Friday, September 21, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Beat Pub Team: The Player Ratings

Spurs will travel to their next UEFA match with the home side requiring a 5-0 win to stay in the competition.

Turn the coin over and Spurs will travel to their next Premiership match with the home side requiring any class of victory to send the press into spasms and Martin Jol into the foetal position.
Cynics will have clocked the 'Fans-tastic!' piece on the official site this morning. Frankly, the victory was welcome, but Tottenham will need to deliver more than a barrel full of dead fish before they get a standing ovation from all quarters.

Cerny 6.9
Unlucky not to save their goal. and... he throws the ball out!

Chimbonda 7.6
The usual. Solid.

Dawson 7.9

Kaboul 7.9
Good stuff.

Ekotto 5.49

Bale 6.64

Zokora 6.1
Has to improve?

Huddlestone 6.9
Sweet sweet passes.

Lennon 6.7
No final ball.

Malbranque 7.2
Like he was playing Derby again.

Taarabt 7.0
In like Flynn, but no headlines yet.

Keane 6.82
Pointy, flicky, pointy, shouty, flicky.

Bent 6.25
Won a penalty that wasn't given.

Defoe 11.0
Reminiscent of his 'old self''. Super Sub.

So, will Jol have the guts to play Defoe next time out? Would Taarabt benefit from a couple of real games? Where is Kevin 'Prince' Boateng? And will Spurs ever be able to defend against a set piece in our lifetimes? Who does our defensive coaching? And where does he shop?
All this and more in......


Anonymous said...

I don't know what game you were watching but I thought Ekkoto had a good game, particularly first half. Malbranque played well but the team would have been better balanced with Bale on the left with Ekkoto. Might have been 10 if he had.

Anonymous said...

Harry hit the nail on the head .."where is the Prince".....1 up after 5 mins but then after that where was the danger...second half there was no sign of a 5th after 20 mins until Defoes introduction....this was a non event as a game..and Bent proved he is just a championship player..Defoe ...2 super goals but thats all he did in 25 mins...

Anonymous said...

come on harry wheres the goals footage i wanna see defoes sublime finishes again

Anonymous said...

any links to the goals on the web - still haven't found them!!

Anonymous said...

I also thought Ekotto had quite a good match. very quick and left foo gave the back line balance. Was extremely annoyed to see the lads concede a goal becasue the opposition were really really poor! Also they had a free header at one point which a premiership striker would have made better use of. Overall though good stuff. Play Defoe and explain whats happened to Boateng please BMJ...?

Anonymous said...

Huddlestone is shhhhiiiiit.
Big lumbering 1st division Oaf.
sick of him.
Tarabat definitely deserves a full game

jolsgonemental said...

kaboul & Daws

theres a spark there. these boys are going to be the business.

defoe will get a goal from nothing. bent needs an open goal and a target no further than 2 yards away.

Bale is a better than Taraabt.

Cerny does indeed throw. I recall Robbo experimenting with a few throws last year, it was good. he stopped.

overall it was nice. i think we should start giving the whole 90mins a go rather than just the first 60 though.

Anonymous said...

i love the fact that no matter how well Steed plays (and he has been our best midfielder so far this season) Jol will sub him after 65 or so minutes every game!!! i thought bent was unlucky and did very very well to slide that goal in but the way Robbie keane was strutting around the pitch and shouting at everyone when "he" fucked up was really getting on my wick...he has to remember hes Robbie keane not marafuckingdonna

Anonymous said...

Good to see defoe score...however can he do it in the 'big' games?....I think not.

Anonymous said...

was nice to see lennon playing on the right for once. even if his final ball isnt great he actually looks interested on the right. I will never understand why we persist with him on the left. Malbranque is rubbish, he only looks good against teams that are below average, get rid.

Anonymous said...

Bang wrong. I thought Ekotto was one of our best players. His balls into feet (particularly for Keane's goal) and his crossing were great! Good to see Jenas on the bench too!

Faust said...

Anonymous 7:59.

"Bent is a championship player". Really? Despite not too many seasons back being the highest scoring Englishman and producing 31 in 68? In the Premiership?

