Friday, August 24, 2007

Tottenham's Rubbish Support

Rats doing what they do best

Frankly my patience is exhausted with some.

Whilst you cannot buy class, those inherently blessed exert it.
Jolsgonemental, a man who has tirelessly campaigned for Jol to go wished him well this week. But the insufferable are the substandard, mealy mouthed lackys of 'The Inner Circle' who pick and choose their stance as info comes their way...

P*** S****, Tottenham webmeister extraordinaire... Only days ago he demanded members of his forum not to state that messages of support via email or otherwise were from his site, as he personally would be calling for BMJ to quit if the team failed to beat Derby. Very strong, as one poster on HH remarked, from a man who would ordinarily barely call for a cab...

And so it emerged he'd been privy to the same misinformation as the rest of us, but only a day or so sooner. So he thought he'd get in as an 'informed critic' of a man who has been the best manager we've had since Burkinshaw - on the strength of three games. Three games. I could weep.

Today, he announces ' We'll Be Screaming Support For Jol.' I won't have it.
You're rubbish.

How difficult is it to form an opinion and stick to it? Harry kept a straight bat through all this Ramos rubbish and so, by the by, did thousands of you. Over 5000 fans, happy to be classed as ordinary - no better than you or I - punters have signed the petition begging that common sense prevail and BMJ be retained. Why do these vultures and parasites have to infest proceedings? Tottenham deserve better from their support. No?

I will be screaming my support at Old Trafford on Sunday and the words won't get stuck in my well they might... for some.



Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Martin Jol is the best manager we've had for 20 odd years. He has taken us to 5th spot twice ... very close to 4th two seasons ago. He also looks to be the best man-manager we've had in a long time and, as the last week has shown, he is well liked in the media which again is something that couldn't be said for many previous managers we've had.

I can also see the other side of the issue as well though. So many times we've been in a great position to beat one of the so called "Big 4" and we've been unable to finish them off. There are three likely reasons for this and in my opinion, each of them have equal merit.
First there is the tactical decisions made by BMJ. I as a supporter often feel more uneasy when we are 2 goals up at half time then if we were 1 goal down because I fear that we're going to change tact and try and defend the lead. As a club, we just seem to look better when we come out after the break with it all to do.
Second is the players themselves. There is no doubt that there is a mental wall that needs to be broken down in order to win big games regularly. Players might start second guessing themselves and hoping to just hold on instead of playing with the same confidence that they had earlier in the game. My local television channel for all things football recently showed a series of "classic" Premier League games and one of them was the ManU game where we led 3-0 at half time. I had promised myself that I would watch it till half time and then turn it off but like someone driving past a car crash, I couldn't help slowing down and watching the carnage. When the teams came out after half time you would have been forgiven if you thought that Spurs were the team down 3-0 and ManU were confidently winning because we looked nervous and they looked like were deservedly winning. They of cause went on to destroy us 5-3 which leads me nicely to my third reason ... the other team.
The "Big 4" are called the "Big 4" for a reason. They've all had success either in the Premier League or in Europe over recent years and in ManU or Arsenal's case, for the last 10+ years. Managers and players alike have a belief that they can beat any other team put infront of them ... hell, in some cases it's cockiness. Playing in the big games and very often coming out on top when it's stacked against you (Liverpool and ManU have done it in CL finals) means those managers and players still have plenty of self belief and confidence when they're 1, 2 or even 3 down to Tottenham Hotspur. So even if BMJ is on the ball tactically and our players have the right mindset, we still have to stop the other team.

Arn said...

true, i cant understand why Levy and the board would want to give Jol the boot. he has done a great job at the Lane. and i believe people screaming for his resignation is just some impatient thugs!

Anonymous said...

This is all to make us dream of big name managers to help the appeal of sacking Jol. Looks like they will do it anyway despite today's statement, but they will never deliver and there's no guarentee whoever would be a success if they did. What a shame.

Vinny said...

The latest is we turned down Capello...well according to the stupid f*ckin media anyway...there havin a laugh at us...w*nkers!...cos I doubt the club would pull a stupid stunt like this after all thats happened in the last few days.

