Friday, April 13, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Sevilla: Disaster

Malbranque's howler opened the door and a Sevilla side that ironically play a lot like us at our best came hurtling through it.

Tottenham's reply was earnest enough but to score four was a huge, demoralising ask. They just couldn't do it.


sergio said...

what the hell happened at WHL last night. Own goal okay,can happen
to any team but the 2nd by Kanoute!!?? Someone must have forgotten to
take Fredi's player pass from him when he left us last year because he
certainly strolled through unchallenged. Now I know the cliché arguments
that we've come a long way since Jol took over but
A. Doesn't a manager immediately organize to grab such a disastrous
situation by the scruff of the neck esp after that own goal.
Instructions/re-organistion etc vocal encouragement etc.
B. I couldn’t help but notice the vocal support of fans but most of the
time Martin was glued to his seat stone faced. I know I shouldn’t do
this but I cant help wondering in those crucial moments at the beginning
and towards the end when we needed 2 extra goals what types like
Ferguson,Mourinho and even(rip my tongue out!!)Wenger would have done.
Only 1 substitution used(Defoe 4 Zok) when 2 more available,and when
Jenas was shocking!!
Yes we tried to pull rabbits out of the hat!!
I will still hold my faith with Jol for remaining games to get top 6 but
he needs to be more vocally active and strategically aggressive... and
yes Ledders is a great presence BUT is he a true captain???
Roll on Wigan on Sunday!!!
Once again, thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

I am gutted..........can't fault the fight in the second half. Usual stuff really.....dodgy ref, play acting cheating foreign players, Jol playing players out of position, taking off our best midfield player (no gripe about DefFoe coming on). The list can go on and on.....was Ledders really fit as everyone around me said he was looking a tad tubby. The crowd were fantastic and I want more of the same next year....but with an end product of some silverware as we should have won it this year.

Anonymous said...

Once the disappointment at the manner of exit clears ( esp first half) we'll realise that we got ad far as could. An easier draw would have been helpful but Sevilla are clearly a notch above us at the moment and lsoing to them in the final would have been a bigger blow.

we still have a lot to be happy about. If the nucleus of the team stays togther it can oonly get better and defeat is a great teacher. Arse*** learned a lot from their early Champions League experiences and have benefitted enormously - we need to do the same.

The priority now is take three points at Wigan at the weekend a nd make sure we qualify for next year's competition.

Before the 'sack Jol' brigade get going remember he's the one who's brought us European football again and he desreves to see the job through. Changing managers again now would put us back amongst the pack and no-one wants that.

A few new left footed faces is a priority: Pedersen (Blackburn), Taylor (Portsmouth) and others would give us the balance so obviously lacking last night.

And stay off Malbranque's back: his goal v Braga secured our spot in the last eight.

Everyone will learn from this season, Jol especially. Don't expect him to change his style overnight but do expect to see us tighter at the back next season: too many sloppy goals have cost us dearly this year.

Chop said...

Completely agree, Jol needs to show the fans some emotion and give the players some verbal from the sideline. Why he didn't play 3 strikers after we were 2-0 down is anyones guess....Play with what you've got, if you only have 3 defenders fit and you need goals ?? ....that said, well done Spurs, lets hope the next couple of seasons builds on this.

Anonymous said...

I read another post by Jol that said he was satisfied with our progress and if we do the same next season we will have had a successful it would appear that we have nothing to look forward to next season.
I think last night showed that we have too many sub-standard players to progress any further, plus the overall tactics reamin poor. There is no leader (sorry Ledley) and the mid-field is shocking.
I think Chimbonda, Malbranque, Jenas and Keane are not good enough, Dawson and Lennon have potential and maybe next season will deliver more and Berbatov, and DeFoe both need to improve if we are to step-up a level.
I don't know if we have any mid-field generals amongst the younger players...maybe Taarabt is one but we will never find out at this rate, Huddlestone in my opinion is too slow for mid-field but could make a great centre-back and we have no left-back or left-sided mid-field player.
So, realistically, even if we plug all these gaps in the Summer (unlikely) we will still be in transition next season, or more likely going backwards.
I'll still have to support them though.

