Friday, June 08, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur: Are Man Utd Secretly Tapping Up Berbatov?

Or so Spurs fans hope...

Sir Alex Ferguson had a phone talk with Dimiter Berbatov a couple of days ago, revealed from Bulgaria's

"Manchester United's manager called Berbo while the national was on the training camp in ‘Boiana' residence.

The conversation continued for 5 minutes. Emil Danchev, Berbatov's manager, will fly to the Island at the end of June to meet Ferguson, reported UK media.

According to the information the personal terms of Dimitar with the ‘red devils' will be settled by the time of Danchev's visit.

Hard negotiations between Man United and Tottenham are expected from now on. It is foreseen the deal for the best Bulgarian football player's transfer to happened by the end of June-the beginning of July.

Topsport tried to reach yesterday Emil Danchev on his mobile phone, but Berbo's manager did not pick up."

Now, before we go anywhere with this, I wish to thank HH's very own (?) Bulgarian 'The End Is Nigh' Correspondent........................................................... 'Know It All' .

For not only assisting with the links but ensuring that the whole Berbatov to Manchester United story didn't get a chance to simply die away, well not on this blog anyway...

What do I make of it all?

Whilst certain sections of the Bulgarian media may not 'have it in' for Spurs per say, there is no doubt they do desire the advancement of their boy and Man Yoo are current Champions and the global brand...which may explain their determination in this whole story.

So cobblers, or is old Red Nose on the tap up?


Paul said...

I think its as much crap as the rest of the stories going round at the moment, I'm also getting sick of the stories,why the hell cant we have a close season without stories of us losing our top players, Berb, Chim, who next robbo and king?!!?
We are the only club truely on the up and going forward IMO, Chelsea and The scum are going backwards, Man utd, doing as well as ever but not making any mass improvement and are beatable,Liverpool, standstill at best, We are going place and for that we need our top players

Paul said...

Thats 'goning places'! We arent a well known travel firm. although it would get us cheap deals for europe now we are staying there

Anonymous said...

i think it is all bull sh**t but if had to be true than i think SPURS should take action against ferguson as we all know what they did to mourinho on the ashley cole thing!!.I personally hope it's not, as we are in a position were we could start winning some silverware.... I just want spurs to annuance that we have signed KABOUL - SNEIJDER - VAN DER VAART. THAT is all we need in my opinion. COME ON SPURS !!!!!!!!!. Anton.

Anonymous said...

For Pete's sake Harry. Will you please cut out the doom and gloom along with spreading paranoia. This story has about as much creditability as my brother's mate's dad who a cabbie had Berbatov's second cousin in his cab and he said... The ONLY good thing about this story is that Fergie is now sweating over Spurs and they're just about to hit 88mph and we all know what we're going to see when that happens.

AllWhite said...

A city council of Blagoevgrad is going to present with a medal Dimitar Berbatov today at 15.00 according to Darik Radio Blagoevgrad.

Anonymous said...


All rose tinted spectacles must be removed before moving into real world.


Anonymous said...

They tapped up Carrick through the Man Utd friendly press and now they're doing the same to Berbatov.

Anonymous said...

Harry are you actually a Spurs fan? It seems your non stop bullshit you post on the Advert money making blog you command is a joke, for a whole week now you've not posted anything positive whatsoever, instead you dig around bullshit Bulgarian websites non stop to bring continued negative news about Spurs. People like you just fuel the Berba story non stop.

Corrupted Mind said...

These Berbatov stories are really quite entertaining. With the Carrick saga I was full of fear and foreboding but with this story I couldn't be more relaxed. Truth be told I doubt that Man Utd have the cash to get this deal done. I simply cannot believe that they have the wherewithal to spend £100M on transfers in one summer! Spurs can and will hold out for the very fullest value (£40-50M cash - all upfront, no add-ons or anything else) I can't see where they can find that cash. That is not to say that all of these stories are lies, but there is no way (in my mind) that this deal can happen before next summer!

Anonymous said...

James Cutmore: I honestly do not see anything happening this summer with regards to Berbatov. Man U have spent £50 million already, and although the directors have said they will find extra money if the manager wants it, £40 Million is not extra money, its a whole summer transfer budget. I think that there will probably be a bid next summer, and if we are in the champions league then maybee he will stay. If he goes, we get £40 Mill, and a very good profit to be able to but some other up and coming quality players. Its a win win situation in my books.

Anonymous said...

Typicaly Bulgarian media crapp.

They make up stories such as this to keep the fans will be denied by Mr Danchev all over the papers tomorrow and that will be it.

THFC says that he is not for sale and thats what realy matters..

Anonymous said...

harry are u sure u a spurs fan everytime i see on news now u speculating that one our best players is leaving all the time just unless u have anything positive to say keep ur blogs private

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Harry you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Its great progress. All the players linked with the big 2 - ManUSA and Chelski ARE good enough to play at that level and until we qualify for Champions League every year and challenge for the title they will continue to be linked. COYS Champ League next season

Anonymous said...

