Monday, September 10, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur: Exclusive Interview

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Anonymous said...

now that was fascinating

Anonymous said...

Great interview!!! good to hear you Harry!! love the Football FanCast team

Anonymous said...

Good stuff H. MOTD is your next move. Or perhaps you have the right face for radio, arf arf.

Anonymous said...


Harry are you like the Banksy of the internet blog world?! Mr Incognito...harrys world shrouded in mystery!

Anonymous said...

please let it happen!!!!

Harry Hotspur said...


Banksy? Hahahaha...

Quality, thank you!

jolsgonemental said...

why dont you type grazza in the 'name' field?

GRAZZA said...

Jolsgonemental - you dont mind if i call you JGM do you?

Good point, well made. Laziness was the primary reason.

jolsgonemental said...

ta, I hate anon posts, if a poster finds their own comments so embarrassing that they need to hide behind anonymity, i assume they cant be worth reading.

jolsgonemental said...


A negative Italian coach would be the last thing we want. Can you imagine trying to play 90mins negative containing football with our playing staff. it would be like the alamo.

its bad enough trying it the last 30mins of every. single. fucking. game.

we need a good progressive manager, willing to play our players to their strengths (ie on the offensive), preferably a manager with a pair of bollocks -just one decent sized one would be a start.

No the Italian mentality would not sit well with our club.

And he looks like a cross between Hannibal from the A team and Dick Van Dyke in that pic.

(yes. I know, I just broke my anon poster rule. well i say rules are for skunkpussies. fuck the system, viva la revolution)

Anonymous said...


Johnny on the Spot said...

You should be doing a podcast. You were very level headed about the Jol/board situation, informative and intelligent.

I really enjoyed that.

anonkneemousse said...

Just listened to that H all good bruv.

Anonymous said...

JGM your comments are not only narrow minded they're also ignorant who won the last world cup?????
Just goes to show some of the people come on here for their little champ manager stint then piss off back where they belong, in their fantasy footballing world.
you obviously dont follow football very well if your still going on about the same old and typically english rants about italians playing negative football. If you'd bothered to acknowledge anything other than your own stupid arrogance you would know that long gone are the catenaccio days and that italian football is not only one of if not the most technically gifted leagues in the world it is also the most open and attacking check your opta stats.

Lippi's record speaks for itself as does italian football i.e world cup winners, champions league, euro super cup, world player of the year...shall i go on.

Lippi would bring something we dont have organisation and shape and considering our defending of set pieces is so bad i think he could sort that too.

JGM rant over with up the spurs!!


jolsgonemental said...

You are not wrong, italian national teams and clubs and leagues have been successful. I cant recall saying that wasnt the case. I think you may have imagined it gino.

However Italian football mentality has always been and always will be about stopping the other team playing first and foremost.

Thank you for pointing out the recent world cup winning side, proof indeed that it is still the case. negative to the point of villainy. cheated against aussies (admittedly funny), bored zidane into hooliganism (admittedly even funnier).

no thanks. Italian football leaves me cold. Maybe it is a hotbed of excitement now. but i doubt it. i expect it is still a one paced exercise in grown men faking injury and time wasting.

jolsgonemental said...

Will he bring Chitti Chitti Bang Bang?

That might twist my arm.

dannyboy said...

Listen up, forget all the managers talk etc, the most important question is how do I get a blue name title ?!?!?

jolsgonemental said...

divvyboy you need a googleaccount

or those 3d glasses things.

Harry Hotspur said...

JGM has it right!

Some considerations go well beyond the consideration 'opta stats

I mean, who is this chap, Is he Truly Scrumptious? Or even a suitor?

Does he travel 'First cabin and captain's table regal company....'?


Did I mention I was likened to Banksy earlier today...?

"to dare is to do" said...

can we have gross back..the boys look like they need another day out at the circus

Anonymous said...

quote unquote

another anon said...

The Banksy reference is quite apt Mr Hotspur. You are both percieved as loners in manny respects and you are a bit arty in your way. My guess is lots of Spurs fans like you. A minority as with 'GRAFITTI IS A CRIME!' hate you. Your podcast that I heard today was very good in respect of your Levy comments. I will use your own great line and suggest - more please.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Dick van Dyke? Why would we want another bloody Dutchman?

Anonymous said...

Yep sorry JGM your right as long as all englishmen think like u, the national team will continue to win............sod all!!!!!
Face english although fast paced and commercially superior to any other it will always cy out for more foreign imports to spice it up so to speak. And lets not ignore the long list of successful english managers that are around today eerrrrrrrrmmmm.....hang on a minute still scratching my me out you cant cos ur to busy planting your lips up JGM's fat ringpiece.

carry on with your attitude and you got no chance of entering the new kingdom!!!!!


