Tuesday, November 20, 2007

International Breaks Are Rubbish

Little to cheer about

Life without a Tottenham game or two is frankly depressing.

No real news and a brief cycle of transfer rumours which bloom and die curiously enough exactly within the span of the break. In a nutshell, 'Ramos To Sign At Least Six Strikers' followed four days later by 'Ramos Lacks Six Appeal', as the players named deny any contact or indeed content.

The England manager is reportedly in a dilemma over Robinson's Sammy The Sea Lion impressions in training. Surley even a man with half a brain and a bag over his head - no not you, Steve Staunton, given the severity of the situation just picks the goalie with the best form that is .... English. So it's Robert Green or Calamity James.
Just get on with it McClaren.

And just on England, am I the the only one who sees Crouch as a qulaity player? More than a few 'pundits' out there need to come clean and admit they genuinely have a problem with his physical appearance. Just like the retards chanting 'freeeeak' in the Luther Blisset stand last Saturday morning. The same dysfunctional breed of tosspot that boos Lampard as he runs out in the shirt. We's all goin' to hell in a handcart.
So then, Rocha is on his way back ~ cannot wait. On a more upbeat note...with any luck The Boy Bale will be fit for Wet Ham.


Anonymous said...

Harry, where did you hear the Robinson sea lion nonsense, or is it? Im not sure either if youre being sarcy re Rocha, cant keep giving the guy a hard time over the Arse 'ground level header' that cost us the game, eventually...Re Crouch, he's quality of course, but hes not quick, and to play as a lone striker, surely speed is of the essence? Florida Pete.

Anonymous said...

I get so bored in these international breaks and end up talking about the same spur related shite for two weeks as there's nothing new to talk about! As for Crouch I'm not with you on that one. He is a great impact player but way to weak and slow to play up top by himself as past performances have proved. Bent is the only man who I've seen play the lone striker well, and that's all down to his pace and good runs.

Harry Hotspur said...

Sammy Story:

Rocha: I would be a toerag to keep harping on about one incident. True. Unfortunately he just isn't good enough AND HERE'S THE TOUGH BIT if he had joined at a time when we were playing well, NOT in the relegation zone etc etc we might be able to offer him time to 'gel' and grow.

As it is a injury or two leaves us with a back four that is a disaster.

Crouch isn't quick? Now I've heard it all. I don't think he's Pele. but give the guy a break...

Anonymous said...

Crouch is no slouch...Well maybe not mate, but hes not agile enough to go round players in the same way as say Defoe or Owen... He flatters to deceive, only in as far as his touch and eye for goal are superb, whereas his acceleration from stationary is not, theres just too much of him to get going...Watch him on Wed...FP.

dvd said...

I think you're about right on Crouch h, he's to this too that... rarely hear him being accused of being one of our best goalscorers.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone actually tell me WHY Lampard gets booed?

He might be a bit of a prick, but he's a long way from being our worst player.

onedavemackay said...

H. Spot on re Crouch, creates, scores makes a nuisance of himself ridiculously underrated. There is no problem with Lampard he is a good player, always grafts and scores a lot of goals. The problem is the pillocks who try and play him and Gerrard in the same team. IT DOES NOT WORK.

Another pleasant selection of female wallpaper by the way.

dannyboy said...

I think you have have a post to invite suggestions for the next post, if you see what I mean? Originality welcomed. i.e. my suggestion for a topic to discuss would be, erm, oh balls, erm, how about, erm, yeah, that's it, erm, hang on a minute, right, erm, ok, if you could have 1 player from the past, of any era, in the current team, who would it be and why??

Blimey, that took some thinking about!


Harry Hotspur said...

I miss Hoddle's passing!


Anonymous said...

i get really down when there is no tottingham playing and england are on. I cant even be bothered to highlight Mcclarens failings as a manager or why Jenas maybe is better than jolsgonemental thinks.
About crouch though - we let him go in the first place because - and i quote the clipboard weilding noughts and crosses and/or hangman champion here "we didnt know what to do with him" nothing new there then...... Hughton for england manager anybody?
ta - adam

Anonymous said...

harry, you might miss hoddles passing but at the minute i miss the ginger peles positional play whilst in his preffered role as defender and the marauding runs of raul fox and the way that andy reid culd skip past a player like he wasnt there.......

oh, and gary mabbut was my hero growing up -

ta - adam

Anonymous said...

i wasnt being sarcy about garry by the way - just everything else.
ta - adam

Anonymous said...

I think Bent should start alongside Defoe 2moro. With Crouch ready to help on the bench. Also Gerrard must play with Barry or Owen. also does anyone think Carrick will be forced out at UTD

Anonymous said...

