Friday, January 05, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Rumours Wanted

Jesus Christ, have Chas n' Dave done a remix?

Thankfully not.

What I am after is the word on the street. And who better to provide it than the poor lambs who are assailed daily with more disinformation on Spurs than.... oh I don't know.... Blair gave us on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Clearly, it would be great if you're an estate agent who's just sold a house to a D. Beckham who amongst other requirements needed an easy commute to N17... Or you do the ironing for a striker who isn't at WHL and there are Spurs shirts in the pile all of a sudden... You get my drift.

And please, DO make stuff up.



Harry Hotspur said...

Put your money where your mouth is and send me one for nothing!

I'll even run a proper ad for your site in return.

Or get deleted on site you 'orrible little spammer!

Anonymous said...

Transfer Rumours

Anton Ferdinand - 4 million offered
Curtis Davies - 5 million offered
Lee Cook - 2 million offered
Ashley Young - 3 million offered
Darren Bent - 7 million offered
Gareth Bale - 4 million offered
Giles Barnes - 2.5 million offered

Stewart Downing - M'Boro - LW
Gamst Pedersen - Blackburn - LW
Matthew Upson - Birmingham - CB
Matt Jarvis - Gillingham - LW
Ben Haim - Bolton - CB
Vanden Borre - Anderlecht - CB/RB
Ogbuke (Edu) - Lyn Oslo - LW/ST
Marius Alexe - Dinamo Buc. - ST
Luigi Bruins - Excelsior - AM
Stefan Maierhofer - Bayern - ST
Yildiray Basturk - Hertha B - AM
Adil Chihi - Koln - ST
Shaun Maloney - Celtic - AM
Sylvain Distin - Man City - CB
Olivier Thomert - Lens - LW/ST

Ross Watson - Spurs Fan

Harry Hotspur said...

Great Work, Ross.

Anonymous said...

great music that Rumours by the good old FM: "do you have any dreams you would like to sell?"
mine are almost gone...sniff!!!
as for other rumours, Spurs are playing Arse away and beat them 4-0 in the Carling Cup!
(they will get a replay with Cardiff too)

jengmeng said...

As any fule kno,David Beckham has a hugantic mansion in Sawbridgeworth just north of Harlow on the A11. A rather gentle 30 minute drive to WHL. It could be an extremely cunning smokescreen however.

Anonymous said...

this is official, spurs will sell bent for 15 mill before swapping defoe for wright phillips plus 6 mill

Anonymous said...

bale is also apparently in the bag

Anonymous said...

heinz for spurs deal being neg

summerspur said...

can anyone convice me ghaly is a suitable stand in for lennon, can the two be mentioned in the same breath. maybe im being harsh on ghaly as my sourse in the famous
"karrims karaoke klub" in cairo tell me his "imagine" and "woman" are trully something to behld.

Anonymous said...

bet you didn't know LondonEveStand. awarded Berbs Player of the Month for Nov.
not a rumour!
how many more Spurs stuff is unknown to fans?

Anonymous said...

anon 12.57
i prefer branston beans myself!

Anonymous said...

Bring out the Berba!

Anonymous said...

Predictions for 2moro lads?

Harry - What the odds mate. Earn your keep!

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Mourinho swaps Defoe for SWP!!!
yet main problem is not solved: to the left! to the left! sings Beyoncè and the girl seems to know it all: our left side stinks!