Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ramos - "Six Are Untouchable"

Evictions ahead?

Latest in is attributed to Galahad on the COYS forum but is backed up by a least two othem medium/hot (you know, two chillies on microwave meals) sources...

(1) They ( JR & Gus) are not impressed by the quality of the first team squad, nor the ability of most of the players to play the powerful and pacy attacking style JR would like to institute at Spurs.

(2) After completing their initial analysis, JR told DC and DL that as far as he's concerned only 6 players are 'untouchable'.

(3) The rest will be shipped out during January and the summer transfer window, where possible.

In a word, wow. Kosher? I don't know. I an given to understand that Galahad is a genuine type and that's how I present it to you.

Here's in no six!
Oh and YES I'm still a grumpy git and REFUSE to inc King as HE ISN'T ACTIVE!







And despite rigging things yet not including Ledders, I'd love to add Lee. So there.


Anonymous said...

My six would be...




Lennon (mmm....)

Keane (if he promised to only face and pass goalward)

How sad. I am struggling on a 6th player and 2 of my 5 are touchable.

Bring on the transfer window!

elk said...

Who would you save would be a shorter list!

Anonymous said...

First poster...

Same sentiments mate

Spurs in my blood said...

i would have to remove Berbatov from your list Harry, especially if Berbs heart lies at another club. Don't you agree? After all we did manage to reach 5th place without him the season before last?

Harry Hotspur said...

The Berbatov Ultimatum.

I hear you Bruv.

I know no more than anyone.

IF Berba walks then I will personally cut him up (on the printed page) like confetti.

Anonymous said...

As ever Harold you ignore convention and just give me something actually worth reading after a wholly shit day at work.

Four weak pints and now to tuck in to some time expired PIMMS under the stairs.


Anonymous said...

Had to go anon there Harold, I'm an MP

Spurs in my blood said...

Well time will tell if Berbs is with us on this. If not, well we will survive and move forward. Football has always been team game in my opinion and should always remain that way. I know I don't have to remind you guys that Spurs have had many good times and this can only be replicated again with those who are committed to that cause.

Anonymous said...

Is this bollocks true? This site appears less shit than some others

jimi jazz said...

Hey I don't know about that, Harry, but I just found this on NewsNow:

Martin Jol's most recent interview with NEWS OF THE WORLD revealed a most shocking fact about the orders he would give the centre midfielders every match. Said the large Dutchman, "No... yesh, after the kickoff, I would tell them to leave de field". When asked to confirm that players such as Jermaine Jenas and Didier Zokora weren't just appearing to do nothing during games, they were in fact not on the field at all, Jol responded, "No.... yesh, dey would only get in de way of Robinson's kicksh down field, we just needed Bale and Steed on de flanksh in case Robinson sliced de ball." Spurs fans have responded to these recent comments with a mixture of confusion, horror, dismay and, in one case, mild irritation of the bowels. In the next eagerly awaited interview with the Sun, Jol plans to reveal why he begins every sentence with No. The BBC has confirmed that the entire world is holding its breath in anticipation.

dannyboy said...

my 6, for what it's worth;


I actually think the story is bollocks and wholesale changes WON'T be made, just some tinkering.
Come on Jenas you lumbering oaf, prove me right ya cretin.


Anonymous said...

i was about to say how bullshit this article was, and proceeded to write exactly how many good players, for now and the future, spurs actually had.

i got to 6.

Anonymous said...

top comment!

Anonymous said...

my untouchable 6 (plus 1) would be -








i wouldn't wana see robbo, defoe or maybe even bent go either.

Harry Hotspur said...

Bloody awful task.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get this shit from? 5th place finishes for two seasons and the team is now crap, You talk shite.

Spurs in my blood said...

For Harry, just to announce who I am. Well I am the silent majority usually. I like to think many spurs followers don't voice there opinion, valid or not on these sites. I am not saying I represent the silent ones, just that I am usually one of them. Recent events however have triggered my conscience to reply. These are my first comments I have posted on your site which I have enjoyed reading for as long as I have had the tinternet. My question is this which you maybe able to answer, do you know if any of the team - that is management or players actually read this? If so then I will readily post comments in the small hope that they take note of what the normally silent majority believe and see to be the way forward for Spurs. Of course if you feel I misrepresent the club I will retain my silence on these posts.

jolsgonemental said...

fuck berbatov. typical gutless bulgarian cuntjob.


maybe chimbonda.