Anonymous said...

i stayed up until 5am last night.
just to be able to watch my first spurs game in like.... 5 months.
seeing as i now live in australia.
and have been a spurs fan almost all of my 19 years of life.

and well first 20/30 minutes.
sevilla out played us.
especially going forard.
and stringing together passes.

can anyone blame jol for putting the defence out that he did.
the only two players that have played regulary at the back were dawson and chimbonda.

and to be honest i was pleased to see chim, play on the left.
would you have rated tainio to play along side king.?

king has a nice come back game.
he made some nice tackles and some good interceptions.
but yet again.
not the same player we had for us at the start of the campaign this season and up to boxing day.

and i wasn't surprised to see sevilla get 2 in the opening 10.
dawson tried as hard as he could.
but with adriano moving past tainio like he wasn't their.
dont blame him for trying to pick up two men.

although was nice to see that he did actually out play them for the majority of the match.
and also had more ball possesion.
maybe taking the positives out of this game would be for the best.

not the A-Team out last night.
but still managed to get more possesion with a make shift team.

plus i think we were very unlucky not to get the 4.
i saw berb's should be screamer hit the woodwork.
and also dawson's toe poke to the ground as the missing 2.

yes the sevialla players did go to ground easily.
but yet again.
its their style.
not to be blamed.
and we also still got the better of them.
even though they cheated.

and also a massive shout to the fans at the lane last night.
not quite for the full 90...
very nice to see when you miss that lane so much.

spurs for it next year.

Anonymous said...

Spurs should have got tight to seville and kick them for the first 10-15 minutes.....THEN go for a ManU stlye comeback.
I think the seville team did a ManU on us in the first 10-15 and could have been at least 4-0 down!!! We needed time for the defence to get confident and organised. Jol does it again!!!
Had Manu conceded a goal in the first 5 minutes on wednesday night would spurs have started their game differently??
BUT JOL...........
Chimbonda must play on the right, which brings the best out of lennon also - Zokara needs passing practice - jenas not consistent, malbranque has one good 70 minutes in every 10 games or so...... the list could go on.
The only thing martin jol did well last night was identify that by taking off zokora for defoe was a good decision... had Dawson scored with 10 minutes left I think we'd all be celebrating today.It was all too late though. Malbranque was the reason why we let in the second goal and should have been replaced by defoe after 15 minutes!!! 4-3-3 and defoe looks sharp coming in from the left(he's been looking very sharp for the last couple of months!!)

In general Spurs must play their best player in their best position and if that means using some reserve players, so be it.
The last time berbatov,keane and lennon were rested they were poo in the next 'big game'.
Jol has a lot of things to tweak but FFS we need to get the basics right.
Too many wrong choices nay schoolboy errors for me this season - ALL avoidable this season for me..............

don't be suprised if the bosses at tottenham do something about it.... I'm fed up with 'we'll do it next year'.....SORT IT OUT NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Harry why the red background you becoming a gooner mate?

EL said...

It looked to me like the game was pretty much lost before the kick-off. When you have an unfit central defender back for his first game in 3 months, your right back playing on the left, a midfielder at right back and your playing the second best team in Spain, you're not exactly holding a strong hand. Add to this the fact that most of our squad's midfield players are not top 5 quality and have a little too much of the 'utility' about them and a 4-3 loss over two matches starts to look like an impressive result. I agree with Jol; all things considered, we've had an good season, but the question for me is whether the club will purchase the 3 or 4 quality players who are needed to take us to the next level. As much as I like their spirit, Malbranque and Tainio are neither good enough or the right type of player for a top 5 Spurs team. And Jenas has finally convinced me that Newcastle got by far the better deal.

I believe that Jol has what it takes. I await the summer to see if Levy & Comolli can give him what he needs to make a proper go of it.

6th place is a must.

Go on the Spurs!

EL said...

Re: Background.

No offence Harry but that background is well dodgy and it makes the red writing on a couple of your articles almost disappear. Not easy on the eye to say the least.


YID FOR LIFE said...

I just dont get it !
Tanio is left footed playing right back
Chimbonda is right footed playing left back
we need 4 goals to win , so we wait 65 minutes to bring on another forward .
We take off our best midfielder , when jenas and steed were rubbish .
Only one sub brought on
We all know we have no wide left player and have been saying it for ages .


EL said...

