Monday, August 20, 2007

Tottenham's Ambulance Chasers Forced To Brake

Tottenham have categorically denied they have spoken to Seville boss Juande Ramos. "...we are not in negotiations with anybody to replace Martin at this current time."

Ramos has categorically denied negotiations... "I totally deny that I met with any Tottenham representative. Is there any evidence that demonstrates the contrary? It’s totally false."

Another day, another rubbish, mindless article is produced...

The win over Derby was not historic, rather light relief. Proof that Spurs could still play football and score good goals. What has been historic is the unyielding rubbish churned out by the back pages.

The pre season hype has truly come back to bite Tottenham in the rear - and we're three games in!

Was it a strategy of Mourinho to class us as 'top five' in order that we'd be eaten alive by the press if we weren't? Ahhhhhhgh the lunacy of the situation even has me thinking like him!

If you employ the same 'Jol is done for' maths further afield, then the big Dutchman will be sat down the job centre next to Sammy Lee, Alan Curbishly and Sir Alex to name but three.Despite his inadequacies, Jol is one the best managers Tottenham have had in years. The fantasists calling for Lippi ought to relent. They have no grasp of football and may as well be shouting for free chips at half time.

The next few games will be no more pivotal than they would be any season. Any points nicked from the likes of Manchester United or Woolwich are always highly prised. If they don't come this time of course, they will simply be two more nails in BMJ's coffin - courtesy of the uninformed hacks...


Anonymous said...

So what should our expectations be then seem to be saying that Jol must stay but don't expect us to beat Utd or Arsenal (I don't by the way) this what we have come to as a club? Don't expect to beat anyone good because the manager can't be blamed for not being good enough and that is why he must stay? That's the same attitude that is sinking this country today.

Anonymous said...

right with you harry, this media witch hunt is madness

Anonymous said...

ok may be not lippi..i will settle for capello instead.

Anonymous said...

I think all he means that you they are teams of sufficient quality that you shouldn't ever assume points from the games. Similarly, do you think that any of the top 4 playing each other should assume they will pick up 3 points against each other? No. But whoever does obviously gets an advantage. We should hope for and aim to get the 3 points, but shouldn't be too downhearted if we don't get them

Harry Hotspur said...

2.47 - Great Expectations.

Hysteria bores me.

I didn't start following this club last week and I WILL not agree that throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a plan.

Without being rude, have you just fallen out of a spaceship? Do we normally beat established top four teams home and away as a matter of course?

This country sinking today has nothing to do with allowing Jol another opportunity to improve upon two 5th finishes.

It's actually everything to do to with who you voted for at election time. NO?

Anonymous said...

Free Chips!!!

Anonymous said...

Tottenham fans are just happy to secure the 5th place and thats all Martin Jol capable of.

Big ambitions require adequate quality.

I personaly wont back a manager talking in press and telling everyone that 5th place was over achievement,which is a poor excuse of a man who should have achieved the top 4 only 2 seasons ago and well before the last game of the season against West Ham..No one remembers the points we have threw away down to Jols inability and naivity at Sunderland,Fulham,at home to West Ham etc.

Jol is not good enough to take us any further.

The Board have invested heavily and they have every right to expect to achieve the CL football and lets be honest how can you achieve that with a manager who fields a team to not to lose a game away from home against Sunderland.

Good bye mr NEGATIVE

Anonymous said...

It is Jol's success over the past two seasons that means he deserves 'more time'. In my view it shouldn't even be a case of 'more time', Jol has done too much for us to doubt him now. Tactical problems no doubt, but still best man for the job. It has been quite rightly pointed out by the man himself that we have had our most successful seasons these past two years. And remember were it not for the Spammer-gate end of 05/06, not to mention bad decisions in Seville, things may have been even better. Lets cast our minds back to way we played under Graham or Gross and things look sunny i.e. some good football and the uefa cup!

Whatever is said and done, the pressure has been cooked up by the media's overhype. I am genuinely concerned about the rumours of a Commoli-Levy/Jol rift, but for me this means more than ever we get behind the team 100% and back Jol in recognition of two years progress. COYS.