Do me a favour, and have a word with yourself, mate. £16.5, he ain't, but Championship he ain't either.

As for scoring a brace was "all Defoe did in 25 mins". What more did you expect? That was plenty for me! Need I remind you that was his first run out all season? Show me someone else who's averaging a goal every 12 and a half minutes so far this season!

Anonymous said...

Come on harry , Defoe always been overrated player ....Defoe only play well against weaker team

Anonymous said...

Steed should be playing in the middle where he can influence the game more, our centre mids are shocking at best.

Hopefully this result will act as a springboard, COYS

Anonymous said...

Quite a few positives, god to see all three strikers get a goal.

I still think when bedded in Bent will be better than Keane and Defoe put together. I know this is said a lot but he does honestly need a few games.

Keane frustrates me so much. Stop giving the ball away, we are much better when you don't!

I feel that Zokora has to start stepping up to the plate. Such high hopes and for me he has not really delivered to the standard we need in there.

I want a Midfield General.

EL said...

I'd like to see marafuckingdonna.

Can you lend me the vid?

Anonymous said...

Great to see Defoe getting a couple of goals but this game was made for him... loads of space and not much chance of the other team winning. He should have started!

Defoe struggles in the Premiership as he doesn't get much space and time. He is one of the best players with the ball in front of him, other than that he will find himself on his backside and the ball back with the opposition.

Keane offers more to the team and I believe is a better all round player.

Overall, we still lack someone who will boss a game and this was high lighted last night but the large periods where we didn't create anything.

Apart from Defoe the second half was poor. However, job done.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Sorry Harry but I am with the masses on Ekkoto. Considering it was his first game back he contrubuted well, especially in the first half. However, I come back to the Bale thing. If we bought him to play full back, he should have played there last night so he can begin to forge a bond with the centre backs. Lee was not thought good enough at left back so we bought Ekkoto, he was not thought good enough so we bought Bale but now both Lee and Ekkoto are playing there and Bale isn't.

Malbranque was the only midfield player we had. Zokora was completely pants (although managed to achieve his first ever shot on target) and Huddlestone wasn't much better (and he didn't achieve a shot on target). Quite honestly I wouldn't give tuppence for Zokora, Huddlestone or Jenas so central midfield is a real worry. I would play Malbranque there on Sunday along with Taino if he is fit.

Kaboul is a real worry because defensively he is naive and takes too many chances. Maybe central midfield would be better for him?

It was a 6-1 win so it seems unfair to be critical but we really didn't beat very much and still couldn't keep a clean sheet.

Only the Keane goal was crafted. Two were from corners, one was their cock-up and the other two were brilliant individual efforts. You could hardly say we blew them away with fine flowing football.

tottenhamtony said...

firstly to deride a good win by calling the opposition a pub team is a bit harsh - the same could be said of the teams Blackburn, Bolton & Everton played and look at their results
secondly the guy who called Bent a championship player is a tit. He has scored loads of Prem goals while at an average club like Charlton - he only lacks confidence - give him a chance before getting on his back.
thirdly - I agree with your comments about Cerny throwing the ball out - so much better than continually hoofing it upfield and giving away possession.

Finally a big round of applause for the Spurs fans for filling the lane - loyal and brilliant supporters - are you watching you glory hunting Chelsea fans

Harry Hotspur said...

I may have been harsh on Ekotto, I don't know. I hate conceeding free kicks and feel that our back four are an afterthought.

Kaboul is not a DM in my book, just a John Terry in the making and needs coaching and telling.

What terrifies me is that I don't believe we have anyone good doing that particular job.

Jose thanked his Children's school teachers this morning...
Not the actions of a man staying local.

Harry would have signed him up quicker than you could say 'fickle.'

Harry Hotspur said...

Tony mate, better to be harsh now than be duped into believing that beating that shower somehow compensates for the inability to do real teams in the Prem.

Anonymous said...

Bent just proved how shit he is. He looked clueless all match, wasted possesion everytime he received the ball. why oh why did we buy this nobhead??

Alex said...

