Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tottenham Fans: SWP: Do We Really Want Him?

This seems as good as time as any to 'unleash' the poll that's been rumbling on for the past week or three.

The upshot was that given the limited choices of Drenthe, SWP, Diara and Pedersen you dismissed Diara outright. 2%.

You gave an early lead to Pedersen , one that Drenthe soon nicked achieving 43%, but SWP came a rather sorry third with only 17% and more damningly less than half of the votes cast for the Blackburn winger.

So do you just not rate him, or was there an element of 'well Chelsea won''t sell him to us anyway' going on there or what?

Or was the impossible dream of a young ready to rock Davids all too much of a temptation?


I'd welcome him with open arms. He'd flourish at The Lane.


Anonymous said...

My only reservation is that I think it would hinder Lennon's development. So, why not spend the money on a decent left winger instead?

Anonymous said...

Let's have it (W)right H, this was just a vehicle for you to inflict some 80's pop on us!

He looked pretty f**king good oon the few times I saw him play for Jose's mob and we're not 'doing a Leeds' then let's get him on board.

dannyboy said...

Good post.
Well, in my opinion, he would be a great buy given a prolonged run in the team. Remember the goal he scored against us last season? mmmm
Lennon needs a kick in the 'arris I reckon - seemed to take his place for granted last season. Would give options and could play with Lennon. 2 from 3 with Taraabt in the mix?
With the 2 pocket sized wingers on song flying down the wings, constantly interchanging, I reckon the opposition would be bedazzled - probably me and his team mates too!!
Bring it on I say. Shows our real ambition. Need to get the defence sorted and then watch out gooner scum - we're coming to get you!!!


NYspursfan said...

I have mixed feelings about it. First , I don't think Chelsea would even sell, especially if Robben goes to Real Madrid. However, setting that issue aside, he'd provide great cover for Lennon on the right. But wold he want to sit on the bench?

Can he play on the left? My sense is that he can't so why bother?

Anonymous said...

Tottenham parasites rot in hell.

We raped you last season with our Carling Cup team and Craptista up front. You better be afraid this season - we're the killer underdogs and you're scalp will be enjoyable.

Harry Hotspur said...

7.59 welcome... if you can expand upon your rant... oh yeah, and how's Walnutt working out for you?

My guess is after a polite delay, he'll end up not fleeing into Europe as per his thin skinned mentor Titi, but more likely Portsmouth. Yeah, Old Rednosenapp'll take more care of him.

Vinny said...

He is a top quality player, and the name of the game to being a champions league side is to have a squad of top quality players, so the answer is simple really - YES!

Also agree on the cover and competition aspect for Lennon being a positive thing.

The people who are demanding the money be spent on a left winger, the answer is also very simple...who do we sign then?...if Martin Petrov is in good health and available at a decent price, then thats one option, but aside from him the options are becoming very limited and we'll soon end up with having just Lennon as our only top quality winger who can truly make goals to win games if we don't sign someone soon.

And remember what happened when Lennon was out injured for a few games last season...less creativity, imagination and made us very predictable and narrow. To reach the champions league we cannot afford to be below par for any games, even when we have injuries to key players like lennon we need like for like quality coming in...COYS!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of the can he play on the left's like old-fashioned schoolboy're left back so you can't go on the right hand side of the field, and you musn't go over the halfway line (I think MJ still uses that one)....any class footballer can play right or left, and SWP is a class act so let's get him...personally don't think Chelsea will sell unless they get Chimbonda, but you never know. As regards the other "options", Blackburn won't sell MGP and he doesn't want to come to Spurs anyway, Petrov is probably a big injury risk and the others aren't coming anyway. We still need a central mid-fielder both to take control of games and to recognize that Zokora will be missing for a couple of months at the beginning of next year.

Alfie Conn's hatrick said...

