Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tottenham vs Blackpool: Mystic Harry's Predictions

My Indian Spirit Guide, Dave has been on and the word is:
  • Tottenham win tonight. 1-0.
  • Hossam Ghaly is working at Traveller's Fare, Colchester North Station.
  • Chris Hughton is opening up a Creche for SAS dependents.
  • Tonight's game isn't being televised by anyone anywhere :(
Anyway all that rubbish to one side, every ball of tonight's game will be devoured by Spurs fans looking for a sign that we've turned a corner. Speaking of corners anyone noticed how ours have improved since Jenas hasn't been taking them?
I shall have my eye on the positional play of Chimbanda and Kaboul.
Here's some first goalscorer prices.

Dimitar Berbatov

Darren Bent

Jermain Defoe

Robbie Keane

Aaron Lennon

Steed Malbranque

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Adel Taarabt

Jermaine Jenas


EL said...

If you don't already know; all our matches are live on BBC London radio. 94.9FM

Anonymous said...

I never seem to get a good picture on that channel.... ;)

5-0 easy peasy.

Anonymous said...

This Boateng chap is bound to get plenty of action under Ramos. Why? Altogether now: "Juande my Prince will come"!

Anonymous said...

Will have to settfle for the highlights later tonight but, I must admit, I am very excited to see the first day of the new regime. COYS

Anonymous said...

Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't we sign the prince after Sevilla lost interest! They bought Keita instead-perhaps Ramos see's something in him (like comolli) even if Jol did not!

Anonymous said...

From what i remember, they wouldnt pay the money we would.

Still they showed interest so they must have scouting reports on him.

He'll get more playing time under Ramos.

Anonymous said...

does no one think that smacks of jol taking over from santini he wouldn't play carrick jol came in and started playing him jol wouldn't play prince how would it be if ramos started playing him

Anonymous said...

Prince as good as Carrick?
Stop, you'll make me do a sex wee.

GEORGE said...

apparently KPB is not the real deal according to the times and guardian. As Ramos likes mobile/fit/technical players I draw the conclusion that Bale Jenas Steed Lennon will be the midfield. Fuck the holding player ramos justs tells all players to track back and then bomb forward. The Hud Zakora Temmu will be out the door. How is the re sale for those boys, Im not too sure but I would expect a couple of million. Zakora is the one who we will struggle to off load, the lad was signed for huge money, and has a long and expensive wages. I wonder if west ham would like Bent for the 18 million they offered charlton in the summer. to think alves was available for 20m and we get Bent

GRAZZA said...


for the first time in a while im excited about going tonight, and its only Blackpool.....must be a good sign!!

In a Barry Manilow/Spurs tradition......"Oh Juande, you came and you gave us Gus Poyet, the king of the lane, oh Juande..."

GRAZZA said...


Good day to you sir.

Not sure of the technical merits of Jenas or Lennon, Jenas loves a poor pass and Lennon is very much "Crash, Bang, Wallop".

And didnt he use that Polsen (Not Polsten!) chap as a holding mid?

I would love to think that West Ham would be silly enough to buy Bent though lol surely not even they are that stupid!

Vive le revolution.

Anonymous said...

For live coverage, try on-line at

It's on their list of broadcasts for tonight and its freeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

it would be a shame only to win by 1-0 against Blackpool, no offence
but if we are in a decent condition we should hammer blackpool. We'll be watching what Ramos does, and it'll be interesting how he plays our defence. Blackpool shouldnt b a challenge but it is the start of the reign for Ramos, if we dont finish Blackpool in style, then id be worried

jolsgonemental said...

I have just read the Poyet interview.

He is talking about defensive lines and where to hold them on the pitch when holding onto a lead.

defensive lines. holding them. fucking hell, that takes me back....not seen one of them for a while. Are they still even employed in modern football?

fitness work as well, training for more than a couple of hours in the morning, even if it is not sunny!

Next thing you know is they will be working on those 'set piece' thingys and how they work.

Are they crazy folk we have employed? Whats with all this mental talk?

Harry Hotspur said...


I'll double check with Dave, but he seemed pretty certain.

Also, have you lost an elderly relative to illness in the last 15 years? Dave is telling me she has grey hair and and misses Crossroads.

jolsgonemental said...

4-1 Spurs.

Robbo to save some shots.

GRAZZA said...

So then Harold, have you reached for your considerably large wallet to attend the game this evening? to welcome Juande the wonder to the lane? to indulge in drunken "Oh Juande you came and you gave us Gus Poyet" shanties?

All for 20 GBP + Assorted Beer Tokens, go on i'll buy you a half.

Harry Hotspur said...

Alas I have a prior engagement at a nursing home this evening. Turning the talking book cassettes over.

Mr Jenkins is 82 and as a lifelong arsenal fan me playing him The Glory Game back to back for 6 hours on a Wednesday night is the only chance I get to reliably torture a gooner each week.

