Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spurs Will Beat Wigan!

Back from the world of broken dreams it's time to focus on what all good maternity hospitals refer to as the 'final push'.

If BMJ is to secure us all another go in Europe next time out then today's match against Paul Jewel's pedestrian Wigan is a must win. We bungled so many games at the beginning of the season that we really have no points buffer to cushion us coming back from deepest darkest Lancashire with only a point or worse.

Blue Square are offering as good as 9/1 for a 2-1 Tottenham win and I'll take that.

A Berbatov goal would be nice too. We don't seem to have had one for ages...


Deldeeshelfsider said...

We all need to get behind BMJ and the boys now as we push for europe next season. The pain of Thursday was almost to much to bear, however we need to put this in to context. We have had / are having just about the best season that I care to remember and now is not the time to implode. Agreed getting rid of Kanoute has come back to haunt us big time but we need to live with that an move on. Calling for BMJ's head on a platter is beyound belief and as we all know, it is easy to make the tactical decisions from the shelf or the pub. This is the best manager that we have had for way too long and he will get it right... Wigan will be our whipping boys today and we will go on a run that will include murdering the sc*mmers... MEHSTG

Harry Hotspur said...

Too right. As ever, the general quality of HH readers shines through.

It's easy to lose sight of how much Jol has achieved in comparison with what went before.

That doesn't mean 'Q HERE FOR SECOND BEST.'

It does mean we are well on our way to success and shooting Jol is not an option. Yet!

Levi the Chairman said...

Beaten By Chelsea, Sevilla, and Arse on two-leg Q-final with keys players missing and still fighting for Europe next season is a BIG achviement (but a lot of rooms for improvement too)...the so called 4 top clubs have annual turnover much more than spurs. I'am backing MJ all the way!!!

Wendell said...

It's also important to realise the difference in number of games we've played.. bare minimum last season and then straight into playing almost as many as all the top 4. Our players couldn't be expected to adjust so fast.. next season promises to be very exciting.

If the Chelsea scum win today then 7th becomes a European spot anyway so just a win today and win our game in hand can see us leapfrog Bolton if Everton lose/draw today.

5th in the league with the Arse ready to be overtaken? I'd take that any day!

On another note it appears we're top of the Fair Play League. Marvellous!

Ry said...

I agree, and back Jol. We are nearly at the same placing in the league and have had two quarter finals and a semi instead of nothing in the cups - it's progress people!

Anonymous said...

"Beaten By Chelsea, Sevilla, and Arse on two-leg Q-final with keys players missing and still fighting for Europe next season is a BIG achviement"

I hope you're being sarcastic. Taking a lead against all 3 clubs and throwing it away all 3 times is extremely poor and naive, not a big achievement.

Anonymous said...

I think I would agreed with most of what has been said here, Except, a draw at Wigan today would not be such a disaster, Everton have a very difficuly run in with both Man U (H) and Chelsea (A) to come and I doubt they will be relishing the trip to WHU at the moment either.

So I reckon if we can win our remianing home games and draw the away games, we would just about get 6th or maybe even 5th.

Anonymous said...

"If the Chelsea scum win today then 7th becomes a European spot anyway"

7 English clubs in Europe???

Care to explain, please?

Anonymous said...

"Taking a lead against all 3 clubs and throwing it away all 3 times is extremely poor and naive, not a big achievement"

Yes it is!...if we compared to losses to Grimsby, Liecester, Mann City (4-3) and the lots in the last 3 years. Last year spurs played 40 games, this year 59 games...that is 50 % more games.

yid-i-o said...


The top 4 are in the Champions League.

5th place goes into Uefa

And the 2 Cup Winners go into Uefa

If the Cup winners are already in Europe then FA Finalist go into Uefa (ala West Spam last year) and 6th spot for the League Cup.

Chavski have won League cup so 6th place is a Uefa spot (Chavs in Europe already)

If Chavs join Manc in FA Final then 7th place will be Uefa (as aforementioned already CL)

Anonymous said...

We had 8 teams from the Prem in Europe this season:

Man Utd

West Ham (hahahahahaha)

With the fair play league & Inter Toto Cup we could have as many as 9 next season!

Martin Jol said...


