Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Fans Debate? Is Rennie Rubbish?

He is a dreadful porker, partially sighted and makes even worse decisions than the man who said, 'Hey, you look sexy, let's make a baby, sweet thang' to Jackki Goody.

I know that's all hokum, but so is he. His idea of a good game is one where he doesn't need an armed escort to get home to his secret address.

Tell me true, am I wrong???


N17Spur said...

Is Rennie rubbish?

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Anonymous said...

worst ref in prem after clattenburg

Spur_Forever said...

Even worse than an idiot, Rennie is an idiot who thinks he's a genius. Obnoxiousness and (misplaced) self-confidence ooze out of him like pus from an acne-ravaged teenager. Wouldn't be so bad if he occasionally had a good game, but he's probably one of the most consistent referees in the business. Unfortunately for him (and for us) he's consistently rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Rennie is rubbish but at least you don't have to listen to him all the time like the BBC's favourite muppet Lawro!!

egg said...

Hi, nothing to do with the Uriah bashing, but I've just seen on Sky Sports that Robinho doesn't view Spurs as a big club and he wouldn't want to leave the bench at Real to come to actually play football for us and would rather warm the bench at one of the "big 4" if he has to come to England. He also says that he will review his position at Real the end of the season. May I humbly suggest that no matter how much you adjust your position, those benches are awfully hard in Spain, take a cushion, you mug..

Anonymous said...

This is the Chinese year of the golden Pig. Please leave porkers, piggys and other pork types alone.Or the gods will be pissed off with Spurs and we won't get the silver...

Anonymous said...

Is he rubbish is the question!!the answer to that is simple.Yes the worst ref in the prem.Pants naff rubbish S@it a total c@@t the list goes on how many games have we seen him ref at ther lane way to many with way to many cock ups..Get rid of him once and for all..Worst ref i have ever seen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well we aren't a big club are we. 11th in the Prem last time I looked. Why would a top player come to us? We need to stop deluding ourselves , knuckle down and work at becoming a big club again. Our finances are Ok. Let's get the new ground sorted. Let's keep on picking up talented young players and work at building a team that can achieve something. Personally I feel more optimistic than at any time since Tel left.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

for those that haven't voted for keane on the fa's website, get a quick account and vote, he is currently 5% behind the reading keeper for best player of the last round in the fa cup, get voting

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to plagiarise
somewhere there is a village that is without and idiot

Anonymous said...

an idiot said...

I don't think there is much debate. Unless his wife, kids or mum are on the web as they will probably be the only people who will be fighting his corner. He is Rubbish!

The good thing is he is always rubbish, and you always know what you are going to get (or not) when he is officiating.

p4rk_l4ne said...

spur_forever - I've met the guy and I can tell you that 'self-confidence' was most definitely something he did not posess in spades. He struck me as someone who takes his job very seriously and is desperate not to make any mistakes.

It's a tough job and even the best referees make mistakes sometimes. Our away match at Watford featured a disallowed goal for the home side that was a very close call - so even if he does make mistakes it isn't always to our disadvantage.

And no, afunnyoldgame, I'm not related to him...

The Tailor said...

I haven't met the guy and don't need to. Him, Clattenburg and Poll are probably the 3 worst referees ever. Their idea of a good game is when they are centre of attention. When will a ref realise that a good game is when they aren't noticed...

Anonymous said...

Great result to beat Everton 2-1.

But according to Sky sport website: "Tottenham looked comfortable before on the stroke of half-time referee Uriah Rennie ignored a linesman's flag that ruled an Everton foul and instead booked Michael Dawson for a tug back on Anichebe.

Jol looked incredulous on the touchline and even more so when Arteta stepped from the game's periphery to whip a majestic sweeping free-kick beyond Robinson."

I've always thought Uriah Rennie is a crap referee, and a this confirms it. He is a tosser of a ref!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 10:26:00 PM +00:00

Anonymous said...

i dont really care whether he cares to get it right or not, for all i care he could be the most dedicated and conscientous bugger out there; what i do care about is that he is dreadful and makes terrible mistakes all the time, sometimes for us but mainly against, and i tried to put my tinted spec.s to one side there. he is recognised as rubbish which is why he keeps getting sent down the the championship and then back up for obvious, and in the abstract, commendable reasons

Anonymous said...

There is a scientific calculation to determine exactly how "rubbish" something or someone actually is. The object or person is then awarded a "Seagull Count Rating” the greater the seagull count the higher the rubbish content.