Anonymous said...

anyone know how to listen to the game in the States? Only UK listening on BBC!!

I should move back home.....

GRAZZA said...

fair enough make sure you put terrapins in his bed pan...

Anonymous said...

anon, I also in the US, and just checked 5 live, and footy doctor, Im gonna try the as recommended above, looks a bit complicated, give it a bash also, let me know whats happening...Where you at?

Anonymous said...

anon 506 I'm in Charlotte NC.

I am trying the link above too but its all in Chinese wehn trying to select a channel.

Let me know what you find too please. Especially if you get the game.


Anonymous said...

Anon, try it now, its listing the game under the weekdays link...I tried to highlight one of yesterdays games and it couldnt open the page however...Im in Tampa Fl btw...

Anonymous said...

Wow the Americans are in!
Go Rockets. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm from dagenham!! Still love the SPurs 100 of miles away!!

Anonymous said... won...

Anonymous said...

Oh look, a gooner posting, must be the cleaner.
Turn the lights off on your way out love.
Big kiss.

Anonymous said...


Ramos' first game a win. A few hairy moments, though. Blackpool went close but, for once, luck was with us.

Robbo not bad. Made a great save. Slipped up on the pitch from a goal-kick, fell on bum clownishly, nearly kicking ball out to opponent. From that error ball went down other end and we nearly scored. Nice to hear crowd singing 'England's Number One' occasionally. Not quite sure of that yet.

Lee good in first half. Faded a bit in second. Like him, though. He always works hard.

Chimbo scored. Hurrah.

Dawson poor. Looked lost. Slow. Got turned easily once and gave a foul away close to goal. Bad Dawson.

Kaboul subbed in second half. No major contributions.

Zokora lost. Don't know where he goes from here. He's still better than Carrick, though (at Scrabble, maybe. Or Snakes and Ladders - certainly not football.).

Steed. Did ok. Worked hard. Made openings. Deserved pat on back.

Lennon excellent. Genuinely exciting. Great thrill evry time he got the ball. Pace outstanding. Ramos will have been heartened. Shame he's not proficient with his left foot.

Jenas. Curate's egg. Same old.

Keane. Involved. Worked hard. Scored. Nearly scored again.

Berbatov. Had his moments. Lovely touches. Still looks a bit bored. Doesn't harry opposition when ball being carried into Spurs half. Ramos will surely want to hang onto him if temperament improves. He's good now, and I hope he hangs around long enough for us to see the greatness he can become.

Tainio (on for Kaboul). Workhorse. No great shakes. Looked lost.

Defoe (on for Keane). Exciting moments. Crowd made him welcome when he came on. Lacked link-up vision. Can be annoying.

Bent (on for Berbatov). Missed sitter against Arse. Nuff said.

Came away from game feeling more angry than ever. It all seems so right now, replacing Jol. At times we were awful. Too many touches to control the ball. Passes were too long (players too far apart) - hence, it was obvious to the opposition what was coming. Movement not fast enough. Excessive passing sideways or backwards. Thus, ball regularly worked its way back to Robbo, who hoofed it upfield. Never see the point of that. Why not Jenas or Zokora just hoof it from midfield instead? It's the same difference, and at least closer to the opposition goal. May get lucky. Either way, it means we've run out of ideas. Boo!

As distance grows between the previous coaching tenure and the new, it's becoming clearer how awful we'd become. At times Blackpool passed the ball around better than we did. We still look frail in defence, lack a midfield leader, want confidence on the ball.

Whatever the board did or didn't do, maybe they have a keener sense of the team's footballing health than many have given them credit for. Spurs were stagnating under Jol. Things can only get better.

And we won. COYS!

Anonymous said...

9.37 Anon
(Sorry - forgot my moniker)

daytripper said...

11.58, thanks for the update on the game - sounds like a repeat of our attack from every game this season.

I went online to SpursTV and for the 3rd damn game in a row, the audio feed did not work.

My best bud is a Liverpool fan, and for the same 40 quid he gets every non-EPL game live audio AND video online, EVERY game's video feed is available online by midnight, and he says it always works. Since the start of the season, we've only had 2 games with live video, never any replays, and highlights rarely work.

It really sucks to be a Spurs fan living outside of London.

Anonymous said...

Dont concern yourself buddy, it aint that much better being a spurs fan in london at the mo...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone got a good word to say about Spurs TV? No.Bad product.and they could up the money if I was any good at all.depressing.

sydney wale said...

Hey American chaps! As the first post says, all spurs matches available on BBC LONDON 94.9FM on the web. There is a nifty BBC radio widget which is pretty reliable. Maybe Mac only.

Ramos 100% managerial record. Well Done! Muy bien!

Anonymous said...

berba's heart ans soul are not there

they're mine and I'm keeping them



GRAZZA said...

LOL Nemesis, how did you appear on here i cant remember?