Who would've thought this farce during the close season when we were all so excited about the new season?

Anonymous said...

2.09 i agree totally with your comments as i too was watching that game and as you put it so succinctly it was like watching a car crash.
When we were 3-0 up against Derby the other day, i still couldnt celebrate at half time as my scouser mate was reminding me - remember man city, remember man utd!!! The problem with that is it is true!!! I feel we are almost mentally scared as a club from some of those losses that we are almost resigned to the fact that we are waiting for the next way that things can go pear shape for us. Which other club can get food poisoning on the last and most critical day of the year to cost them champs league? Which other club can go from winning almost all of their pre season games and a feeling of bring on the season (the last 2 pre seasons) during the pre season and then start absolutely horribly each time.
There is some psychological barrier that we need to cross before we break into the "big 4".
I love my spurs and even if my club that i have supported for 27 years was relegated i would support them but i am sorry to say this i feel we need personnel to come on board that can change the mental attitude of the club as we will not progress as a club until we can rid ourselves of the scares of yesteryear. If Jol is at the helm then even better as he is a terrific bloke but as they always say "good guys dont win the chix!"... I feel Levy was being the ruthless, totally driven chairmen that we have always needed at Spurs. unfortunately the media have spun this to make him the most hated and misunderstood chairman for many a year...

chiversmetimbers said...

Her's something for MJ and the rest of us to think about.

it used to be the motto of this blog ...I think!!!

The words of Bill Nicholson...

"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have
set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory."

heres where we should be...

starting at Old Trafford this weekend

Anonymous said...

I suppose the strongest vindication for Jol is the offer (rumoured?) to take over the Dutch national team. That speaks volumes right there.

But Jol does have some points he can be fairly criticized on. A failure to hold onto fourth two years ago. Only one win over a top four side. Tactical and motivational issues when Spurs blow leads or make a meal out of beating inferior opponents. Or just flat out lose to them, like really upsetting recent losses to Everton or Newcastle.

He has a terrific personal manner about him and he's unquestionably earned the respect of opponents and the media( the proper ones, not the tabloid bozos).

He's earned the right to see the year out. If he gets the job done, he deserves a pay rise and an extension. If not, I wouldn't have a hard time accepting a new man like Ramos. He's definitely proven he's got an ability to build a winner.

Wouldn't have a problem with Klinsmann either. Do wonders for boosting Spurs image and he'd pull in good players. His media skills are top class, too.

Hopefully, this escapade teaches Levy the narrow difference between skillful, daring managment and foolhardy risk-taking. He can't afford to let himself develop the wrong image.

Because I am an ambitious supporter.

Anonymous said...

HH, i agree with parts of your message in this post and others and in other parts i dont agree with you.

I support Spurs. That is THE most important thing that i can say first up.

I support them and i support anybody who can make my beloved club of many many years better and better.

I have loved what BMJ has done to my club in the last 3 seasons, but i have also screamed at my telly when i have seen things that i dont agree with him doing.

His tactics and his choice of players are not of a grade that would frighten Sir Alex or the pedo down the road, i think everyone (even dyed in the wool BMJ fans) would agree with that.

The positive of BMJ is that he has given us an opportunity to dream again that OUR beloved club can once again be the BIG club it once was.

I read a post recently where somebody was upset with spurs cause all the goals that were stated was getting to champions league and not what the poster wanted to hear was that he wanted to be winning trophies.

He said he would much rather win the UEFA cup than make Champions league in 4th posi because it meant we had won something. I totally agree with him too but the reality of this modern game is that winning a UEFA cup will make the club around 10m euro. Making 4th in champs league is considerably more than that. When a chairman such as Dan Levy expends that much cash, as he has this year, he is entitled to expect some return on that cash.
If he, as a driven and highly motivated chairmen wants to bring, in my opinion, the best manager that would suit OUR beloved club then as great a fella as BMJ is then im sorry BMJ but i want my club to be sensational.