Anonymous said...

Yep, 2:47 has it completely wrong. Under Jol we beat Chelsea and have earned the respect of the big four. Under Jol we have a young squad that has potential to go who knows where.

What twisted logic says that after two games we need to fire the man who changed us from a mid table team to the most hyped challengers to the big four?

I want success too, but success, respect, power in this league cannot come instantly. Teams like Mancity and everton have done well, they have made some good choices. But they do not have the potential we have.

Its all the media and 'fans' who want everything perfect on a plate instantly.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed!

Jol must stay.

Berba must go.

Yidtastic said...

le me tell you a story..


there once was a hare and a tortoise. they had a race... hare ran off...tortoise slowly but surely won the know it...

point i'm making is steady progress (the tortoise) is better than going from no europe to CL (the hare & everton)

i for one am extremely happy with the way BMJ is handling things. Yes, he may not get every decision right, and at most times I have wondered why he has done it...but for fuck sake he is the manager and we should have faith in the big man

Anonymous said...

There is something not right at the club. If the board feel that it needs a new head coach to work with Damien Comolli to truly move forward then i am right behind them. Jol's tactics and his inability to fix something when it obviously needs fixing makes me think he's a good coach but not a great coach.

If we want to start mixing with the best in England and Europe we need to start squeezing points from games and changing this perception of a top 4 and the rest. At the beginning of the season everyone starts with "Zero" and can finish anywhere from first to last so why not first? I have no problem with ambition.

Anonymous said...

I think it cant possibly carry on the way it is at the moment. Comolli buying the players and Jol having to fit them into the squad. Its bollocks. There should be more communication within the club. I cant understand it. Bloody lunacy.

Anonymous said...

has anyone any idea why we have not strengthened the left side of midfield for 2 seasons now - is there something im missing?

Anonymous said...

I'm from Bulgaria and Sunday afternoon there was one interview on tv where Berbatov admitted he might leave spurs in the next 12 days.
It's true, believe me.

dannyboy said...

anon 3.46

Malbranque - really weak yeah ?!

On the original question, I guess after 3 games the rot has set in huh? Let's face it, because we aren't a 'top 4' club and look like we may just gate crash the party, the media hate us for it. All the Jol out theories and rumours are red top driven and they won't rest until Jol is gone or we are top 4. Then it will be someone elses turn.

Get the fuck off Jol's back and appreciate that he is the best manager we have had in years.


4 Ever Hopeful said...

It is entirely a question of expectations. BMJ could probably guide us to 5th every season. Perhaps that is all we should aspire to. The alternative is a risk, we may get somebody who muscles us firmly into the top four but on the other hand we may get somebody who drops us firmly back into mid table or even worse.

People who are successful in sport or business all take risks BMJ is not a risk taker. Taino instead of Taarabt or Stalteri instead of anybody else tells you that.

Only by beating some of the current top four teams will we ever make further progress and I am not sure BMJ will ever manage that.

Anonymous said...

Out with Commolli. The fact we are still lacking on the left side is his, not BMJ. FFS he's had two years to find someone.....

Harry Hotspur said...

afm. welcome...

I need a link to the interview which then MUST be in English.

A link to is no good as they have no transcript on their site.

Otherwise I have to say this story is rubbush, unfortunately, 'I listened to it isn't good enough...'



Harry Hotspur said...

4.16 Maybe they're just very good at hiding...

Vinny said...

I am behind the big man.

Yeah he's not perfect, but I would rather a continuation of the club moving in the right direction albeit slowly but surely, than the unknown of another man bringing his own ideas in with the risk of cocking up all the goodwork done so far.

Ok there has been some heavy investment, but nothing in the scale of Chelski and the Rebrov record transfer fee has only just been broken this season for god sakes, but due to excellent financial management by DL&Co, it isn't as if we're in financial mire, cos all these transfers have been balanced out with strong sales of deadwood leaving the club.