Harry Hotspur said...


1) Welcome.
2) Get stuck in. You own this site.
3) Who the hell is HH?
3) Look out for snipers!
4) Will we smash our way thru UEFA?

Harry Hotspur said...

I am not JGM but do I reserve the idulge him to the point where my teeth revolve in delight at his RIDICULOUS remarks.

anotherparklaner said...

Jolsgonenative fucking topman and i don't mean your strides mate.. proper yid. see you lot tomorrow for a laugh. nice site har0ld h0tspur COYS!

Spurs in my blood said...

Thanks for the advice Harry.
I believe we have currently the best mind (Ramos) for the Uefa cup so i am very positive on this front. A difficult tie tomorrow though if only because of the geographical location and the energy this may sap out of the younger minds of the team. My six thus far to stand proud for spurs

King (Obviously when available)
Bent (With confidence)
Robinson (A leaner version)

Also with the right coaching
Lennon, Taarabt and Dervite.

Anonymous said...

Why have so many people got Chimbonda on their list of 6, His form is utter plop

Anonymous said...

If I was Ramos I would get rid of everyone except the six of......proberly everyone! And I would get on the phone to Arsene Wenger and ask nicely if I could borrow either the Arsenal reserves or the Arsenal ladies for the rest of the season to get out of the relegation battle Spud's are in! Top 4? Ur be dizzy being that high! Ramos will be saying adios by 01/01/09! Wrighty7

Junior said...

as a first-time contributor i would like to name my indespensable 6:

BERB (i love this guy..transfer rumours aside...he is undoubtedly the best talent at the club and i believe Ramos can get the best out of him. i'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but will be very upset if he leaves)

ROBBIE (bit of a headless chicken and quite annoying/amusing at times with his constant gesturing and giving out but at the end of the day....he scores goals..)

BALER (exciting....nuff said)

CHIMBONDA (don't know why people give hime such a hard time..easily best header of a ball in the club)

STEED (another who i feel is hard done by. excellent control with both feet)

LENNON (needs to rediscover form of 2 years ago)

as for the others mentioned on this thread.. i would probably just about include Dawson and Leds.

Defoe is a selfish player and he'll be on his way.

as for Bent..well just as i haven't forgiven Rocha for his slip against Arsenal in the cup semi final last year i don't think i can forgive Benty for his "strike" against the gooners this year..waste of money.

Tarrabt looks skilful anyway..
KPB..time will tell
Dervite..don't know enough about him
Robbo...don't have any confidence in his ability and haven't done for a long time now..

That is all..

shanemac said...

tommy forecast

tottenhamtony said...

My Six - no order( a fit King would be top of the list )

1) Bale - only bright spot of a dreadfull season
2) Keano - grat attitude - less moaning please
3) Bent - with confidence and picked regularly will be our top scorer
4) Malbanque - our most creative player - although lacks stamina
5) Lennon - if he could learn to cross the ball
6) Jenas - probably not a popular choice but a good coach could bring out his true potential

also think Lee, Dawson & Kaboul could flourish if coached correctly.

time for Chimbonda ( overated and bad attitude ), Robinson ( the point of not return ), Berbatov ( world class player who's attitude stinks and is poisoning the team ), Defoe ( misses too many chances for a top striker ), Huddlestone ( good passer at times but turns like an oil tanker & is too sluggish ) and Zokora ( either runs into blind alleys or falls over - a midfield version of Ronny Rosenthal ) to be sold in January.

franglo said...

I think the 'name six' game is sad.
It reflects the times we live in when for most players the club is now just a place to earn a living. In the sixties, seventies and even the greedy eighties, the elevenm wearing the shirt each week would be untouchable because, good, bad or indifferent, they were loyal to the club. The SkyPrem has changed all that. Now I think you would be lucky to name two! Not the best, but with their hearts in the club the same way that the fans have theirs. The two IMO, Robinson and King.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

1) Gareth Bale
2) Garry Bale
3) Gary Bale
4) "Baley"
5) That young Welsh full back
6) Keane

jimi jazz said...

