Monday, May 21, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur : Tabloid Tales

And for the most part, idle gossip is all it is, but that doesn't stop us trawling through it in the vain hope that some truth has inadvertently been published...
Morten Gamst Pedersen's name is still being bandied around. I like him. I'm convinced BMJ likes him. I think most of you like him. But I'm utterly unconvinced that Blackburn are exhibiting even the tiniest indication they are wanting to sell him. Just as eventually, those tipping Downing to bless us with his patchy form for squillions gave up as he too was n e v e r c o m i n g ! All the reasons he might join Tottenham already exist for him where he is. Blackburn may not be a top four club, but ahem, as we speak, neither are we.

Martin Petrov, anyone???
Darren Bent seemed like a great idea/ forgone conclusion for about 48 hours, until some bright spark suggested fifteen million reasons (all with the Queen's head on) to take the good out of such a swoop. And would Bent put up with Jol playing him as a third striker? Lord knows...

Bale in the Bag? Talk about a slow train a coming...
Will she won't she? My understanding always was that the virtual guarantee of first team place combined with the allure of UEFA footy had been enough. Also that Comolli had done a sterling job. As I've said before, the real obstacle in all of this is Burley. Ego driven little Nazi, anyone? It would make sense for him to want to keep Bale if they were coming up. They're not and he still wants him to stay.
Reo Croker is still on the look out for new friends to play cards with, but if Jol can curb his errant ways I'm in favour of anyone who might sure up on of the worst defenses seen outside of the Premiership drop zone this season.
And that's my big concern. The almost complete absence of top quality defenders associated with us. Our aspirations to 'step up a level' are dependent upon us being able hold a game and not just win/lose with basketball scores. Today there was (probably another non story) a link with Chelsea's Boulahrouz. That's the class of transfer we ought be getting stuck into.

Ah well, per chance to dream...Viduka on a free it is then...


Vinny said...

Don't knock Viduka Harry mate, as a 4th choice or 2nd big striker would be a good foil for the protagonist that is Berbatov. He would be more happy to provide the odd super sub cover for the few occasions we hope Berba is out rather than another big name in his prime. Viduka would also give another good year or 2 for the upcoming Pekharts or Dixons to ready themselves for the premiership.

Although in an ideal world I would love to see this quartet of strikers.
2)Jan Klaas Huntelaar (can never spell it right!)
3)Bent or Defoe (if he stays)
(not necesarily in that order as should be a free for all to compete for the first 2 striker positions)

IMO that would be very potent, but will not happen beacause will be hard to keep all 4 of these happy and doubts on whether Huntelaar would join a uefa cup side even though Ajax failed to make the champions league this year, this is where Jol would have to use his Dutchness. Don't think the board would sanction such big money moves either as after all we are Tottenham not Chavski...but we can dream!

Summerspur said...

I dont mean to cause alarm but an absolutely horrendous rumour is doing the circuit that we are looking at newcastles titarse bumble!!!

Anonymous said...

its gonna be interesting to hear who we are actually after. im no fan of downing thou. i do think the club are being rather quiet for a reason, the big 4 can see comolis eye for talent so we cant let slip who we want in fear of the big spenders out bidding us

Southgate love child said...

Downing is complete SHIT! No better than Matty Etherington!

Vinny said...

No fan of Downing either, looks very ordinary for that money. MGP seems to have a great cross but not sure about him either.

Now Martin Petrov could be good and would provide comradeship for Berba.

Ive seen glimpses of him and he looks good, but dont watch enough La Liga to be able to fully judge.

Anyone know more about him?...apart from he played the other day when Athletico got stuffed 6-0 by!

Cambridge Dustman said...

I go with Vinny on the Viduka assessment. Expect it to be quiet until 1st week of June. A lot of contracts here and abroad will have expired by then and we will again live in Bosman City Arizona.

Anonymous said...

MGP - overrated.

Bent - overpriced.

Reo chav - do we need him?

Bale - i'll take.

Petrov - i'll take.

Micha Richards or Curtis Davis i'll take.

Anonymous said...

Craig Gordon is the only rumour worth getting excited about - The rest on the list are mediocre.

Anonymous said...

we need a big dog in the middle of the park. would love to see hudds come through but i think we need somebody ready for next season. We need to make a massive onslaught against arsenal. Ruthlessly winning away games at wigan etc. Bossing games leaving Berbs to snatch the win. We should spend serious money on three players, 10 million each. We have assembled the squad and got lucky with some great youngsters. we now need to step up and really get a winning mentallity

sydney wale said...

What about 8 million quid for Kaboul?
Is that a fair price for the capital of Afghanistan?
Maybe we could build a new stadium there?

Anonymous said...

yeah ive read that about kaboul and to be honest ive never heard of the kid. is he any good? he's supposed to be highly rated