Thought Ekotto looked like in a couple of games our left side could be the best it's been in years with him and Bale going forward and covering each other both with pace and a good left foot, Lennon is as good a right winger as there is and will get better and better the more he is playing although you are all right he needs to work on his crosses, we are blessed upfront and can see why some people are talking about Kaboul for centre midfield when Ledly get's back as unfortunately our centre's really are our biggest weak point, everybody keep's talking about the prince coming in but then who would be your favourite holding midfielder, stats show that jenas has made most tackles in prem midfielder this season but that is not the answer for me, anyway is this a sick suggestion but who thinks Robinson might get a good kick up the bum if Cerny kept his place this weekend and get him back to where he used to and should be? Also does anyone know what pubs to drink in this weekend in Bolton before the game ?

GRAZZA said...

Keane is NOT a team player, everything he does is based around making him look good, the poxy flicks that never come off followed by pointing the finger of accusation at anyone but himself, miss controlling the ball, running up blind alleys, he cant head and chooses the elaborate option every single time (which never comes off). Apart from a couple of pens against Arsenal i cant remember him doing anything against the big teams.

Easy to say he's crap from my Park Lane Ivory Tower every week but i just dont see whats good about him apart from a decent goal return last season (over about 50 odd games mind!) and the odd wonder goal against the brightons of this world.

Even his running around is aimless and when he actually should be chasing back he's normally flapping at the ref trying to make out he has been fouled!! And another thing while i'm ranting; he bottles challenges.

God im in a good mood today :)

Really wasnt impressed with most of last night but you can only beat whats in front of you - they were in 2nd gear throughout.

daytripper said...

So much criticism for such a well played game. Although Harry, you are spot on with the worry about the coaching of our great young defensive prospects.

It was great to finally see passes from our left back that made it into the feet of our strikers. Just like you gave Bale great marks for finally adding some class at LM, I feel the same for Ekotto, even though the defensive side is also questionable (but better than Lee's).

Anonymous said...

yeah, hh, jose is going. he can't stay in the Prem this season: Roman said so and paid for it.

so, the last chance of Spurs getting somewhere are gone.

and berbatov was happy yesterday for the first time this season. well, let him stay benched, ffs!

Anonymous said...

One of many reasons why I do not rate Defoe

gleeson the yid said...

ekkoto had a really good game and thought he was just as good as the always sublime chimbonda. keane was too flicky flicky and needs to bloody get hold of the ball and bent looks a shadow of the overpriced player he was at charlton. kaboul is going to be amazing. and as for defoe......quality finishes now do it against a proper team and we will all be laughing

Anonymous said...

anyone know a website to watch the Bolton - Tottenham game on?

Anonymous said...

I was going to post a comment but I've become too apathetic to care anymore.

Anonymous said...

ive just been to chelsea to by the new aftershave. its called `the special 1` made by you go boss.....

Summerspur said...

We were, are and always will be shit!!!

CERNY, granted, threw the ball out, but not once did he throw it in their goal.

BENOIT, runs far too quickly

KABOUL & DAWSON, hinge and bracket more like. only 2 goals between them, then spent most of the night pre occupied with stopping Johny foreigner scoring.

HUDDLESTONE, just poses and Fanny's around for 90 mins putting the ball on a sixpence.

LENNON, all he does is beat people at 30 miles an hour...boring, go beat joses eggs.

KEANE, same old rubbish, fancy flicks and goals.

BENT, been here weeks and still not leading goalscorer.

DEFOE, will never ever contribute anything more than goals to a game.

Anonymous said...

im shocked harry
I sat in the east stand making oohs and aahs at ekkoto, thought he was fantastic
you should swap his rating with taarabt!
granted he is great to watch and i wanted to see him that game
but he loses the ball so much, he cant play simple football and his positioning is embarrassing
give the boy time
those who are saying start him need a reality check, taarabt is a luxury for when you're beating derby 4-0 or anothorthis famagusta 6-1 not bolten away etc

and darren bent, what a bloody waste of money
shameful, i really do hope it werent jol that wanted him
kaboul was fantastic


Anonymous said...