I would take Ginola on the left and have we ever had a holding midfielder

bueller said...

I think Lampard get's booed because he's a bit of a nobber, takes himself far too seriously and is extremely selfish within 60 yards of the penalty area. It just starts to get on people's nerves after a while.

Crouch is a good player and seems like a thoroughly good bloke. Three cheers for Crouchy.

Adam, Mabbsy was my hero growing up too. What a partnership with Richard Gough! Best in the league at the time for my money.

jolsgonemental said...

Lampard gets booed because he is a useless fat cunt. cant stand him.

As for Jenas, cant recall i've ever been particular vociferous about his abilities either way.

if pushed i would say i think he is ..alright sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm in the minority (well, there's no maybe about that) but I wouldn't mind if England missed out. Yes the summer would be awful but surely the game, from grass-roots level needs a major overhaul. A jolt to the system of the current egotistical squad might spur us on to better things. Then again we might regress and become Scotland (sorry).

I don't mind Crouch but I tend to agree he's more effective coming on with twenty minutes to go to cause problems. My actual dislike of him in the team is nothing to do with the player, who gives his all, which not everyone in the current set-up can say, but the long-ball tactics we employ simply because he's tall.

On the ground, to feet, he's awesome. Pinging balls from the back to Crouch is pointless because he's actually quite rubbish in the air and can't seem to stop climbing on-top of defenders! For a team that is full of so many World class players, why do we play more like Bolton as opposed to a Manchester United?

jimi jazz said...

brings up an interesting question. if the national side was playing in the prem where would they be in the table?

bueller said...

Depends Jimi,

If we were allowed to call on our players within the England squad then they (England) would probably finish just above us but if our players played for England then just below us.

Anonymous said...

To answer Jimi's question: I'd say similar to Spurs. They struggle against the elite sides, often putting in a good performance but nine out of ten times coming up short. They can dispatch of the weakest sides with ease but are for the most part inconsistant. A decent cup run thrown in but usually bowing out around the quarters or semis. Everytime they string a decent run together there's a new sense of belief which generally fades into yet another false dawn. ;)

Wrighty7 said...

I think Spurs and England are alike in many ways. Always look like they may be the verge of doing something good and then failing BAD!! England and Spurs always flatter to deceive and the times show that this is'nt likely to change for a while.

Wrighty7 said...

Spurs are jank

Harry Hotspur said...

wrighty7 what arse forums are you a member of?

dannyboy said...

wrighty7 is probably banned from every single arsecum forum (both of them) which is why he spends so much frigging time on here. I reckon him and nemesis should start their own one; that way they can drool to each other all day long, uninterrupted.

tonights game - defoe to come on and score a last minute winner or carson to let in 3 through his legs and have a howler ???

onedavemackay said...

Dannyboy you are psychic what a great call about Carson !

Apart from Crouch and Cole, nobody seemed to want to fight to the death for England, can anyone tell me the game where three strikers are thrown together at the end and England (or Tottenham) win ?

dannyboy said...

pyschic? me? nah, just wanted him to play shit so i can rant about robbo being dropped ;-)
disgraceful tactics by mclaren. inexperienced keeper making his debut, flampard and gerrard CAN NOT PLAY TOGETHER, 1 up front, not taking bridge off, not starting 442 which every english player wants to play; the list goes on. he deserves sacking now or do the decent thing and resign. utter disgrace that with the squad of players he has, we lose 25% of our qualifying games - think about it. to watch him sheltering under a fucking umbrella showing no emotion when 2-0 down, when bilic was getting soaked and involved in the game as if he was playing, is nothing short of disgraceful. the sooner we have a passionate englishman, with the bollocks to drop the FA's favourite players and pick the form players, the bloody better. there. embarrassed to be an england supporter.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to be an England fan. We did not deserve to qualify and I hope the one good thing to come out of this is a bloody good clean out and shake up of the whole FA /England set up because its an embarassment.

Our ego centric up their own arse so called superstars are not fit to clean the boots of the Crotia players. Crotia had little to play for and England everything yet the Croatian players had more ability and technical skill on the ball, played with more passion and committment and showed England up for what they are a bunch of overated underachievers who cant string two or three passes together together. What an absolute shambles. Mclaren was part of the Sven management team that so spectacularly failed in the last world cup and we should never have appointed him in the first place.The problem however lies deep in the roots of our game and is the price we are paying for the Premiership being overun by foreign players.The bitter truth is our players are very mediocre on the whole and their club performances are better because they have mainly foriegn players around them. Put them all together in and England team and they are then very pedistrian and lacking in flair and skill...... we are reaping what we have sowed..