I agree that the Zokora substitution was bizarre given his vibrancy and purpose compared with Jenas' 'stillness'. But Jol has still done more than most in recent years (and not so recent) and has shown enough nous with several misfits and out of position players in the team, and on enough occasions, to warrant a 'proper go' in my view. His same tactics got us into europe in the first place and got us to 3 quarter finals. Not bad with a consistanly incomplete side.

Here's to the board and backroom staff getting hold of a top drawer Lback, Lwinger, midfield playmaker and striker to go with the rest of the squad. I believe then, Jol's Spurs could at least challenge the top 4. Whereas I don't believe any manager could do that with the players we've currently got.

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

Players only get a big game mentality by playing in them. People can say what they want and you can train a team to death but once the first ball is kicked a lot of it is down to experience.

Seville, Chelsea, Arsenal? weren't much better than us over 180 minutes, It just came down to experience, mentality and LUCK over all.

The manager, the team and the club as a whole are improving year on year if we keep the faith I believe the future holds the silverware that everyone wants.

To the "sort it now" brigade I'll just say. Either donate that £500,000,000 that you have tucked under the mattress or learn a little patience and remember a club called Leeds Utd. Trying to buy instant success can be a tad risky innit.

We're all pissed off that we didn't win something this year but that only goes to prove how far we've come. The next step up is the hardest and will not happen overnight or this summer’s transfer window. There are more disappointments waiting for us along the way...

But pick yourselves up, put on your extra thick skin and put up with the jibes and the set backs, we’re on the winding road to lasting success without risking everything to get there.

The Future’s Bright… The Future’s Lillywhite


Anonymous said...

sort the colour scheme out mate - doing me head in. i know youve modelled it on the chocolate brown strip - but it looks better on the players !!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that finishing in a EUFA-cup place is not going to attract "top players"....nor do they guarantee a good team even if you get them...look at Chelsea..all they prove is how bad the rest of us are.

We need someone who knows how to organise a football team, how to get the mid-field to both defend and attack, how to get players to anticipate what the opposition are going to do and not be caught out by the obvious.

I know we are not allowed to talk about Jol's position but if he is going to stay can we please get a Carlos Quieros equivalent to organise the tactics.....oh, and a Roy Keane-type captain as well please.

PS Harry...the poo brown and blue mix on your site today is practically illegible

Anonymous said...

Comment before sums up the problem . Same top 4 teams qualify for Champions League thus they can sign the top quality players . How do we move to the next stage - the midfield we have so many players of good standard - ie Tainio , Jenas , Melbranque , Zakora - all have good days and bad days . We do not have a Gerrard , Scholes , Essien who can take us that extra mile . My hope is the youngsters progress as we hope - ie in 2/3 years Taabarat , Tom and Lennon become superstars . However if we do not win something will they do a Carrick and clear off leaving us to build again . It is how to win the big games and move to the next level . Jol has moved us from a mid table no hoper but where next ???

Anonymous said...

Gutted about the result, but Spurs have two main problem;
1) no quaility left footed players to play on the left side,
2) a lack of experinced winners, players that have been won major tournments and played in high pressure who can use their experience to lead the team.

We need to address both these issues in the summer.
The perfect way to do this would be to buy quality experienced left sided players.

However, I can't think of many to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Hello Harry and mates:
It's over. I've been quietly watching the downfall after the Braga game and yesterday came as no surprise to me. Spurs have problems to solve, starting with the manager.
I gave Jol every chance possible to improve. I believe that he has reached his own principle of Peter (that means he reached his level of incompetence). I though he should have been substituted in January, my choice being Klinsmann, of course. The club chose to stay with him and here is where we stay: no cups and let's see if we grab sixth place in the Prem, otherwise no Uefa next year. Sorry, I said it before, it's not good enough for me. Not with a club with such a great financial status, with players like Berbatov in the team.With this managing team we're never get to the top four, and being 26 of course Berbatov will leave.