I am thoroughly encouraged by Berbatov's "I want to stay and I love the club" statement. Let's let bygones be bygones and embrace the bloody man... and my naivety. He apologised for the sullen behaviour as well. Come on HH, DannyBoy, JGM and you other miserable bastards. Dimitar's a yiddo yet (at least until the summer).


EL said...

Good god! Get a grip. This is football remember. No-one is untouchable & everyone is expendable, including Ramos and Comolli. Especially Comolli. I remain unconvinced by too many of his purchases.

As for the Berb blurb. See the telegraph article on newsnow in which with quotation-marks all over the shop, old twinkle toes makes it clear that he's none too impressed with the "lies" most of the papers have been peddling.

The telegraph hack could have made it all up however.

EL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jolsgonemental said...

as my old gran used to say, never trust a person who comes from a country named after a womble.

Pulling on a Spurs shirt should never be a chore. Better players than dimitar berbatov have worn the shirt with true pride.

if his statements today are true , fair play. now prove it and do the colours justice.

Anonymous said...

king (if/when fit)

even when these players play average they are still better than most.

I would include chimbonda if he ran with the ball/off the ball for team mates like he did last year and not stop dead in posession all the time giving the opposition time to make him look bad.
Lennon, I'm sure is getting better every game but when you can't deliver a final pass - what's the point?

f***ing love you spurs, glad someone had the bottle to change things - bring back carrick, then i'm SURE you could add to that list!

Anonymous said...

Bale (obviously)

Robinson (if he gets his form back.. remember he was once on course to being the best prem goalkeeper)

Berba (he committed to the club and is world class.. why would anyone want rid of him?)

Dawson (as commentators said in the last match, he plays really well.. its Kaboul that drags him down)

Lennon (potentially best winger in England)

Keane (he is our only candidate for 20+ goals a season.. if Keane leaves we will be a championship side, no question)

also.. King Ledley, Steed, Hoddlestone and Defoe

Defoe because hes so committed to the club its unbelievable considering his past treatment. Could become a great goalscorer.

GRAZZA said...

10:21 - Id say all four of our strikers are candidates for 20+ if they all had good runs in the side? You saying if we played any combination of the other 3 we would be championship?? I dont agree at all.

I think we should just back whoever wears the lilywhite shirt, we'll all have our opinion on how good/bad they are but at the end of the day theyre "Spurs" and thats who we follow, not individual players. A 6-a-side team would definitely be championship!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually know, apart from what all of you FUCKING IDIOTS read in the paper, if Berbatov really does have a bad attitude?

Or is it the BULLSHIT and BOLLOCKS you CUNTS want to believe.

I hate you all. You're morons who talk shit and don't know the first thing about football management or players.

You are the "boo boys". The scourge of any football club and the reason we have no confidence.

Fuck off to Arsenal, you're killing the club I love.

GRAZZA said...

or the fact that he has stood there flapping his arms about and whining right in front of me every week not evidence enough? plus the Newcastle saga, warming up does not constitute walking down to the corner flag with a face like a smacked arse and crouching down.

You sound like a hormonal teenage girl to me. "I hate you all" lol give over.

I dont fork out £700 on an ST to watch that crap from someone who could afford to pay £700 for his breakfast everyday.

Harry Hotspur said...


1) Ease up on the French, I haven't had my bagel & double espresso yet.

2) If your tolerance of people having a harmless natter on a blog is low, then swerve this one.

3) My stance on Berbatov is if he doesn't start scoring soon I couldn't care less who he plays for.

Tom said...

1) Bale
2) Keane
3) Malbranque
4) Chimbonda (or Shimbongo as Pleat calls him)
5) Dawson
6) Boateng (I think Ramos recognises his potential)


For the others, special training is required.
T-Hud needs ballet classes and a treadmill.
Jenas needs to take Creatine - his legs are the skinniest monstrosities I've ever seen.
Lennon needs to practice getting his crosses past the first man.
Robinson needs to learn to catch.
Kaboul needs involuntary euthanasia.

Berbs is staying so now I think he's an untouchable too.

shanemac said...

I think everyone should avoid reading the BBC football gossip column today (it's so bloody tempting though, isn't it?). I think we should get confirmation that Dimitar even has a brother, or a father, or an agent named Emil, or is even actually Bulgarian.

Harry Hotspur said...