EL said...

With regards to the engerland performance, or lack of it; I've always (mostly) blamed the FA for their relentless bad manager choices so I'm anticipating them either keeping macduff or picking another yes-man tailors dummy.

macduff had about 6 months or so to drop Robbo while he was in awful form but chose to bring in a 22 year old on a wet, high pressure night just as Fat Roy Rob was begining to steady himself and even keep some clean sheets at Spurs.

Shambles but I'm no big fan of international footy so....


Lets show the west ham pikeys we're back in business and that our recent results are not just due to the low grade opposition.

Please god!

Anonymous said...

Who appointed them? I love the way the FA distances itself from any failure. McClaren was a ridiculous choice from the start.

The reality is that the players and the team are not as good as they think they are, it's not simply managerial incompetence. The media and fans are delusional about the actual ability of England. As for playing Gerrard and Lampard together this was yet another example, as if one were needed, of how poor that pairing can be. It's Lampard who should be sacrificed. I'd like to see Hargreaves and Gerrard as the preferred central pairing.

Quite how Lampard got the MoM is beyond me. Apart from converting a dodgy penalty what precisely was contribution? It should have been Modric, but, as ever, being English seems to elevate your performance and ability beyond reality.

England got exactly what their performance and attitude deserved. Still, I'm sure that once the players made it home in their Bentleys they eased their disappointment by looking at their bank balances. Playing for the shirt? What a joke................
Pete the Yido!

Anonymous said...

There's always the next world cup.

In the meantime Harry I'll take the brunette dead-center and the blonde front row third from the right.


I'll pay the cab when they get here.

Anonymous said...

England should have played Robbo!!!!

Carson made the worst competitive debut in 135-year history of the England team!!!

Robbo was on the way back under Ramos.

McClaren was the worst manager in England history!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't help but think that against Croatia, England got just exactly what they deserved. So, in a spirit of positive thinking, here's ten reasons why I'm ecstatic that England won't be at Euro 2008:

1. We won't have to wait till the inevitable quarter-final exit from the tournament in the summer for a new manager to replace the recently departed, useless, ginger incumbent. We can get it sorted now, and the new man can have some meaningless friendlies to get the team to gel out of sight of the media while no-one can bear to look at them.

2. We can watch, and enjoy the tournament in the summer.

3. If, say, Spain are playing Italy, and it's been a great game, and it's 2-2 at half time, the TV people will be obliged to comment on the game actually taking place in front of them, and entertain us with their considered opinions on the match. Not go to a pre-filmed ten minute interview with an England player, and discuss what this 2-2 result might mean in the context of our next game in a different group against Belgium.

4. Ian Wright can just f*ck off for the next two years at least.

5. We don't have to embarrass ourselves with all those stupid little flags on our cars (which, by the way, increase drag on your vehicles making them more expensive to drive and cause more pollution) and succumb to some form of mass hysteria and extreme hyperbole for the six months leading up to the tournament. We also don't have to be made to feel like losers unless we've gone 'over there' and helped lay siege to whichever unfortunate town we happen to be playing in this week.

6. Women don't have to pretend to be interested and spend the whole month pissing all the men off by asking questions like "Have they won yet?".

7. Those fat gluttons in charge at the FA might finally realise that no-one cares how much money the web development team at Nestle is willing to pay for their Club Wembley box, and not one single member of the public will ever congratulate them for increasing their corporate turnover. All we want is a team which is run like a professional outfit and plays - and competes - as such.

8. We don't have to watch the tabloid media and every single witless little celebrity comic make front-page news out of how much money the retarded examples of human vermin who pass for the "Wives and Girlfriends" of the England team can blow on useless designer junk using the money of the footballer they happen to be shagging while making prats of themselves in naff wine bars. Yes girls, we know you won't feel complete till you've got your presenting job on the latest reality TV show on late night satellite telly, but you know what? You just look like like worthless, stupid, parasitic sluts and you give British people - specifically, British women - a bad name. And you distract the players from the job in hand. This is a football tournament. It's nothing to do with you. Go home.

9. If Wayne Rooney breaks his foot, catches cold, or gets out of his car at a funny angle over the next six months, it doesn't necessarily have to be front page news.

10. Someone at the FA might just realise that it's more important to have an effective team than to have your most famous players in the side and hope they do the business. I don't care if fat Frank Lampard's face does net them £500,000 when it's on the side of a Carlsberg multipack in Sainsbury's - he's not an effective member of England's midfield and hasn't been for years now - so regardless of how good he is for branding purposes, he shouldn't be in the side. Simple but true.........Pete the Yid