A brief guide to the ratings

A wheelie bin with one black bag

5 seagulls or mild rubbish

A pikey encampment complete with alfresco toilet arrangements

500 seagulls or unpleasant rubbish

A 472 acre landfill near Merthyr Tydfill

5,000 seagulls or total rubbish

Uriah Rennie 27,248 seagulls and rising

dannyboy said... pretty dumbfounded actually! i guess youve brought this up because of evertons equaliser? but every ref has the ability to over rule his linesman, and i think he was right - gulp! is he rubbish? yes. next......

Anonymous said...

dont worry about is rennie rubbish - get the fucking gooner advert off this site!
you sold out to the scum harry? shame on you :-(

Anonymous said...

Hello Harry and mates:
I'm very pleased with the last results, though there was no tv transmission here for any of them, but I'm confident we'll succeed from now on.

Tonight the news is Braga.My feeling was right, I'll have Spurs in Portugal in a few days.I read Jol complaining about not getting any time to take the team abroad for a week. Well, I would ask Jol to bring the team next week to Lisbon to get some fresh air before the tight schedule in March.Spurs will be facing lots of Portuguese anyway (a week with Braga and Chelsea!!). So it's better to get used to them.

What can I tell you about Braga?
Braga FC is the underdog here. They have nothing to lose. They keep and hide the ball very well. I would advise against any long balls with them. Continental football is needed and with our international players we can beat them easily.

Braga's Stadium is unique, a World Winning Architectural Prize. The fans coming here are going to like it.
Rocha played in this club before going to Benfica (I don't know yet if he can play in the Uefa Cup or not). He can give a few tips to the team about them.
Berbatov knows the Stadium. He was there playing with his national side on the Euro 2004.It was a game Danemark won on a very, very hot afternoon.
It's going to be an interesting feeling of return for them both.

As in the rest of Portugal the food and wine are good and cheap and the people are nice. Braga is the region of the Green Wine, a wonderful white sparkling wine to drink chilled, but please don't drink too much , or else...

Finally, Braga's kit is a copy of Arsenal's kit. Originally it was green but in the middle of last century Arsenal was the biggest team in the world and so they payed an hommage to them. That should give our players an extra motivation, though today's Braga's fans don't even know the story and don't give a damn about Arsenal.
There it is, Harry and mates. Glad to give any more info, if you want it.
Lisbon Spurs

Anonymous said...

I like Uriah Rennie. He mostly makes the right decisions and Everton's equaliser the other night was due to the linesman not having the balls to stand by his initial decision (or what happened there? I'd like to know). I do think Dawson should get his yellow card rescinded, though.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Clattenburg and Halsey are the absolute worst refs I've ever seen, including schoolboy matches

Anonymous said...

Have to say, so many refs make so many mistakes I've never kept tabs. Is rennie rally any worse than most?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report lisbonspurs.

Anonymous said...

Just done a little research. sp braga are actually nicknamed 'the arsenallists'!! We're playing the arse*** of portugal!

Hope we shit on em.

Anonymous said...

Justseen some photos of braga stadium. it may have won some architects award but it looks like the old library stuck up a mountain complete with a large screen bolted to a rockface.

I kid you not.

Hows a bout sticking some of the pics on here Harry so we can all have a laugh?

Anonymous said...

Google - braga stadium photo.

Dan Mac said...

however much of a bad ref rennie is... I actually think he got 'that' decision spot on... didn't actually see a foul on Dawson, but did see daawson rugby tackle amichebe - I would say the linesman cocked up and Rennie actually did the one thing more refsa should do, realise when their assistant is wrong and overrule him - the linesman is, at the end of the day, nothing more than an assistant to the ref, if the ref disagrees he is entitled to overrule him and in fairness he even went and spoke to the linesman before making his decision - it's strange really, how that was actually the best bit of refereeing (I know it's prob not a word, or spelled right) that I've seen in a long time, yet it's the one that has got the most stick... I still do think he's rubbish, just discusdsing that decision imparticular! and I am a Spurs fan!

dannyboy said...

click on the link - excellent pics. the stands look superb. shame about behind the goals !

Anonymous said...

Well, thank God there are still some polite people around here( anon. 11.08) because others are ignorant bigots,
like you, anon.11.15: (just underestimate Braga and you'll get kicked up the ass yourself. the reason for Arsenal's choice was done more than 50 years ago by people already dead, when Arsenal was a model in world football. nobody calls arsenalists to Braga since then)
and you, anon.11.30 ( what do you know about architecture? the stadium received a World Prize, no Portuguese members in the jury, but some English ones. nothing compares to its concept of being inside the sacred mountain, playing in the heart of the mountain. do you get it, idiot, or do you need some upgrading in your brain cells? go to the Spurs Club website and you have the pics there. It's very pathetic for some one who's got an old Stadium like WHL needing an urgent replacement to pose as the lord of the manor!)
I hope the fans coming to Portugal will honour Spurs and England's name and respect the team and people of Braga. Otherwise you better stay in London.
Lisbon Spurs

Anonymous said...