I'd also echo the words of the right honorable Grazza...

Adding only that you also sound like the punters that come on here accusing me of making Ledley injured by reporting that he is!

shanemac said...

btw is this match on tv at all?

GRAZZA said...

Channel 5 i think.....

GRAZZA said...

LOL great post Tom - Jenas' legs are indeed like 2 pieces of string hanging out of the bottom of a pair of shorts.

Anonymous said...

TO Grazza.

I too have a season ticket and all I hear is you moaning whinging tossers. I hear you singing a name and then laying into him for one missed pass or whatever.

Far as i'm concerned I do hate you. With proper hate passion, as for hormonal girl, perhaps it's the passion you lack, that i show?

Or you love to find the bad in everything.

Either way, you're quite simply a CUNT!

How about that for witty.

Fucking whinging mug.

Anonymous said...

I would guess that Ramos hasn't included King because he hasn't seen him in training (or has he started back yet, I can't remember the website confirming. The only mention of King is usually at the end of "is out" list.) or if he has, not enough to judge. My six would be:

1) Keane. The guy loves the club and you know when we're playing shit it means as much to him as it does the fans. I wish he'd stop arguing all the time about everything -- he sometimes looks like the idiots down the road who think a throwing against their team is a huge injustice.

2) Bale. To be honest I was worried when we paid so much for the kid but now he seems like a bargain. Absolute revelation and along with Keane's continuation in the scoring charts, our only positives to take from the season so far.

3) Dawson. Hasn't reached his best yet but I think it's hard for him to adjust to such an unorthodox partner in Kaboul compared to the sit-back Tony G. I have faith in the partnership working though. Signs were good from the Boro game (besides the slip) that Dawson is improving.

4) Berbatov. Despite what's been said and his indifferent form (and I say that as a striker you're paid to score, and he hasn't enough this season) of late, there's no doubting he's a special talent. Moody? Sure, but so is Rooney, Drogba, Henry and Ronaldinho. I'd be interested in seeing how many assists he has this season because he still contributes, if not with goals, at present.

5) Steed. He works as hard as Robbie some days and if he could just retain the ball a bit better could be a huge player for us. I'd love to see him get a run in the middle of the park as that's where we've struggled to replace Carrick. He's fast, loves to attack as well as defend, so for me fits into the Ramos way of playing football.

6) Lennon. Yes he needs to work on his final ball but this kid is a huge player for us. He has the capability to turn our season into a good one. If he's played on the right and establishes himself with Chimbonda again we could become a force sooner rather than later. He's one of our better players lacking in confidence at the minute but still one of the first names on the team sheet for me.

Of course a fit King would make this list, but right now we have to deal with present. Chimbonda is a talent but is having a touch of "I could of been playing for Chelsea instead of being in the bottom four" about him at the minute. The talk of a new contract seems to of gone away, so maybe he hasn't shown enough to convince Ramos yet. Still, he's a very solid defender when he has his head right. Not seen enough yet to convince me of KPB. Although I doubt we'll have a major overhaul because the team needs, for the most part, stability. Jenas to reach potential? I quite like the guy, but there comes a time when you have to admit failure. Good engine, gives a fair bit of effort, but far too wishy-washy and for far too long. The team does amazingly look more secure with him in it though.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lee is a good good player, he has played with no recognised left sided midfielder in front of him since his arrival.Better than Ekotto anyday.

GRAZZA said...

If thats the wittiest you can come up with then you are wasted - theres certainly a mic at jongleurs for you to pick up.

Nothing like a bit of generalisation to back up your argument is there? "i hear you all" lol

I find the bad in bad things - like our form or the lack of effort from one man in particular (last couple of games aside). Call me crazy but there arent that many positives pertaining to Spurs at the minute are there??

Trying channeling some of your passion to your missus rather than the keyboard you tart. "passion" such a great word. closely followed by "mug" and "fickle".

Whinging? your post is the finest whine ive heard in a longtime or is that your passion coming through again and the other 35,000 in the ground are all "fickle, muggy, melts, c*nts" who should bow to your superiority becuase after all you are the eternal fount of knowledge?? Polish your CV up son Mclaren will be out of a job soon.

Anonymous said...

6 untouchables

Keane (24goals in last 32appearances, if only he stopped helping the team and faced goalwards he'd actually score.)

