Friday, September 21, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Anorthosis: ALL SEVEN GOALS!

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Anonymous said...

That is the funniest commentary ive ever heard!!! watched the game in full last night but its always worth seeing quality goals again. cheers HARRY. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the commentator, where's he from? Good to see Defoe banging them in and I hope to see him play at the weekend. Didn't think much at all about Zokora's display, he just looks like he can't control the ball and takes to long on it as well. Bent looked a little shaky but I believe he will come good. Cheers Harry and COYS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Defoe's first goal = Sumptuous

Anonymous said...


stevo said...

could that be a crucial away goal?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Love the commentary,Defoe kissed the puma not the badge?its time jol put defoe in,he never questions keane no matter how well defoe does & usaully only gives him about 8 mins,Dawson should be captain not keane put that in your notebook Hughton

Anonymous said...

Failure to keep a clean sheet against a team as good as 3rd division side is scary.

When is spurs going to stop leaking goals?

Bruce Grove said...

The commentator had to be from that channel on The Fast Show.


Anonymous said...

Could you have a few more adverts on this blog please? There don't seem to be enough.

Since you're posting copyrighted videos, I hope you're earning enough income from these ads to pay for impending law suit.

Harry Hotspur said...


If the ads make you feel uncomfortable because you're skint, then look away.

On the legal issue, kindly go f*ck yourself.

I would go easier on you and point out that copyright theft is probably a minor consideration to an owner when they provide the embedding code to their work, but you're clearly a moron, so you just get sworn at in a suitably derisive manner.

Ta ta.

Anonymous said...

Robinson was WAY off his line again for their goal. Get rid of him.

Jol's defensive tactics almost let them back in it. Sack him.

We need a quality manager who doesn't fuck up against lesser teams, especially in Europe. Someone to take us to the next level and win the CL. Someone the board will love as much as the fans.

Someone like Mourinho.

Then we'd have a steady ship.

Anonymous said...

About time Defoe got more than 5 minutes at the end. Anyone else think Robbie Keane could play in midfield? Hes got the energy. I hthink Kaboul is a good young player, but against the scum and a few times again against Famagusta, he went walkies upfield to try to play as a striker. You can get away with it against lesser teams, but not the big boys. Great commentary by Borat.

Anonymous said...

anon 6.30, Robinson wasn't playing you twat, it was Cerny. And we were definitely not defensive for once this season! What game were you watching? Another negative idiot on the sack Jol bandwagon. I give up on some people.

Anonymous said...

5.24 what an idiotic post. Get a life...........................

Anonymous said...

Erm... 7:07... I think it's plainly obvious that 6:30 was taking the mick.

I bet YOU feel a twat now. And it's probably the only twat you're gonna feel in your lifetime.

Cheeky greeky said...

Mate... spurs looked awesome but it was against part-timers.

Give Defoe a run in the team, sink keane into midfield as he often plays deep anyway, with zokora backing him up with some muscle.

The rest is simple we have a quality side minus a genious in the centre. We're one player away from being a top three side.

Bring on Bolton.

Mental_Micky said...

Some of you might have recently seen a rather unflattering little ditty about our very own Mr Jol to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's I will survive.

Anyway, here's a different version I knocked up. It's much better I think.....

Martin Jol sings....

At first I was afraid, I was petrified,
Kept thinking I could never turn my Spurs into a top 4 side
I spent oh so many nights, thinking our league place is all wrong,
But I knew it won't be long! I knew my Spurs would come back strong,
And now were back, we're in the race,
And that Mourinho's gone, and now it's Chelsea with egg on their face,

I should have bet a hefty sum, I'd have been rich at 100-1
If I had known for just one second that Jose would be first gone

Go on now go, Lamps there's the door
just turn around now, 'cause you're 'Special one' he ain't there anymore
weren't you the one he loved so much, the one who had the midas touch
Along with Drogba and Terry, it's I can see you ain't so merry
Oh no cause I, I will survive

And now that Chelsea's bubble's burst, my top 4 dream's come back alive,
And even Bent he scored last night and now we'll get our league form right
and I'll survive, I will survive..

It took all the strength I had, not to laugh my arse off,
kept trying hard to keep a straight face watching TV with Berbatov,
Watched Chelsea say what Jose did, and then replace him with a YID
And oh I've cried, tears of laughter split my side!
And still there's more, I'm on the floor
I laughed my arse off, all those thousands, wow as much as 24
Supporters claim they can't afford it, say they're priced out of the game
They have the cheek to say we're tight, and still we filled our White Hart Lane.
Oh I'll survive....

Harry Hotspur said...

cheeky greeky? mental mickey?


Anonymous said...

That's quality Mickey :)

Here's a joke and if you're easily offended, don't read it!

Jose Mourinho was seen speaking to Kate & Gerry McCann last night. Apparently he wants to go back to Portugal and never be seen again!

Anonymous said...


Yes, it's a lovely joke because it shows the British are starting to open their eyes concerning Maddie's mystery.
I said it was a very bad omen for the Prem to have started within that campaign. Let's see what will happen this season.

Anonymous said...

Working last night and Thurs.. woeful highlights anywhere to be found on terrestrial so Wonderful to see goals ~ the best commentry since 'Maggie Thatcher, Can you Hear Me...' ! Thank you Sir.

Desk again this afternoon and what do you know..

According to today's Times, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy phoned Jose Mourinho to offer him the Spurs manager's job five times while the ex-Chelsea boss was negotiating his severance deal with the club.

Tottenham offered to match Mourinho's £5.2m-a-year salary to get him to cross London and take over at White Hart Lane. (Various)

But Mourinho has authorised his agent Jorge Mendes to tell Spurs he was not opposed to returning to London next summer. (Mirror)

Vinny said...

Mental Mickey - That was quality, imagine the whole of the lane singing that song alltogether from beginning to end?...awesome!

Cheeky Greeky - Couldn't agree more mate.

Death said...

The saga moves on, and what a sorry tale is being told..

Obviously there are many differences between football and real life and the words constructive dismissal seem to have been lost in translation between the two...
along with dignity, trust, honour.
respect, etc......