Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tottenham Target : Juan Roman Riquelme Esq.

In true 'football punidtry gold' I can tell you, 'this young man has plenty of tricks in his locker room.' Rumoured to be on the business end of a £10 million bid from The Lane.

He's 29 and has scored 13 time in 41 appearances for Argentina. His career has swayed a little from Barcelona (where he didn't have it all his own way, nor did his brother... who was kidnapped) to Villa Real (happier times apart from... a fall out with the coach who is also the director, oops) to current on loan home Boca Juniors. With me so far? Good.

Harry's view? He's right footed.

Marcos Franchi, JR's agaent blabbing all to Radio La Red.

And here's a clip from byrd75 that will probably be removed after three plays...


Anonymous said...

Okay, so he is right footed. Do you not think we need more attacking playmakers than Jermaine Jenas. We would benefit from another attacking midfielder, though obviously it still leaves the left side bereft. Any inside news on Jol, Harry?

Anonymous said...

lightweight for PL, a sulker and someone who wants only to live and play in Argentina for Boca.
So that just what we need then, a reluctant player the wrong side of 30.
10M? you are having a laugh

Nick said...

I was lucky enough to go to a few Boca Juniors games in Buenos Aires, including the Libertadores final. Was there for two months so followed Boca quite religiously too. And I can honestly say that I've rarely seen performances like the ones he put in. He led the team, dragged them to victory, scored, created, the lot. The man was out of this world. I've been dreaming of him signing for Spurs since then, and it may be about to come true.

But I have to say I'm totally mixed up. On one hand my favourite player may be signing. On the other the Jol speculation is a disgrace, and he doesn't deserve this. I don't know what to think any more.

grappa said...

Harry, What is the situation on Jol vs. Ramos?

Anonymous said...

Riquelme in an all white strip at The Lane...has got to be better than JJ. Although I could see us getting him only for Jol to put him into the reserves next to Germany's best young player of 2006, Boateng, to allow him to work on his fitness.
OK lets start again...I'd welcome another Argentinian midfielder at WHL.

Harry Hotspur said...

No really, nut this was left this morning on yesterday's piece..

qwerty said...

Well, early last week, Paul Smith a fella who works tirelessly supporting spurs [Spur Od] but don't have an original thought iin his head said he was gonna call for jols head if we lost at Derby. This bloke wouldn't call for a cab ordinarily...

TBH I think he's high up enough in the gossip circles at the lane to hve got info about the board wanting Jol out aroundabout the same time as the info was leaked.

The money that went on with the bookies was bets over 1000 at time on Jol to go. Not the Three figure sums mentioned first up.

Jol's being engineered out by the board or someone really fucking stupid at the lane has released info that is way off beam and started mayhem.

Any more Harold and i'll pass it on, mate

Tomtheyid said...

This man is a genieus. Without a doubt he would add the creativity to the midfield that we lack. Fair enough he is right footed...seems like the type that young adel taarabt may aspire too (and would maybe be seen as someone that taarabt could learn from at the club) However his supposed "craig bellamy" type attitude may be something we could do without at spurs. However £10m for even five years of magic from this man is decent. Does anyone else think that this might be a tie-in to the whole Juande Ramos thing?

Anonymous said...

He's the kind of "lazy genius" we've always loved at our club. Alfie Conn with knobs on; an aloof slo-mo Gazza. A washout at Barca, he has often been absolutely outstanding at Villareal - but there he had a really strong cohort of fellow Argentinians to work their collective cojones off for him. Very high maintenance allegedly (has a clause in his contract saying he doesn't do tackling - makes Glenda look like Ron Harris in that respect).
Didn't Pleat/Hoddle try try to sign him 4/5 years back?
Anyway, it's all just a distraction, ain't it? In the last 36 hours it's all gone quiet in N17 - meanwhile the sound of barely suppressed guffawing is gathering volume from 4 miles south east along the Seven Sisters Road.

Anonymous said...

Now things are running amok at WHL and it's Berba against Jol, ladies and gents. Berba wanted Jol to kiss his feet but Jol is not the kissing type. So he said he must go. And he's right. Levy was petrified because he did all he could to stop him leaving before. Now Berba's agent is in talks with the Arse and probably Berba is leaving.