King (nuff said)

KPB (sevilla wanted him all summer)

Jenas (Ramos likes fitness and can play across the midfield)

Chimbonda (just because)

Bent (will be shown to be a bargain)

Dawson is playing like a FOOL

onedavemackay said...

That Anonymous has got a lot to say for himself.

bueller said...

If you haven't got Berbatov in your 6 then I dispair. What are you actually hoping to see when you go and watch a football match?

Plus, Dawson has so much heart we all love him but when all is said and done he's not a top player. Very average.

Anonymous said...

Grazza, If you're going to quote me then quote me properly.

All I hear .... Not I hear you all...

At no point have I made any reference to me being the font of all knowledge but even the least intelligent of you idiots surely must know not to beleieve everything you read in the papers.

You basically believed what you wanted to beleive. You spout off negative bullshit in the vain hope that someone will listen and agree.

Basically we're all branded fickle because of moaning boo boys like you.

onedavemackay said...

Funny how so many people who slag this blog and it's contributors off don't have the bollocks to give themselves an identity.

Bit early to say on Dawson as he looks to me like he could well become top drawer.

GRAZZA said...

1) Fair point - i mis-read, apologies.

2) You imply that by saying "You're morons who talk shit and don't know the first thing about football management or players"

3) Nothing negative about my input to this discussion before this argument. I'll be positive/negative as i see fit, and to be honest i dont really post here in the vain hope that someone will agree, because i enjoy a discussion as much as the next bloke and if we all agreed it would be pretty dull - I feel that this time maybe you are believing what you want to believe? If you read a lot of my posts regarding Jol & Defoe for example you will find theres nothing negative about them. Following on from that if you had read my posts then will also note that I to urge people not to believe everything they read and dont subscribe to opinions before making your own judgement.

3) Boo Boy? i have never booed my own team whatsoever and never will. The fact that you think you have got the right to call me that really fucking annoys me. You havent got a clue how i go about supporting our club, If i say on this board that i think someones crap for example, its just my opinion, you dont have to subrscribe to it - of course you dont. But its whats i feel. Fuck me call it the typical Spurs Gallows humour if you like but if you ever have any doubt about how i support my team then Park Lane Upper Block 41, Row 14 Seat 45 is the seat next to mine. Dont accuse me of believing what i want to believe and then accuse me of being a boo boy or lacking passion.

GRAZZA said...

Apologies to all i know this isnt a private discussion board!!

Anonymous said...

my six.. and i think these are THE 6, are as follws:
1. Keane
2. Lennon (when he is on the right)
3. Bale
4. Berbatov (when he trys)
5. King (if he comes back as he was before)
6. Steed

in no real order.. but they are our 6 most important players!

shanemac said...

I'm going to play golf and dream of Tel Aviv. When I get back, I want the Tottenham to have won 4-1 (can't ask for a cleanshit from Robbo). I want Adel Taarabt to have scored a goal, having come on in the 35th minute for an impotent and "string-legged" Jenas. I want Berbatov to have contributed to all the goals. I want video footage of Defoe and Bent laughing and looking content whilst sitting on the bench for the entire match. I want grazza and this angry anonymous yid to patch things up and sing kumbaya. And finally, I want a bagel with cream cheese and salmon and capers. Thank you and COYS.

jolsgonemental said...

capers. yum.

i warm to anyone who likes capers.

jolsgonemental said...

or artichokes.

lovely mixed with pasta.

GRAZZA said...

Roast Beef and Horseradish - all day long!

JGM - Try a sausage meat pasta with fennel (make it spicy though).

jolsgonemental said...

do you have to slice the fennel really thin and fry it?

Harry Hotspur said...

The absence of capers in the bagel above is indeed a total crime.

I will email
Boris on this at once...

GRAZZA said...

I grind it but that sounds good.

Anonymous said...

It's on channel 5 16:00

jolsgonemental said...

you mean fennel seeds.

only a loon would attempt to slice seeds.

GRAZZA said...

I would readily omit capers for cracked black pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Christ im bored. Ive got sweet FA to do - is the game on Spurs TV? if not theres a TV in the Board room so can always call an impromtu meeting with my fellow yids.

"Paula. send the drinks in - 4 Stellas, a Carlsberg Export and 3 Balti Pies" Can see it now.