For those who are thinking about doing the trip to Braga, here's a good link to good info about the city:

Anonymous said...

thanks for that link, dannyboy, it gives the right idea about it, but when you're there is something else. Braga is a very ancient city and this mountain, called mount Castro, was sacred since times forgotten. The city was built at its feet, under its protection. When they decided to put football there it showed how much the people love the game.
As you already realised it is impossible to place stands behind the goals inside a mountain or you wouldn't have a view, right? and it has another point in its favour FIFA and UEFA liked very much: fans are completely separated.
I hope it isn't raining and all will be fine as far as the Stadium is concerned.
Lisbon Spurs

mikey said...

I've done it. I've found a song for our Bulgarian friend. It's been a while in the making, and my IT skills have delayed it a little, but will love to hear this being belted out around the lane....(to the tune of Mary Poppins' "Chim Chimminey...") -

Dim Dimminy, Dim Dimminy, Dim, Dim-itar,

He'll score lots of goals, the Spurs will go far!

Dim Dimminy, Dim Dimminy, Dim, Dim-itar,

He plays down the lane, he's Count Dracula!

It's obviously open to edits, additions and alterations, but the new hero of White Hart Lane needs his song. This is it.

Kym said...

I've always disliked Rennie. Like Poll, he's a ref that as soon as I hear he's officiating any given match, I'll expect a raft of dodgy decisions. He seems to consistently get things fouled up (irrespective of the decision the other night). Ask your nearest available West Ham fan about their recent clash with Newcastle. He's been demoted once, for being crap, and, IMO, needs it again.

Anonymous said...

please, please, no ! stop this nonsense once and for all !
and Berby has nothing of a vampire in him.
and chimneys!!!??? please! the man is brilliantly CLEAN !!

Anonymous said...

Berba is more a matador to me, a bullfighter full of flair and striking to kill. Why not the old song from Carmen with his name:

Toreador dimitar toreador,
it's berbatov, it's berbatov,
oh, oh, oh,he's the heroe of the lane,
dimitar berbatov,
it's dimitar,
dimitar berbatov!

Please applaud at the end !

mikey said...

I'm well aware of Dracula's Romanian heritage - although, of course, when Bram Stoker wrote the book, Transylvania was an independent state, and Mr Stoker had VERY little knowledge of that part of the world, having read about it and looked at crude maps in the British library. The man needs a song. He needs to feel loved. We want him to stay. I said it wasn't perfect, but I think we need something for him. He's been awesome this season, the best player I've seen at Spurs for a few years, so why not get something on the terraces for him. COYS

Anonymous said...

sorry, mate, but Mr. Stocker knew about the real Dracula, the medieval Count Vlad Tepes of the order of the Dragon (i.e. Drakul). He's known as the IMPALER, because he impalled thousands of Turks. What the writer did was to make up a story confirming his fame of blood drinker.
I'm the first to agree Berby needs a song and certainly needs to feel loved (I bellieve he already does).But it's insulting for a Bulgarian to be mistaken with their neighbours(it's always like that with neighbouring countries, right) and I firmily believe he doesn't like vampire stories, so, to call him Dracula might be offensive, that's my point.
To go on singing Verdi's fickle lady is also insulting, I said that before here.
The matdor/ toreador stuff has much more to do with him and it's not a whole Spanish thing as we have bullfights in other countries. Bullfighters have style and grace, but when you think they are feminine they will kill the bull in two seconds. That's Berba for me, so I say let's sing Carmen. We all know it and I bet he's going to love it.

mrdaintz said...

Uriah rennie what a c**t,between him and phil doud we are all f**t.can't wait for sunday going to get ratted in the bell and hare and sing i love martin jol all afternoon brilliant!.As for berba i see him as a fine piece of art work,his nickname"the devil with a face of an angel"surely there's enough there for a song isn't there.coys........

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisbonspur

You crack me up! And you've got me all wrong. Firstly; I wrote ALL of the posts you mentioned, good & bad. Secondly; I was having a laugh and you really shouldn't take what's on this site too seriously. Thirdly; I can't be ignorant on that particular matter because I was putting forward an opinion not stating a fact and all I need to know about architecture is to know what I like. My personal taste is not dictated by fashion or awards.

