Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Hit List: Danny Rose

A figure of one million pounds is being touted.

As is a cautionary word however from a Leeds fan on The World Of Leeds's forum...

"He'll never make it, balanced lad that he is...a chip on both shoulders.

Wherever he moves he'll think he's bigger than the club."

Mmnnn. Probably just bitter that he quit them... I trust that's cobblers, hotshots never settle and with all the new blood in the camp we need as little friction as possible. I'm sure there's a Birmingham blogger somewhere writing the same about an Egyptian right now.......

17. Midfielder. Chelsea, Liverpool and The Toon where also sniffing but missed out. Supposedly.

Sorry for the brevity of the clip, but I cannot for the life of me find anything else.

Harry's Willhesignometer gives this lad a 9.0 .



Anonymous said...

Don't know how good he is, mabe someone should ask him ............

sidyid said...

Harry this site has rapidly become the one stop shop for Spurs fans... around the globe!!

Harry Hotspur said...


I wouldn't have thought of that.

Now, how busy are all those 'myface' sites going to be with Yids looking to see if Lennon & Co are out there??

Anonymous said...

RE: Will never make it because of his attitude. I dont get that. He's not been around long enough for enough evidence to be built regarding that. Also he decided to stay with them when he could have gone to Chelsea, so he's not exactly treated them badly so far.
I wouldn't pay attention to that remark, Forest fans said the same about Dawson. There are a couple of small pieces of footage of him on daily motion, but nothing major.
I saw those on Saturday, but as it's becoming tradition...Gush gush Oh harry you're video's are just so wonderful and I may aswell just live in your blog!! No offence intended.

sydney wale said...

Looks like a left winger!

Danny Rose
Your reputation grows
Would you like to sign for spurs
Gifts of gold, jewells and furs?
Come and patrol our vacant left wing
And we will gladly sing;
He's Rose, He's Rose,
He's Danny Danny Rose
He comes from Leeds
And has men's needs
Danny Danny Rose!!

PS. I Ordered a coffee the other day and the waitress wrote HH next to my order.
'What does that mean?' I ask.
"TA Take away, HH Have here".

Harry Hotspur said...

The effervescent, and I don't remember a time when he effervossent... Sydney Wale...

Anonymous said...

Apparently Chelsea have agreed a deal for Royston Drenthe for 7m.
Robben is also on his way to Real Madrid for 12.8m
According to The Independant anyways

Anonymous said...

I love this site...Australia calling again.
This boy Rose looks very quick and if he is that arrogant then he will do fine in the premier league, what the.....he is left footed.

Problem solved (fingers crossed)

Thanks H

Paul said...

Any video on the Prince Boateng?

4 Ever Hopeful said...

He probably is bigger than the club, after all it is a League 1 outfit we are talking about.

Not sure though about the policy of buying every half decent youngster in the country. It will drive future prospects away from ever joining the club from school.

Is Dixon fit yet and what about the lad we signed from QPR last season? (or is he still at school)

jolsgonemental said...

sounds like a right chavvy cock on his web page thingy.

Anonymous said...

Paul, there is a very short video of Boateng on
Thats about all i can find.

Anonymous said...

This is not a done deal apparently he is in talks with liverpool , as liverpool are a northern team it may apeal to him more , how the fuxk did we miss out on Drenthe 7 mill you watch we ll sign an injury prone 28 year old ( petrov ) next week mmmm makes sense not ! as for chimbo keep him at all cost why should we strenghten chelsea ?

Harry Hotspur said...

JGM: Totally agree.

Hats on backwards ma biatch is illin... aka load of old fanny...

Anonymous said...

Them leeds fans are just bitter and hes got a good head on his shoulders, hes got brill talent aswell, one of the best left foots i've seen wit my own eyes. i'm just upset man utd dint go for im lol dont worry bout liverpool, u've got him, trust me :D