GRAZZA said...

indeed Fennel seeds!

To be honest, id happily slice seeds this afternoon, anyone else in the construction industry? busy? sweet FA going on here.........

jolsgonemental said...

you have 3million houses to build before 2020.

how can you not have anything to do.

GRAZZA said...

The planning and schemes will be here by about 2019 for those.

Our land buyer is irish that might explain :)

Harry Hotspur said...

Fennel is generally much neglected as are most good root veg. Celeriac is is a bit special. Par boil, chip and roast with herbs you like with slugs of a not too good olive oil...

The game's on FIVE...?

jolsgonemental said...

Channel 5 at 3.45.

Inconsiderate fuckers, could have played it midnight local time so I could get home to watch it.

celeriac. good call.

i cant think of anymore neglected root vegetables right now. I have never eaten a yam so cant comment.

is that a root vegetable?

GRAZZA said...

True, tis on 5 - boardroom it is!

Lets get back on topic:

My Team for tonight:


Chimbonda Daws Kaboul YP Lee

Lennon Tainio KPB Steed

Keane Berba


Bent, Defoe, Cerny, Zokora, Jenas, Taraabt (Is he fit?) Stalteri by Default!!

Anonymous said...

Berba is a fucking liar! Read his brother's interview. Is that a lie with photo included?
He's telling us the press unsettled him. That started a few days ago only. The only truth in his statement is that he's staying. Of course, if no one buys him in January. He's a manipulative cunt and he makes me sick.
Anyway,the rest of the players knows his tricks already, so I don't believe he has a future at Spurs. Neither with is national side. He has the same problems there. No wonder. He's the problem. Sell the primadonna sooner than late.

shanemac said...

fuck me, I thought the game was at three. skipped four holes of golf to get back here in time. At least I've got my bagel, as advertised (with capers).

I agree with Mr. Grazza's proposed lineup for today. What happened to Taarabt by the way? Haven't seen him for weeks, can he really do much worse than anyone else in the midfield? If he's available I'd throw him into the starting lineup.

Mark Star said...

My six...






King ( remember him ?)

As some others did, I struggled, and that's worrying isn't it,and four of my six are DEFENDERS !! ha ha ha.
After 34 years as a fan and one beautiful summer full of confidence, excitement and expectation, I now find the situation we find ourselves in utterly bewildering and upsetting.
ps. I didn't pick lennon because he still can't cross or shoot and he needs to improve in those fields soon or risk becomng a one trick pony. COYS !

bueller said...

From the official site:

3.27: Lee pass down the left channel for Berbatov, ran out of play.
2.04: Jenas overhit free-kick slightly from left, Enyeama out to collect.
1.40: Zokora flattened by Msumbu.
45seconds: Early foul from Stalteri, settling into right-back slot again.

Hilariously predictable from all four!!!

GRAZZA said...

I'm saying nothing, I've been in trouble for this sort of thing once already today :)

bueller said...

19.31: Jenas free-kick taken by Enyeama

On the plus-side. Malbranque is taking corners.

GRAZZA said...

Goal! Keane

bueller said...


GRAZZA said...

They'll be dancing in the streets of Tottenham as we type!

shanemac said...

Here's to hoping that Zokora, Jenas and Lennon are all substituted at the half.

GRAZZA said...

Surprised JR went with those 2 for this game actually, thought it might be another ideal opportunity to use KPB + 1.

Looks like a cakewalk from the snippets ive seen on the box?

shanemac said...

no mate, we're playing like absolute shite. Hapoel must be the worst team ever. They are currently the worst team in the Israeli first division.

GRAZZA said...

Its so so difficult for the team to flow though with 2 right footers on the left and 2 doughnuts in centre mid.

bueller said...

Are we really that bad shanemac?

Berba and Keane were sounding lively on the minute by minute updates. Which is obviously the best way to watch any game.

shanemac said...

Yeah, well fortunately we don't need to flow against Hapoel, all we need to do is trickle. My God, I'm sick of Jenas.

GRAZZA said...

Yeah thankfully! i suppose win the game first then start the post mortem.

the shish is off!!!! gutted.

shanemac said...