All that has happened here is that we dont think Levy went about it the right way but i do think all supporters appreciate what BMJ has done for our club and will continue doing for our club for the foreseeable future, but we all must now be aware that our highly driven and motivated chairmen thinks as we do that BMJ will only take us so far. Its nothing against the big guy personally but he can only do a job to a certain extent as evidenced by his last few seasons failings in tactical errors.

I will support BMJ, i will support Daniel Levy and more importantly i will support my Beloved club Spurs and as the two people mentioned above are only trying to do whats best for OUR beloved club then i will support whateer decision is made that will foster a Spurs that will see me at Wembley some time in May and also holding the premiership. If thats with BMJ then great, if thats with Ramos, great. I dont care so long as Spurs are where they rughtly should be...

My message to you all is lets get behind both Levy and Jol and support the forward machinations of OUR beloved Spurs whoemever is leading them!!!


Harry Hotspur said...

Chivermetimbers - what a monicker!

The quote ought be the tag line for every Spurs site - but it belongs to The Shelf (see sites of distinction in me old sidebar there).

Anonymous said...

I'm still a "cup is half full" supporter so I'm really hoping this episode has made BMJ and the players aware that this is crunch time ... investments have been made and we have the most talented squad we've seen in 20 years at the club so if we don't mix it with the big 4 this season, heads will roll. The challenge has been issued and we the supporters all know that the players and management have it in them to take this next step ... all that remains is for them to do it and there is no better time to start then this Sunday against the title holders.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you are saying Harry, but there is a difference between supporting Jol against the sack, as I do, and also believing he might not have the quality to take us up to challenge for the title, as I also do.

As a club we have spent huge amounts of money and raised our profile to a level which befits a club in the top 3/4, so to expect this is not unreasonable. Jol should be given this season to prove he is able to take us on, but I know I am not alone in thinking he just might not have it in him to do it...

...again, I am 100% behind Jol this season and against the sack, but it is time to make that step up.

jolsgonemental said...

let me make one thing clear harry. I still think Jol is a shit manager.

but there is a saying about kicking a man when he is down , and as far as i can tell he is a dead man walking unless he does the unthinkable (in my eyes) and leads us to glory.

So either my wishes are fulfilled and we get a new manager or I will be proved to be totally wrong and a royal cunt all along (and i would take that in exchange for some silverware).

i win either way. So it would now be churlish to continue an anti-jol campaign.

Jol and Hughton are acting out the end scene out of butch cassidy and the sundance kid all over again.

WookieD said...

Harry, I happily signed the petition as I think the way in which BMJ has been treated is completely disgusting. So the Spurs board would lead us to believe there was no formal offer... Fair enough, but Ramos was sounded out and when the news leaked they dealt with it incredibly badly.

Whether I think BMJ can really go toe to toe with the big boys on a year in year out basis is another question but one I feel he should be given at least a season to find out. Lest we forget that Fergie was in a similar position 3 years into his tenure and we have started the season with some shocking injuries.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit harry, the majority of spurs fans have stuck by their manager for the first time in history. Well done chaps, am proud of you.

Sir Whisky Face has just said "We'll still win on Sunday", I am getting all Keggy Keegan but let's fucking have'em! Come on you Spurs!

jolsgonemental said...

can all posts that refer to ferguson almost getting sacked and look at him now... etc etc, be immediately deleted.

i find the simplistic and naive logic offensive.

Arn said...

i would just want to know why "jolsgonemental" thinks he is a rubbish manager? i would like to hear some arguments. MJ has mad spurs a force to be reckoned with, he has given us attractive football, two consecutive 5th places, something we could only dream of 4 years ago. have you forgotten about the shit managers we had before him? George Graham!? Glenn Hoddle!? Christian Gross!? (he did bring Ginola, so obviously he wasnt all rubbish).

Anonymous said...

So, there was a meeting and the agent talked to the press.
So, Berba wants to go, but Levy has to decide.
Well, dear Levy, let me remind you that what you have had until now was just a small sample of what is about to happen to that club of yours if you don't let Berba go.
I'm not joking.
7 days, and the countdown is on.

Anonymous said...