Is this all bullshit? We'll see, but there's no smoke without fire. The situation is unbereable for Berba if Jol stays, and I'm on Jol's side, because Berba didn't commit after returning from his holidays. iI he is the spoilt brat he seems to be that has to be treated as HM King Berba, well, we don't need that. If Jol goes, the fans will not forgive Berba for this. And I have to tell you that Lippi is not going to put up with this, neither will Ramos who is the Spanish Mourinho: he's tough and he's the star, not the players.

So, I say it, for the first time and with deep regret: Mr. Levy, please sell Berbatov and keep Jol. I don't care if he goes to the scum, but I don't want him with us anymore.


Anonymous said...

Spudsdisgrace - fuck off you imbecile

qwerty said...

"Ok regarding this mornings headlines, clearly the club are orchestrating mj departure

mj obviously never demanded we sell berbs after sunderland but berbs did throw a massive wobbly over being subbed and over our failure to get petrov, as ive said the board were highly unimpressed with his tactics at sunderland and berbs substitution

what is true is that at times dc and ther board have been shocked by some of mj reconmendations re signings
At the beginning of the summer mj was up for selling berbs if he could get crouch on the basis that he could have the rest of the berbs money to streighthen other team areas,dc and dl thought he was boncas as we are building a team round berbs (i have previously discussed this on pm with a few people so am not creating this story today}

the other one that lost mj a lot of respect was that last summer mj wanted to swap lenon with swp

at the time lenon wass flying and had just been to the world cup whilst swp could just about get a game in chelseas reserves to say the board was less than impressed is an understatement

i was told on friday night whatever happened against derby was irrelevant mj is toast and that ramos is in the bag we want him and he wants us , its just a matter of time folks before the formalities take place"

This is from a source who is normally on the money H....

Anonymous said...

"No smoke without fire", eh?
Did you make that one up all by yourself - or did Steve ("I can't afford the shampoo to wash my hair") Curry write it down for you to copy? If you're not careful ol' James Hill will be inviting you onto Sky on Sunday mornings to swap cliches with the rest of his onanistic cronies.

Anonymous said...

berba's agent has jus told the beeb that there is no problem with him n jol

Stuart said...

Not really all that much in those clips to be that impressed by. Only number 3 was really all that. Concerned that he could breed discontent in the dressing room, although if he came and worked hard at the team, could well be the creative midfielder we've been looking for. Going by the reports though, it doesn't sound like he'd be willing to give 110%, which is what we need.

Anonymous said...

Qwerty, I believe you.
The only explanation for Bent is that Berba was leaving. But he didn't in the last minute. now we can imagine things with the boss were never fine again.
Spursdisgrace, I believe you're right.Even if Jol goes, berbatov's reputation is in tatters, no matter what his agent is saying because it was plain for all the world to see he wasn't there anymore as last year.
So, I don't think he can stay, but as it is, neither can Jol. If ramos takes charge it has to be a fresh start.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you anonymous. We do have enough attackiong midfeilders if you look at the books. I think we need a player that can control the game better. To put his foot on the ball when we need to slow things down and not to get caught with the ball. Then when it's time to speed things up, to be able to malke that pin point pass. Which JJ can do when he is on form like the Derby game. I like JJ but he just needs to find consistancy in his game. We certainly have enough players that can run at people. Look at Tarrabat! What a tallent. A bit raw but a talent all the same. I think for a regaular game he could do well on the left,. Otherwise when Lennon is back, let him and Steed switch as often as they want to confuse the defence.



Vinny said...

Would prefer Van Der Vaart, a European who is younger, proven and the captain of his club, meaning he is responsible and level headed not to mention loyal and committ edto Hamburg FC who nearly got relegated. Scores lots of goals too. Unfortunately all these positives make these kind of players very hard to get ahead of the Madrids of this world.

Wish Jol's Dutch influence would pay-off with these highly talented Dutch players.

EL said...

Hmmm... well according to this particular u-tube compilation, riquelme spends a lot of time fannying about in the middle followed by a short backwards or sideways pass. Hardly any penetrative passes into the box and not one left byline cross. Taarabt can already do what I see here and we haven't seen the Prince yet. I've got an idea of how to spend 10 mil; how about a left winger? I know, sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

A very pragmatic view of this move is over at Tottenham Massive:


Basically he can succeed in the Prem, doubtful if its with Spurs though