Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Shock Critics ~ Again!

So then to recap. Robinson IS England's number one. Again.

He made a string of excellent saves largely against an unmarked and menacingly good Osman. Arteta's goal was arguably unstoppable. In off the post, curled and travelling faster than a man in Burka on the tube.

Berbatov is coming out of his shell like no-body's business. Another goal to tell e v e r y o n e at work about again. His touch is what can only be described as educated. Also, his tackling and presence generally were noticeable last night. Less falling over and more getting stuck in than earlier games. Tip top.

Jenas graced us with another superdooper effort from lord knows how far out, just in time to give us what we had in fact well and truly earnt.

Difficult to eulogise further what with only having the highlights to go on, but suffice it to say, the commitment and determination we had ALL been bleating about appears to be there.

Jol finished the game beaming and applauding his charges.
Moyes left with Goodison descending into boos and cries for his head.

Funny old game, Saint.


Anonymous said...

We deserved the win. The free kick that led to their goal should have gone the other way but for an immoral linesman (I like Uriah Rennie, though, I find him the best ref around). Why are Everton supporters so upset? After all, we usually beat them. Two away wins in a row? I feel thoroughly spoilt!

Anonymous said...

Good win and this time there were some battling on the field... credit to Arteta but Paul was a bit out of position... but more good saves again,

EL said...

"We usually beat them"

Please could you wait another couple of years before you say things like that. I was at the 'lost to 10 men' everton debacle at the Lane earlier in the season. It's still horrendously clear in my memory.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone just wrote that. Uriah Rennie is the worst ref in the league. He's an arrogant two bob twat who doesn't accept he's ever made a mistake.

Did you see the Newcastle goal a few weeks ago - the bloke's a fucking idiot.

Good win though, have to make sure we build on it

Anonymous said...

Rennie is a racist ..HE hates black players.

Anonymous said...

Now we need to make sure we pick up at home again and beat Bolton...takes us up to 39 points and in the running for Uefa again.

Anonymous said...

The goals can be seen on this excellent website:

(Scroll down after the Champions League goals.)

Anonymous said...

Berba falling around ?
Com'on HH, sometimes players are kicked and tripped for real. His quality is showed too in him not being a Mourinho type, I mean all theatricals and prima donnas !
I didn't like the game that much, the second half was a bit painful but it has to be like this away: ugly but fair.

isthatalump said...

that picture is so apt harry although i am a more washed out pastel in colour. my reaction when i received the text from my mate saying "you left that late" was of disbelief. im so used to us conceding late goals it never occured to me that we were actually capable of attacking football in the last 40mins. I also have to give credit to robbo who should have been sleeping with one eye open recently. he was back on form yesterday. Mind you he still likes a bit of a flap when coming for anything above head height. And zoko, another solid performance although far from spectacular. i actually never gave any thought to the fact that he might have been still recovering from the malaria until someone on here mentioned it the other day. so he has a stay of execution too. i can feel the tide of pesimism ebbing out, for now. i still would like to see an angry jol, one not so aware of his public image as mr nice. the tony soprano that wacks big pussy, not the tony soprano that buys his girlfriends fur coats. the other point i want to make is that im starting to think berba could be the first decent striker we've had at the lane since, dare i say klinsmann. i was a bit concerned to hear that scumbag antiyid andy"im a cunt"gray
say that berba will be great next season,"if he stays". what do you mean you sourfaced scottish prick,"if he stays"? its just too gauling for him to say ANYTHING positive about our club and for that he has made the top three on the list. still posh and bush in the top two with piggy racist jade ggody pushed down to 4, but no doubt the next time i see a copy of the wifes now or ok mags with her on the cover she'll be back up to 3. must go, need to get the blood pressure down.

Anonymous said...

Stand by my comment that Rennie is one of the best refs. In my experience, TV replays usually show him to have made the right decision. I also think he did the right thing yesterday by consulting the linesman after the Spurs players pointed out to him that the linesman had flagged a kick in the other direction. It was simply that the linesman didn't have the balls to stand by his initial call. I remeber Rennie giving us a pen last year against W Brom (or Wigan?)when everybody said he was wrong, but the replay showed he was right. True, Everton did beat us with 10 men this year. I said "usually", not always.

Harry Hotspur said...

For the record, Rennie is rubbish.

He is a porker, partially sighted and makes worse decisions than the man who said, 'You look sexy, let's make a baby, sweet thang' to Jackki Goody.

I know that's all hokum, but so is he. His idea of a good game is one where he doesn't need an armed escort to get home to his secret address.