Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mark Hughes : Tottenham Manager

I'm carrying out a series of virtual vettings.

All this Jol Out stuff is all well and good, but my only reluctance to join in, even louder than the others is based upon the single question ~ who the in the name of Gwen Steffani are we going to replace him with???

Sparky Marky Sparky Hughes then. Sparkers.

Gets gutsy performances out of his charges.
Shrewd transfer market trader.
A winner as a player, knows what success looks like.
Wears even High Street suits well.

Has yet do anything of real note as a manager.
Games: 138 145
Won: 60 66
Lost: 46 37
Drawn: 32 38
Win Average: 43.48 45.52
(Jol's figures in red the periods are not identical, Hughes's start Sept '04, Jol's Nov '04)

Harry's SIGNHIMOMETER points to a lacklustre 5.5

( 0 Being Chris Hughton & 10 being the 'Answer To All Our Prayers')


Anonymous said...

Harry, his stats don't measure up to Jol's even though we've spent several large, LARGE brown envelopes of cash more. I favour Klinsmann and I think he would be interested…

Anonymous said...

sparky has nothing to offer us that Jol isnt already doing. we need someone who takes chances with the young players, doesnt piss off the big name players, and has a decent set of tactics for a full 90minutes, not just 45 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Hughes would need his head testing to take control of a bottom 3 side. When was the last time Spurs won anything? Even Blackburn deservedly beat them in the League Cup Final. Embarrassing and hyperthetical to suggest Hughes would take charge of a smaller club with far less potential.

Anonymous said...

If Hughesy had the players Jolly has had to go out and play with, we would be in the Champions League. And any shit from the board, and they would swimming with the fishes. Harry Hotspur for manager!

jolsgonemental said...

If only he had gone in May eh?

That was a genius suggestion. By Me wasnt it? what a clever fucker I am.

I dont see what we can do now.

I am sure there are many 'little' name managers Hughes, Redknapp, Coppell, Alladyce who would do a better job than Jol simply by virtue of teh fact they are not Jol and therefore not totally shit from head to toe. Which at least would be a start.

I am sure there are many big name managers Klinsmann, Jose, Hiddink, Dick Van Dyke who will do better than Jol by virtue of the fact they understand tactics, selection and subsititutions and may get a bit of respect from our players. We wont get a manager of this ilk now.

In May, just finished top 5, 40m in the bank to spend for a big push. We could have attracted Bertie Big Bollocks. But no longer.

Its game over for the 'great Spurs revival'. But I am honestly past caring now, always said it was doomed with Jol in charge, I am here now for the slag pics on the front page.

Anonymous said...

5.35 you are spot on: we have a young player who was voted best in the Bundesliga, another who is called the young Zidane...gotta play them! can they be any worse than Zok and JJ??? no! Hughes would not stick with such mediocre mid field players or crap keeper, would scare the shit out of defence into having some backbone and I'm sure be better than Jol in many other ways - maybe even scare off the twat Hughton BUT....WE HAVE TO AIM HIGHER. If you spend 40m and move to a bigger ground you have to go for a manager with a track record at LEAST as good as Ramos, even Klin is an unknown and too much of a gamble.

Anonymous said...

Dear Klinzy,

White Hart Lane SOS.

We need you.


F*ck California. Tottenham beckons.

Anonymous said...

"Has yet do anything of real note as a manager"

ha,ha just what we need

Anonymous said...

"Harry's SIGNHIMOMETER points to a lacklustre 5.5

( 0 Being Chris Hughton & 10 being the 'Answer To All Our Prayers')"

Spot on Harold

RobbyK said...

I like sparky, but one: he aint gonna improve us i.e. Jenas'll still be shit, Hud still wont be ready, all our strikers'll still miss, and our defenders still wont defend and two: he's waiting in the queue with the rest of the ex-mancs-come-managers for old man Fergies job.