I believe we lost it all against Chelsea: against all odds we were beating Mourinho at home (if we did it, I believe he would not be winning anymore as he is). And then Jol proved his incompetence by removing the key of the game, Berbatov, I mean. The next week I even thought of contacting the club as we had the player telling he was fit and Jol telling he wasn't. The fact is that on the second leg with Braga, Berbatov was clearly in a painful situation he wasn't in the Chelsea game and he played the 90 minutes. So, it was Jol's mistake and a mistake that should cost him his job. After that it was as if the motivation of the team was gone. The Uefa cup was the only one left but no one truly believed a team making such errors as with Chelsea could actually beat a cunning team like Seville. And with the lack of motivation, tiredness set in. Yesterday Jol used the Spanish police as motivation ( call it demagogics!!)as if football was Amnesty International. But anything doesn't go, afterall. King's return was also a negative motivator, because the rest of the defense felt relaxed with his presence. How could King be extraordinary after all those months of injury and only a week of training? That explains the first half chaos.

My last point is Berbatov, as expected. Unfortunately, nothing changed for the better after Braga. I did and I still have every reason to be worried.I sill hope he can solve whatever is bothering him, because Hope is the last thing to die, but it's very painful to watch my favourite player going down, game after game.What happened to the captain and the king?

So, mates, this is my final proposition to the club: please bring Klinsmann in and let him choose the players we need to buy in the Summer. Keep Jol and Co. and next year will be the same or worse than this one.

Simple Pieman said...

Prague, Besiktas, Bucharest, Bruges, Leverkusen and Braga did not really test Spurs. The Braga tie was not as close as it might have seemed. Sevilla was the first true test and over 2 legs the old familiar European knock-out football created a decent stage. Whatever we might think of Sevilla's tactics (at times awful but no different to a lot of foreign teams), they are a quality side. We had our chances but they had a number of others too.

The Group Stage farce (3 teams going through) means that a decent side (and we are) is unlikely to fail to qualify. However, when eventually tested they may not have the experience to outwit teams (and con refs).

Mr Levy will be upset to have lost another Catagory A payday. Whereas the rest of us will not be running with bulls in Pamplona en route to Glasgow.

Wigan will be up for it on Sunday, Spurs must be ready to compete first and then let the football do the talking.

Anonymous said...


shut up andy gray
youve got nothing good to say
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shut up andy gray!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Braga tie was not as close as it might have seemed.

What the hell do you mean by that?

Anonymous said...

"I think last night showed that we have too many sub-standard players to progress any further, plus the overall tactics reamin poor. There is no leader (sorry Ledley) and the mid-field is shocking.
I think Chimbonda, Malbranque, Jenas and Keane are not good enough, Dawson and Lennon have potential and maybe next season will deliver more and Berbatov, and DeFoe both need to improve if we are to step-up a level"

To the tw*t that wrote this, have you watched a fu***ng spurs game that has ever invovled Keane and Chimbonda?

They have both been absolutely class for us this season and Robbie last season too. Chimbonda has been one of our best players this season and yeah yesterday he didnt have the greatest of games but he was out of position. Keanos goals this season are the reason we have progressed as far as we did, not just in europe but in the other cups too.

The only thing I would expect Dawson to deliver is more performances like the ones he has been churning out game after game. He has been immense for us this season.

Its spurs fans like you that come out after every defeat and criticise even our brightest and most talented players.

You are a pr**k and should never be allowed to call yourself a spurs fan.

Anonymous said...


You seem to take far too much pleasure from each setback...

Are you really just a gooner with too much time on his hands and no friends?

"my choice being Klinsmann, of course."

Do you remember him buggering off at the first sign of a better offer?

"Klinsmann's shirt? I wouldn't wash my car with it!" well said AS

Wouldn't even spend a little more time in Germany for the sake of his national team ffs. Klinasmann will do what suits Klinasmann, no loyalty, no thanks!

dannyboy said...

chaps, lets not start the jol out shouts - knee jerk reaction, nothing else.
listen, imo, IF the dodgy pen hadnt been awarded, IF malbranque had stood the right side of the post, IF dawson, berbatov had scored last night, IF we had got the cast iron penalty last night etc etc, we would today be in the semis and not sevilla. lots of ifs i know, but its a very fine line between success and failure.

i was a spurs fan at 7.45 last night and still am today. all these bring back klinsman and sack jol brigade - do one. the only thing i would question, is jols lack of substitutions. look at mourinho, 3-1 down to us in the fa cup - he finished with a 2 3 5 formation! but got the job done. i was imploring jol last night to throw on taarabt even for the sake of fresh legs. very questionable non-decisiveness i think. and where was mido, the fat lardarse ?!

keep the faith - lets learn from this and come back stronger, starting against wigan.