Harry Hotspur said...


I'm fighting being bored here.....

What's yer point?

Liipi is the answer.

Okay. Let's suspend disbelief and say you're unconditionally right.

What then, was the question?

jolsgonemental said...


crap argument. you seem to start by refering to the english national team (totally irrelevant) then suggest we need more foreigners (in our national team?)

as far as club football goes English clubs are as successful in European Terms as Italian Clubs.

Despite a lengthy ban.

Most of the success came before the 'foreign' invasion.

Again irrelevent to the actual point of discussion ie why a chimney sweep isnt fit to manage spurs.

So there you go Gino. I win. you lose.

go away and work on your game against the small fry on vitalfootball, this is the big boys league.

jolsgonemental said...

and its not fat.

GRAZZA said...

Harry, when you've finished creaming you lilywhite undies about being likened to that cheeky scamp banksy and the thought of CH being buried alive in an "accidental" avalanche in the tinned food aisle @ Tesco, can you please tell me where you stand on discussing material from other Spurs fans sites on here?

Just in case i go getting you black marks with the competition. Im sure you're all drinking buddies after all!

Harry Hotspur said...

GRAZZA - Not sure what your point is mate,......other spurs sites?

Many are fun enough, but I tire of forums.

Inevitably there is a certain 'type' of human that needs to be 'in charge' and it's not really my bag, ether being told or doing the telling.

I dislike the limitations of blogging, but like the fast pace.

Do I mind other sites being discussed on here? Absolutely not.

Praise or assassinate away...

In fact, let's have a poll and see how badly HH rates!

Harry Hotspur said...

Just reread your comment.

Do you mean the nicking of info? I am 100% in favour of it.

To share is divine, to hoard a crime is my maxim. On the Net, anyway.

Want to keep a secret?

Harry's top tip - Don't tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

JGM / Jolsgonemental - or whatever your frigging name is - this is to you.

For starters, let's clear one thing up - you're as Anonymous as every other ANON on here - unless yourmumwentmental and actually christened you with that pathetically unfunny label. Nob.

Now onto the real topic - Harry's interview. A public-schoolboys' view on things at WHL if ever I heard one. I'm bored of listening to "posh-yids" who think they can apply a bit of middle-class plum-throated twaddle to every argument and expect everyone to take note. And if Harry and jolsgoneupharrysbackpassage wanna continue this quasi-homo-erotic love affair, can you do it in private? Faggots.


GRAZZA said...

The point was that i wanted to comment on a post regarding a new stadium on Topspurs, Jim Duggans done a piece on a 100,000 (thats not a typo!) stadium!

To be fair to him i think he's written it with a fair amount of apprehension but surely thats just guff for the sake of guff?

He makes a great point about not beig over ambitious with the capacity though citing the failure to sell out the semi against the goons though.

His site aint too bad but theres nowhere to vent your fury like on here!

GRAZZA said...

PS whos going to wait for the spurs @ 125 film to come out on pirate DVD instead of trapsing down to the "O2" dome on a thursday night to have a watch?

jolsgonemental said...


when hopelessly outclassed i used to resort to calling people gay.

hasnt happened since i was 13 mind.

given up trying to convince the world that italian football is remotely interesting?

Harry Hotspur said...

1.27/Danny Dwyer wannabe

You're welcome to come on here and berate me, but try making it funny or include some 'point' to your comment before I drift into a coma.....

Cyber gangsters are - wait for it - boring.

What did I say that you actually take issue with?

Harry Hotspur said...

Apologies to Grazza who was 1.27,

Ascent of Man 2.0 was 1.25...

dannyboy said...

It's all getting a bit agressive on here chaps. Poor HH, I hope you don't really do things to JGM's ringpiece ?! Yuk!
Anyway, I've lost the thread on here - what was the original question?
When are we going to start talking up a famous spurs victoire over scum?
By the way, I though Banksy referred to the Gordon variety, chuckle!!!


Vinny said...

Firstly, Harry nice interview, you summed up current affairs nicely. Hope you're right about 3-1 on against the scum.

Secondly, I'm not gonna get involved in arguments with fellow yids as that's what Im not about unless there's a gooner scumbag involved lol!...but there is a couple of points I disagree with here.

JGM - I usually respect your straight to the point and clever, even often funny spin on things, however was it also cheating or boring when Grosso curled one with his left peg into the corner against Germany in the semi-final at their own world cup? or the way Del Piero moments later curled one into the top corner to make Lehmann look like the lemon he is? or was it a fluke the way Lippi pulled those guys together against all odds creating such strong team spirit that they escaped to victory with 13 different individual players contributing with goals apiece along the way and amidst the worlds biggest ever footballing scandal. Maybe you preferred the way the neutrals favourite Brazil flopped with egos bloated even more than Ronaldo's belly or the way France fluked their way to the final undeservedly.