Solution: a) keep Jol, he'll come good he always does.
b) get rid of the whole team and just keep Robbie Keane and start from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Dear Deidre,

My desire for my lifetime love has never waned. But recently it seems the feeling isn't mutual. The spark seems to have gone, and what used to be a passionate weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, session, has degenerated into nothing more than a routine chore. Sometimes it's just aimless, with no real point, and I can only just sit there and take it. Recently, I can't wait for it to finish so I can forget about the whole affair, make a cup of tea and go to sleep. Every morning I wake up and feel like it could be better, and I still have faith that everything will be better next time. But when that time comes, all I get is a sense of effortless panting. Sometimes there's a bit of flair, which reminds me of times gone by, but it doesn't lead to anything meaningful. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I want assurances that I'm not wasting my time, and that my lifetime love will make me smile again when I think of Saturday nights.

Desperately Hoping.

Anonymous said...

It's not Sparky who hasn't done anything other than improve on the last manager, it ain't Klinsmann who has NEVER managed a club team let alone a Premiership team and had the host team of a World Cup tournament (see Korea 2006).
If you're looking at cracking the top four you need a proven ball breaker like Mourhinio.
If the board don't get the right man yet again, then they will have failed in their job, just as Jol (a promoted assistant manager) has in his.
Thereby normal service will be resumed.

Anonymous said...

I really dont understand one bit this mention of Hughes? WHY???
For me there are many better names avalible, Mourinho at the end of the season but if we need a new managaer now then what about Klinsmann? He has been positioning himself on the sidelines, giving of signals saying come and get him. The board mite mend some the mess they have caused with Klinsmann or if not him there are lots more out there, Managers who have managed top clubs. Huges to me would be moving backwards...

Anonymous said...


Klinsmann said...

Klinsmann Klinsmann Klinsmann Klinsmann Klinsmann Klinsmann Klinsmann Klinsmann Klinsmann

Anonymous said...

Not sure why but I like the guy.


Tottinghams said...

MOUR-IN-IO, he's a yiddo,
MOUR-IN-EE-IO, he's a yiddo.

I don't care that he's a arrogant, irritating arse, but he'd at least get together a good team and at least try being ambitious.


Pfft. Gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Probably get laughed at but...Get Venables in til the end of the season then Jurgen (if take over merry go round is sorted out) or Moaninyo !

Anonymous said...

California is on fire, don't burn your arse Klino, get yourself over here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Fuck off you preaching cunt.

Wrighty7 needs a friend. Go to him.

Harry Hotspur said...

7.03 Anon.

This is a blog dedicated to Football and on a good day, wisecracks.

'Go sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here.'

You've all gone mental said...

Jol's gone mental - I'm glad you're getting bored of this. I hope you f**k off. It's confidence that's the problem with our young team and twats like you who help undermine that. Three great seasons on the trot and you're still whiging.

I know it's highly unfashionable to say this at the moment, but I'd give Jol another two years. If the team can get through this s**t storm they'll get through anything.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand how Jol is getting all the stick. Admittedly he doesn't know his arse from his elbow when it comes to tactics but lets get shot of Comolli aswell. He after all buys the dross that Jol has to choose. My nan once bought me a pair of mustard jeans and a green polo neck. I could have been Brad Pitt and I'd still have look like a muppet. Hope you catch my drift, send Jol top Ajax, Comolli back to "how to make up a CV" school and lets get a manager in who has complete control and respect. I thank you
El G

Anonymous said...

Hughes maybe an ok manager BUT he's not better than Jol. Klinsman maybe but you can never be sure.Personally I'd rather support Jol in turning things around rather than undermine him as the Board and the media and some 'supporters' seem to have done this season.

Anonymous said...

You have demonstrated that you are certifiably insane to even suggest that Hughes might consider taking over a club that is close to being relegated in preference to one that has a shot at the Champions League.

dannyboy said...

ok. controversy - how about Graeme Souness? He's available now and an ex spurs trainee.

DK said...

I think we will end up going for a manager that is out of work i.e. Klinsmann, Capello, Mourinho. I also think that this won't happen until the end of the season, and that we will probably have a caretaker until then.


Anonymous said...


smaller club with far less potential???!!! are you serious?

wot a cock!!! spurs r huge compared to blackburn. come back to the site when you've something worthy adding to the block. dickwad!!

jimi jazz said...

if jol needs to go so does damien comolli.

Harry Hotspur said...

"I can't understand how Jol is getting all the stick. Admittedly he doesn't know his arse from his elbow when it comes to tactics..."