Look at Everton and David Moyes, got them into the Champs league and then almost relegated. He is another manager still learning the game at the top level and has come back fighting, and lets face it Everton were winning the old premiership (divison one in the 80's) so the fans there have expectancies of their own, having lived in the shadow of Liverpool for so long, just like us with the scum. Alex ferguson was in dire staits before he saved his skin with an FA Cup win.

Yes we may be "potentially" a massive club and do have great support, but success is not automatically achieved based on this, a lot of hard work, the right people and a bit of luck go into that recipe, things have been turned around relatively fast in a short amount of space when you look at it.

Plus the many managers that have been chopped and changed over the years without giving them proper time has not given us anything back, ok there have been some stinkers who deserved it - Gross, Ardiles to name a couple, but Jol has produced a hell of alot more than them mainly from the enthusiasm and spirit he has injected back into the club. A little more time to learn the ropes and he could have it all.

Lets use this analogy of being a Spurs fan under Martin Jol;

When Jol does finally get that Champions league place with this team of promising and exciting youngsters, it will be like an almighty orgasm after a long session of making love instead of a quick drunken thumble in the dark ending in premature ejaculation which will be quickly forgotten if he gets sacked now, does he really deserve to be treated like a cheap whore for all the good he's done? messed up analogy I know.

However there has to be a limit to the time given to him, I accept that...the very most being we must have Champs league football by the beginning of the 2009 - 2010 season or a new manager in place then, and there will be the Roy Keanes, Teddy Sheringhams, Martin O'Neils, Lippis, Capellos, Klinsmanns or Ramos'of this world waiting in the wings should he fail, no worries there.

Some will be a little more impatient than me saying give him one more season, others will say sack him now. The beauty of this game is all the different opinions, I accept that otherwise we would not be on this site. And don't get me wrong, I will be very damn dissapointed if we dont make the top 4 this season, who won't?

However we also got to accept that the board who run the club are business men, like many other clubs (except for Abromovich for whom chelsea is no more than an extension of his p*nis). So as business men they will have their own expectations and maybe other plans that we'll never know about unless you sit in those very board meetings.

Goodluck MJ mate, you need and deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole thing stinks. I like to think there is no truth in the rumour because Spurs should not behave like that.

If we sack Jol, about 10 clubs in the premiership will be thinking about ditching their own manager so they can hire him, never mind the likes of Ajax across Europe.

'Taken us as far as he can' is a phrase often trotted out when a manager is replaced, but it's often followed by f**king off right back where you came FROM.

Look at Bolton & Allardyce, Derby & Jim Smith, George Burley & Ipswich, Spurs & Francis (Gross???), Charlton & Curbishley, Wimbledon & Kinnear, West Ham & Redknapp

Anonymous said...

cn all the Jol supporters please do a little maths test as follows : 2 full seasons in charge equals 76 League games, plus 2/3 of the previous season equals say 25 which totals 101 League games and I don't know how many cup matches off hand but let's say 15? which makes a total of 116 games in charge, not 3 as you all seem to suggest. Also, the Jol out campaign may be fuelled by the red tops but has support amongst at least some of the rank and file supporters. Personally, I think he is a nice enough guy who has reached his limit which is why we get the inconsistency that says 5th place if you are lucky. Of course the "Top 4" managers say they respect Jol because they all know they can beat him so why would they want him replaced. I would like to thank him for stabilising the club and ask that he recognises his limitations and steps aside before we waste another season.

Anonymous said...

4:36 None of Jols three seasons in charge have been a waste...I think he should be allowed at least one.

And about this £40 million, Jol earned us that money with strong performances in 4 competitions last season. give him a chance and we might have the same or more next summer.

Anonymous said...

Harry - any chance of some Littlewoods codes please mucker??

Anonymous said...

why the hell are we even debating this - there is no debate we are a very good team and jol is part of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Spurs fans
I thought you all could take a look at this amazing latter that was put on another fans site who is meant to be on board, make up your on minds if you thing it’s true?.

Andrew, as I know you are always in the chatroom, can I provide you with the current position please.