Anonymous said...

read this piece of shit at your leisure. time to jam his fecking mailbox again me thinks. twat.,14272,6110_2057993,00.html

Cambridge Dustman said...

Anonymous said...
The Braga tie was not as close as it might have seemed.

What the hell do you mean by that?
What a stupid question. Mr Pieman has not reponded but it is clear to me what he meant.

Braga are not the same quality as Seville but still managed the same amount of goals over 2 matches. The 6-4 two leg result may indicate a close tie when in reality all 4 of the Braga strikes resulted from set piece moves. If I recall correctly some if not all were questionably awarded.

Braga were no real test and never looked dangerous in open play. Seville are certainly the best side we have faced in the competition. Having said that it could have been very different.

He would have to confirm but I guess that is the 'hell' he meant.

Great site Harry!

4 Ever Hopeful said...

I am torn. On the one hand, Sevilla are a class attacking unit and if you take the two games as a whole there was nothing between the two teams. Two penalties that went against us and a general lack of rub of the green.

Also one cannot blame Jol for Malbranque's Hackney Marshes attempted clearance, Berbatov's sidefoot towards the end when a power drive was needed and Dawson's shocking lack of technique with his chance.

And yet on the other hand, to start a game with both full backs weak, when plugging the gap at left back was all that was needed was mindblowing and then doing nothing when it was so obvious to the world that Chimbonda was drowning at left back was criminality bordering on arrogance.

Jenas and Malbranque playing the whole game, when there were obvious attacking options with Ghaly or Taraabt was also a mystery. Jol's lack of action and leadership was a real surprise.

I am not sure where we go from here.

Kareoke Bob said...

I have read both pieces and agree with Dustman. Braga were not that great but the score can confuse.

Off to Wigan on Sunday chaps? There is a very good real ale pub next to the bus station. The food is very good too.

Anonymous said...

"If I recall correctly some if not all were questionably awarded."

Talking about Braga or Seville or any other team? It's funny how all the refs are against Spurs and all teams are shit compared to Spurs.Sour grapes!

Not a close call with Braga? I didn't see that when Malbranque scored. Ask Berbatov why he almost choked him with joy. No close call your ass, twats. And Seville was Braga's revenge. Asks Malbranque ! Ask Berbatov! And stop saying you're the best, cause you ain't!

And Lisbon Spurs, you're right in every word, mate. Perhaps you should change to another club, one with a future!

sydney wale said...

I have watched 3 promising cup runs hit the buffers this season and I feel that the blame can be placed mostly at the manager's feet. I appreciate what Jol has done at Spurs and acknowledge that he is the best we have had for a while but we should look back at the cup defeats with open eyes. Sometimes a manager can make a decision which can go either way. However, Jol's gambles always seem to go the wrong way. Is it timing? Bad luck? I don't know, but the Seville game was an example of his limitations.

First thing I thought, why Chimbo on the unfamiliar left and Tanio at unfamiliar right back? Too many players in unfamiliar positions makes me nervy. Chimbo has been top class but was kippered for the second goal. He couldn't penetrate as well as he does on the right and this hampered any attacking potential. We are only effective attacking out wide as we have no spark, skill or creativity through midfield. Maybe he knows this and tells Robbo to launch it long and by pass midfield.

We started on the back foot and should have known Sevilla would be hunting for an early goal. We didn't handle their early pressure and Steed gave them the present they needed. We panicked and let them in for a 2-0 lead after 8 minutes. Curtains, basically. Jol just sat there cursing his luck and watching long ball failing to be controlled by our forwards and percentage balls being played in midfield when calm,clear tactical instructions were needed. Sevilla were given the ball regularly and passed and moved brilliantly and wre unlucky not to finish the half with more goals. We looked second rate and were second best in all departments.

Second half we kept the ball and passed the ball but lacked dynamism. Same old story, no plan B. Only 1 substitution to our most determined midfield player and only when the tie was almost over. Jenas and malbranque were way ahead of Zakora for subbing, even gamble with 3 at the back at that stage. 2 quick goals too late in the day but we ran out of steam and ideas and Seville showed they are a class outfit and deserved to win the tie, no complaints there.