Wew lost to Sevilla over two legs without proper fullbacks and CB. King, Lennon & Berbatov did'nt play againts Aresenal due to injuries...Spurs broke a new British club record for 8 consecutives wins in Europe...and yet, we are currently top in Fair play table....... I did'nt moan like mourinho and the rest before...but Now I do because there are too many idiots under the name of spurs fan out there!!!! Now I'll consider to quit spurs at the end of this season.....Coleman & Souness are available...or maybe Roeder & Curbishely as well.

Anonymous said...

"Taking a lead against all 3 clubs and throwing it away all 3 times is extremely poor and naive, not a big achievement"

yes!...Our season is longer than those at the library, for the 1st time in 15 years....!

Anonymous said...

don't like to read it, but you have to:

Anonymous said...

Humpfff... 3-3

Really needed to win that one but behind three times and getting a draw.

Hope the players can pick themselves up for next week, but after that there are some very winnable games. Looks like it could go down to the final weekend to sort out the euro places......
Starvation diet this year

Anonymous said...

Spurs are lucky if they end seventh...

Anonymous said...

beat scum next week? eeerrr....NOT !

Anonymous said...

Spurs Will Beat Wigan!" and the three bears!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tactics as usual. But the usual fans love it.
I say it again: JOL OUT !

Anonymous said...

Bad defending as:

Rocha is too short!!!

Phil Ifill was played, out of position and not up to this level of football!!!

Zokora is not covering the back four when he should!!!

If this continues, top six position is out of reach, Im sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

To YID 15, who so unpolitely qualified my comments as :
"delightfully wrapped with the elegant air of a perfumed fart", I dedicate the well perfumed 3-3 result of today.
My final veredict stands(and I'm entitled to it, being a member of the club since 1994):

Klinsmann in
Berbatov out

(and I'll be out too, tired of so many years of being a hopeful loser).


Anonymous said...

berbatov out? are you mad ?!
we need 10 other players of his class - something 100 million would sort out. numpty.


Anonymous said...

and ive been a member of the club since 1974, so go feck urself lisbon

Christine Jones (Shelf Side) said...

Was there club membership in 1974? 1974?

Cambridge Dusman said...

He might have been a seated season ticket holder. (No terrace season tickets until those issued for the old enclosure 78/79). Or perhaps he was a member of Spurs Supporters Club at Warmington House.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lisbonspurt,

My friend, you are not only entitled to your opinion but I would fight anyone for your right to express it. Incidentally; it was not 'what' you said that I was impolite about, it was the 'way' you said it. And good on you too, we need a few more gung-ho verbal exhibitionists on this site so please keep it coming.

Thanks for dedicating our 3-3 draw to me, I accept your dedication with some pride. I hereby dedicate the Spurs v arse game to your good self. Let's hope for an organised and vibrantly penetrative performance.

I got food poisoning in the Algarve once.

Yours, Yid15.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Harry.

"Don't worry, bale's a done deal" [paraphrasing].

"Spurs will beat wigan" [Verbatim].

Do you have any more predictions? I think we should be told. And while you're at it; do you have a final veredict for us?



Anonymous said...

yid 15? 15 being your age? do us a favour mate and emigrate to the algarve so you and your lisbon gooner pal can be food poisoned together.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the game with the Arse is already doomed by this dedications...
You asked for it!

The Wicked Witch of the West

Anonymous said...

And yes, Berbatov out, because he's wasted there, Einstein!

Anonymous said...

Remaining Fixtures

W Ham; ManU; Pompey; Chelsea

R'ding; Chelsea; W Ham; Villa

Villa; L'pool; Everton; Arse

Thfc :
Arse; M'bro; Ch'ton; B'burn; Man C

We've got the easiest run in, let's just hope we can make the best of it. Pompey and Everton seem to have the hardest games left.
Seeing as they play each other one of 'em looks likely to only pick up 3 or 4 more points


Harry Hotspur said...

Yid 15,

Bale has yet to leave his current employers and therefore the jury is still out!

I'm confident I've have also made many other predictions which were hugely wide of the mark too!

Getting the Wigan score wrong is simply another along the way!

One Foot In The Alagarve was good. Peter Cook's cameo was fab.

Anonymous said...

Food poisoning in the Algarve was good. A knock on the head in Seville would 've been fab.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Harry, idiot!

Anonymous said...

"an organised and vibrantly penetrative performance" of the Arse going up Spurs ass? that can be arranged...