Re Ramos, Klinsmann etc - We are not negotiating with any managers about the replacement of Martin Jol at this time. We are an ambitious club and it is a realistic ambition that we should look to CL qualification, so anything that looks like we may not make it is bound to lead to speculation and we fully expect that. No manager's future is decided on one or two games and it is insulting to suggest that this board would do that.

Re Martin and Damien - they have a good working relationship - the football management board works - no player comes into this club that Martin doesnt agree to - it would be ludicrous to suggest that money would be spent on players Martin did not favour and whom he would not then play, Damien has brought talent to the club with Martin's approval - and we would not have players like Berbatov and Bale without him to mention but two (there are obviously many more).

Re left position - always difficult as evidenced by the fact that the majority of prem teams (Liverpool a notable exception) play a right footer on the left. We have Lennon, Malbranque (who played a blinder on the left yesterday) Bale and Keane. So we have many options and yet we will still look as depth is a key factor of the squad.

Please let me know if any rumours running amok that I have not answered here - will be happy to! best regards,

I will be posting it elsewhere, but wanted to put it on SC first. This comes from someone who is on the Spurs' board.

Please do not be petty and argue over this as if it were some titbit of transfer ITK information. It isn't. You can take it to the bank.

The club is not about to sack Martin Jol. Please calm down.
Quote Reply

Anonymous said...

Sadly we're debating it because a sizeable minority believe that 'every great journey' begins with arriving at your destination

Spurs Wonderkid said...

Nice one Harry, I've just linked to this article at my blog and put my thoughts out there as well:

Anonymous said...

Much of this debate makes me embarrassed to be a Spurs fan.

Martin Jol turned the club round, 5th twice (v. nearly 4th), good Cup runs and the top 4 now taking us seriously. And not to mention the quality of football we now take for granted.

And in return how do we thank him? By only remembering the bad games and giving him no margin for error. It's disgraceful. How can we criticise players for leaving the clubs that nurture them, etc., when we the fans do exactly the same thing back. He's rare, Martin Jol, he's foreign - with all the skills and tactics of continental play, yet he understands the English game. I completely agree with the baby/ bathwater comment.

By the way, I sit next to a native Bulgarian speaker if someone forwards me a link to that radio clip.

Anonymous said...

Can the Jol doubters just try to comprehend these things: Firstly without Jol you wouldn't be able to demand top 4, he has taken us to a position which has given you the right to expect that, now dont you think he deserves the right to show if he can take us on that bit further? Secondly, he has been building "his" team for two and a half years. This isn't a long time in football when you are going from nothing and starting from scratch, and aiming for long term success whilst achieving positive results in the meantime. It may seem a long time to some people who only live from game to game and expect it just to happen now. Thirdly, Jol is Tottenham through and through, he's not here for the money, or because he just really wants a managerial spell in England, or because of any other matter other than that he is determined to make Spurs successful and he will strive to give that to us. He's a talented manager and has shown this by taking us on the path from embarrassment and constant ridicule to a team to be feared and respected, who are competing at the top end of the league. The points he accumulates, style of football and general spirit the team always has had under him shows this. Finally it's a1ll well and good to say he cant take us further, but that shows a complete lack of respect for him, also shows a real naivety and TBH makes you look a bit silly because of the fact that he's had only two full seasons, to get us to the point we are at is a fantastic achievement in two seasons, and now it's ludicrous to say he cant do more. There's no guarentee anybody can come in and take us into the top 4 (4th spot is what so many want and 5th is just not good enough, and all because of a line in the league table! Startling really!)so why not STICK by our manager, instead of always looking to the posiibly greener grass on the other side?
I am a Tottenham Hotspur supporter, not a Martin Jol supporter and if they sack him I will believe them wrong, and will be disappointed, but will cary on regardless. But I'm afraid I'll always feel that the Tottenham supporters who call for the best manager in 25 years to be sacked, aren't Spurs fans at all. They are a disgrace to turn on somebody who has so clearly done a fantastic job for our club and deserves our loyalty. Must have very short memories of where we were at when he came in I think. He has given you the right to expect more of Spurs than a top half finish, and we should all be right behind him regardless of whether we finish 4th or not. If you think it's 4th or bust you are deluded and clearly have no idea about our club. I believe the majority of anti-Jol people dont go to games, they sit there judging from their armchairs and have absolutely no idea what it feels like going to matches and being embarrassed time and time again by incompetent players and managers, only for someone to finally come in and restore some dignity and pride back into the club, and then you have to read people wanting this man gone two seasons later, believing anybody they appoint will definitely guarentee us getting above that line that sit's under 4th position. If that's all you want from supprting Spurs, just go and support Chelsea and leave us true fans to deal with whatever comes the way of Tottenham, and Tottenham men like Martin Jol. I'll say agin he has given you the right to want more, and for that you'll see him sacked? Get lost arseholes, we dont want or need you amongst us.