HH - U muppet. Call yourself a Spurs fan ? I urge you to drop the name Hotspur. Idiot :@

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

7.35am, what does Fergie have to do with Ashley Cole?

Anonymous said...

Levy: "We are not a selling club".

Jol: "He's staying another one or two more years".

Dawson: "He's signed a new contract which is great".

Berbs agent: He's happy at his club and will be there next season".

Even if he was sold for 40 or 50 mil. What would that say about Levy? If the price is right, Tottenham Hotspur are more interested is making cash than creating success. We're on the brink of something here and Levy knows it. Allowing him to go would send the clearest message yet that we're happy enough being the best of the best. Too much has been said about keeping him by people at the club for him to be sold now. This story is a sign of how nervy some Spurs fans are at our own success. You're like frightened 5th placed lambs quaking at the sight of the big bad top 4 wolf. And other fans are taking the piss out of you.

Grow some balls and tell them straight to f**k off or just ignore it.

We are Spurs and we're coming for a top 4 place. Berbatov will be in a lillywhite shirt next year AS HAS BEEN MADE CLEAR BY THOSE WHO KNOW.


Harry Hotspur said...


I urge you to take your urge and make this your last, pompous, useless, comment

Mark said...

Scare mongering again Harry, its all falling apart in front of you and you're too thick to understand why...Moron!!

AllWhite said...

Typicaly Bulgarian media crapp. .... or ..... Typicaly media crapp in generall. Despite all, Topsport media in Bulgaria is famous with hastily, unconfirmed articles. But many people in Bulgaria claim, tham in that media work men, who is close to Berbatov. So, pls do no blame HH, only future will show the end of the storry. COYS!

AllWhite said...

14.00 (BG time) Arena Cinema, Sofia

Berbatov just had told to a Spurs supporter in Sofia: "Wait and you will see" in answer to a question whether he is staying at W.H.Lane!

knowitall said...

Well, Harry, it's good to see you are thankful for my input. It's never too late to be a gent!
Speaking of the gent himself, here are two links with nice photos of him today receiving a star on the walk of fame in Sofia:

As for what he said it can be translated as the prosaic:
I don't shit where I eat.
but with more polite words (his style). He said he doesn't conspire against his club, he never talked to Fergie and that any news about any transfer will be known before the Summer ends. Right now he is very happy, on holidays and wants to rest. He also announced he will be organizing a match with Football world stars in Sofia next September for the Unicef.
Yesterday his agent said the player never spoke to Fergie BUT that he did and more than once. He confirmed literally things are moving but that it is very hard because Spurs don't want it.He finally said that "very soon" all will be revealed.

I believe it is as clear as it can be for the moment.Both statements don't contradict the news you posted from (except fergie's call). I'll keep in touch with more info as it appears.
( No longer anonymous around here? What's the difference? The important is the message!)

knowitall said...

And the latest about Berbo today:

He received the Honourary Citizenship in his home town.

He said political armbands are forbidden by FIFA so there will be no special armband next year.
(Where have I heard before that he should never have done that? Yeah: told ya!)

BUt the big question today wasn't about football but about the date of his marriage. ( Please, ladies, stop crying!) As expected he refused to reply but it's the talk of the town it will be very soon.
So we'll be back in England not wearing a armband but wearing a wedding ring.
Cheers, H!

knowitall said...

Of course in the last sentence it is he'll, not we'll. My apologies.

Harry Hotspur said...

Mark -

Well are you sending over Sellotape or just here to gloat?

Do you know where you are???

Harry Hotspur said...

All White & Know It All:

Welcome friends and thank you for helpful and useful posts. Having a true Bulgarian slant on these stories is excellent.

Summerspur said...


I see you are still leaving your self satisfying, smug, fairytale opinions on here. If we go back a few days you were claiming berbs would be wearing manure red after dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, releasing the poor fellow from, as you put, "exploitation of 22k a week"
Now you do the maths Einstein, but i believe that equates to a million a year, and yes before you start, i do realise that some of these chaps don't get on the golf course until 12 and, it is not totally inconceivable that they may even be asked (nicely) to work twice a week!! guess there maybe a few of us on here who wouldn't mind being exploited.
A MILLION knowfuckall, just imagine how many karcher car washers, or Bulgarian holiday homes the fit bird on channel 4 shows us will buy.

Anyway, seems your crystal ball is off the mark which is a shame because i was gonna ask you to work your magic powers and tell me where i have left my garage key, as i have locked the cat in there and my girlfriend is going bonkers.

Harry Hotspur said...

Quality anger.

Like it.

knowitall said...

Summerspur, with no education: Maybe you don't deserve a reply, but here it goes for you and the likes of you.
Nani will be getting 43,000 a week. Nani! he's 20 and not half good as Berbo is. And I'll not mention the average wages of top footballers, well over 22,000 a week.
As for the rest, it's not over until the fat lady sings, don't forget.
And Harry, if his anger is quality give me some without it.
Have a nice Summer!
(maybe I'll be back with the link to Berbo's wedding photos)

Sadat said...

you guys will not hang on to Berbatov, he has ambitions and sadly Tottenham can do very little to fulfil them... Berba should be playing for a top team like United

Harry Hotspur said...

know it all you will be back... and you know it...