To be brief, Carling Cup was lost at WHL when we sat back on 2-0 and we all know what happened at Stamford bridge leading Chelsea 3-1. The players have done us proud many times this year and I could sense their determination to do well in the cups this year, especially Europe. I can't help feeling let down by BMJ more than once this year and my verdict is, with heavy heart, he is not what we need to progress. We need a magician not a jobbing coach. Yes, we have done better than previous years but I feel we have reached our full potential under BMJ. Only 1 win against a CL team and some luck in the cup draws (Feyenoord was a gift) has helped us along but when stiff tests arrive, we are sadly lacking.

Let's hope we can finish the season with some determination and qualify for Europe again but I 'm looking forward to a bit of a shake up over the summer.

Christine Jones (Shelf Side) said...

Anonymous "Talking about Braga or Seville or any other team? It's funny how all the refs are against Spurs and all teams are shit compared to Spurs.Sour grapes!"

Get back on yer own team's site - you are bitter and twisted. If anyone is a Twat mate it is you. Like you these people have an opinion right or wrong.

Live with it - move on.You need to beat Bolton today for 4th place.

Anonymous said...

great comments sydney wale. spot on.

we are all grateful for the progression from mid table shite team of the past to a team getting into good positions, but in the main failing at the first sign of stiff oposition. What is progression without end result. i will reserve judgement on Jol for next year so he will have had three full seasons with his own players of choice, and have been given ample chance to grow himself.

if we get a repeat if the naivety and lack of positive offensive moves when the situtation calls for it, then i am afraid i will be jumping on the 'replace jol' bandwagon.

Surrey Yid

Christine Jones (Shef side) said...

Well said Surrey Yid. I think that sums it up perfectly.

Anonymous said...

oh chris I hope the weight of your brains doesn't make you fall off the shelf... you can't handle the truth, what a pity.

neither can the expert on Klinsmann, I wonder where he was when Klinsmann was here(maybe at school, poor teen) I know where I was, there at WHL and paying for the club every month just like now.

Loyalty in foreigners? why, they were all born in North London and they loved Spurs ever since. Who's the twat then? foreigners go to clubs abroad for money and trophies, only an idiot talks about loyalty. Klinsmann's references were German, as well as Berbatov's are Bulgarian. oh yes, Berba had a poster of Newcastle when he was a kid, NEWCASTLE!!!
Yet With klinsmann Spurs got loyalty, which is an exception. He went away after one year because he knew he couldn't win the League or the Champions with Spurs( big news!); but he cameback in the end of his carreer and avoided us to be relegated. And that's why I know Spurs are the only club he would go to during a year (for starters) as I also happen to know his wife loves London and wouldn't mind to live here again with their kids.
But that's me, what do I know indeed? in a blog so full of born yesterday experts!maybe I should try a gooner's blog: I bet they know more about Spurs than you lot do .

Anonymous said...

I would worry about wigan to morrow instead of Arse with Bolton. Arse still had one game to go. We don't.

By the way, Abramovich is in contact with Klinsmann to replace the Mour. If that happens, Spurs should die of shame and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:16
Ahem, just for background dude I was born at home, a stones throw from WHL a couple of months after we won the double "Poor teen"....
I wish!

I didn't call you, or anyone else, a twat. I expressed an opinion and here's a little more of it.

IMO!!!! Really good managers have a statesman like quality when the shit hits the proverbial, Watching Jol give his post defeat interviews showed that while he was clearly gutted at loosing he would learn from it and move on. That shows what his character is all about.

On loyalty, Berbs and his agent have stated categorically that he will be here next season. I think he could probably join a top four team if he wanted away but he seems to be staying loyal to the ship he is on at the moment. That doesn’t equate to a lifelong commitment to THFC. Steve Perryman’s are an extinct species in the modern game.

I don’t think Klinsmann is that type of person, and, “No”, I didn’t take the “Klinsmann: A Life History” module at uni so I might well be wrong but having witnessed Kevin Kegans’ neverous breakdown on tv, a certain number 7 jumping ship at the first sight of trouble, the big Frank leaving to join Chelsea in less than happy circumstances etc. etc. etc. I think the ability to deal positively with setbacks is a vital tool in any good managers shed.