Harry Hotspur said...

spurswonderkid - nice site. I've put you on my link list.

Anonymous said...

Have to say i agree with the majority of you guys here, talk of BMJ is just ridiculous and embarrassing. I really worry for us if it happens as this season will probably be a write off for us.
Just look at where he has taken us since he took over. We had a terrible record in london derbies - we now win more than we lose. We hadnt beaten Chelsea in more years than i care to remember - done. Every year we have moved forwards, which is what any club should aim to do.
Some say he should've achieved considering the money we've spent. To that i say - money doesnt buy success, if it did Newcastle and Ourselves would've won a lot of trophies over the last 10-15 years. To those that say Jol makes mistakes, tactically inept etc i say name me one manager in the whole history of the game that hasnt made decisions people question or dont understand - he doesnt exist! Liverpool fans moan about some of Rafa's decision, Utd do it with ferguson. Fact is we are still moving in the right direction and if MJ is given time he will be revered in the same way as Burkinshaw and maybe even Bill Nic. Rome was not built in a day and we will not get to ur promised land in the space of 2 years - not from where we started.

Rant over :)

Eight Head said...

How come Man Utd haven't been written off by the papers???

It seems that the majority of "fans" are following everything the papers say like sheep and take everything they say as gospel.

Surely by seeing all the Berbatov stories over the summer that were twisted into something that it never was (sometimes quite blatantly!), people should realise that 90% of these stories are made up.

They printed the same Beckham leaving Man U stories every Summer until he did go, just so they can say they told us so!!! Jol will go eventually for one reason or another (doubt he will too soon though!) and they will say the same.

Anyway, we have Man U at a good time to play them away and Arsenal aren't too special this year. Give it a month and it'll all be back on track.

EL said...

Re: anon 3.08pm

I wonder if you were one of those supporters who two seasons ago thought he wasn't good enough to take us to 5th and last season wasn't good enough to repeat it?

I think we should be told.

I also wonder - had you been the board's top decision maker at man u after fergies 2nd season - where they would be now? Not quite so successful I suspect. But then they had vision, patience and didn't buckle under pressure.

For me the biggest gaff has been the way the cash has been spent and the lack of an experienced & quality midfielder or two but given the structure at Tottenham I'm not really sure who's responsible. I'm therefore not entirely sure how much Jol is to blame. Certainly not for the injuries which I believe are the biggest culprit re our bad start.

Re: anon 4.42pm

Top post.

I'm hoping for a big response to the media led crap, from our players at old trafford. Let's put THEM under pressure from the whistle without relenting. I've a feeling this is going to be a helluva game.

Go on the Spurs!

EL said...

Re:anon 5.22pm

Can I get it in hardback?

Daytripper said...

I usually don't read through the super long posts, but loved Vinny's. Couldn't agree more.