Your question is your answer matey.

Anonymous said...

Dear 7.03,
Settle a bet for me:
Do you actually practise being a twat - or does it come naturally?

sydney wale said...

Sparky can't help us. I honestly don't know who can as I suspect most bods here can't either.

JGM correct and permission to gloat approved. My Road to Damascus moment with Jolwas the Sevilla game when we went 2 down and the look on his face said to me that he was out of his depth.
JGM is smarter than Levy. ( don't get too carried away, I mean Daniel Levy!)

frontwheel said...

FAO: anon 5:36

Learn to spell, boy. Blackburn have won all they ever will now... Apart from whatever prize you get for empty seats.

Anonymous said...

7-0..hell yaa.....

frontwheel said...

anon 5:54

Spot on mate, he saved us before & will do again.

frontwheel said...

Whoever said Red Adair (El Tel) for rest of season to keep us up (don't tell me it can't happen - we ARE in the shit now), then Jurgen - spot on, gets my vote.

Oh shit, it's not a democracy. Jol to win us the second division next year then.

Harry Hotspur said...

Jol is unfortunately for us, the Peter Principle incarnate.

I'd love to believe he'll turn it around, but common sense and DAVE my Indian Spirit Guide suggest otherwise.

I cannot help but look at our squad and think that despite some glaring requirements, many other 'also ran' managers could do a better job in relation to both tactics and man management.

He has done well. Scratched two 5th spot finishes. And more besides.

But the sum of his achievements are not in my opinion equal to the vast potential.

But I'm biased of course, he's effectively dating my daughter and to that end he will have to cut himself in half ( a song, a dance, Batman's head on lance.....ok, well maybe just a cup or two for now) to demonstrate he's good enough for her.

As it is he's gone from looking like a young Brando to nicking money out her purse.

jolsgonemental said...

We havent had a relegation battle for aaaaages.

It'll be fun.

jolsgonemental said...

Are the first two posts a deliberate exercise in contradiction and shit logic?

As far as I can tell they are complete bollocks.

onedavemackay said...

Until Carrick left we looked reasonable at the back. OK Robinson was on top form Ledley played the odd game and Davids was having some effect but Carrick was a huge part of our defensive success. So who decided to let him go and who exactly was meant to fill his boots. Betcha it was not BMJ !

PS Thanks for the rear view Harry it adds even more class to the site !

onedavemackay said...

Has jolsgonemental gone mental ?

jolsgonemental said...

7.16pm El G

Your analogy would make more sense if our side was made up of shit players.

But its not, it is the best squad in years.

Anonymous said...


You're my hero.

elk said...

"it is the best squad in years"
Spot on JGM. that's why i wanna thank BMJ for his efforts thus far and then kick his f*cking head in.

Harry Hotspur said...

You're the wind beneath my wings...

Or that's a scotch egg that hasn't entirely 'broken down' yet.

jolsgonemental said...


some people on here find it upsetting to talk of kicking Jols head in and get quite offended.

I am not one of those people. I find the thought quite soothing and heartwarming.

A bigger cunt than Campbell in my eyes.

jolsgonemental said...

has there ever been a song featuring references to 'wings' that isnt totally shit?

jolsgonemental said...

wings of a dove maybe.

Harry Hotspur said...


Oh, Lovestruck, I've fallen for a lamppost,

Giving her my utmost, spilling out my deepest feelings....

And now he's flogging fishfingers on the telly.

Oy vey.

Anonymous said...

I do still think Jol is a great manager and would love him to stay, problem is I think to much damage has been done. Love him to prove me and everyone wroung and spurs go on a long winning streak, But.. If that does'nt happen and we carry on with these lacklustre perfromances I think we just have to bring in somoene else. And of those avalible at this time in the season it would be Klinsmann, Capello.. And for me just cause I already know he would give it his all, i would pick Klinsmann, After all the other major top manager avalible dont have prem experience, Only Mourinho fills that bill and he wont be avalible untill next year.. So I hope for a winning streak from JOL and the boys but if not get Klinsmann in, just one more time... ;)

Harry Hotspur said...

"But.. If that does'nt happen and we carry on with these lacklustre perfromances I think we just have to bring in someone else."