Well,a moment of clarity required me thinks. SWP is an excellent player, as are the other left wingers mention. However why oh why does everybody forget that what we really desparately need, and have done since G. Roberts is a strong, all round box-to-box player slap bag in the center of midfield. We always get over run by quality teams in midfield; without such aplayer we will continue to claim 5th with ease, get to semis but never break in to the top 4! Rant over, COYS

Harry Hotspur said...

But a good rant, alfie

yid11 said...

sign him - we need a top quality squad which routledge and ghaly dont improve down the flanks

also how about big MJ starts to make some deals in favour of us...

let chelsea have chimbonda and in return we get diarra SWP and johnson? thays 20 mil of tallent for one player. dont get me wrong i love chimbonda but the team is more important

Anonymous said...

Lennon was poor the last third of the season. He needs to improve this season - he hasn't reached the top despite what he might think. SWP would keep Lennon out the side imo. But do we need him?? For me it depends how much cash we have left behind to get the midfielder Alfie mentioned, and Curtis Davis?? I think he would be a good addition.

goonhater said...

i dont want spurs to sign him,if he cant make it at chelsea we dont want their castoffs, let the arse have him, hes not good enough for us.

Anonymous said...

Please no SWP if at the cost of Chimbonda!

Anonymous said...

going on the fact that he's available and our (very well paid) accountants know exactly what they're doing then it's an absolute no brainer. ever since the arnesen and now jol/comolli revolution we've been acting quickly to cleanse our squad.. a few years ago (for our size and history) we had nowhere to go but up and we started getting in decent players with the potential to be a lot better.. now we're getting players in that are real quality and have the potential to be amazing. shawn wright-phillips is exactly in this mould and if we can then, like i said it's a no brainer.

looking at our squad and the players we've brought in this summer, i can't help but smile and feel very positive, which if i'm truely honest i haven't felt for before, not like this..

but i do feel wary that we could easily toll up £50mil this summer and if we don't win anything again this year, how much longer can we keep ploughing huge sums into the squad without trophies?

spurs are back, not just high up the league and the cups, but playing fluid football with a young talented team that's a pleasure to watch.... very similar to leeds not too long ago.. i sincerely hope the number punchers are as good as the team.

Anonymous said...

why spend 18 millon dollors on SWP when you could 4 millon on to wonderkid Adu and zizzo. come on they have spend alot of money already

Anonymous said...

I think SWP would be a good addition to the squad and can't understand all those who can't see he is a quality player. You have to take good players when they are available and I think this will be our only chance to buy him. Aarron cannot play all our games and I feel his form dips the more games he plays.SWP increases our options and adds greatly to the depth of the squad. MJ can't magic up a left winger. If they are not out there or don't want to come to the club what can you do? Having said that I would not buy him at the expense of Chimbo. He is already settled in the team and right back is not our strongest area. He played a lot of games last season and if not exceptional was certainly reliable and solid, but hopefully will never play on the left again! This season of all seasons we can't risk a gaping hole in defence. This is our best chance of progressing into the top four since it pains me to remember, which is why the board are flashing the cash! I think that the left winger brigade are masking the fact that a midfield general is probably a more pressing need. Why did we ship so many goals last season? Have we replaced Carrick yet? I think the midfield is currently unfocused, albeit talented, and needs to accept alarge part of the blame. SWP is not this player, but neither is anyone else touted. Does such a player exist, and are they available? Bit of a long post, sorry!!! Shelf16 COYS!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the question of whether a player can play on the left or not is very important... as a defender if your coming up against someone who will want to cut in on their stronger foot (say a right footer playing on the left) then the easy option is just to show them down the line because you know they won't be able to cross a ball to save their life!!! Really for the money they get all footballers should be able to use both feet but seeing as that won't happen I honestly believe you need a leftie on the left... Someone with two good feet would be even better but there aren't that many of them around...

Anonymous said...

Please can everyone remember Lennon is a young player who has been asked to play in many different positions in far too many games.

He really needs more rest and cover so that he can play at full fitness and gain a lot more confidence.

