Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur On Tour: The Kaizer Chiefs Highlights

I only wish I could offer a greater morsel than this, but such is life...

Once again, the boys on the money are and Harry salutes them...


Dean said...

Nice to see our 100% record continued :D

Also hopefully Bent keeps up his impressive performances into the season to keep the Gooners and Hammers off our backs lol

Liked Keanes goal today 'great composure' as the commentator guy said lol i think he's incredibly underrated old robbie!

didnt know these games where on setana sports, couldve watched that on ma freeview box XD


Anonymous said...

Nice one Harry, very quick..reliable as usual. Wasnt happy with our performance today...we need a new CM imo. What was their coach all abot anyway?! Its a feckin friendly mate!!

SNOWYID said...

cheers harry didnt get a chance to see the game.
lets hope kaboul is ok and that the team as a whole improve.

p.s. keep up the good work HH

Anonymous said...

i must say you do write storys weve known about 4 weeks
but u r gd with the pre season highlights

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the clip.

The fantasy football league is huge mate, well done, got my bunch of let downs in!

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again Harry....good stuff.

Anonymous said...

aside from the porous defense, our biggest problem last season was lack of creativity in the midfield. that issue still has not been addressed. would love to see a dynamic cm come in soon. i just have no faith in jenas anymore.

Anonymous said...

tell you what I love about Bent, even in that small clip of him above. I love the way he runs like he really wants to achieve something rather than just going through the motions.

Harry Hotspur said...

10.20 ~ Do you know what, mate, I think you're right.

I think he 'wanted' us to score even against St Pats.

This boy is good news and we should love, support and scream his his name just as much as we do Defoe's and Berba's and Keane's............. what a chore.

'They wanted you to go to West Ham ~ You said NO NO NO'

Anonymous said...

Well guys. What about this young international with a LEFT FOOT from Zimb.... Just signed for Chiefs but looked like a talent.

Onismor Bhasera

EL said...

Bent's just arrived so he's gonna be full of the joys of spring. Wait til he's been dropped for a few games or more and see how he responds.

Did anyone see Defoe on sky sports news? No truth at all in any of the rumours and he loves Spurs. Doesn't want to go anywhere. Top man, top professional.

I see on the arse*** blogsites they're talking about finishing 2nd or 3rd next season. It seems they're thinking with their stadium. Poor loves. I'm looking forward to seeing reality slowly
dawn on them.

Nice clip Harry.

2 weeks 6 days and counting.

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

umm, no Chimbonda


First time i would've got to see kaboul in action and he's off inside the first couple of minutes,Keane wasw class should've had a hatrick if it wer'nt for that blind linesman, 1 right call in 90minutes, bloke should be hung drawn + quartered

COYS said...


Spurs v Arsenal - Rival supporters (suggestion for a blog)

I have heard it said many times that Tottenham supporters should stop being concerned about what their rivals are doing and start being more concerned about our mighty Spurs. Although, I see some merit of this argument from a team management perspective, as supporters what can we really do by solely concentrated on ourselves? If the team is being run and managed well we have an obligation to vent our concerns. Currently, most if not all Spurs fans are happy with the current setup and because we keep making progress. As supporters we currently need to get behind our team and then this progress will yield results. However, is it right for us to look at our rivals also?

In my opinion it is our moral duty as supporters to have healthy rivalry. The game would not be as interesting or exciting without it. Our league is full of great rivals including:
- Loserpool v Everton
- ManUre v Citeh
- Chelsea v Fullham
- Wet Spam v ??? actually no-one cares
- Brum v Villains
- Rangers v Celtic

Tottenham v Scum rivalry is probably closest to that of Rangers v Celtic, in that over a period of history no-one team can claim to be completely dominant over the other.

I chose to support Spurs because for Spurs it is not just about winning, it is about Glory. When I debate this with Scum supporters they just taunt saying that this is why we never win anything, but we have and we will. Glory is about winning the right way. Throughout our history corruption has surrounded the scum. Many of their achievements were gained through dull boring draws at the detriment of the game. Chelski should be concerned about this under Borihnio.

We have great reasons to dislike our rivals and I therefore believe it is a good idea to have a blog on our top reasons that make us feel good about our rivals at present. To get you started I have a few suggestions:
- Loss of Henry
- Doubts whether manager will extend contract
- Loss of Dein
- No Director of Football
- Large debts
- Hostile takeovers from non-football sources
- Publicly appearing not to care that they do not have first team English players, but everyone knows it is embarrassing and causes them to be the most hated supporters
- Too many fair weathered, jumping on the band wagon, prawn sandwich eating type of supporters
- They wrote an article about distributing free scarves so that they can improve the atmosphere in the new library
- Only team not to be part of the English top league by merit
- The imaginary player they signed
- Signing a well known striker called DooDoo
- Not a true North London club
- Slagging their own players off on all their blogs
- Claiming Spurs fans have delusions of grandeur – because they cannot admit to being worried about our progress even though ManUre and Chelski welcome us to the top tier
- Insecure supporters, who next season will be living in the past

Come on fellow yids, what do you think? If I were a Scum supporter I would be voicing my concerns so it would be good to hear from you also. Patting yourselves on the back over past performances and plastering over cracks with ‘noddy’ signings will not work. The best advice the Scum can have right now is to put the pawn sandwiches down, get to a computer and email your concerns to your club and every blog.

The future is bright, the future is lilywhite and the Gloy days are back. Come On You Spurs.


p.s. can you change the green font and please not red

Anonymous said...

Bent started his show doing what Berba did last year, playing the unselfish to become indispensable. Berba got Mido and perhaps Defoe out. Who's going to be out this time? There's this song by Justin Timberlake, 'what goes around comes around', nice tune. I bet I'll enjoy this season.

Anonymous said...

Petrov is going to Man City. Again Spurs failed to get the left wing they need. First attempt was Nani. Any logic? No, it's a Spurs thing!

dannyboy said...

anon 10.38
shut up, twat !
spot on with the colour scheme now H.


EL said...

Re: Coys.

An enthusiastic well put post but for me this level of attention towards the goons would be way over the top.

I also disagree with some of the things you've listed as things to feel good about, like 'Loss of Henry'(so what, he hardly played last year and they still got the CL spot) and 'slagging off their own players on their blogsites'(ahem... have you never read our own blogsites?) and 'insecure supporters who next season will be living in the past'(this is just the sort of presumptuous comment which could make us look stupid one year from now).

No. How about we continue to laugh at their misfortunes when they occur and not making dicks of ourselves trying to pre-empt them. I suspect also that trying to keep goons from swamping a site of that nature would be impossible.

That's one persons opinion anyway.

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

Hello Berbatov's fans, here are the latest from the man. Not about football the interview, being in a women's magazine. Anyway he had a shower for the cover, and he showed his feet and tatoo for the other pics. He was still very pale when he did this. It was certainly before going to the seaside, I reckon. Enjoy!,en/

Harry Hotspur said...

5pm, don't wish to seem ungrateful, but this isn't obviously in English and I'm consequently not enjoying it...

richie g said...

lol , see their manager. what a cock, is he a gooner?

dannyboy said...

looking at the current training pictures in south africa on the official site, good to see kaboul back in action and with a smile on his face! the team spirit looks good. what defensive crisis as reported by so many of the so called 'news' agencies? twats!