I don’t think MJ is a great manager yet but I think he will be.. given time.

Keep the faith


Anonymous said...

berbs stated? his agent stated, you mean, but I'm sure he'll stay if he doesn't have anywhere better to go.

Anonymous said...

Dear lisbonspurt,

What a fantastic post. (fantas'tic: extravagantly fanciful, capricious, eccentric; grotesque in design etc) If that lofty rant was intended as a nod to the comic genius of the Spurs supporting late great Peter Cook, it was reasonably impressive. I sadly suspect however that it wasn't. But please don't be put off. Most delusional drivel comes packaged in a style one can only describe as clumsy, ill informed or sophomoric at best, whereas yours is delightfully wrapped with the elegant air of a perfumed fart. Please post more often as smiles in my household are a rare commodity at the moment. (My wife is a fan of yours as well).

All the best,


Vinny said...

After the massive dissapointment that we all have just experienced, it's taken me 2 days to calm down and weigh things up.

Although the prospect of Klinsmann being at the Lane is mouthwatering, the fact is if you look at the Prem standings we have 6 games left and no more cup commitments it's viable that we could finish fifth and not far behind the scum and that sacred champs league spot. That is what leads me to believe that we are experiencing slow but steady progression. As last year we thought 5th place was great, but we did it with virtually no extra cup games at all! That is what makes the top 4 stand out from the rest, their ability to maintain a good (top 4) prem position and do well in the cups at the same time.

We are getting there, maybe in turtle fashion if you look at it like the turtle and hare race. Thats the only way we can without having someone like the Russian at the helm. Indeed the Chelsk represent the hare in all this, dont worry as the cocky hare will have his time and burn out, remember Jack Walker and Blackburn???.

Now, enough of the analogies, this is not to say that MJ is untouchable. It is true he is still learning his trade, but then who's to say that Klinsmann would get it right first time, the short world cup tournament and the long gruelling premiership and cup campaigns are 2 different kettles of fish (didn't I say enough analogies?), the point is MJ needs more time. Not too much time, but at least 1 more full season and quite concievably 2 more full seasons till we can judge his full potential. He will need to progress again in some way next season to merit that next season though like win a cup or preferably to achieve 4th position in the Prem.

At times this season we have been outstanding but at the same time especially in the early part of the season which we may be able to put down to new players gelling we were shocking. If we can eliminate these shocking patches then we have the makings of a team who can at least challenge for a 4th place spot. There is a fine line between us and the scum right now, maybe 2 or 3 key signings in the summer will put that right...Im sure MJ, Comolli and Levy will try their best, guess we can only wait n see.

But if in 1 or 2 years time it does not work out for MJ, then at least, he will have set things up nicely for another man to have a go, and then the Klinsmanns of this world and who knows maybe even Roy Keane who has really impressed me lately and has got the passion and will to win to be a managerial legend IMO, could make himself a legend by bringing the gory back to the lane, with Robbie Keane as the new Chris Hughton writing his match notes from back to front and summersaulting along the touchline...I can just imagine it...:).

But for now MJ deserves his chance to see out his progress and attempt to make the turtle a great again.

A little more patience lads n lasses, after all we are Spurs fans, we love to suffer, it would be to boring to do it the Chelsk way.

Now lets go beat the scum next week!!! (and win tomorrow of course).

Come on you super Spurs turtles!!!

Cambridge Dustman said...

Anonymous said...
oh chris I hope the weight of your brains doesn't make you fall off the shelf... you can't handle the truth, what a pity.

and the rest of his rubbish
Why do we have to go with what he says just because we were all at school when he was watching Spurs - not!

Just accept it mate not everyone agrees with you.

Anonymous said...

sydney wale,

I don't agree that the seville game was an example of Jol's limitations as a manager. I reckon it was an example of the limitations of the squad.

Anonymous said...

we have an ordinary midfield, we had a right back at left back, a midfielder at right back, and crocked central defender. 3-4 over two games against a team 2nd in spains to division is good going under the circumstances. They'll be champions league level next season and probably already are. Take that into account and our pasted together team looks to have done a more than reasonable job. We're improving and don't let the hysterical 'want it all now' brigade tell you different. I'm in this for the long haul and I've seen plenty of progress over the past couple of years.