Summerspur said...


So nice of you to explain to me and even allowing for my poor education.

The more you speak the more ridiculous you sound. I find it simply astonishing that you base your info from such sources as, sofia/ and bulgaria//afact./howdareya. For Christ's sake mate don't ever get hold of a copy of the dandy or , beano, lord knows what tales of school bullying being rife in our schools and huge pie eating cowboys you will come up with. I just loved the line about phoning berbas agent, but he would not answer. did they try again, perhaps he had poor reception or his phone was pick pocketed. It would appear you have a media on a Parr with our very own daily star.

Will berbs be partnering tevez, are you now also the font of all knowledge on nani?

And finally who is this fat lady you speak of? are you dating Michelle Mcmanus just for her passport, you don't have to go to such extreme measures any more, we let anyone in. I thought your idea of romance was a night in with some pics of berba and a bumper pack of kitchen towel.

arthur said...

Hang on a sec

"The conversation continued for 5 minutes. Emil Danchev, Berbatov's manager, will fly to the Island at the end of June to meet Ferguson, reported UK media"

Which UK media? This is as close as this journo gets to a source. But it's his only one, he doesnt name it and I've not heard anyone in the UK media reporting any such thing..

EL said...

So with a sought after left back and france under 21 centre back signed, all eyes are on the important creative midfield & left wing spots, not to mention 4th striker, except that we already have 3 of them who cut the mustard so I'm more relaxed about that position.

Allegedly, Petrov has hurt his knee(again?) so Spurs have backed off and ajax are close to persuading sneijder that the dutch first league is a better option than the premiership, so our focus may be heading elsewhere. Who the hell knows? Apart from the many unbelievably well connected posters on this site of course. Please let me know fellas, I've currently mislaid my book of Faery Tails.

We've also bought some left back youngster who's name escapes me but our Youth/U21 academy must be getting quite crowded by now. Hope the poor loves don't have to que for the showers. I can't help wondering when any of the many superkids we've supposedly been buying over the past 2 or 3 years will come through blazing a trail a la rooney or walcott.(Just taking the piss with that 2nd one)

Jol has been quoted saying that he intends Tottenham to be challenging for the premiership in two to three years. I hope that's not a sign of the club's acknowledgement of our not being able to get hold of the sort of experienced and complete players in the middle, that it will undoubtedly take to get us into the top 4 next season. The quote I read also includes a reference to it being important that we finish in the top 6 again. I also hope that's Jol understating things rather than an attempt to lower expectations in response to the club's difficulty acquiring 'next level' players.

Here's to Levy and the boys delivering.

Go on the Spurs!

Harry Hotspur said...

Well put.

Especially on Jol's comments. He has to lead the charge in terms of our expectations being realised.

We must do top six in our stride next time out and it's my genuine belief we will.

If only for the fact we cannot possibly haemorrhage as many points in our opening games next season as we did last.

The addition of Kaboul (patience, ladies) and Bale are indeed just the ticket. You could almost add King to that list, you know what I mean.

I'm on the hunt for pre-season friendly game info, so if you know more than 'we'll probably be playing Stevenage' ,do let us all in on it...

EL said...

Sat july 7 Stevenage 3pm

Sat july 21 Kaizer Chiefs 2pm

Tues july 24 Orlando Pirates 7pm

Wed aug 1 Leyton Orient 7.45pm

Presumably subject to change.
I believe the middle two fixtures are part of a tour competition in S. Africa.

Harry, I still get asked to re sign up each time I come onto this site. It doesn't seem to want to hold my password. It keeps telling me it's wrong when it isn't and when I go to the 'create an account' page, the tag name 'el' appears in the e-mail address box at the top. Site problem or my computer problem? Any ideas? I'm computer illiterate.


Harry Hotspur said...

Have you tried signing in to your account on the actual Gmail Google page and then coming to the blog?

I had to do that at on stage as the header bar just 'disappeared' for about a week. Or rather it was there but had no buttons in it...

It sounds like your pc, but Blogger for all it's good is also littered with 'tics' and bugs (like the above) which usually right themselves but make you go Grrrrrrrrr anyway.

EL said...

I'll try that, cheers.

knowitall said...

Have to say the end is nigh indeed. News are coming soon. The fat lady is nearly singing.

Anonymous said...

you're not only ignorant, which is acceptable, you like to be one. Why do you want the net for, if you don't try to educate yourself before behaving like an idiot.
Well, let me help you about the fat lady:'t_over_'til_the_fat_lady_sings

And this is not the worst of you: you're rude and that makes you stupid, because you think that by being rude other people will agree with you. Hell no. Not me!
And the fat lady is nearly there to take Berbs away. Told Ya!

Knowitall(Who Else?)