Yeah man, the two commentators sound like they're about to kill themselves. The main storyline of the game is how unbelievably boring it is. Berbatov and Keano are getting no service again.

pablo said...

donno about untouchables. get rid of a few and bring in a few. no need to get too exited.

get a few quid for:


jenas (why does he not get the stick he deserves??)

and bring in what we're crying out for, (and have been for years now):

a couple of battling centre mids

a left winger

that's it.

as for berba... the media can fuk right off... they make their own assumptions and after a while take them for fact... more football and less soap please.

Summerspur said...


I hear jol is a big fan of capers and when you get your way and robbo gets the boot, they are going to set a little stall up together down the high road and call it capers and robbers

shanemac said...

"I never leave matches early, but I probably would leave this match early. It's been the poorest match I've seen all season."

"A chess match would be more engrossing than this."

I think those two comments by the commentator pretty much sum up this match. This must be the least emphatic 2-0 victory ever.

shanemac said...

"comments by the commentator"


Anonymous said...

Hey i'm spurs true and every1 forgetting KING??ok he's had his injuries but he's probaly the most missed as everyone can see!!so first is King,Keane,Lennon,Bale,emmmm well as far as i can see everone else can go.....even berbatov...he's not bigger than Spurs...

pablo said...

looks like we're gonna take a while to heal.

boateng looks alright. at least looks for the ball, (jenas hides away from it).

Anonymous said...

shit game. shit football. shit team. getting nowhere, I'm afraid.
but Berbs scored. for the club and his career and reputation.right.but he knows why he did it today and so do I. let's keep it that way. a secret is no longer a secret when is known by more than two people.

Anonymous said...

why dont you go and find some info for yourself for a change instead of ripping off other websites!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster at 6.30pm, at least this time HH did not claim it as an exclusive and did credit the original source, something that all decent Spurs fans should do between different forums/blogs.

Let us hope he has turned a new leaf.

As for the point about HH finding something original to discuss - don't hold your breath :)

EL said...

A yam is a sort of cross between a bulb & a root. Bland but quite good with a spicy or pungent accompaniment. Soft and flourery; good for absorbing sauces.

Malbranque was my man of the match.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov playing the double agent today turmed into a farse. Check VITALSPURS for a post I totally agree with. We are all naive to believe what he said yesterday. I couldn't believe his behaviour today . He scored but all the rest is unacceptable. He's like poison right now. Let's see what ramos does about it. To bench him is the minimum.Sell him asap or he'll destroy the team.

Anonymous said...

Berbs (if he wants TO stay)

Just got in from the game tonight in Tel Aviv. It was far too easy and never in doubt, so lads never really took it out of third gear. Still, there still are glaring issues.....


jolsgonemental said...

a win with a clean sheet.

ground out a result despite playing shit.

Jenas plays shit and is substituted.

non defensive players bought on whilst we have a winning lead.

We dont get to say that much. I'll take it.

Harry Hotspur said...


Go be a supply teacher someplace else... Here's....'The Rules'

I get ANY information that I consider good. I PUBLISH.

I get any information I believe to be good and unique. I PUBLISH & CREDIT.

You clutch on to the theory that there is some 'pecking order' or some inner circle of knowledge.. ?

HH burps at you.

EL said...


Could you please be a little more alarmist and maybe write in block capitals.


Anonymous said...


totally agree with you jolsgonemental. was a nice change to see ramos bringing on more attacking players while we have a lead. makes a change from the shite jol used to do.

too many people are saying same rubbish different gaem i don't think we'll get to see the team playing much differntly until maybe the new year. the result was just what we needed. wigan will be a tougher game but it should be a 3 pointer - famous last words

Anonymous said...

sorry that was meant to say GAME not GAEM

Harry Hotspur said...

Go on the el!

berbahasgoneschizo said...

berbahasgoneschizo !

in the morn he loves the club

int he eve he acts like hating it


he can't handle the truth


Anonymous said...

My humble opinion - it's a team thing. A winning team is 'unctouchable'. But no-one in an unsuccessful team should be untouchable.

Hate to say it, but Arse-nil look better without Thierry who could be previously considered 'untouchable'.

Anonymous said...

Poor old nemesis

ever since he 'knew' Berbs was leaving

but never did

his perception of all things football has fallen down the well

and we still haven't heard the splash

but still he tries

nemesis is a klingon