Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tottenham Made 'Dizzying' Offer To Ramos - Update This!

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

"They (Tottenham) made an excellent, dizzying offer, but I'm under contract to Sevilla and my decision is to fulfil it,"

"There was not the slightest possibility that I would accept it because I'm under contract. It did not interest me or the club.

"I wasn't in a meeting with anyone, what happened was that I met with a person and that person went on to meet other people who were surely Tottenham," © Reuters 2007. All rights reserved.

Source: Reuters

"To further clarify the situation - the Club wishes to make it clear and unequivocal that no individual was or has been offered the position of manager/coach at this Club whilst that position has been held by Martin Jol. It is wholly inaccurate and inappropriate to suggest otherwise."


I am confused.... are you?


Anonymous said...

Ramos says Spurs made him an offer but at the same time says he did not meet anyone from Spurs. Who is this mystery man he met? Seems like some kind of third party head hunter who was looking for some commission.

Anonymous said...

I reckon that he was sounded out, but nothing was put in writing.

That can be the only conclusion if both parties are telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the SUN reporter who pretended to be SGE...

Anonymous said...

could it be that SPURS r about to be sold??? and dey dont want JOL so they've decided to get rid of him n replace him wiv RAMOS?? I kno it sounds like a wild theory but it cud b true. u never know our board. good news KEANO has scored twice so far for ROI!!!

Anonymous said...

Fcuk ramos harry any truth in the riquelme offer?
i'll mess my pants if we get him.

Anonymous said...

According to 5Live, he's now saying he wasn't offered anything and he didn't mean to say what he said this morning!

Hmmm!! I wonder who's told him to say this, maybe his future employers if BMJ doesn't do the treble...


Anonymous said...

Harry, please run a petition to ensure Jol stays. That is ofcourse if you want him too. Harry you are one of very few fans which has the capability to lauch a effective petition. Please help our man Jol. Please

Anonymous said...

so...what about the alleged photo of Kelmsley etc meeting with Ramos in Seville? Ramos already lied about the meeting in the first place, and then he says he was made an offer. Sounds's a thought, maybe Kelmsley has been acting on they're own without "official" backing and may have overstepped their authority eg...dicussing numbers with Ramos or his representative..hence the confusion...none of which would have come out if La Marca hadn't printed the photo...this Kelmsley sounds like a snake in the grass...i wonder if Levy is maybe not to blame after all and is just doing damage limitation with an impatient board member and a now seriously miffed manager

Anonymous said...

to anon at 7.24 there is a petition already running.

Anonymous said...

Harry I want to make you a 'dizzying offer'-
Drop your pants, lube up and ill slide my cock up your rusty bullethole

Harry Hotspur said...

7.30 As wonderful as the deal looks on paper, I'll pass, but please, don't discount me from future offers.. You never know...

Anonymous said...

Harry I see your petition really caught the spurs fans imagination.

Anonymous said...

ROBBO has jus fluffed big time 4 england!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats not good news is it

Harry Hotspur said...

7.24 The link is up, top of the page mate..

Harry Hotspur said...


So Einstein, are you issue free as a ticket purchaser to games at WHL or are you simply a cyber tough guy who doesn't dirty his hands or wallet, but does have the time to have a sad gay pop? Do share more..

Anonymous said...

oooooh Harry's had a hissy...!

actually I was just pointing out what a sad response you've had. Hardly my fault is it

Harry Hotspur said...


a) When am I ever friendly to ars*holes?

b) Where's your signature? Provide your email too, to validate.



Anonymous said...

7.45 You sound like a poof, but you don't sound Tottenham. Fuck off yo mug

Anonymous said...

I sound like a poof but dont sound like Tottenham..!???

So by your logic are all spurs fans poofs..??!!


LASPUR said...

you are some prick - why aren't you watching the soccer butthole? Harry delete or ban this kinddaasshole thi site is cool

Anonymous said...

I fuckin' luv you 'arry

dannyboy said...

H - get shot of these immature cretins. Great site you got here save for the few idiots.