Nemesis sits in his bedsit looking at rival fans sites wondering how he can make his life feel of more worth as he eeks his 8th wank of the day. It must be one hell of an existence.

If I were you I would try instead. I see from the ads that they have some kind of money back offer. It may enrich your life a little further.

If that fails my next peice of advice would be the skag. Your days will go quicker.

Cheers then.

"to dare is to do" said...

in support of jolsgonemental what about dario gradi,why no mention of him??
i do of course love martin but can also see his failings, i think he has one season to learn.
but in my eyes the man will always be a spurs great!!

dannyboy said...

Nemesis - change the record, you really are boring.
Jolsgonemental - the references to Ferguson; you may not like them, but unfortunately they happen to be true so I don't understand your problem.

Anyhow, I really do think that a lot will be gleaned on Sunday. If the events of the past week haven't fired up the players and management to show just how good we REALLY are, then nothing will I'm afraid. Jol's pre-match team talk should be the easiest of his career. All he needs to say is "just go out there and prove you have what it takes." End of.


Anonymous said...

Nemesis - Shamesis
You may think your pseudo-cryptic comments suggest some divine knowledge of the dreadful fate about to befall the supposedly hubristic Levy. But the reality is you are not the spokesperson for the Roman god of retribution; you are in fact that character from The Smurfs. Or an annoying little tosser. Berbs stays - and you go and do something physically impossible, but fascinating to watch.

Daytripper said...

arn - go back to Harry's threads after the Everton debacle, lots of great insights on Jol's shortcomings

2.09 - Most recently, a reminder is the 3-1 domination of Chelsea at the half. Not only do the players need the belief, but we also got to get to a point where the Officials believe that Spurs are a top team.

We can't even get a penalty call against Derby when our players are mugged on clear scoring chances - yet teams like Chelsea and Sevilla continually get the phantom calls against great teams that Spurs would never get.

jolsgonemental said...

dannyboy you are being simplistic and naive.

Following the ferguson logic if we had kept Gross or Francis we would probably have picked up a couple of league titles by now. maybe a treble.

I assume you think Bolton should keep Sammy Lee - surely world domination is in the bag in a few years time.

The ferguson 'law' is a nice little story but i would advise you against assuming it is gospel.

I would love it if you are right, but forgive me for thinking its a load of bollocks.

jolsgonemental said...

nemesis is alright.

it pleases me to know that wherever you find them in the world, united fans are, to a man, sad lonely individuals who really should go out and get themselves some fanny.

Vinny said...

Pompey Yid - "you are in fact that character from The Smurfs. Or an annoying little tosser"...lmao!

Martin Jol Says;

"It wasn't the best of weeks but you have to get on with the job and as you heard in the statements the chairman is fully behind me, my staff and the players so I don't think there is an issue anymore," Jol said on Sky Sports News.

"I want to be here because I love the players, I love the supporters and they told me that they are satisfied with me. So there is no problem."

Jol admits he was disappointed to see reports of meetings between club officials and other managers. However after talking with Levy, Jol will move on with the aim of taking Tottenham into the top four in the near future.

"Normally it's better if you keep that secret but for me personally it's not nice," he said.

"Daniel Levy sat down with me twice and he said to me: 'We never went to another coach to approach him to be manager of Tottenham Hotspur to replace you', and I believe him.

"The chairman confirmed and told me over and over again that he's backing me."

Jol insists his relationship with Levy will not be damaged by the incidents of this week, and also says he has no problem with sporting director Damien Comolli.

"I've always had a pretty good relationship with him (Levy)," Jol explained.

"As you know I'm pretty open so if I'm not satisfied with something I will tell him and that is what you do, but behind the curtains and I will continue to do that and he will continue to do that."

On Comolli, he added: "I've got a good professional relationship with him.

"He helps us to find players because if you are managing in the Premier League you can't always look at player so that is his job."




Anonymous said...

How more gay can you be?

"I told Dimitar that I love him and he told me that he loves me as well," Jol said.

"He thanked me for bringing him over here and I said I would rather die than sell him. I also told one manager that [inquired about him] that I would rather die than sell Dimitar Berbatov.

