Monday, November 05, 2007

Jol Interview - Charm/Offensive?

Jol's interview in Sunday's Times Online made for interesting reading. The article in full is here.

Whilst I wanted him to succeed this season I did so from the perspective that not only was he the devil we knew better, but maybe, just maybe all this mess of 'relegation scrap after just ...'some games' was rubbish... these quotes tend to make me think we're well rid.

BMJ:"I had to inspire them and they knew every day I could be gone. They were looking at the papers and still, for 10 weeks, I had to motivate. That was probably my biggest achievement ever."

HH: Your biggest achievement ever? God help us if we are privvy to your top ten foul ups. Ten weeks that embedded Spurs into the relegation zone.

BMJ:"That – Getafe – was an injustice, because if we’d won, we’d have been unbeaten in my last eight games, except for Newcastle"

HH: Daytripper, what is the zip code for Dreamsville, USA? I have some mail to forward. Jol says last eight, NOT including Newcastle. So rather than indulge what he's trying to conjure up as an epitaph, here are some precise facts. His last game was Getafe. Which was as a loss. His previous eight games actually include two Premiership defeats Arsenal & Newcastle and draws with Liverpool, Famagusta, Villa and Bolton. Need I go on? The Pool was yet another chuck the towel in at the last minute job. Famagusta are a pub team, Villa was a great game for who? And Bolton. Abandoned. Adrift. Bolton.If you extrapolte Napoleon's maths we go on an unbeaten run that divvy's up the grand total of 24 points.

BMJ:“They did what I wanted. They never got rid of somebody, other than if they were a bit older, and I appreciated that."

HH: So Martin, you were pro the Carrick sale then? We have you on record that you wanted to build a team around him....
BMJ:"I loved Michael Brown, he was one of the biggest characters we had, but I knew if we get so much money from Fulham, okay."

HH: Brown is one of the most limited Premiership players I have ever seen in my lifetime. In fact, I actually hated in a Lilywhite shirt and am relieved he no longer sports one. The bloke's a c*ck. Add to that you were prepared to flog him for half a bag of chips and a slug of Tizer pretty much proves your quotes are worthless.

BMJ:“You can throw the ball at the players, but if you might be leaving, they’ll throw it back. Human nature. But those boys are special, and as much as they could, they fought for me, they still afforded me respect"

HH:Dillusional guff. 'They fought for me'. This is the same group of players who unrelentingly collapsed in the last five minutes or thereabouts ??????

Does his heart belong to Tottenham? Who knows or cares.. But his final sentiments are so close to my own I have to wish him well.. BMJ: "if I had £2bn, I would buy Arsenal.” He is laughing. “And I’d make a big parking place from the Emirates and make a new stadium for Spurs.”


Anonymous said...

he has gone... bare no malice... I will take any replacement who does not play zakora and that c*nt jenas week in week out.


Anonymous said...

Jol has spent a few months in the Big brother house so fair play to him. He has behaved with dignity considering his situation. He is a people person, a motivator and a positive influence.

But as a coach, but had become way too predictable. Every manager coming up against him - and all the fans - would pretty much be able to guess a Jol team, his substitutes and the exact minutes the substitutions would be made, irrespective of what was happening on the park. Football by numbers. And nothing too taxing on the training pitch either, if rumours are to be believed.

The arrival of Andy Raymos makes it interesting. No-one is guaranteed a game and they're having to work for it. We have moved from outright predictability to players competing - all in just over a week. This can only be good.

No need to panic in the transfer market. But I do think a couple of our players are about to be found out. (Robbie Keane one of them)

Anonymous said...




Harry Hotspur said...

Hahaha quality spurs fan - batre no malice then calls JJ a a c*nt!

id said...

H what's with the skint readers> 10.29? ;)

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of comments from a pedant.

HH: "His last game was Getafe. Which was a loss. His previous eight games actually include two Premiership defeats Arsenal & Newcastle."

We must only assume he is referring to the eight games since Arsenal. Which would indeed have been a run of eight games undefeated - "except for Newcastle". Still, no excuse for only picking up three points from a possible 12.

BMJ:"I loved Michael Brown, he was one of the biggest characters we had, but I knew if we get so much money from Fulham, okay."