The reason he looked poor towards the end of last season was that he was exhausted physically and mentally.

SWP is a quality player who can finish, and anyone in their right mind would welcome his addition to our squad, regardless of the separate issue of our need for a left winger.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people would rather have Drenthe than SWP.

Drenthe is a talent for sure. But we don't need another unproven young talent. In case you weren't watching we just bought a couple of those already Bale, Kaboul.

What we need is proven premiership class and there is no doubt SWP fits that bracket.

I think he has been treated badly at Chelsea and lets face reality he is competing for a place with better players there than we will have to at Spurs.

Also we can play Lennon on the left..christ he played there 2/3rds of last season anyway!

I think a lot of you dismiss him out of hand because his old man was a gooner...and thats just sad really

Fadi said...

The only player i would really want would be Drenthe, did no one see him play in the under-21 Championship? He was class, is naturally left footed and can play @ left back or left wing and would gives Spurs better options and bring more balance to the team... The only problem is it looks like he's gonna replace Roben @ Chelsea who's off to Real Madrid.

Paul said...

When he left for Chelsea from Man City I would say that the poll would have been a lot different.
And now we have Lennon it must influence that vote again.
The fact still remains that SWP is a fantastic player who has had verry little time in a team where the pressure to perform must be unbarable for some.
With SWP and Billy the Whizz fighting for that right spot it still enforces competetive pressure but a healthy sporting pressure not the kind when a Russian Mafia hit man stands over you waiting for a confession.
He is quality and will do a great job at WHL. I for one hope that he does come and believe that would not proclude a lefty coming, but if what I saw on this site of Danny Rose, which admittedly was just a few seconds he will be very exciting in the coming months.
COYS from Oz

Anonymous said...

Two good players in every position is the aim. Lennon, as much as we love him, has blown hot & cold.

SWP was initially signed by Chelscum because they didn't want their title rivals to nab him, so they thought he was more valuable sat on their bench.

Now we're considered to be their title rivals, they will not hand him to us.

Regardless of that, we will come above the Arse. Absolutely 100%. Paddy Power offering Spurs at 7/2 to come in the top 4 this term.


Daytripper said...

Towards the end of last season, Berbs was getting extremely frustrated because nobody could get him the ball - we need some midfielders that enjoy and are capable of making the great crosses/passes (like Pedersen) and are not selfish 1 on 1 players, like SWP.

Pass on SWP - use the $$$ to find a LW that can get the ball to our awesome strikers.

BTW - how has Zokora looked so far? Jol said we would see his best form in Season #2. Anybody buy this? Also, if we went 4-3-3, what would the starting lineup look like?

4 Ever Hopeful said...

SWP cannot play on the left. He never ever did that at City but he was pretty devastating on the right.

However I cannot rationalise why we would want him him unless Lennon has a serious injury problem which is being kept quiet or is so homesick that the club know he will have to be sold. (which would make the wisdom of buying this guy Rose a little questionnable)

Otherwise I'd sooner we spent the money where it is more needed (left wing, midfield creator).

If we do buy him I would happily do a trade with Chimbonda, who seems like a mercinary b*****d and bring back Luke Young.

AllWhite said...

Martin Petrov for two seasons will be great, he is still top gun! Pedersen is high class too and I personally prefer them instead SWF. Also Martin is a fire by nature on the football ground.

sidyid said...

Is SWP left footed??!!

Anonymous said...

If Phillips is available then we should sign him. He's an excellent footballer who would drastically improve our squad and team.

Re: Drenthe, I wish people would stop going on about him like he's the messiah. He was no great shakes for feyenoord last year who were absolute toilet and yes he played well in the U21's but so did Mark fecking Noble and I wouldn't want us to sign him. I finished top scorer in an inter-department five a side last week but I'm still not sure I am ready for the premiership.

Anonymous said...

6:34:00 AM - what a teriffic way to make our back four worse. Young for Chimbonda.

Harry Hotspur said...