(In the style of Brian Potter)

'And at this rate it'll be the official recievers, my friend..'

Anonymous said...

Come on Jol prove us all wroung, do a Alex Fergurson on us, just like he did way back when.. then go and take tottenham to win everything in fotball for the next 20 years. Will soon forgive you. Just hurry up and do it...

Anonymous said...

Come on chaps does Jol deserve a kickin i think not. The man has been a good servant but think he has done all he can. Defoe we need to keep so again its Jol who has to go as they clearly do not get on. Berba and Chimbo have stars in their eyes and might aswell jog on. We dont need unrest and we dont need people who dont play with a heart. A holding midfileder in the Roy Keane mould we do desperatly need! Why not buy one in the summer along with a left sided midfielder? Ah no thats far too genious. I know we will go and spunk 16.5 mill on Darren Bent nice dealings there Commolli u si! Quote an excuse from Jol after Newcastle 'When all our defence is fit we have a very good defence' hmmmm.....so who we missing? KING. The rest is the standard defence from what i can see minus Kaboul. Lee is better than Ekotto just i hasten to add but his effort is. Ekotto doesnt even like football and freely admitted it! Chimbonda is the standard right back and only plays well when the whole team do and cant wait for another move. Excuses like that are ur downfall BMJ. As much as i like u its time for u and Comolli and Levy (cos Comolli is Levys little favourite and will therefore not get rid of him) to go and lets do what the best two teams in the division do and give their managers the full reigns. None of this Sporting Director crap look what happened to Chelsea and look what has now happened to us. Doesnt work in England. Managers should buy who they want. An article in my local paper today stated that West Ham are to appoint a bi-lingual someone to oversea scouting and recruiting outside from the academy down. No involvement with transfers and no involvement in the first team. Sounds like a good plan to me. As for our manager to replace Jol....well.... i would like to see a hero like Klinsmann but i dont know whether he could cut it. Other than that god knows! Mourinho in the summer but who will avoid us from the drop this year!!

Anonymous said...

Jol still has my support coz I don't like the psychotic fury that's being whipped up by some + given his record he deserves more support and Newcastle away was always going to be difficult- I'll be more worried if we don't pick up some wins in the games coming up.I also think that many of the problems are down to Commoli not Jol i.e.not buying more experience in defence and some one with more steel in midfield.I also think some of the names who have been mentionned as replacements won't come to WHL under the current set up e.g.Klinsmann and Mourinho and they won't solve our problems immediately - the best manager for that is Jol. Any discussion of are placement should be left to the end of the season - no we won't be relegated so we can all ignore the panic mongers out there and get behind the team rather than contribute to its disintegration.

Harry Hotspur said...

The phrase 'loyal servant' strikes fear into my heart.

The dreaded staunch brigade use such words to describe Hughton. An ambitionless turnkey who has 'assisted' some of the worst managers to have graced this nation let alone this club.

As for the likes of Chimbonda, an effective manager would reign him in and give him focus,put constraints on his wanderings.

As for 'getting behind the team' I think everyone logging onto this and so many other sites as often and as vocally as they do is sufficient testament to their love.

Mindlessly championing a system that has us stuck in the relegation zone nigh on Halloween is the way madness lies.

Can Jol turn it around?


But it's MY club he's fannying around with at present. I can't be so detached as to say he's the best man for the job.I categorically do not love him warts and all.

There is something rotten when a team on paper cannot manifest itself on grass.

Ask the England manager.

Who's also secretly a bit shit too.

Daytripper said...

Dannyboy - I don't think anybody even read your comment. I think you had the best idea to date - I would go for Souness in a heartbeat. You could not find a better coach available, during the midseason, that could come in and turn around this club like he could.

At this point, I think any other coach would do. What is becoming very clear to me is that Jol is at a point now where his loyalties with certain players have totally clouded his judgments. Dawson has been making the same two massive mistakes, game in game out for 1/2 season+ now - failing to stick to the high line with the other 3 defenders or to stick to his marks in the box on set pieces. Jenas sprays passes all over the field, yet only 1 of 20+ forward passes makes it to a teammate. On any other team, with any other coach, these players are pulled off the field at halftime. There is absolutely no accountability for Jol's favorite players. If you can f*k up and there are no consequences for it, you'll continue to f*k up over and over.