Note he doesn't say Brown was one of the best players at the club. He simply says he was one of the biggest characters. A bit like Knobby Savage.

HH: "Add to that you were prepared to flog him for half a bag of chips and a slug of Tizer pretty much proves your quotes are worthless."

He says later in the article, he had no dealings with money, and had no idea how much players were being bought for, sold for or paid. I don't see how the board's money-grabbing tactics make BMJ's quotes worthless. If selling Brown meant he'd be able to buy someone else, then it makes sense in my opinion.

Anyway, all said and done, Jol said himself, the players will have moved on because they have had to. We must too.

HH: "Does his heart belong to Tottenham? Who knows and who cares?"

I care because if it didn't, I'd feel like I'd been cheated on for the past three years. But I don't think anybody is disputing where his allegiance is. From day one he's been Spurs through and through.

I will continue to hold Martin Jol in high regard and I hope the majority of Spurs fans will too. After all, regardless of his time as manager, he remains one of us: a Tottenham fan.

Ze Prince

Anonymous said...

So Jol had no concept of money or transfer fees?

Big fat Dutch con man.

Jol, you were great for a while, then you were exposed.

Just don't try and kid a kidder..

And Browm?
Was shit always will be. Another favourite.......

onedavemackay said...

Whatever anyone thinks BMJ was our best manager for a long time and he really seemed to care. We should all show respect cos that's what he gave to us and our club.

The slagging of this decent man is uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

HH you put all other jiz monkeys to shame

keith said...

good job none of u tossers are coming to games in the future [i hope]talk about backstabbing hopefully i wont see any of u in tel aviv piss of to the glory hunting cock suckers u people writing shit on web sites help get him the sack hope your fucking proud!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said OneDaveMackay. My sentiments exactly.

Ze Prince

Anonymous said...

Serious question from a spurs Supporter

HH, Do you class yourself a: A Spurs Supporter (carefull how you answer)? b: A Spurs fan (possibly)? c: Just a jerk who is out to discredit Spurs and rely on Spurs fans for hits on your site?

Hossam of the Hotspur said...

onedavemackay I agree with your first sentence, however he lost my respect when he stayed after the board were caught talking to Ramos.

If he had left then he would have gone with his dignity and self respect intact but by staying he allowed himself to be shat upon. Why he stayed I can't imagine, because he loved the club? Because he truly believed he could turn things around? Even if he had he knew that it would not necessarily save his job, he says in the interview that the system Tottenham has only works when the Sporting Director appoints the coach.

I think by staying he lost the respect of the players and may even have cost him his next job I hope not because he seems to be a nice guy, but that ain't enough to be a top manager.


Anonymous said...

HH is an uneducated dud!

Vinny said...

Hossam of Hotspur - spot on mate, and it's a shame the big man continues to harm his dignity and self-respect by carrying on saying things like "I would come back why not?...everything is possible"...eeerm, you big bloody softy just shut up...your time is up, you were good, but not quite good enough. On top of that the board were merciless in their quest to replace you which fair enough was a complete balls up in the way it was leaked underminding you and left you hanging with a rope around the neck and little chance of coming out of this alive.

But your continuous predictable sub-standard tactical decisions in the subsequent games showed no sign of you having what it takes to turn things around.

I will always be grateful for the good times you did give us and appreciate your love of Spurs.

Now move on, take the PSV job it's the best you'll get, pick your dignity and reputation up off the floor and prove us all wrong...and good luck to ya mate!!!

P.S. "Hossam of Hotspur"...are you the real Hossam Ghaly?...if so, everyone around here has been wondering where you are?

Anonymous said...

it has being the worse couple of weeks for me as a spurs supporter..

the BOD sack someone who has being a relative success for us (which in my opinion has being needled by the arsenal-connected french Sports director (anyone notice he was teh only person who didn't seem happy when the 4th goal went in vs Aston Villa?)

i seem to have lost all interest in spurs games so far since the sacking and the game vs M'boro was really boring (although mosts of the games this season seems to have being route one football)

not sure what is it but these false dawns based on new hopes of a new mgr are getting tiring..i honestly had more fun in the last 2 years supporting spurs (willing the team to turn ard last season right and having something to look forward to right till the last game) which was mare than I have gotten since the FA cup win in the 90s.

i'll be happy (for all) if ramos gets us even the top 6 this season, let alone top 4. but perversely,it may be better to see damien commolli go which would mean spurs have to...