"Berba knows that because I said the same to him."

Nice dialogue for a gay movie. Disgusting all of it.
Spurs or pussies? Guess it's all pussy and no balls.

But, on the other end, Jol says he would rather die than sell Berba. Well, that can be arranged...

Don't say I didn't warn you.


dannyboy said...

nemesis - you really are a prick of the highest order.
jolsgonemental - on the ferguson references, I never said I agreed with this line of thought, just merely said it's fact, because it is !!!
your theories on Francis and Gross are a twisting of words and you know it. You seem quite a sensible chap mainly; don't shatter the illusion !!


Anonymous said...

Pompey yid just discoverd wikipedia but still thinks Levy is hubristic! Pathetic! How many times do I have to repeat that the hubristic is Berba?

Were you expecting what happened in these past two weeks? Well, just wait. The best is yet to come.

Purgatory is getting near Hell, indeed.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


EL said...

Dear jolsgonemetoo,

You say you find posts refering to 'ferguson nearly getting sacked then look at him now' as simplistic and naive logic. You then in a post of your own state; "I still think Jol is a shit manager".

The stats(allegedly) show that game for game & point for point, Jol is the most successful manager since Bill Nick. Plus the obvious successive 5th place finishes.


Does the term 'double standards' mean anything to you I wonder? Or the words pot kettle & black?

EL said...

Dearest nemesissy,

I wonder if you're able to comprehend the irony in the fact that it's because you're "not joking" that we laugh at you?

you are my jo-ol, my martin jol said...

does anyone living in the united states know of any way of being able to watch every spurs game on the telly besides the fox soccer channel?

shanemac said...

how the hell can we expect to win on sunday with all this shit happening? as if robbo's confidence wasn't at critical levels already, now that bastard levy is considering fining him for saying what everyone was thinking about this disastrous week? do us all a favor, levy, and just lock yourself in a room for a couple weeks so you can't screw anything else up.

Anonymous said...

We all make mistakes in life and I’m an expert in that field. It is only a total idiot however that does not learn by this.
Levy has made a right old balls up this week but he seems an intelligent guy who should sit down take it all in and move on.
Jol is not the best manager in the world but seems to be an honest guy who has the potential to become a great manager. A lot of mistakes were made from winning positions last season , have you learned Martin ??? I for one hope so as you’re a good figurehead.
Something needs to be looked at though as for the second season running we have started a season looking a lot less fitter than the opposition and I would much prefer a new more experienced input from an assistant manager.
So if the media get off our case and I doubt that, lets move on and see where jols rollercoaster ride takes us this season.



Anonymous said...

Gill is a bloody liar. Of course there was an inquiry. If they think that comes January they will get Berba, let me refresh your memory that United has got Tevez, Saha, Rooney, Ronaldo and Giggs. Why would they need another striker? The chance of Berba moving there was lost when Tevez came in. But United tried even so (maybe they'll sell Saha if they get Berba)and now deny. It's The Times, not a tabloid reporting that.
So, Levy, tell us what did you talk about with Berba's agent during more than 90 minutes? Was it the weather? Or did the agent tall you that Berba would like to go?

I said it before: Berbatov is no longer good in England. He's misplaced and unmotivated. Chances are he'll have one of the worst seasons in his life. He should go to Real Madrid and get a fresh start there. But that requires balls, and with all that gayish love affair with Jol, God help him. He'll be a pile of crap in two months time.

Anonymous said...

So, GaySpurs are in business: Jol just came out of the closet. Apart from the Berba love affair ( "If he's not here on September the 1st. I'll die)uau! he compared Levy to...his wife. ("She speaks French, Dutch, English - but not Spanish, so she couldn't talk to the bugger. So she would come back to me.").What an idiot! To speak is the thing? Well, those who speak don't do. The more you talk about it, the less you do it, that's what sex is about. And that's why this Jol is mentally gay, but he doesn't go beyond that. He talks and talks about loving men, nothing more.
But, as for his missus, I would be very concerned when, if ever, she's silent, especially with a Spanish macho.
Poor Spurs. What a pathetic way to go down!