I have to imagine that the players that are constantly screwing up love Jol - and who wouldn't? But for guys like Defoe, Lennon and Huddlestone that have 10x the class as the garbage that is starting in their places, what is there to motivate them?

Anonymous said...


MARK HUGHES IS DESTINED FOR GREATER THINGS. Yes, he will leave Rovers one day BUT definitely not for SPUDS?!?!?

Come on!! Why will Sparky wants to manage a bunch of players who has no motivation to play for the club. Spuds should return to their own league - Championship and play with Barnsley and Burnley..

Pathetic Spuds.... Good luck to your relegation battle. The odds from William Hill are pretty good!!

Rock on ROVERS!

Harry Hotspur said...

Rock on rovers?

Sincerely, thanks for that post, just for second or two I could imagine what it would be like to follow a team trapped in our desperate 125 shirt forever and have Robbie Savage as a star player...

I now feel a little less depressed.

Hughes is one of about six names I'll be looking at on here simply due to speculation in either the press or Spurs forums, as you can read, I scored him 5.5, and judging by the bulk of the comments, no green eyed monsters live here.


Anonymous said...

It dont matter who takes over Spurs, your'e finished! U had your'e chance to come in the top four two years ago, and u blew it! 7-0 7-0 7-0 7-0! Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

Mark Hughes? oh.for.fucks.sake

RobbyK said...

Funny to see peoples wish list. What about Gus Hiddink? What about Alex Fergusson? yeah... what about Mark Allen, Clive'll have a word for us. What's Dowie up to?

We're sticking with Jol until the Spurs SAS carry out another top class secret scouting mission and get caught pants down outside David Pleat's Gaff.

Jol'll come good. 3 on the trot coming up and the confidence returns, and as for UEFA cup, that is ours this year and what an achievment it'll be.

jimi jazz said...

we need a foreign manager. mark hughes has no international credibility. i say ramos is our man.

Anonymous said...

Harry - it's not a question of being a 'loyal servant' or at least not unconditionally.Just a recognition that politics seems to be getting in the way of the football again at WHL.That old quote " there used to be a football club over there" seems to be coming back to haunt us.The board's/Kemsley's actions have severely undermined Jol and the team.Levy seems to be more interested in selling the club and Commoli apparently didn't buy the left winger and defensive midfielder Jol wanted. The blood hounds in the media have latched onto it all and hey presto! everyone presses the self destruct button further undermining team morale.It pains me to see Spurs fans doing the medias bidding for them, Jol's made mistakes but so have the board and Commolli.The team is relatively young and some are clearly having a problem dealing with the pressure and we are seeing more mistakes from playes like Robbinson, Dawson and Kaboul etc.The Mark Hughes talk is putting further pressure on next sunday's match - it's all a pure wind up in my opinion. Speculation on replacement for Jol is mostly clutching at straws as either they're no better or won't come anyway. If Jol goes the most likely replacement will be ...Clive Allen ! I prefer to support Jol !

Anonymous said...

Did we really need Bent look at petrov a steal at 7/8 million plus another center back and another player in the style of carrick would have been better money spent .After the newcastle game our defence does just not match up they don't know wether to come or go for the ball..40 million could have been better spent is that jol's fault we know what he wanted . proud spurs supporter from new zealand

Anonymous said...

Problem as I see it is that a lot of players love Jol, but some dint and see all this talk and dont pull there weight, But problem comes if you replace jol with the wroung guy, You need a strong new manager someone who could command respect but also do the job wel, If someone comes in who cant live upto what jol has been then you could end up in a limbo like state, where the players dont want to fight for the club anymore or even stay as they have had the manager they loved kicked out for someone infiroir. could send us in to a spiral of worsening results and who knows how bad it could get, not talking relegation but talking about 10th place finishes for a few seasons and the end of our revival... Its scary stuff what happens in the coming weeks will have a big impact on the success at spurs in the coming years.

jimi jazz said...

it should be tainio and taarabt in the middle. that would solve our problems in the short term.

Anonymous said...

