Monday, May 07, 2007

Tottenham Beat Charlton: The Player Ratings

Robinson ~ Never in that much bother

Dawson ~ In the thick of it all night, couple of duff balls

King ~ Doesn't take him long to come back, does it?

Rocha ~ Out of position admittedly, looked nervy going forward

Gardner ~ Did very well. Looked more up for it than Ricardo

Chimbonda ~ Love to see him NOT cut in when he goes forward !

Zokora ~ Adept enough. Still think/hope there's more to come...

Malbranque ~ Better here than last few starts. 'That' UEFA goal shook him up

Lennon ~ Happier on the right, good tackles but no Kapow!

Jenas ~ I want better corners from him and more dynamic passes...

Tainio ~ Really gave 100%. I like him

Keane ~ Charlton didn't enjoy him one bit. Worked very hard.

Berbatov ~ His pursuit of that goal silenced those who called him lazy. Magnifico 8.5

Defoe ~ He's a Yiddo. Glorious goal. Another reason for McClaren to love him.


Anonymous said...

You didn't omit anyone this week H, that won't please the trainspotters... I'm sure they'll look for some other way to slag you.

Cracking little site. Well done.

Anonymous said...

you're a real defoefreak,hh. 8 for that? baaahhh!

and who says berbs is lazy?

Anonymous said...

i like tainio but your being very generous harry. i was very impressed with our performances against a team playing for their lives. We bossed the midfield tonight. I think our squad would suit the barca formation Robo- Pascal King Daws Lee - Hudd - Jenas Zakora - Keane and Lennon swapping sides - Berbatov scoring and doing other good things

Anonymous said...

Its about that great goal.He scored with one chance which gets an 8. You fucking stupid twat. Have you got a problem with Defoe, do you think he is a bit lightweight, a touch lazy, an Usher look a like who cares about money and average Essex girls who get credit cards to finance chasing footballers around sickening london nightclubs. Anyway HH, Ledly King tried it on with my Mrs at the Lowry hotel, she said he was really polite but a little dull and not very clever. It makes me question whether we should think about having Dawson as El Capitarno. Also I think we should buy Juan Pablo Sorin, he is a graet player and loves the Spurs

Anonymous said...

HH I have just dropped off and would like to discuss our potential next season. I would also like to start a Spurs trust which will buy a proportion of the clubs shares. There might even be a place on the board for you HH

Anonymous said...

HH, Levy wants a meeting tomorrow morning, can you make it? I will do the talking, I need you to write up a plan for where the club is going in the next 10 years. Where we can generate new income and how to increase the global brand. Also the potentialof a feeder club in the US. Talk about LA and Beck's

Anonymous said...

Robinson 6
Chimbonda 6
Rocha 5
Dawson 8
King 8
Zokora 5
Jenas 5
Lennon 4
Tainio 7
Berbatov 8
Keane 7

Gardner 6
Malbranque 6
Defoe 7

sydney wale said...

What another cracking goal from Berbatov. Defoe 's was very sweet too. I've seen it all from Berbatov this season, the most gifted player chez spurs for many years. Different class. He makes the rest of the squad look average.

Vinny said...

Berba's goal was sublime, this man is a different class. Was virtually our full strength side and did us proud under pressure from a side who were fighting for their life but lacked the guile. We had far more class bossing the midfield and our centre midfield, everyone of them played their part including Zokora, Tainio and jenas. Lennon didn't look too happy being pulled off, but his final balls was frustrating the hell out of Berba and Keano. Nicely struck goal JD. Great to see Ledley and Dawson togetehr for their second consecutive full match...COY SUPER SPURS!!!

Anonymous said...

Super Sub Defoe did not deserve an 8 even though he scored, Berbs was fantastic as always, Europe here we come!!!
HH you are a knob!!

Anonymous said...

Who the f*** is Harry Hotspur ? What gives him the right to carry the great name of Hotspur ?

I've just read the last couple of articles and he has no class or originality. The great name of Hotspur should be dropped with immediate effect.

Anonymous said...

seriously, we were very poor indeed. they are a championchip club. we should be finishing these teams off by half time and then having the luxury to rest a couple of players on the 60 minute mark. not be scrambling around and only getting the second goal on 90 minutes. Jenas is a waste of space, lazy and cant take a free kick or corner! and robbo is still flapping around at times. thankgod for berba

Harry Hotspur said...

Defoe fan? When he does something as controversial as score a 'wundergoal' like that? Yes.

11.55 has it right.

And those who are down on Defoe ought to question at what point did they choose Spurs over Norwich as 'their team'.

Tainio's commitment to the cause has been unquestionable.

As David Pleat might put it... Football needs primmadonnas and it needs generals, but it also needs someone to do the washing up. And that young man doesn't mind getting his hands wet.

11.59 & 12.02

If there be light refreshments and transport home after, count me in.

Anonymous said...

Just seen Berba and another guy getting on a flight to Manchester from Heathrow. that cant be good

Anonymous said...


