Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tottenham On Tour: Berbatov Latest Interview

Feeling the heat

"Everything is going according to plan, I think the preparation is going really well.

The first friendly game which I played in was ok. I am still not in my best form but there is plenty of time to improve before the start of the season.

We have two more games here in South Africa and then we will return to England to continue our preparation."

On the season ahead...

"I am full of energy and the new season will be very interesting. Of course, now it will be harder for me as everybody in the Premiership knows my qualities.

However, I am not scared of this. Just the opposite, it stimulates me to show my best. I am eagerly waiting for the first games.

My wish is to remain healthy as the injuries are the worst thing for a sportsman. If I am healthy I can show my best form and help the team with my play and goals.

I do not have an aim to score a certain amount of goals but I think with the help of my team-mates I can beat my scoring record from the last season. However, the most important thing is for the team to win their games and fulfill our high expectations."

On Petrov...
"We are often talking with Martin but these things will remain between us. I can only say that I will be very happy to play with him in the same club."

*interview stolen from our good friends at gong radio, bulgaria*


Anonymous said...

How bad!Bring on Sunderland.

sidyid said...

Love the new blog banner Harry :)

kaizer chief said...

What do you think about his comment
on petrov do you think this is a hint he might be coming here !!!!!!!!!!!!i hope so

Anonymous said...

Oh, H, when knowitall send you the links from Gong you always said it was a shitty site. What now?

Anonymous said...

With the release of the nurses in Libya, this folklore is over, and dear Berby has to find another cause to play the good Samaritan.
I cannot stop laughing with the master coup of propaganda the French had on this issue: for all the world it as the Sarkozys and the French good old diplomacy who achieved it all. There they go to Libya and Bulgaria for the big bucks and the big image. How pathetic this world is! Those who really did it, with secrecy and diplomacy are not known for their good services.
Well, the British should be furious, they were beaten by the French again. While in England it's raining more than ever, France is full of sunshine, taking the leadership of Europe. Oh, Wellington, where are you? We need a new Waterloo, or what?
You should find a new cause to wear armbands and sign petitions quickly. That Maddie girl is still missing, right? And that's a whole English cause. Hello Berby, the girlie needs you!

Nemesis (of course)

Vinny said...

Yeah thought I had clicked onto the official Spurs site by mistake when I saw the blog banner lol!

Tony Parks run said...

Anyone noticed the new BT advert?

3 blokes (including Kris Marshall the wierd one off "My Family")watching football on the TV.

First clip is Keano leaving Bouhlarouz on his backside last season

Next clip is Lennon scoring the winner in the same game.

This will be repeated ad nauseam over the next few weeks


Anonymous said...

Where is Berba, by the way?
Not training, not playing, not benching... I guess he went shrak diving afterall and was eaten by a shark...or by a tart...

Anonymous said...

Not good news about Berbatov again.
This has to do with one big problem the vast majority of football players has around the world, and that's gambling. Remember last year when Rooney was in trouble with gambling debts? And Terry too?
But the issue is not the lack of money, but probably lots of it and lots of free time to play online and elsewhere.
Well, Mr. Berbatov had the nerve to spend part of his holidays in a casino hotel and to have his 'James Bond in Casino Royal's activities' photographed by OK magazine. But it was not a ruse, though it's very low IQ an adult pretending he's James Bond. He told people and the media (EVA interview and more) that he was actually gambling and how much he loved it and how many games he loved and how much he won and lost, etc.
So, this guy does it and brags about it. That's the stage of addiction when the addict still thinks LUck is on his side. The next stage, Lady Luck finds a new lover and goodbye!
Many people in Bulgaria who had him on a vey high pedestal were not pleased with this, because it's not the kind of role model you want for your kids.
With all the fans treating footballers like gods and all the money they have and all the lack of brains and education they have, we are in for a treat in the next years.
Luckly this will follow what the Courts did with Paris Hilton, and now Lindsay Lohan, etc., because it's time to put celebrities where they belong. It's not exactly the same thing YET, because gambling is not illegal. But the consequences of it bring the same behaviour of the two American stars: DUI; drugs; assaulting, etc.
Gambling is addictive, like drugs or drinking. It's sad and destroys people from the inside. It's a shame Berbatov is no different, but then there are no angels on Earth, right?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a problem. But what to do when our sponsor is a online poker and casino? Everything in football is more and more about players and games and less and less about spostmen and sport. A shame!

EL said...

Dear nemesis,

I heard that the french threatened to put a charge or two under a Libyan eco warrior's boat to secure the diplomatic swoop.

Dear anon 11.35am,

I can't work out whether your sin of choice is drugs or religion. I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

Dear el:
Berbatov has a 'minor injury' in a foot. Was it a curse because of his sins or is he in league with Gaddaffi to mess up with Spurs?