MOURINHO MOURINHO MOURINHO!!!! he would lift the feeling in the club an more importantly the players we would start to defend and his tactics would be brutal but fair something jol fails to do with shit like JENAS seriously his performance was one of the worst ive ever seen hes shit.

Anonymous said...

Give Jol what he deserves, he got us to top 5 finishes, we had a bad start last season and still ended up 5th, this year we could do the same and also go a bit better we were so close in the cups last year, this year he could bring us some silverware, I really think it is possible, We are playing like arsenal did at times in the last couple of years at times great football but silly mistakes costing us, young teams need time, wenger never got the same stick because he had already won things but then he got it sorted and look at them this year.. When spurs get it sorted we will be top 4 team easy, maybe better.. just give jol the chance to turn the corner the young players will have learnt a hell of a lot in the last few weeks, it is funny but with confidence we will be there, even at times in some games this year we have been playing great football, give him a bit more time...

Anonymous said...

David Moyes Everton, Finished 4th, next season after that was a bad only 11th, but he kept his job and last year they were back in europe. anyway moral of this story. Stick with jol.

Anonymous said...

Jol's is simply out of his depth, no problem with that, I's the fact that he consistantly lays blame at the players rather than perhaps have a bit of humility and concede he is wrong in his tactics, selections...and possibly purchases.

He kept the gooners 4th place seat warm for them for 2 seasons when there were games we SHOULD have won but did not due to Jols tactical bull's up.

He is not a great or even good manager and never has been, don't forget that, as if he was, I wouldn't be typing this now.

He has taken a talenented squad with potential and naused it up no end...he really has spoilt the party.

Why anyone on here wants to keep on giving him a chance is beyond all reason, the man must go for our sake and his.

Also picking holes, the Baseball cap and shell suit combo he wears on the touchline is a rather shite look.

Anonymous said...

this is ridiculous, it seems you all want to go back to the dark ages of gus poyet and tim sherwood....if we get mark hughes, spurs as a club will take about 10 steps backwards

Anonymous said...

can see temporary manager for rest of season if the right person is available...Like Jol as a person but always suspected that serious fallibilities would arise...and boy have they risen...hopefully mourinho will take over next year and slap some of the ponces on the team in to shape...Jenas? dont know what anyone sees in him..absolutely no comparism in him to top midfielders like gerrard and lampard and them 2 can hit a dead ball too.Wonder if mourinho took over could he tempt some former disciples to join up with him again...hmmm lampard-essien....now the midfield looks better

Anonymous said...

Hughes won't join Spurs - he's waiting for Ferguson to retire and get the United gig. Klinsmann's alreafy said he thinks the Spurs job is too 'small' for him. Mourinho might be interested in a 'I'll Show That Russian What I Can Do' kind of way - but wouldn't last 18months before quitting for one f the big Spanish teams.

So who does that leave? No-one big. We must be realistic. Nono of the top managers will come here. Why would they? We can't live in the 60's when we were a great team. We've done NOTHING of note since then.

The best we can hope for is Gordon Strachan or Harry Redknapp - but I think even they will look at the job as a massive step down.

Depressed. Anyone watch what we should be doing on ITV last night. Seven Hell!

Anonymous said...

Root of all problems is this "Director of Football" cobblers. Players need to feel valued by their manager to play confidently and to their best ability. For this to happen it should be down to the manager to select the players to buy for each position. It took Fergie a while to shape his team at Man U and Mourinho spent a fortune to make quick wholesale changes at Chelsea. As far as I know Jol's never had that luxury, but it would be interesting to see the shape of our team if he had. I've never believed a DoF strategy would work for us and I don't think it ever will. Some regarded it as a coup to have got Comolli from Arsenal, but let's look at this with some reality. If Comolli was that good, Arsenal would never have let him go as they just outclass us in their management structure. I can't help wondering if he's not still secretly on their payroll...

Anonymous said...

U spuds are such a lovely bunch of jokers. Tottenham - big club? Deserve big manager? WHAHAHAHA.... gosh.. my morning coffee nearly splattered all over my keyboard.

Need money to get a new mirror to take a look at you Spuds fans? U guys are 3rd................. from bottom and you want mourinho to take over?!? WHAHAHAHAH... ramos???!? WHAHAHa u guys should be thankful if you get even megson.

by the way...