What is scaring the crap out of me with these rumors are the associations with Riquelme. Tommy has the exact same set of skills as Romi, but is a much better fit for the Prem. The Brazilians know Romi well from La Liga, and went after him in the first 10 minutes of the Copa America final, after that Romi never went near the ball again - and Argentina fell apart. Riquelme is way too soft for the EPL!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this and i know it'll sound a bit unreliable, but....a very good friend of mine knows one of the scouts at spurs and apparently the meeting with Ramos did take place and Jol has only 4 games left to save his job :(
I honestly hope this is just major BS.
I for one will be writing a letter to Daniel Levy to make my feelings on the matter known and can only hope that if more of us do so common sense will prevail and the best manager we've had for over 20years will be allowed to continue the excellent job he has done so far and will see the job through to a glorious conclusion. COYS!

Anonymous said...

Well, I also heard the National Team Doctor telling the press Berbatov is undergoing surgery. Maybe you'll need that in English too...


Harry Hotspur said...

All the stuff on the Bulgarian sites is hilarious.... one says Berba will be back in 6 weeks and another quotes his agent as saying he WILL play against Wales. And also he won't.

Ho hum...

afm: you Bulgarians are all the same :)

Do you have a link to the interview you mentioned???????

Anonymous said...

Spot on in your response to 2.47. These kind of lame-brained middle-class Mail/Express/Telegraph readers have no sense of perspective on life, let alone football. Top four not ambitious enough, eh? Well here's a reality check for 2.47 - I've been following Spurs for 40 years and in that time we have seriously challenged for the top flight title on just two occasions ('82-'83 and, less credibly, in '87). Both times you might argue that fixture congestion caused by good cup runs undermined our league. Otherwise we've not been close since '62. And we've had some truly great players, some great team performances in cups -especially Europe (where our record is still better than the Gooners') - but we've hardly ever had the consistency needed for league success. Statistically, Jol is our best manager since Burkinshaw. And in the last two years we've played some of our most exciting football since those sublime/ridiculous moments with Klinsmann & Teddy up front (applauded off at Anfield and then hammered by an inferior Everton team). Hang on, there's a theme emerging ...
Anyway, 2.47 you're entitled to your emotionally fascistic world view, but give Jol this season and, if we haven't made genuine progress, then let rip all you like. In the meantime, grow up or shut up.

Anonymous said...


Harry Hotspur said...

afm - Take this opportunity to reveal your sources mate - or get heckled off as many Bulgarians before you!

We appreciate your loyalty and support of Berba, but we do need facts IN ENGLISH, bless us, not the late night sweet nothings of a lunatic.

That's my job.

Anonymous said...

That url doesn't work.........

Anonymous said...

Jol stays, non-believers should go! The board should concentrate on getting us the stadium we deserve and letting a bit more money out into the community so that we can find and groom potential Hoddles and not keep having spend on an inflated market. Getting us to 5th on the bounce is an amazing feat given what went before. Rome wasn't built in a day. If we go back back to the sad old days of trying to change manager as often as the Man Citys and Newcastles of this world, then we'll end up as trophy-free zones just like them. Stick with him, perseverence pays.

dannyboy said...

uncle bulgaria - fuck off.
love orinocho.

Anonymous said...

there's a lot of talking about Berba's injury: it's very covenient if he's putting pressure on the board to fire Jol otherwise he'll go, and he ha two weeks to do it, which is the expected time for the recovery of a groin strain.
Yeah, maybe it's just a conspiracy theory but I think Berbatov was counting on being the king and jol ruined his plans with bent.
anyway, I believe we are better off without him and keeping Jol.

Vinny said...

Daytripper - Thanks mate.

Harry - Niceone, the comment moderator is off, we can now post our thoughts and be able to instantaneously admire our posts and bask in our new found fame in the crazy land of blogdon, as well as find a Spurs friend or 2 to share our fixes with in real time when we're lonely and needy...24/7 then lol!

Vinny said...

Oops...forget what I just said Harry, I thought the comment moderator was turned off anyway, was sure my post was instant today...guess I was wrong. Anyway just got excited and made myself look like a Rodney...oh well.

Daytripper said...

Depressing article in The Guardian this morning. Still more rubbish, I hope? Without King in the lineup for 2 months, there was no way Spurs were going to get in the Top 4, no matter who the coach was.