As for the question, I reckon, shock horror, the club are telling the truth!
If you read Ramos supposed quoted comments, "......I met with a person and that person went on to meet other people who were surely Tottenham". So he doesn't even know that if whoever he met, if he did, who they were ?! Glad he aint coming, brains like that!!!

I also agree with the board, the fact they have invested so much, they want to finish top 4; fair enough. Where they screwed up, deliberately or otherwise, was washing in public etc.

In my view, ignore all future media tales, as they are out to get us - we may just break top 4 and upset the harmony; don't want that do we ??? So there. Jol's got my 100% support, but if we finish 5th or worse come May, I may think a change is required.


Anonymous said...

Anyone heard the latest, Ramos revokes all comments and his agent says spurs never contacted him, he felt pressured and is tying to negotiate a bteer deal with his club, he has apologised to everyone!
Check skysports.


looks we'll be singing ENGLANDS No2 soon,
i just can't wait till all this shit settles so we can finally get on and let the football do the talking. and with any luck spank those manc chumps at weekend
also that ramos seems like a proper mug.

Vinny said...

Dannyboy - regarding Ramos' sudden loss of memory...the offer must have made him so dizzy he didn't know who he was talking too anymore...I want whatever drink the Spurs official got him sounds like a right buzz...:0)

I know what he was going on about though, see in the old days when I used to hit the clubs with the lads, the more Beers I had the more me beer goggles steamed up clouding my judgement. The next morning my mates would ask me if i went home with that "munter"?...I would conveniently tell em "I don't remember a thing mate"

ziege stardust said...

I'm starting to agree more and more with spooky on the subject of daniel levy. the guy is delusional. how the hell did he make so much money doing business like this?

ps. i don't know if anyone saw the US vs Sweden match today, but if you did.... kim kallstrom?!?! why didn't we offer 16.5 mil for him instead of bent? he's exactly what we need.

pps. riquelme won't be able to physically handle the premiership. that's a bad signing if it materializes.

Thank you and good day.

anonyspurs said...

hold up, a spurs striker is complaining about playing time and screwing up the locker room chemistry? fuck me, really?!!??! you mean to say that players get defensive when their position on the club is threatened?!!?!?! holy shit. who could've seen this coming?

tough luck, commolli you bloody idiot.

jolsgonemental said...

why would any investors invest 40m in a club, destabilise it by trying to get teh manager out if they were planning on selling it on. think about it.

And Of COURSE we spoke to wiggy ramos. Whether it was an official meet or a shady Kelmsey 'im nothing to do with tottenham , honest guv' scenario it is clear we sounded him out.

As to the 'dizzying' offer....hmmm, the guys contract is up in a few months. what do you think.

I am obviously not a fan of Jols tenure but frankly Levy has stripped him of all his dignity - that joint statement made me cringe. If he is not wanted, we should have cut our losses back in May as I suggested.

I have come to the conclusion that to be a top 4 club we have to behave like Chelsea I am not sure it is worth it.

And against all my better judgement I hope Jol does the business this season.

brineyno9 said...

Two factors as I see it, one; Since when has anything written in the Sun or the Mirror resembled anything like the truth, Carrick going (that would not have happened had it not been for the "Soaraway"), Berba going, now this, all s**t stirring. Best thing is borrow Pompey Yid's hammer and bury it in the nearest Sun reporters nut.

Secondly, every successful business leader (in ths case Daniel Levy) gets to a point where their marbles start to go, success bringing with it the their own perceived bullet proof vest, added to that the hangers on (e.g. Kemsley) think they can do a better job and get involved in matters they are not capable of handling.

For us, a) Stop buying the Sun and Mirror and b) just get behind the team and BMJ they will deliver the goods.

disclaimer; Any threat of physical violence is purely hypothetical.....well maybe!

"to dare is to do" said...

forget riquelme and lets just concentrate on a left winger. if mr comoli is so good at unearthing talent then there must be someone with a left peg out there

EL said...

So, Ramos seems to have shown himself to be a loudmouthed and excitable plank, or a shrewd and ruthless tactition who's been playing the Spurs board like a fiddle to crank up his negotiating position at seville. Or he's now appeasing his club while he waits for the all clear from a champions league-less Spurs. Or we've completely lost him to the improved position we helped him to secure at his club. Or .........etc.