lol summerspur - everyone is criticisin the team despite them playin well last nite, everyones pointin out their good qualities then dismissin them because they arent livin up to the wishes of every individual fan! these guys are top athletes and work very hard!

cerny - shud start ahead of robbo until robbo gets bak in shape

chimbonda - him an lennon were class on the rite

dawson - top quality defender

kaboul - one of our best prospects for the future, an yet is already amazin

ekotto - considerin it was his first game bak in a while and how he seemed to underachieve when we first bought him, he played pretty well last nite

lennon - gettin better and causin problems down the rite

huddlestone - another quality prospect, just needs a run of games

zokora - played well tho we all kno he can play better

malbranque - probably our best central midfielder yet is always played on the left, doesnt do too badly there tho, quality solid player

bent - like hudd he needs several starts under his belt, the potential is there, he jus needs a bit more time - did very well to get to the ball an put it in at that angle last nite tho, altho was average for the rest of the match

keane - i agree that he moans far far too much, an tends to drop to almost a CM role rather than a playin as a striker, but played fairly well last nite


defoe - definitely has been deservin of a startin place recently, carved his goals out of nothing and was a threat to their defence rite to the end - quality

taarabt - an immense prospect, plays very well down the left, plays a bit like lennon but wit a fiercer shot, hopin to see a lot more from hi

bale - another brilliant player, and yes he is a LB but he's also our best LM too so lets be honest, it doesnt matter where he plays as ekotto (goin by last nites game) and lee are in my opinion solid at LB so bale can play on the wing causin havoc!

btw, please dont abuse me jus because i type quickly an therefor use "txt" language or shortned words!

Anonymous said...

Defoe was awesome last night. Great performance and brilliant goals. Good rating Harry, he defo deserved a 11.

Pekhart said...

Quite nice to see us score from a few set pieces, and to see the general delivery from set pieces is improving now JJ isnt taking them.
Give Bent some slack, its not his fault we over paid for him so while hes here get behind him, im willing to bet none of our other strikers would have been quick enough to get that goal last night...

Anonymous said...

Faust... oesnt matter what he did withCahrlton or Ipswitch..this is the big time now..waht he ahs produced so far is championship level...

Defoe...not his first run out..came on aginst Fulham and we all know what happened then...its there to see the last few seasons ..doesnt do enough..2 goals which i admitted were stunning ..but who were they under 8's girl team from Cyprus..come on...sell him and take the money in January....are you related to him??

Ed said...

not sure if anyone will bother to read down this far, but has anyone noticed the look in bales eyes? even when he was on the bench he looked different from everyone else. Its the look of hunger its the look that says im going to be a world beater.

jolsgonemental said...

'CERNY, granted, threw the ball out, but not once did he throw it in their goal.


DEFOE, will never ever contribute anything more than goals to a game.'

like your work here. top drawer. not keen on the other ones mind, but these more than make up for it.

Harry Hotspur said...

Ed, I agree. He's focused.

And you can't buy. That in the shops...

jolsgonemental said...

still yet to see anything from Bent that suggests he offers anything coming close top our other three strikers. his control and touch are appalling, though he does run fast - we could have saved 16m and just played zokora up front though.

Kaboul is frankly great, perhaps a little of a liability occasionally but we are Spurs and I will accept that for a bit of flair and swagger.

real shame about Blackburn and Everton, looks like it might just be Spurs hogging the ITV schedules for the forseeable future.

Harry, good use of full stops. i always say all sentences should be randomly punctuated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mate
I don't know what you were watching, but Ekotto was one of 3 players i actually thought played well in what was a display which lacked quality. The other 2 being Kaboul and Defoe.
And Dawson was getting beat in the air by Fabinho who is like 5 foot 5
I feel sorry for Famagusta, the scoreline flattered us and Nicolau was injured but still played and it showed, and we had the luck as well.

Cerny 7

Chim 6.5
Daws 6
Kaboul 7.5
Ekotto 7.8 (No misplaced passes and overlaps the midfieder)

Lennon 6.8
Zokora 6
Huddlestone 7
Malbranque 7

Keane 7
Bent 5.8

Defoe 9
Taarabt 7.5
Bale 7