Who's fault is it for not signing Davies and missing out on Petrov, who after the first 3 games, appears to be one of the best left wingers in the world (he's certainly the fastest)? Is this Jol's fault ultimately?

I really don't want to see a change now. If the new coach comes in and the team struggles, he can blame it on the old coach and completely retool the lineup again next season. Who suffers? The fans! I haven't been a football fan that long in comparison to most of you, but I have yet to see a coaching change turn around one of the top teams right away (if you exclude Jose and the 250M he got to spend to put together an all world team).

I really love this core of players Spurs have, and strongly believe that without any major changes, and with everybody in the lineup by midseason, and an addition or two, like the awesome Taylor, we will be top contenders for the FA Cup and UEFA Cup, and geared to fight for the EPL crown next season.

We don't need a new coach (yet), we just need to reset our expectations for the season given the massive injury list we've started the season with.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the papers are barking that Jol will still be gone, and Ramos will take over, possibly before the Manure game!! And let's face it, who flies 1200 miles to catch up with an old friend, only for photos to be leaked in the papers...???

shanemac said...

fickle fans. first jol, now berbatov out? cut the crap, berbatov's our only chance to the top four, everyone else is just filler.

ziege stardust said...

Hey Harry, I thought this article on provides a fair and pretty accurate look at the situation at the lane right now. Godspeed tottenham.

Anonymous said...

Now this is getting ridiculous. Just as we get our boat stable we're looking to change the crew. To sack Jol now would be wrong. He's got the team and the ability to break top 4 and changing now will unsettle the whole club and we'll end up changing playing staff all over again. 2 top 5 finishes will be gambled away... Lets continue to build. This is the best team we've had for years so judge at the end of the season.

Jol Out?? NO !!

C'mon Harry.. time to start a petition.

qwerty said...

Well, early last week, Paul Smith a fella who works tirelessly supporting spurs [Spur Od] but don't have an original thought iin his head said he was gonna call for jols head if we lost at Derby. This bloke wouldn't call for a cab ordinarily...

TBH I think he's high up enough in the gossip circles at the lane to hve got info about the board wanting Jol out aroundabout the same time as the info was leaked.

The money that went on with the bookies was bets over 1000 at time on Jol to go. Not the Three figure sums mentioned first up.

Jol's being engineered out by the board or someone really fucking stupid at the lane has released info that is way off beam and started mayhem.

Any more Harold and i'll pass it on, mate

Anonymous said...

6.45 you start one!

Anonymous said...

Come on. This is crazy. How can we dream of getting rid of him. The club are out of order the way they are dealing with all this. Email the clpub and back him. Also, let's keep singing his name if he is sacked.

Vinny said...

Daytripper - Yeah Jol has been very unlucky with injuries, that bit of luck in that success recipe I was talking about seems to certainly be missing for him. Likewise when it came to the "lasagnagate" was another key occasion when the luck wasn't there. Agree that the injuries may severely handicap our optimum ability for a while which will not help either. I would love us to snatch a surprise win at Old Trafford and see Jol stick a big middle finger up to the press and the other doubters on his back, but unlikely given our key players out.

I do think there was an almighty cock up with the Petrov deal, we should have really gone after him instead o0f messing with people like Nani, Drenthe etc who we were never gonna get ahead of the likes of Manu and Real. At 4.7 million and still only 28, a class Bulgarian international teamate of Berba, what was the problem?...ok we dont know the wage demands involved but...

I agree that a new coach is always a gamble, and feel an affinity for Martin Jol like he has always been a Spurs man even though he never played for us but you can see the love of the club in his's great. Like you I love his core of young players too a nice mix of British and continental flavours, reminds me of the potential the "young Leeds" had before they went tits up or like the Fergie babes dare I say.

Don't know about the Matty Taylor thing though mate, at 25 he's no England International and don't think he can be seen as the world class left sided player we need...yet anyway. Maybe a good stop gap though till we can attract that kind of player. Funnily enough I really fancied Gareth Barry when he was mulling over a move. It's his grit, determination and leadership along with his versatility to play left back could have been a great addition adding balance to that left side nicely...oh well.