Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Juande Ramos At Large: Tottenham Hotspur Training Session IN FULL

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Anonymous said...

Harry whenever I come to your site I always end up with a semi

Anonymous said...

I have seen a few comments about Ghaly being given another chance, but where is he? I have never seen his name in any of the reserve squads, and even with the use of my hubble telescope, I cannot see him in the new training pictures. Harold - can you confirm if he is still alive?

dadums said...

does it really matter about scumbag ghaly.Do these pictures mean that we might play for the whole 90 minutes for a change.

Anonymous said...

Ghaly Is not the sort of player Spurs need!

lets face it he does not have any class!


Harry Hotspur said...

7.45 My pleasure is your leisure...

7.51 He's round my brother's putting up some shelves. Easy now, 7.45.

8.03 The new decree is full throttle for 95 and not just for 90!

8.46 He's a rag and bone man's dog, true. I just want some ooomph out of someone on the payroll!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Ghaly here. What have you done with my son?

Anonymous said...

haha - the players are bloody knackered!

Go on Ramos my son, make 'em earn their wages!

Even though it's only Blackpool, I can't wait for tomorrow =D

You coming, Mr Hotspur?


Anonymous said...

Where is Ghaly?

Does he have a future with us?

Ramos said that all have a chance.

That includes Ghaly.

So where is he????

Anonymous said...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho
To the Cham-pions League we go
With Ramos at the helm
All seems well
Hi Ho, Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho...!

...one for the future then.


Anonymous said...

Has someone murdered Ghaly?

Anonymous said...

If Ramos can make Ghaly into a good player then he is truly the Messiah - hallelujah!

dannyboy said...

Looks like everyone will get a fair crack of the whip - even Routledge was being observed by Ramos!!
Funny how we always seem to appoint new managers with them wearing poppies - just an observation.
Where's jolsgonemental got to these days? Was he at the Southend game with Jol and the Brookfield Farm boy???
Show yourself son - what's the name? Ramoshasn'tgonemental(yet)?

Renewed optimism abounds. I don't fancy being Blackpool tomorrow, ouch.


Harry Hotspur said...

Am I coming?

Wilson are you in the corrupt employ of 7.45? Lol? How very dare you.

Harry Hotspur said...

My view is we'll do Blackpool. What a threat to the bookies I am!


Lennon and get this.... The Prince! Berba to assist both.

2-1 to the Tottingmen.

Wish I was sloshed, but I think I'm actually on a a temporary high off this new drug called


sydney wale said...

Vamos Ramos!
Oi Poyet!
Sort it out amigos!

Hossam of the Hotspur said...

Double training?????


Where am I???????

Anonymous said...

Buried under the pitch!!!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the portrait of the kidnapper release by the McCanns and...oh dear...it's Juan el burlador de Sevilla. Check it out. He's got Maddie! a bad sign by any standard!

or, is that one about the dead walking the streets of Sevilla and the Spanish Train with the Devil inside?

no can do, it's all full of bad omens

Anonymous said...

Although Ghaly acted like a twat, I am concerned as to why he has disappeared off the face of the earth. Even the Sun and Daily Mirror, who love a good missing person story, don't seem to care.

daytripper said...

Looking around the news today, there's all these stories about Spurs lack of fitness as our main problem.

If Juande has indeed watched "all" the games and believes fitness is the main reason for our poor start, than he is a complete moron and we are screwed.

We have pushed every team in the EPL around this season going forward, which you can not do if you're not fit! Besides Arsenal, can anybody name a game that we did not out-possession our opponents?

Dawson, Chimbonda and Robbo's mental lapses have cost us just about every game this season - even Jol knew that, he just had no clue how to fix it.

I can understand wanting to do 2-a-days to impart your philosophies on your new team and because you really want to see everybody's strengths and weaknesses in all techniques so you can design the best tactical alignment for your club, but I absolutely do not believe for a second it has anything to do with team fitness.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a bus banger like Ghaly when we got Taarabt, Bale, Lennon, Huddlestone! Lets pray to Allah that he's gone for good!!!!!!

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Looking at thiose photographs it looks as if we have fired Pictionary and hired Dictionary.

Don't agree about Ghaly. There is a good player in there somewhere, which on current form is more than you can say about Zokora and Jenas.

Harry Hotspur said...

The Breakfast Show with Daytripper!

.. And we all know it's the most important meal of the day....

I agree in part. My prayer in relation to this fitness gig is that he's taking a broad swipe at the previous regime.

I remember one or two coaches over the years (all
Brits) who felt 127 laps of the pitch was a normal way to 'warm up'.


I hope that JR is actually attempting to get the blood flowing not just to the feet but the head.

I don't think we conceeded all those late goals because we ran out of puff, rather something collectively within the squad kind of said, 'that's it, we've been after a winning goal for the last 25 minutes, there it is. How's your mum, Micky? Fancy the dogs on Wednesday Aaron?'

Concentration was abandoned and here come plucky Sunderland/insert name
with the winner/equaliser.

I think you've hit the nail on the head in relation to the training being doubled also in order he can get to know them.

And I don't mean get an understanding of Keane's favourite houseplants.

JR has to make a discernable differnce to every game from game one.

He must know that poor Jolly spent the last ice age giving post match interviews consisting largely of, "we know what has to be done, no one likes losing/drawing at home in the 94th minute. I said to the missus..."

He must know that that guff has gone and we're all looking for this team (that is as I've said before)look quite sexy on paper to look as tasty on the pitch.

Anonymous said...

I think that pic 10 shows that Ramos and Poyet may have found the severed head of Mr Ghaly in the ball bag. Comments have been made that Mr Jol did look like a mafia type!!

Anonymous said...

Just as a little sidenote, i saw Keano yesterday and he said that Ramos is a brilliant coach and speaks better english than most of the players. Haha.

Anonymous said...

yeah Daytripper you must be right about our fitness level because having watched Spurs in the "epl" (lol) we look super fit. for instance that Huddlestone looks like he could run a marathon at super speeds and Zokora when hes finished a game you could just hang his shirt back up because he only sweats about 6 pints!!

BOF said...

I don't think our team is complete yet. We need Mr T in as motivational coach. I'm thinking omething along the lines of the Snickers advert.

So next time any player feels like bottling out of a challenge/block/tackle/header he will have Mr T's words "Get some nuts!" ringing in his ears, prior to meeting his good friend Pain.

Anonymous said...

I have just been searching spurs site to try and work out what happened to Ghaly? the last mention of him was a few months back saying his deal to birmingham is off.


Apart from this there has been no mention. He has not been mentioned on the team sheets or anything, not even in the reserves.. Where is Hossam Ghaly, I think this could become a bit of a mistery? Also strange thing is that he was one of the players Jol choose to bring to spurs, He knew him from his time in Holland? .. Just all seems little strange, Can anyone help solve the big Hossam Ghaly mistery??????

Anonymous said...

Don't get too worked up guys. We'll be lucky to make 8th this season. If he can organise the defence it'll be a start but remember we need 2 points a game from now on to get 59 points which might get us 6th.

Anonymous said...

HH whered that bad mouthing of jol come from??