Monday, January 22, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Bid Confirmed

Introducing Ricardo Rocha.

Portuguese outfit Benfica have confirmed that Spurs have made a bid for their 28 year old Central defender.

Sources in Portugal, namely Portugal's radio Renascenca have cited a figure somewhere between 3 and 5 million EUROS.

The footy press over there have branded Benfica's earlier denials over this move as a smokescreen designed to buy them time to rectify the situation with fans with an inward transfer.

As a wise man once said, ' I'll believe it when I see him on the official site holding a shirt up with his name on'.


MARK F said...


Anonymous said...

harry it's PORTUGUESE, not portugese, please. And yes, it's 5 million and yes Rock's going to Spurs and yes there'll be two friendlies in Lisbon and yes, I'm in Lisbon, just ask me, ok?

Anonymous said...

Lisbonspurs, don't be such a condescending bell end.

Harry Hotspur said...

Apologies for any spelling errors past or yet to come.

That should do it.

Harry Hotspur said...

Ok Lisbonspurs, old bean, what's all this friendly business and when is the lad starting for us?

And what's he like? Any good? Should we keep the reciept somewhere safe?

Don't spare the detail...

Anonymous said...

harry, please don't apologise, it's a common mistake anyway.
I believe Rock is at the Lane right now, according to the local know-it-alls.He didn't play for benfica yesterday and it is said he could be in action against Arsenal.
He's good, but keep the receipt, because the Prem is very different from continental football. Hopefully if he's welcome by players and manager he will adapt quickly.
The two (or one) friendlies will be probably during the pre-season (July) and maybe this year Spurs will be based in Portugal, as last year were based in France...
Here is my previous post concerning this matter:

Richard Rock is leaving tomorrow, according to the media here. He's fast and hard as a rock (Rocha is Rock in Portuguese).The only problem is the pace, but he's experient, so I hope he'll get a good reception in Spurs. There is nothing more important for the Portuguese than to be nice and to have nice people around them (but you saw that during Euro 2004).I learned how to live with that and now it's a bit part of me too.
I also believe he'll be back soon to play Braga in the UEFA CUP. It's a feeling I've got since the beginning of the season that Spurs will be coming to Portugal this year ( it seems Rock's contract includes a friendly at Benfica too).

Saturday, January 20, 2007 12:36:00 PM +00:00

Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers friend!

Anonymous said...

LisbonSpurs - anyone who writes things like "he's experient" lose all right to correct the spelling of others.

And if he's slow then he's no use - send him back already!

Cheshunt said...

"This will fulfil my dream to play in England," Rocha told the Portuguese press.

Looks like the bid was good, H.

Anonymous said...

Lisbonspurs, I'm not confident you'll be seeing Rocha in the UEFA Cup if he comes to Spurs. A bit nerdy, I know, but I had a look through the competition regulations on the UEFA website. As Benfica have already fielded him in a UEFA club competition (ie. CL) I think that disqualifies him from entering the UEFA Cup, now that Benfica have dropped into the same competition.

Anyone able to confirm?

Anonymous said...

anon. 3.38
what's wrong with " experient"? if you've never heard of it, it's time for you to learn, mate.
I said Rock is fast but to be fast for 90 minutes (that's the Prem's pace) it's something else.No continental player can do that in the first weeks. He'll have to cope with it in time, the sooner the better.
I'm aware of those regulations but I think that he may be authorized to play in the UEFA CUP, as he only played in the CL, but I'm not sure about this. I'll have Spurs in Lisbon anyway, due to the friendlies...
I hope Rock will be the sparkle Spurs need right now to wake up.
That's all, folks!

Harry Hotspur said...

There is mention of an International Transfer Certificate blah blah blah on the UEFA site, but it isn't clear (with out reading it properly)if this works for a player who has already been fielded for another side in the same competition in the same season.

I was only on there 2 minutes and I'm sounding like them.

Anonymous said...

anyone LOSE? plural?
ignorant and rude.
take a hike !

Nicole M. said...

Im a Benfica fan (they are sadly my life) and also a fan of the EPL (no favorites).

I can tell you that Ricardo Rocha is a fantastic player, and my fave central def. he has had his spells on the bench in the past, particularly when Koeman was coach, as he preferred the brazilian Anderson. But this has been his best season so far, scoring three goals in 12 games i believe. You are right, he is going to have to adapt to the pace of the english game but i have no doubt that he will do a good job! remember, he was the man that marked Ronaldinho in last years Champions league and he did a great job.