Listen, no disrespect was meant, just some good old fashioned playful ribbing. Incidently I insist Spurs take EVERY team seriously otherwise we all know what can happen.

I'm on your side mate.


WHL is not that old. Just too small. It's actually a great shape, tight to the pitch, steep sides, creates a good atmosphere. A bigger version would suit me with proper beer and better food.

Anonymous said...

humm, art work, humn, a song about a statue, humn, I don't know any,
humm, devil and angel, humm, unless it's Morning Angel, which is a ballad and in the least girlish I don't see a song there for Berba. and a nickname is not a description, maybe "devil angel" or "angel devil". angels and devils are the same, the only difference is if they work in the light or in the dark...
but I do agree with that one of the toreador, he's got it, the bullfighters have the hair like that and that chorus of Carmen sticks to your brain. this could be it:

It's Berbatov, Dimitar Berbatov,
Give him the ball,
He'll score a goal,
Oh, oh, oh, he's the hero of the Lane,
Dimitar Berbatov !
Give him the ball,
He'll score a goal,
Dimitar Berbatov.

Repeat faster and so on and so forth. Great!
Can we start this singing next Sunday?


Anonymous said...

"Berbatov is a fine piece of art work", that's why he should be naked !
Signed: Raving Woman

Anonymous said...

Dear 3.55.
I believe you are a contradiction in terms, mate, but if that's what turns you on, it's fine by me...
Peace !
Lisbon Spurs

Anonymous said...

your point, mr.daintz?
mikey had an idea.
what about you?
I go for the Carmen song.

mr daintz said...

my point is all of your song ideas are poo let's take time and come up with something original and special for berba the new king of white hart lane sorry ledder's but your down to crown prince again!!.......(have you ever heard of a bulgarian matador before i certainly haven't)

Anonymous said...

oh, mr.daintz, that one about the king does have copyright (I bet you didn't know about that one, but you're copying some else's ideas, mate).
On a different tone, are you thinking of finding a Bulgarian song for him? Have you ever heard Bulgarian music? Very sofisticated, too difficult for football fans.
But all new ideas for a song are poo, so keep singing the Verdi one, that's good for a pansy.
The Carmen song is good to sing, it's joyful and easy and certainly not offensive. Anyway someone has to start. We'll see what the others will do.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't know the Carmen song, he's just pretending he is very cultured.
Give it up, lad, you're wasted with the likes of daintz's.

Anonymous said...

Nice thread here, HH.
In fact I heard Berby is going to Real Madrid in the Summer. No doubt the Spaniards will sing the toreador to him, ah, ah, ah, poetic justice. Before you come up with a song in England he'll have one ready in Spain.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind shouting a few OLES to Berba, not bad idea the matador type.
Look what I found: you have to read Bulgarian)
the guy is on the top 1O Hot Men/ Playboys of Bulgaria.What about a strip-tease song, that one by Joe Cocker?
Angel, take off your shirt,
you're better without it.
Devil, take off your pants,
you're better without them.
Masterpiece, score a goal,
with no clothes on you.
But, Berba,
oh, Berba, you can leave your boots on...

Anonymous said...

I've been saying this for weeks now: Berbs should be captain. When he's around he's a natural leader. Last game Keane was the captain, he had the armband, but the real captain was Berbs. Who talked to the linesman and the referee, politely as it should always be? Berbs did. I say again: if he's staying he should be captain right now.
Also checked his record and it's impressive in a season of adaptation: since he signed with Spurs he played 47 games (only a few for less than 90 minutes) and scored 21 goals.This includes pre-season friendlies and the five competitions. People tend to forget the Euro 2008 qualifying.
Great Berbs!
You're our star!
Takes there Dimitar!

mrdaintz said...

f**k me now i feel like the bull in this blog with all you matador's about who cares anyway the man is class he knows he's popular with the spurs fans and lets remember we do have other players aswell the king cant do it all on his own lets get behind all the boys for once..........yids!!

mr daintz said...

to the bloke on here who was going on about original song's bmj's belonged to steffen freund if im not correct so what better way to show our respect for berba with a famous spurs song."born is the king of whl"
born is the king of whl
born is the king of whl,yid!!. come why not?.

Wendell said...

Me and my mates sing this every time he scores. Sounds great after 6 pints..

(to Ack-a-doo)

Dimi-tar tar tar
Hits the ball into the net
From the left, from the right
Watch him use his magic feet

Anonymous said...

Why not to the tune of gimme,gimme,gimme by Abba:

Dimy,Dimy,Dimy,a goal before midnight,
Spurs will tell the world Berbatov is the King.

Neat, right?