pissing in the wind and I actually would agree with you that info on the internet is free to everyone but it is a bit rum given the slaggings you gave Paul Smith and in the current climate in the club will probably contribute to there being less ITK stuff floating about. As to people on SOd "hating" you, come on, it's all good clean fun - you call me AndAnotherLie and I call you Barry No-Bollocks, where's the harm in that ? All a bit girly and handbags really. I find it a bit hard to hate people I don't even know.

Anonymous said...

JUAN ROMAN RIQUELME......just do it!

Harry Hotspur said...

AAT well put on a clean shirt and pop round my mother's with a bread and butter pudding under your arm and we'll call it quits.

The 'AA Lie' was only as you had apparently suggested you had been banned. I don't do bans.

Yours, surrounded by anvils,


Anonymous said...

i don't see any of the lads are overweight at all. it's like the fat frank gags. all based on it sounding funny rather than he actually is remotely fat. very strange. robbo is just a bit f*cking slow. and i'm not convinced that he will speed up by being anorexic.

bueller said...

Anon 11:19,

Surely that is the difference between normal people walking down the street and professional athletes?

IMO Robbo is hugely overweight for his profession and you only have to look at Cech, James etc to see that.

Maybe it won't help him but it's got to be worth a go surely?

Anonymous said...

anon 6:05

what the hell is wrong with you?

EL said...

Re:6.05pm anon

You are SO gay!

Re:bueller de ville

Maybe Robbo's in the John Regis mould?

Harry, why do Spurs Odious hate you so much? Pray tell.

Anonymous said...

,,,,I heard that the extra 100kg's was in fact Berbatov's head. Apparently it has swollen to an abnormal size due to all the praise he was receiving in the summer of '07. This has resulted in his balance being out of alignment meaning he is now shite. Also the door frames at Shite hart Lane have been widened to accomodate his massive head. Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

Wrighty you are you as unfunny and lonely in your real life as you are in your cyber one?

Harry Hotspur said...


I get emailed info which frequently I publish.

Sometimes that info is leaked from the SO forum.

problem is I don't care and refuse to ask their permission before running a piece.

You see, like all good fences, I am disinterested in the source. Only the value.

Some SO forget themselves.
As the arrogant do.

The only important ones are the ones In the white shirts.

bueller said...

El, now you mention it, they are peas in a pod!!! ha ha

AndAnotherThing said...

Hahaha, you get e-mailed stuff and you never visit yourself ! Splendid.