Anyway, as you say aside from the world cup which is history and irrelevent, Serie A football in general is boring these days. In terms of entertainment value it's pasta it's best if you excuse the pun, I would prefer watching a premiership game any day of the week...I definately agree with you there.

But my point is, football is also hell of a lot about team and man management, getting the best out of big players, earning their respect etc, and that's what people like Lippi and Capello are able to do, get the best out of their players no matter the size of the players reputation and ego with the use of
exceptional motivational, and man management skills. This I would say is one of the key things that sets the premierships current top 4's managers from the rest, Mourhino, Ferguson, Benitez (and the voyeur unfortunately). They all command respect and have there players motivated in every single game whether it be the Wigan Athletics, the Fulhams or against each other. Where as we seem to flop against the silliest of teams too often, like we go to sleep all of a sudden believing our own hype...could you see Mourhino or Fergie putting up with that? cos your likely to get a loose boot aimed towards your head!

Capello went to Real Madrid twice and won La Liga twice, on top of all the European honours he won with Milan and Juventus, could this be the reason why United wanted him recently until Sir Alex extended his managerial career? How many managers are seen capable of replacing such a legend?

Now we have two 5th place finishes in the premiership and spend a bit of money and all of a sudden we are spitting on managerial legends.

That said I tell ya what mate, as I've said before, I am 100% behind MJ as I think he deserves more time and hope he sends the lads out to spank the scum on Saturday. But if we don't and such names we have mentioned should turn up at the lane all of a sudden to pick up the pieces, I certainly wouldn't spit on them.

I also think Ramos or even Klinsmann would make great managers too. It just a matter of availability. And this is also definately not to say I am only pro-Lippi or pro-Capello replacing MJ if he doesn't make it out of the current mess. I just think football history says it's a question of them deserving due respect.

Again, not an argument but more a difference of opinion with a fellow yid on this one.

Come on you Spurs, spank the scum!!!

dannyboy said...

Vincenzo - you wouldn't be Italian by chance ? ;-)

jolsgonemental said...


I can take that as a vote for lippi?

And 100% honestly havent a clue about 'Grosso' goal. Never heard of him, never saw it.

Only saw the last few mins of the final. gods honest.

watched the cynical italian football in early rounds and decided not to watch any more of them. I watch football for entertainment not to punish myself.

So...I respect your more informed opinion abd I wouldnt necessarily 'spit' on him if he were our new manager, as I have no doubt he would prove to be a better manager than Jol.But then i also think Jennifer Aniston probably would be as well.

So my opinion is still the same.

and it is homoerotic apparently.

Vinny said...

Dannyboy - Lol...yes by pure chance mate, that's what me old man told me anyway!

However I hasten to add Dannyboy my friend that in footballing terms my heart is first and foremost cockerel shaped.

Anyway, I've had a rethink...fuck it...with an Italian managing our mighty Spurs, God may get his own revenge and crucify the fucker back!!!...hahaha.

Vinny said...

H - Fair enough mate, I will go sow the horses head back on my friend!...:0)

Vinny said...

JGM- my last comment was infact in reply to you.

Had too many Vinos, as you see I have not much else to do here in Sicily rocking back n forth in the sun with my shotgun. Maybe "Gino Vino" the character you were talking about can relate?

Hey listen ere, do not ever disrespect Jennifer Aniston, cos she deserves to be dribbled over...not spat upon...:0)

Anonymous said...

What the hell has Chimbo been up to? If true and proven he will go to Prison!!!! See below:

Spurs star arrested in fraud probe
By CHARLES SALE (Daily Mail) - More by this author »

Last updated at 22:29pm on 12th September 2007


Tottenham right back Pascal Chimbonda, one of the top defenders in the Premier League, can be revealed as the footballer arrested by police in a hush-hush operation this week as part of their major probe into football corruption.

Chimbonda, 28, was taken into custody on Monday on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and bailed until October. The football investigative team who are part of the 150- strong economic crime unit of the City of London police carried out the questioning.

The unit, furnished with the findings of the Lord Stevens report that examined 362 transfers over a 15-month period, wanted to keep the arrest of Chimbonda private. Both Spurs and Chimbonda's previous club, Wigan, would make no comment yesterday — having received stern police warnings about possibly jeopardising further work on the case.

It is expected that the London police will now move quickly to make other arrests, including highprofile Premiership footballers and well-known football personalities.

Anonymous said...

Harry, I suggest you might like to start a new blog on Chimbonda's arrest by the Police on Monday on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud.

He has been bailed until October.

We should discuss our thoughts on how this might affect our team.