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia? Me? Nah - I'm a classical scholar. Got the degrees to prove it too. So I know when BMJ says he "loves" Berba, it ain't some homoerotic thing. He uses the word in its old meaning (just like Shakespeare did) to signal "respect" and "admiration". Why worry anyway, Smurfyboy, you aren't BMJ's type. He clearly prefers the brainy and witty types.
BTW,if your so clairvoyant, how about sharing your lottery numbers?
Oh, and sorry I'm a bit slow in responding to your Friday evening post - but I had a life to get on with.

berba's ex-wife said...

Oh, so he loves Jol! I knew he loved someone else, the bastard! I even thought it was a tart Spurs provided for him to feel happy. But no, it's the big ugly boss, afterall! I'm so glad I got rid of him in the Summer. Now I'm living with Ronaldo in Manchester and feeling great. Bye, Berbasucker!

Anonymous said...

yeah, classical scholar with one brain cell! Who would pick up Shakespeare as an example for non-homoeroticism? hahaha! one of the greatest buggers in history (not that I don't like him and his dearest). Now take that, chew on it, and go back to the wiki to see if you understand the meaning of this.Old meaning of the word! Oh, yeah! Jol is an expert in old words! And young Bulgarians!
Go jump in the lake, idiot!

Oh, 7 days to INFERNO.

Anonymous said...

no team can play well with all these distractions, reminds a bit of leeds a few years back. we're going to be eaten alive by united on sunday. berba save us.

Anonymous said...

Berbo's agent has just announced in Bulgaria that he will stay in Tottenham.

So, the countdown is over.

And tomorrow chances are he plays against United.

Tant pirre! as the French say.
Instead of two funerals, it all be together in one.


Anonymous said...

Anyone read this?????

Harry Hotspur said...


Or rather Narcissist...
Get over yourself...

chiversmetimbers said...

Ignore all this hysteria and babble from the press and enemies of the club...shut it out, it's all being stoaked up to serve other peoples agendas.

Tottenham is about the fans,the players and the manager. Not all this other crap and moneymen like Levy and Co who are looking to make $$$ from a nice sellout next year will always come and go.

Here's something from another great manager those bastards chewed up and spat out a few years ago......should warm your hearts and set you all up nicely for tomorrows game at Old Trafford

Enjoy this COYS!

Glad you like my moniker Harry....when we were kids playin in the park whenever we went up for a header on goal we would always shout "CHIVERS" before the ball rattled of the woodwork....hence "chiversmetimbers"

Spurs Wonderkid said...

Good on you Harry, don't think you needed to tell us that you've stuck by your guns while others struggle to keep up with what the popular opinion is.

I've written up my thoughts on why this whole fiasco is the best thing to happen to Martin Jol:

Anonymous said...

Spurs are up for sale!

Let's hope it's true. Only a true Revolution can save this club!

Anonymous said...

I Know that at least two people who don't like Berbatov post here. But I have never read anything like this. Footballwise can be understandable but the rest must come from a desperate man, possibly gay ( as rumour has it Berba is gay). Was this a rejected lover? Will please you Berbafans and Spurs fans, footballwise and the rest of the contextwise too, put this guy where he belongs? He's a moron, but this is quite offensive. There are civilized ways of criticising someone. This should not go on without a proper reply:

Anonymous said...

Well, do you believe it now?

Told ya!

More to come.


Anonymous said...

when you don't have Ronaldo you have Nani
and Rocha was the best over Spurs side
and Barbietov played the ballerina to prove he can dance but does not score

Go MU!

Anonymous said...

Man Utd 1 Spurs 0!!!!!

We clearly do not have the will to win, both Huddelstone and Gardner are not good enough at the top level.

The issue of the will to win, is so important at the top level. We are curretly just fodder for Fergie to move up the table.

We are 17th on 3 points after 4 games, clearly unacceptable!!!

The Board will bring Ramos in at the end of the season, after Jol buggers off to manage Holland!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Harry's on his way home...

