Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur THE PLAYER RATINGS

No bungles and no defense.

Winger? Defender? Sick of repeating myself.


Had it all to do. More like him please.

LEE 5.7
Grafted. One of the few.

Invisible in the midfield ping pong.

Dreadful. Contributed what??

The boos should have come from the away end.

Remind me. Is he left or right footed? And would YOU have started with him too??

BALE +27
Magnificent until he was smashed out of it. Looked premeditated to me.

Tried, but to little avail.

Yes he scored. But under hit passes are beginnning to grate.

BENT 4.9
Out of form. Should have been subbed sooner.

Trouble at mill with this lad. The line was held better the moment he came on.


Tom The Yid said...

What a joke-Getafe are resting players against us because they've got an important league match at the weekend and they're not that bothered about UEFA apparently. I think it was ok not to start Berbatov as he was touch and go for the game after an international knock, which is exactly why we have Bent, so we can play without him and its not a big deal.

Why Bring Lennon on so late?? I don't give a fuck about UEFA, especially if it's going to be a 'distraction' for Jol. We've got to worry that he's going to get worse (though how much worse can it get) especially once the FA cup starts up as 4th is beyond hope prettymuch, he'll try and get silverware.

Jol came out before the Newcastle game and said "you can't put Newcastle in the same league as us" "we're in the last 16 of the league cup" and we're in the group stages of the UEFA" so effectively he's bragging about a home win against Boro and a win over dire Cypriot opposition. Newcastle aren't in the same league as us but the way Jol puts it is as though we're so successful (especially before Newc "We're 5 games unbeaten"") how can he say this when we're in the relegation zone.

I really do hate the way he does that, especially the old two consecutive fifth place finishes, it's like he's broadcasting his Spurs CV every time he talks to the media. Fifth was an under-achievement last year.

Our season: 9th place, quarter finals of uefa and FA cup (which Jol will go on about as a great achievement) League cup champions, hence the board think we've had successful season and spurs fans so happy with Jo the God and any silverware after nigh on ten years= Jol keeps Job.

If we've got no replacement lined up then sack Jol and bring Allen as caretaker for now.

Still backing Jol? shame on you.

Anonymous said...

what comes next:
1- Jol gets the sack
2- Jenas gets dropped to reserve grade
3- Spurs gets relagated

Levy hurry up and fucking sack the fat prick and tell him he can take Jenas (Jols Boyfriend) for free. How can you replace a striker with a midfielder when you losing. Should have replaced Jenas after the third goal where he was ball watching. All you idioits open your eyes and tell me how many tackles a game Zakora does, and how many times he drops deep to cover and receive the ball. If it wasnt for him chasing Martins down the right it would of been 4-1. Bring the youngsters in they might suprise everyone.

Anonymous said...

What is with the constant abuse Jenas gets? He is a Spurs player now. Learn to deal with it. Besides he was the only midfielder who tried to do something, who tried to take players on and who had the energy to close down players. Zokora and Malbranque wasted our time.

GRAZZA said...

Harry, How did you get that photo of my Girlfriend?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - what else is there to say? I was sure those sort of performances were a relic, a throwback to the days of Gross, Graham and Hoddles last weeks.

The former colussus Michael Dawson looks like a fragile youth team player thrust into the ring with Mike Tyson all of sudden, but why? He looked bulletproof to me since the day he made his spurs debut.

Someone touched on Tainios usefulness as a centre mid in a previous thread - i agree (he should change his name to "I am Not a Left Winger" by deed poll - catchy i think you will agree. The other 2 muppets (Jenas & Zok) are just not at it. Lets hope Sir Gareth of Bale isnt too seriously injured, at least Lennon showed some zip when he came on - he looked like a man with a point to prove.

As for Berba, im disgusted.

As for Bent, well, same applies for different reasons.

Another Goal for Keane disguised a poor display of bottling tackles and whinging at the ref.

Lee looks much improved with a leftie ahead of him, 2 right footers on the left again for 70 mins tells its own story.