Sir Alex is on the prod. Tabloid shit , your ass. It's all over the place and yesterday again it was so clear that Spurs now are Berba and that Berba will get no trophies there. That's life. He must go to Man U where he's got his peers and be a champion. He deserves it.
Jol telling the world he doesn't need anything else than good fans is risible. And the MAN U fans, like myself, are already shouting for him. And we'll get a good song for him too, something you never did, twats!

Wendell said...

why do man u fans just assume they'll get whoever they want? we've definately got him for another season regardless of where berba wants to go just cos Jol would never sell him this summer and his contract is at least another year.

It's clear United will never get a european trophy.. Ronaldo deserves a better club like AC Milan

Anonymous said...

or liverpool even (5 times).....

Summerspur said...

Have noticed definate pattern of play we have adopted which quite frankly is utter pants.
It seems that our more industrious midfielders such as tiny tim and zokora work hard for posession and work the hard yards to opponents area for the so called attacking players to shove the ball about a bit gradually working the ball back to robbo who, now this bit really narks me, humps it straight back to the opposition!!!!

A better team than charlton would have easily exploited this. our weakness seems to be that we dont know what tempo to play at with some players charging arround like headless chikens, others looking forward to the pre season friendlies ending and the serious stuff starting in earnest soon while robbo and jenas feel it the decent thing to do to give the other team the ball as they seem jolly nice sort of chaps who dont really deserve to go down.

dannyboy said...


Bang on mate! We need someone to stamp his authority on the game and control it - and I don't mean Joey 'Hatchet' Barton ! Iv'e said it so many times - a Roy Keane type figure. Without being controversial, I really don't think Zokora cuts it for me, and if Jenas had someone next to him, a la Keaneish, I think he would flourish no end. I'm waiting for the derogatory comments, so let's get it over with ;-)


Harry Hotspur said...

Dannyboy and summerspur are both right. There's a 'general' or 'boss' character missing alright.

(Carrick wasn't it either, incidentally.)

However, the same could be said of any number of Prem clubs. Hence the reason Sir Rednose is hell bent on buying Hargreaves.

Jenas has his faults, but a more 'solid playmaker' type might free him up to cause more creative trouble. Jenas is wasted playing short, lateral passes...

Zokora makes great runs and the other lot frequently back off him but his shot (so far) invariably just damages an Ad hoarding or gets the pigeons off the roof.

Summerspur said...

Im not trying to court controversy here but hows about possible purchase of curtis davis, pushing ledley into holding role and releasing the lunatic zokora for many raids which, hell, you never know might result in the smiling nutter scoring or at the very least getting a shot on target.

Or we just buy scott parker, seems to easy though.

Harry Hotspur said...

Haha, excellent post and bloody right.

I'd snap up Parker too.

"The lunatic Zokora" is that as in the Pink Panther line, 'The lunatic Dreyfus'? Either way, laughed out loud.

I think Ledley going forward is something we should introduce gradually, I see him as a total menace up-field.

Certainly potentially more about him than either Rio "Ah Furgit Abaht It Innit" Ferdinand or even John "Yeah I Got The Sprog Cumming Ahht On Me Moby Lads, Wanna Ganda?" Terry.

(I said potentially)...

dannyboy said...

lets keep it sensible lads - ledders is by far and away the countrie's best centre half, he would be wasted as a holding role, as pleat did a couple of years back. davis is a good shout though, due to kings injuries?

sensible solution - keep him at the back, bringing on daws all the while and just buy a holding midfielder allowing jenas the freedom to, hopefully, express himself and be creative. parker is a good suggestion, but not consistent enough; thud, maybe in a year or so; reo-coker??? maybe;

run a poll - who is the next roy keane? as much as we may have hated him, wouldn't we have hero worshipped him in the lilywhite shirt?

are we having a sensible conversation here ? ;-)


sydney wale said...

What gives you the right to use the name dannyboy? Are the old irish songs not sacred? how very dare you! Yes, we are having a groin sniffingly sensible conversation!
There's only one Keano......reo coker what's all the fuss? I think Parker is worth the bother although he can be a bit lightweight at times. However, he can score goals which is what Keane used to do regularly at Man U. I still think we need to bring on Huddlestone; he can pass, score and is very strong.

dannyboy said...


maybe im a boy called danny? what the f**k has it got to do with you anyway? why are you called syd whale? are you a moby?

bring back graham roberts

sydney wale said...

I've got all his albums.

I'm called Sydney Wale because I'm skinny and live in Stoke. Unfortunately, there are no famous spurs people with a name remotely resembling my own personal situation. I envy the 'dannys' and so on of this world who can draw on a wealth of monikers that accurately describe themselves.

Graham Roberts is too old and would probably force Dawson out of the team.

Harry Hotspur said...

Ho Chi Min - it's all kicking off on HH...

I predict a riot of quality pundits!

dannyboy said...

well, f**k my old boots! syd wale, a skinny geezer from stoke, contributing the famous 'quote' to the right !!!

why don't you support stoke then ? at least you can see charlton next season. twice.

moby's gone right downhill in my opinion :-)