What a fcuk up!

I wonder what's on the cards if say by the winter solstice we're mid table and playing mid table football? Can you really see levy hanging on til the end of the season to see what happens? And if ramos isn't available until the end of the season or not at all, then what?

Come on BMJ, I know you can do it.
Time to make some brave decisions, cut the safety element out of your midfield choices and bang some heads together. Choosing dependable hardworking utility types all the time tells the young talent you have no belief in them. And tell Berba that pouting will get him a bench place.

No guts no glory!

Hammer & tongs @ old trafford please.

Go on the Spurs!

EL said...


I'm not sure Levy's losing his marbles. He may just be doing what no-nonsense go-getters do; not putting up with any crap and simply letting Jol know that no matter how popular he is with fans, players & press, he either takes the next step or goes, simple as. The tough jolly father christmas/Soprano boss thing might buy him time with others but the board are here to get a job done and at the first whiff of his not being up to it will make changes to ensure an upward not sideways trajectory. Their moves may be much clunkier than I'd like but I'm just slightly warming to Levy's ruthlessness. And Jol, with no comfort zone & no illusions to cloud the way, will have to show all of us who have been enjoying the ride whilst harbouring niggling doubts, just what he's made of.

Go Levy

Go Jol

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

OK. So the rain in Spain is falling on White hart Lane. it's not only Ramos and Jol. Now it's Berba.

So, was this the big secret? That the buy-out clause only applies to international transfers just like Heinze and others?

So, the player was not entirely to blame for the Summer moves. He had no way of forcing Spurs to let him go to UNITED, but he could had said he wanted to move. Well, he wasn't brave enough, but who can blame him?

What really worries me is why did they buy Bent? I mean, if they were not going to sell Berba? Were they already thinking that he might move to Spain or Italy?Or his this board totally insane?

So, now, Real Madrid wants him. I would go if I were him. The buy-out clause is 20 million, not 25, and Real are willing to pay. He will shine in spain, I'm sure. England is no longer a good place for him. But that's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Very easy maths, Levy and Comolli:
either you sell Berbatov willingly for 21 M and he goes to United


you don't sell him willingly and he buys himself out for 20 M and goes to Real Madrid.

So, what's gonna be? Is 1 M not important? And, hey, it's manure, not the arse or chelski, so...

You'll have his letter asking to leave to show the fans.

Well? Get it over with.

8 days and counting.


sydney wale said...

El; well said.
Jol should show his balls now and go for it rather than just being evryone's mate. It will be easier for him to be ruthless if all the players know his job is on the line. I don't see too much wrong with the situation. Mind you, I am not a big Jol fan. Still pissed off from last year when we choked the big games and he was shown wanting. All adds to the excitement of the oncoming season!

Anonymous said...

Lets all laugh at Tottenham
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Anonymous said...

This is no Uncle Bulgaria hidding in the wings' small talk.
Berba's agent just told the media in Bulgaria that today's afernoon, it means now, he'll meet with Tottenham and Manchester United officials to see what is going on with the offer for Berba's transfer. He also said that you'd have to see if it meets the player's demands but that if so he woul not say no to a top club in england or elsewhere. This implies that the Board are already informed that Berba wants to go, though his agent didn't say that. He said also that after the meeting he will talk to the media in the UK.
Should anyone go check this at WHL?
Brace yourselves!

Vinny said...

Im with you El,
Yeah Daniel Levy is entitled to demand success. If you really want success you only get it by being hungry and demanding results, after investing 40 million it's his right not to be anyone's mate. Yeah football is a game, but also a business and if we make the top 4 that he demands, then we ALL win including the board and the fans.

Another point, pure speculation but this may have been a very quick decision taken after not only seeing us lose 2 games and therefore put us up against it with our champions league aspirations, BUT also the fact that we could lose Berba and further harm our ability to make top 4 as a team may have set him into action with a top continental manager with the hope that Berba would stay too. And lets face it Berba is a key player to any team wanting success.