Sherwood was brutally & brilliantly honest on Setanta as was Steve McManaman, and as much as the words hurt me i couldnt disagree with any of it and i dont think Robbo could either in his heart of hearts.

Im gutted this morning, cant see the way forward other than the inevitable.

Martin Jol breezed into that position like a breath of fresh air, he instilled a team ethic, a spirit, put a bit of pride back in the club and formed a half decent football team from a shambles. Im not saying hes Bill shankley or anything but it was a platform, a bigger platform than any other manager in the last 15 years has managed by a long way, but somewhere along the way something, something in the course of One single summer, has turned the whole thing on its head.

The club has the same rotten atmosphere it has had countless times, under countless tenures. A point of no return in my book. Under Jol spurs have been a form team, a team which has played in fits and starts, we're no strangers to poor runs under him but never anything like this.

I dont want to call for this mans head, because after all im grateful to him, men who sit higher in Tottenhams hierarchy are paid to make such decisions without my input, and if they do choose to make the ultimate sanction - i wont blame them, i wont hold it against them (as if it matters) and Jol will forever be the man that let it all slip from his grasp, the man who fell at the final hurdle, the gallant loser we always seem to celebrate in this country. The man is losing his dignity day by day.


GRAZZA said...

Jol is there to be shot at big time, but people who are getting into personal abuse need to have a bit of a look at themselves, he doesnt deserve that.

Shanemac said...

"Each season, there is a team that goes into freefall and gets sucked into the relegation scrap. losing becomes a habit, like winning and if we ain't careful, that team could be us." - Dannyboy aka Nostradamus

Macca said...

I was one of the "lets give him time. He is a nice person" brigade. However, enough is enough. Shambolic. Jol has lost the dressing room, the majority of the fans and his fucking head! Some of thoese substitutions and tactics!!??

And I hate other fans laughing at us. AAARRRRGGGHHHH

jimi jazz said...

Leeds United, anyone?

Anonymous said...

so lennons the answer then is he??? have you seen this fella play for the last 18 months!!! if hes the answer the question must be "who is the most overated but fucking quick winger in the league" oh hang on then the answer would be Theo Walcott but lennons second!!!

sadspurs said...

These are dark times at the lane allthough you wouldnt think so if you listen to Mr Jol it just excuse after excuse and no improvement.
I think the board will ,leave things as they are for the next two busy weeks but if the results and performaces do not improve they will have to take action there is just to much money at stake.I just hope Jol finally realizes that JJ is simply not good enough sorts out our rubbish defence and gives Defoe a fair chance.

Anonymous said...

well, gave up saying about jol bout a month back now and feel like its all been said before(bit like mj's after match bullshit)The way the fella stands on tv acting like were top of the league and everythings rosy seriously pisses me off! clueless ,looks like he's losing/lost the dressing room and it is time for him to go! now i think Kemsley is a bit of a loud mouth del boy but this geezer is leaving spurs for ultimately not having faith in jol and for getting caught trying to get us Ramos, surely even the most ardent jol fan must wonder whether these were such crimes? Now we are left with the same con man and a chairman that is scared of his own shadow it would seem! Levy do something about this today ffs!

Anonymous said...

Ha you fuckin yids, Gonna replace us in the top four are ya?? And look where are you now, 18th and where are we, o yeah TOP OF THE LEAGUE. I got two words for all of you dirty scum - Arsene knows

Tom the Yid said...

Arsene knows what? what you did last summer? you should know, you spent most of it bent over his knee. I know it's half term kiddo but I'm sure you can find something better to do.

Anonymous said...

How does it feel preparing yourself for a relegation battle? Arsene knows 1 thing for sure and that is that sp*rs have always been shite, is shite and will always be shite. Thought you guys were gonna be playing in the champions league next season did ya? You will be playing in a league with champion in it, but it will be the CHAMPIONSHIP!

Tom The Yid said...

Get back to your homework mate. When you grow up and your balls drop you'll see your cheating gooner shites for what they are

Anonymous said...