IMHO, nvr in my memory has someone being acting less in the ineterst of spurs and more in his ego and pay package. for the love of the cockerel, pl get rid of the guy...

Anonymous said...

WTF Harry? Why so vicious? Maybe because you know that the real problem aka the board, are still with us. A lot of revisionist nonsense being said about Jol, mostly to extend the rose coloured glasses everything will be fine now denial. It won't, not as long as our current chairman and DOF are still calling the shots.

Tell me, Harry, do you believe ramos when he says he never met with the Tottenham board. Do you think a yes man, who is prepared to call himself a liar in order to collect his "dizzying" pay packet, is what Spurs need?

hossam of the hotspur said...


Yes I am.

I thought everyone knew......... I'm buried under the training ground.


Harry Hotspur said...

For me, and thousands more, this article put Jol into a new category of ex employee.

David Brent.

"David, you don't work here anymore, you can't just turn up".

There are clearly some damaged souls out there.

Is this the first manager you've lost dear?

Need a hanky?

I refuse to apologise for... Accurately quoting him.

This guy worked wonders for Spurs.

Then the car stalled.

Is Levy a bum? Is Ramos a liar?

What I can tell you for sure is eggs is eggs and had Jol been allowed to continue we would be visiting a lot of new grounds next season.And we are still all hands to the pump trying to save this ship.

But the bleedin hearts and artists don't wanna dwell on that.

Another round of 'I love Martin Jol' anyone?

Clinging on and on to conspiracy theories as if they are somehow relevant to our league position is laughable.

You clowns don't understand anthing more complicated than another burst of 'he's got no hair and we don't care...'

Do you? Admit it. Because I get no pleasure in mocking genuinely stupid people.

The chairman, who some of you wannabe liberals regard as the Wicked Witch Of The West, identified before a ball was kicked this season that Jol's abilities had peaked.

Did the board behave like rotters towards Jol?


And here's the rub.

Here's where hopefully many of you either grasp the nettle or get off the HH bus.

I don't care.

Now you will whine like the hurt little kittens you are.

You think like Levy Harry, you think money's the answer...

And you are right.

This club must survive/flourish before any one individual.

So what if Levy wants to flog us to an M16 manufacturer in South East Asia next week. I want CL footy in my lifetime.

Newsflash: money and success are not mutually exclusive.

The sooner you stop dining out on the two 5th spot finishes and what a nice guy he is routine the better.

Back in the real world, where thank the merciful lord Chris Hughton isn't coming round for drinks later, we're still fighting fires.

Who's side are you on?

I'm on Tottenham's.

Anonymous said...

Quite good to see the Prince not letting Harry get away with lazy writing.

Are you not that familiar with the 'blog' concept then?

Short, sweet and absolutely right. There's no place for you here.

Anonymous said...

Um........ I think Harry's upset.

Harry Hotspur said...


Just for the record, you cannot possibly shame me with refrence to hits.

I'm Harry Adspur.

Now are you buying or looking?

jolsgonemental said...

This thread is going to get the angry mob out in force.

I long ago came to the conclusion that being a Jol fan and a Spurs fan was mutually exclusive.

Surely he can afford a season ticket now though? So all's worked out for the best.

Anonymous said...

I heard Jol is investing his 4 mil payoff in the new ground.

Anonymous said...

F**k'em, lol...

bueller said...

I enjoyed the last two seasons for the simple reason that I got to see us win more games than usual. That's the be all and end all for me, watching Spurs win. So for that I have fond memories of Jol.

Jol was like a friendly old uncle and did a decent job.

I just can't really understand why you seem to dislike him so much HH? I don't think he was really ever dishonest and never had anything but love for the club.

Still, bored of talking about him now.

Anonymous said...

you said it.

Harry Hotspur said...

I don't hate Jol, rather am amazed with this whole
I couldda been a contender rubbish..

Happy to think of him as a man who took us back into Europe, but not interested in all this I'll be back one day on the shoulders of giants nonsense.