Maybe this is will lead me to favour the spurs in the future.

jvc said...

harry harry harry krishna
would have preferred to keep davenport and ship out gardner. seeing as davenport was obviously rated higher by jol, we are now in a slightly dodgy situation.
ledley's fitness seems to be highly unreliable, gardner just don't seem good enuf, this new guy is unproven in the premiership, and is evidently one of the lesser lights in benfica, a good but not brilliant team. which leaves us with just dawson who we can genuinely rely on. at least a move for brown would have given us a guy who knows what the premiership is all about
Radical Uncertainty

Anonymous said...

HH - Special request from those of us without high speed Internet - an you stop putting the excellent photos and videos on the front page, it it starting to take ages for the home page to download. Can you put them in subfolders instead, so we download what we choose to each time?

Nice one!

Harry Hotspur said...


Hello mate,

The only suggestion I can make is that you try to come into the site via a specific link, say newsnow.
I know that isn't ideal, but virtually every fresh post gets picked up by them.


Anonymous said...

Like to say thanks to the portugeezers and girl who gave us info on there player ! cheers - i think he could do well - but like others i am very surprised we let davenport go - he looked like man of the match for irons v geordies
big loss - i was at the fulham game and i can honestly say i wish i never went - if we play anythink like that against the goon we will get stuffed :( what a crap ground and pitch fulham have - should it be allowed in todays climate? state of the art pitch technology? - bollox more divots than a blind members only golf club

dannyboy said...

hes not even signed yet!!!
anyway, glad our reserves beat scum 3 - 0 tonight, maybe an omen for wednesday night ?!interesting to note ziegler is getting lots of games for reserves at left back - is jol thinking of playing him there in the 1st team?
does anyone see the reserves at all? any good ones who should be given a 1st team chance? taarbrat is playing a few games and also pekhart looks like hes been fast tracked there from the academy - i wonder......
come on spurs, big performance required, neigh demanded, against scum, please.

Harry Hotspur said...

Ah, you see Dannyboy, old HH's got his Benfican ear to the ground!

Anonymous said...

either that or HH reads sky sports transfer window like the rest of us !!!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Just like HP, HH cannot reveal his sauces!

Oh alright two days ago and our very own Lisbornspurs

Anonymous said...

yes he did, dannyboy. just waiting for the medicals.
anon 9.30
the only portu here is my girlfriend, mate, she's Furtado, but not Nelly. we'll be watching on tv the clash of the titans next weds.Good luck to the lads.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with " experient"? if you've never heard of it, it's time for you to learn, mate.

Oh dear! Believe the word you're looking for is experienced

Anonymous said...


having experience; having knowledge or skill from observation or participation [syn: experienced] [ant: inexperienced]

Anonymous said...

ok, hh, it's official: Benfica has just announced Roc's transfer to Spurs.
I believe that Roc is the best Portuguese player right now, only second best to Ron.
Here is his file:

He's tall, powerful and tireless ( and nice, of course).
All the best to him and to our Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! Nice walked right into that one!

Anonymous said...

Any Lisbonlad able to write english that well does not need spelling lessons from anyone on this site not able to speak fluent Portyougwez.
Has anyone tried Graham's LBV 1996 by the way? Superb!

Rocha allegedly has a great engine and man-marks extremely well. Had 25 starts in Benfica's league title winning season and played an important roll when they reached the CL quarter finals.

Hopefully he won't be another neybet. Good for 6 months then quickly fades due to lack of pace.
For 3.2 mil we want 3 good years out of him because there won't be a sell on fee that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Yid 15
I'm not a Lisbonlad, I'm not Portuguese either.I'm just a foreigner in love with this country and its women...who lived in London for a while and fell in love with Spurs for life.
But thanks for the compliments for the good use of English. It's my working tool, by the way. Well, enough of talking about me!

As for Roc, Spurs have just confirmed the transfer.
Apart from football, I believe girls will go crazy about him just like with Ron...
Cheers, mates!

spurs78 said...

little montage of him on you tube:

looks like a passionate chap!

spurs78 said...

one other thing, some crap going about that MJ is gonna bid for Duff!

Has to be utter toss! Surely! seeing as he was quoted as saying it would be impossible after playing for chavski.

p.s. any typo's you know what to suck!

Anonymous said...

one last thing (promise): precision shots (Spurs are awful): free kicks, penalty kicks, corner kicks, he's an expert.
Lisbonspurs over and out.

Anonymous said...

this new guy is playing tomorrow? uuaauuhh!!! what a pair of b..lls!
any news about the second vice-captain? if this leadership business isn't sorted out by tomorrow night I'll boo Jol for the entire match.

Anonymous said...

first we had razor ruddock!
and now its razor rocha!
come on you spurs!