The more time I spend with real YIDS the more I like it.

The mood in
The camp is good.

Jol is substantial enough to survive the madness...

Weaknesses aside the man is improving and the question is are you part of the flimsey hanging party or are you getting stuck in behind the Lillywhites?

Anonymous said...


What we heard all week was LOVE,LOVE, LOVE!

They're fucking in love with each other, ffs!Get a room and get out of the dressing room, j**ks!

Buggers all over. No balls!

What a gayish display. Berbo thinks he's bloody Nureyev, the c**t!

Fulham and the Arse next and we're dead meat. I hope someone decent takes over this joint, clears all the tops and starts from scratch as a proper footballclub should be. No love and lots of balls!

I'm off to get pissed.

"to dare is to do" said...

to 5.12 and 5.25
what sorta plonkers are you. we had the better chances, denied a penalty, hit the bar. what more do you want at old trafford
huddlestone was excellent today as were all the boys.
bale looks a player and i think we need not worry about the left side especially with yippe lee in such good form

Anonymous said...

Its no good having a good mood in
the camp if we do not know how to win against Man Utd.

We have not won against them in the Premier League!!!

Spent £35M to £40, and 3 out of 12 points to show. "Good mood in the camp" team is clearly not enough"

We need players with the will to win!!! We are rubbish (the table never tells no lies!!!)

The board were 100% right with what they did last week.

Wake up and realise, we are rubbish!!!!

Anonymous said...

Martin Jol has pleaded to be allowed to 'get on with the job' of managing Tottenham Hotspur.

Well he can clear off, because he has taken us as far as he can.

Arsenal finished in 4th place last season with +28 goal difference, whilst we finished in 5th place with +3 goal difference.

We are currently 0 goal difference, after 4 games (3 meagre points out of 12 points).

What does that tell you? Answer, we are simply not good enough.

No matter what we spend on players - is just not enough.

Jol's management has clearly produced an unfit team for the first two games of the season (Sunderland Away (lost 1-0), Everton Home (lost 3-1)!!!

We are very unlikely to finish 4th this season, and the Spurs board should have the balls to immediately sack Jol, along with Chris Houghton + others!!!!

Bring in Jurgen Klinnsmann!!!

EL said...

Superb effort by the lads. Hit the post and denied at least once by yet another ref wearing red boxers. Bale looks very good for one so young. Jenas & Malbranque worked their socks off but for me question-marks still remain. Taarabt is oozing with raw talent, please give him games Jol. The entire back line did us proud today especially Big Tone who is back to his focused and surefooted best after a run of games. Kaboul & Daws should be back soon, then Lennon hopefully. If we do fulham and arse*** we'll be back on track and well happy.

Our support at the theatre of bias was immense but you always get shit decisions in manure.

Go on the Spurs!

EL said...


"wake up and realize we are rubbish" & "bring in klinnsmann".

No. You're silly.

Anonymous said...

lot of knee jerk reactions. i'm comforted by the knowledge that true spurs fans will know what to take out of this game. if not for a few unfortunate missed calls and the lack of service from...jenas (i'm just going to name him, everyone else in the midfield played well), i think we'd have won this game.

Arn said...

you guys astonish me!! we were the better team tonight, produced more chances then manure, Huddlestone was good, Bale showed he can fill the role as a left winger perfectly and Berbatov proved himself again as a top player.
we were the best team at Old Trafford tonight, not many teams can say that. sack Jol? lets hope not!

Anonymous said...

1. no penalties: not even one. look again in slow motion. you don't put the ball in the net and then you claim penalties.
2. best team: look at the statistics: all positives are on Man U side, all the negatives on Spurs.
3. Berba proved to be a top player: for about ten minutes; the rest of the time he was either bored or showing off with no effect, or taunting the referee.

Shit! I don't believe we'll beat Fulham at this rate. Not only Jol but many other people must go.

Harry Hotspur said...

8.01 you big mong -

Either you're on a wind up or you're in need of the kind of help H cannot provide...

Man Utd have been known to humiliate us......

Today they nicked the points. And they know it.