However, due to the Ramos refusal, has all turned into a big cock up PR wise, team and club spirit wise and I wouldn't be surprised to see Berba go either.....Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

Anonymous said...

here it is.

now is Levy trying to hide the offers from the player? including the one from real and Juventus? I wouldn't be surprised.

anyway it's Berba who has to act like a man and tell the Board he wants to go.

otherwise he'll stay the pussy he is where he belongs.

Harry Hotspur said...

12.00 anon

What's your source?

shanemac said...

manchester united on saturday is shaping up to be quite an important fixture for all parties.

Daytripper said...

If they are stupid enough to let Berbatov go, I pray they have not totally lost their marbles and let him go to manU. Without Rooney and with Smith gone (he may be a mediocre player but his runs opened space for Ronaldo), they are going to have a terrible time scoring goals and are probably going to be our biggest competitor for the 4th slot. Berba is one of only 2 players potentially available in the world right now that could turn them around immediately (Ibrahimovic the other).

"to dare is to do" said...

for levy to come out and say tottenham expects a top four finish and then let mitko go doesnt sound right to me. i know people are saying theres a buy out clause but im not so sure. i fully expect him to stay until the summer, when he can take stock. if we havent progressed and he wants to further his career, plus we get 20 odd million for him then good luck to the boy, but for now he's staying to fight in our corner

Anonymous said...

23/08/2007 17:15:05

Chairman Daniel Levy reflects on a few days that has seen the Club make headlines off the pitch rather than on it...

No doubt you would agree, it is has been a tough period of time for everyone associated with the Club.

Daniel Levy: It has not been the best few days but you have got to put it into the context of six years of progress and as far as I am concerned the whole matter is behind us now. Martin and I have all the confidence that we can move this club forward again.

There has been much speculation and conflicting reports, along with a lot of uncertainty. I am sure fans would welcome clarity on many issues.

DL: I can understand that. Firstly, no-one has been offered a job either now or in the preceding nearly three years that Martin has been manager. Martin has my 100 per cent support and I’d like the fans to understand that they need to take the last few days in the context of what we think has been significant progress over the last six years.

Given that you have said that, people could think if the next two or three results do not go our way, then a change might be made.

DL: Firstly, no change would be made on the basis of two or three results and I have every confidence that no change will be required and Martin will continue to bring us success.

How did discussions with Martin go at the meeting earlier in the week?

DL: We had a very open meeting and I think it was long overdue on a number of issues that we needed to bring out into the open. Following that meeting I think we are stronger and we’re both going in the same direction. We both want success and Martin has assured me that I’ve got his 100 per cent commitment and I’ve given it to him.

There is a suggestion that Martin must now steer the team into fourth place – is this accurate?

DL: No, what Martin has said and what I have said is that we need to aim to be in the top four. I very much hope that we will be there and he believes he has got the squad, but obviously there can be no guarantees.

Many may feel that we have an under pressure and unsettled manager for the rest of the season – is this the case?

DL: I don’t think this is the case and I have just had a conversation with our captain Ledley about everything. As a result of what has happened in the last few days, both the players, Martin, the coaching staff and the board, all feel we will be stronger for it.

So we are back on track?

DL: Absolutely.

The transfer window will slam shut shortly. There might be a worry amongst fans that we won’t be able to attract the players we want to, given the events of the past few days.

DL: Let me put everyone’s mind at rest. Firstly, I don’t think this would have any bearing whatsoever should we wish to bring anyone else in. At the present time though, following my conversations with Martin, we both feel we have a squad that is capable of mounting a challenge for the top four. On the other hand, should a great opportunity arise, we would definitely consider it.


Vinny said...

Logically speaking I think after the PR disaster of the last few days, the club will be fighting against Berba leaving tooth n nail to not risk more outrage than already caused.

It will all depend on what clause there TRULY is in Berba's contract? of which there are several versions of and will be more speculation while Berba is out of the country from uncle Bulgarians and other foreign media sources, not too mention the British media who can talk bollocks like the best of em these days...oh well its all fun...NOT!

Anonymous said...

It was confirmed tonight in Bulgaria that Berbo wants to go and Spurs will sell in this transfer window.

The source is unquoted but this info can only come unofficially from his agent after the meeting today.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Berba's leaving? Again?