07.43 - There's a fair bit of 'grass is greener' syndrome going on alright....

Anonymous said...

He's a good player, but the burning question is: do we really want his knob head big mouth arsenal loving step dad coming to our games?!? If he signs, I think Ian Wright should be led into the centre circle and smashed in the chops by david howells at every home game as half time entertainment! I'm sure Howellsy would love to get him back for 92!

Anonymous said...

Berbatov's agent says there's no need to rush to sign a new deal with Spurs and that he should be left alone to concentrate on the new season because he wants Champions LEague next year.
Well, two questions?
1.He played the Chhampions with Leverkusen and achieved zero. So why would it be different with Spurs? To win the CL you need a BIG BIG club.
2. Concentrating implies to go shark diving? Back in Dublin a tart invited him to go and he said YES! Good for the club a physio was there to tell him he cannot do risky/radical sruff.
The guy is a moron!
Spurs should buy a dog to keep an eye on him!
What a promising season this is going to be!

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Yes Harry and you fuel most of it.

My comment was if Chimbonda wants to go and BMJ wants SWP then that's how I would finance the purchase. That way there would be money in over for any player that we really do need. Luke Young would not preferred to Chimbonda but if the latter went, of his own accord, then Young would be a decent enough replacement and certainly a much better option than Glen Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to complete the not so good at all Berbatov's news, the guy smokes cigars. Amazing! A sportsmans smoking! When he complains about being tired next time, should you do anything, Mr. Jol?
Sorry, mates, but I'm really anti-Berbatov. The guy is a fake!

mikethfc said...

lennon did not take his place for granted, we just burnt him out and relied to heavily on him. remember he was quality at the start of the season but started to fade as he got tired. BMJ even says on the dvd that lennon kept asking to come off all the time as he was knackered. haing SWP, another quality winger, would take some of the pressure of lennon and give him rests throughout the season.

sydney wale said...

7;43...You need to get yourself a distinctive hairstyle and a name like 'Royston Drenthe' before you can kiss goodbye to the inter departmental cup. Don't you just love that name? Royston;pukka!

Massive respect to SWP but do we really want Daddy Ian hanging around with his smart arse attention seeking antics to take the shine off anything we acheive next season? Can we get a petition saying yes to SWP as long as that wanker from Woolwich stays at home when he plays at the lane? He can come and cheer him on when he plays at the Emirates or Upton Park where everyone loves him still. The Wright Stuff?
Do do do do do.....

Vinny said...

Saw highlights of SWP playing in a friendly, I think it was in the US. The Chelsk were playing some team from the orient who seemed to give them a bit of a run for their money. However I did notice SWP make 2 or 3 killer passes, 1 of which Drogba finished off to win the game. Ok it was only pre-season, but he is clearly a quality player we cannot deny that. Made me think that Maureen was playing him to perhaps send a hands off message.

Harry do you have any info on this Chelsk not wanting to sell to us because we're potential title rivals malarkey? or is it a dirty tricks campaign to get Chimbonda as part of any deal?...being Chelsk I would think it was the latter.

Tom the Yid said...

think we need a left footed midfielder rather than yet another right footer. What is that going to mean? malbranque lennon and SWP taking it it turns to play an average performance out of position?? as serious top 4 challengers (let alone title challengers) we need a natural in that position, although it would be criminal to sign Curtis Davies for 8-10m (after a one half decent prem season and hardly amazing championship season) when we need to bolster that left side of midfield.

And all this talk of Chimbonda?? we spent god knows how long without two solid consistent full backs and now hopefully we have them in Chimbonda and Bale (even though I feel Chimbonda seems a money motivated player since his supposed comments re ars*nal earlier this year and the way he left Wigan. However I think L.Diarra looks quality and wouldn't mind him.

In terms of how much we are spending, the money we've got from carrick not to mention the ludicrous price of the new spurs membership should see us through.

In my opinion, forget SWP and look at Petrov or Pederson