Do Spurs?

Come on you Spurs!

Still in love with you...;)

shanemac said...

i think this article properly sums up the day.

i love martin jol

Anonymous said...

Klemsey compared Jol to...a beautiful wife: " we love her so much we don't want to lose her".

Spurs are totally gay. This is the worst decadence ever faced by this club.

What next? Some photos?

daytripper said...

We were the better team? Take off the blinders man. We may have had the better chances, but thats all that can be said. After the first 10 minute offensive onslaught, we backed off and played a very defensive brand of football - we looked like a relegation club packing it in and praying for the single road point. We did come to life finally around the 70 min mark, and I loved the passion and drive we had for the rest of the game - all spearheaded by Berbatov.

It wasn't Tommy's best game, but again his passes were sublime, and he was at least trying to get involved in the play. Gardner played his best game as a Spurs player by far.

The 2 players to single out for horrendous games are Jenas & Steed. Steed turned the ball over almost every time he had possession, but at least he tries to go forward. Jenas was dreadful - I'm beginning to think he is the worst midfielder in the prem. Every time there was a loose ball in midfield, he retreated to the goal. His passes were all sideways or backwards - the last touch on the sensational pass from Huds was something I'd expect from my U-14 girls team, not a starting EPL player. If anybody wants to disagree with me here, then you'll have to start by explaining why the heck Berba had to keep coming up to the central right side of midfield the last 30 minutes of the match to start our possessions (hint Jenas' side).

Anonymous said...

Stop your sour grapes,h

points weren't nicked. there were no penalties. there was only a team that doesn't score and a player who deserved the yellow for being a primadonna with the referee, again.

Anonymous said...

Jol is the Biggest Prat in footy history to say this on Fri than again
"I would rather Die than sell Berbatov"

Im sure if he lost someone close to him, than he might change his mind, than
the F***wit says yesterday
"Hopefully I won't Die"

Well Martin that's a matter of opinion? as you value your life so cheap

Im sure certain people in Liverpool would gladly swap your life for their 11
year old son.

Grow UP Martin and think before you open your fat ugly mouth

Anonymous said...

It's so good to see that Berbatov is staying at Spurs " by his own free will". ( as if he had a will).It's always good to recognise being a masochist.

And to compensate he gets a pay rise. ( how vey new). This will help him to feel he doesn't have to do his mates carwash to survive. Poor thing.

Since March, when this affair started, it has been always about the money. Pathetic! Well, let's go on giving him what he deserves.


jolsgonemental said...


you mug. you have gone from trying to be enigmatic and mysterious to throwing a teenage strop.

you look like a right twat now.

quit whilst you are behind.

Anonymous said...


Someone's son, daughter, brother, sister, dad, mum or best friend is dying somewhere or other every day. By that token, perhaps all turn of phrases containing any term refering to death or dying should be banned from all conversation, tv & internet forever more. And howsabout a new law which makes it illegal to live within a 3 mile radius of a road death without putting flowers down at the scene of the accident within 48 hours of said accident.

What say you chav?
(I take it by your ITV attitude that you are a chav.)

I'm a snob(BBC, no flowers or enforced community grief & pro freedom of speech).

Summerspur said...


You are up awfully late for a 12 year old... oh i get it, school holidays.

"to dare is to do" said...

what has that terrible incident in liverpool got to with spurs and martin jol
he was making a joke about himself and berbatov big deal. i, like most of us can seperate football from reality

Arn said...

now off course it is goals that are eventually counted to separate two teams, but lets say, for argument, that Nani never scored and the game ended a 0-0 draw, who would you say were the best team? do you measure ball possession? thats just a playing style. shots? corners? even though Steffen Freund was shooting from all distances did not make us a better team cause of the shooting statistics.
as you said we had the best chances, we had good and bad periods of the game, as did manure. overall i thought we were the better team because we created bigger and more chances than them.
as long as we create those chances i am not worried, we will eventually get the goals we deserve.

Anonymous said...


cause I'm not the one who's behind

I'm not the one losing games

and you simply don't get it

See you Saturday