As Vinny says, thanks a mill now get stuck into your next job.

bueller said...

Fair do's, he's part of our history, not our future. It is odd he said he'll be back. No you won't.

Now, let's plot the demise of our central midfield.

I personally don't think we have anyone good enough in there. Does anyone? Thankfully Jenas has only signed a 30 year contract.

Names for replacements?

GRAZZA said...

Its like Princess Di, "Let it go" its "for the best" he's gone, we've paid our dues, said our bit, bid him farewell, it's done now.

100% mad,crazy love and respect for our new man JR, actually theres an easy headline waiting in the wings for Ramos departure. (hopefully not for a very,very long time)

Vinny said...

Lads...get your shovels out...there's more pressing business around ere...

Hossam Ghaly's only buried under the training ground!

I knew I buried the wrong bloke when someone threw a burger at me.

Watch this clip and see what happened!

P.S. Mind you, seeing as it's only Hossam Ghaly, I'll have to have a long thing about digging him back up again...;0)

Vinny said...

oops *long think*

Anonymous said...

'Berbatov: Gifted, unwilling to fight and reluctant to do anything' - Jol to Daily Mail

That is: not a leader, not a warrior: a spoilt brat.

That is: a sissy!!!
Why did Jol buy a bloody primadonna?
No wonder he called him ballerina!

It's all very gayish for my taste.

GRAZZA said...

My bird swears Berba is gay

Anonymous said...


that's why he wants Petrov close to him, my bird says

but not to worry, lads

told ya before: he's going anywhere.
he will stay there and rot
(he's a bit rotten already)

yours truly


GRAZZA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GRAZZA said...


Who will the curse pass to when Berba finally moves on? Stalts? i hope not i couldnt take that.

Will you and your bird make little Nemesis's/Nemesi (dont know the plural of Nemesis) that will haunt THFC forever? i hope not, im worried.

bueller said...


Your lady knows who Martin Petrov is? She sound like she knows a bit too much about football to me. Must be rotten.

Anonymous said...

Nemesis - now you know the therapist told you to stop calling your mum "my bird". It's disrespectful.
Grazza - the plural form of Nemesis = "onanists"

Anonymous said...

Oi Hazza, got an article ready for the Huddlestone situation?
Put in with the ressies to lose a bit of weight.....

GRAZZA said...

7:06 - Cheers i was close!

Anonymous said...

reference Brown. He never said he was a great player. Just a character in the dressing room that was popular.


EL said...

A therapist once told me that the amount of space a person leaves between sentences in a blog post is directly proportional to their sence of self importance.

Or was it impotence?

EL said...

Ok, who knows how to spell 'sense'?

bueller said...

New Article! New Article! New Article!

GRAZZA said...

I vote Harry invites nemesis to write a guest article on:

A) Berba
B) his bird

Anonymous said...

Dimitar Berbatov wants to quit Spurs, the Bulgarian striker's dad insisted today.

Berbtov's agent held crisis talks with Spurs earlier this week over his player's future.

It is believed Berbatov agreed to stay at White Hart Lane until the summer.

But his father Ivan told Bulgarian television Berbatov wants to leave Spurs, the Daily Mirror reported today.

'My son doesn't feel happy at Tottenham any more. He wants to leave.

A source close to the player also said: 'Dimitar is telling everybody that he doesn;t want to stay and would like to leave in January.

'He feels he made a mistake in the summer by not asking the club to sell him to Manchester United when they were interested.'

Anonymous said...


told ya


Anonymous said...


Summerspur said...

is it purely by chance or some cruel twist of fate that nemesis rhymes with penis and feces... well sort of

Anonymous said...

U lot are boring. Wrighty7

Summerspur said...

well fuck of then numb nuts and go bore your boyfriend

onedavemackay said...

Love the way that every other time wrighty7 appears he tells us that WE are boring.

Harry Hotspur said...

Wrighty7 you big lonely girl's blouse.

Gay off.

EL said...

Oh wrighty7,

you dear sweet thing, you're so above it all. We can but look upon your blinding superiority through squinty eyes.

I give thanks that you deign to give us these short interludes of greatness at all. We are beholden to you.

With deepest gratitude.