Berbs needs to get laid URGENTLY!
It's clear the man has been poorly shagged for sometime.No old girlfriend or twat fan will do. He needs the Megashag all the way. The right person will put him back on track. Get on the plane, you idiot!

Anonymous said...

go getafe go....sent your youth to beat spurs...

Anonymous said...

Said it before, Dawson is Division One. Hopeless hoofing out and getting caught out happens all to often, when he played with King his defensive shortcomings were hidden.

Jenas's had TWO chances to close down Millner for the goal and instead looked lost...

Jol playing centre midfield players on the wings beggars belief...especially when you have Jenas and the african nations equivalent of Steffan Freund (sorry that's a slight on old Freund, at least he broke up play..and he was tuppence)

Who knows what will happen in the next week....Maybe Mr Hughes can have a look round the ground on Sunday and decide to stay...?

Tottinghams said...

Dear oh dear. Here's my 2p worth.

Cerny - 7 - Filled in well.
Chimbo - 6 - Gave it away cheaply.
Dawson - 3 - F*cking woeful.
Kaboul - 6 - Sometimes Row Z will do.
Malbranque - 6 Meh.
Jenas - 3 - F*cking woeful.
Zokora - 4 - F*cking woeful.
Bale - 6 - Good while it lasted - now he's crocked.
Keane - 6 Scored, but...
Bent - 4 F*cking woeful.

Tainio - 5 Put in the effort, but...
Berbatov - 6 Gave a much needed spark - for about 5 minutes.
Lennon - 5 USELESS. ON. THE. LEFT.

What worries me most is that while we were playing well, but not getting results (ie Liverpool, Man U), there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Playing like the shit shower they were last night, I can't see us making top 8.


Anonymous said...

One of my mates supports Pompey. And he's the one laughing at me. Shit.

Anonymous said...

it's ok, just keep talking about the 60s.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Some of you guys are in for one hell of a torrid six months unless you forget all that top 8 crap and accept that we could very well go down unless there is some drastic action. Just like the team that concedes the fewest goals almost always wins the Premiership, the converse applies equally.

Anonymous said...

Dear Deidre,

My desire for my lifetime love has never waned. But recently it seems the feeling isn't mutual. The spark seems to have gone, and what used to be a passionate weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, session, has degenerated into nothing more than a routine chore. Sometimes it's just aimless, with no real point, and I can only just sit there and take it. Recently, I can't wait for it to finish so I can forget about the whole affair, make a cup of tea and go to sleep. Every morning I wake up and feel like it could be better, and I still have faith that everything will be better next time. But when that time comes, all I get is a sense of effortless panting. Sometimes there's a bit of flair, which reminds me of times gone by, but it doesn't lead to anything meaningful. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I want assurances that I'm not wasting my time, and that my lifetime love will make me smile again when I think of Saturday nights.

Desperately Hoping.

Anonymous said...

We are well and truly FUCKED!

We do not have the players to turn this round.

Captain Ledders wont even steady this ship, if he comes back, if he comes back and is half the player he was.

Midfielders - Tainio, Jenas, Zokora, Steed, Ghaly can all Fuck off as they are complete and utter SHIT.

Lennon, Prince and Taarabt should be starting with Hudd holding (but fucking speed up man, your not in serie A!

We are well and truly FUCKED!

frontwheel said...

Q 1. Who was that Iraqi bloke at the start of the invasion of Iraq who kept saying "it is ok, we are winning against the infidels", whilst US tanks rolled into Bahgdad in the background?

Q 2. Could you compare him to any fat dutch chancer that might spring to mind?

Anonymous said...

Hello Scum!

Just to remind what utter shite you are.

You lose to the team our kids beat 2-0 to keep you staring up at us from the relegation zone and then next day we smash someone who beat Ajax (qualified for Champions League unlike you spuds) home and away 7-0.

You are utter shite. Face it. Lower your expectations.


GRAZZA said...

"EIE" isnt really applicable on here is it my brother from another mother?

Just an 80's relic re-hashed to try and give yoursleves some cred.

Anyway thanks for dropping by..give my love to LM & NM.

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