Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spurs Signing Exclusive Mega Super Update

The update ought to be that Ashley Young ISN'T signing for Tottenham.

But it's actually that yet again fifth rate wannabe hacks have been at it again.

But then those of us with even half a brain worked that one out when the Watford manager made a statement several days ago specifically denying Spurs had even tabled a bid.

I'll resist the urge to berate the Mirror again, I'm sure they'll have another ill conceived exclusive along soon. Did they get the now failed £3 million bid for Bale story?

They weren't alone.
Online, among others, were still reporting that Tottenham had pipped Ars*nal to Young's signature at breakfast today.

Shameless or clueless journalism?

I'm most comfortable with an all encompassing 'rubbish'.


dannyboy said...

wouldn't it be funny if any of these rumours turned out to be true ?!
what would you do Harry if they were? run down Piccadilly in a scum gooner shirt ?!
the gauntlet has been thrown - will it be picked up we wonder ?


Harry Hotspur said...

I never run!

dannyboy said...

answer the challenge boy, even if you just hobble......

Anonymous said...

a'right harry? i was slagging off your cartoon a couple of weeks ago. i actually think it's a'right:- i thought it was belonging to some twat on the comments board that i was having a go at. y'see, he was the last post before the cartoon, and...ah well. i got nuttin against the harry hotspur cartoon. who's with me!!!?? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah Yeah!!!! Yeah Yeah! yeah! Alright! Awesome! Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!!Yeah Yeah !

Anonymous said...

Well said Hotspur. I'm bored of all the attention grabbinhg headlines that either front crap or just plain old lies.

You put it well before when you suggested half the journos were lashed up when they ran these 'articles'.

We're not idiots so piss off THE MIRROR!

Ghost said...

It's not very often that I agree with your 'ramblings' Harry but this time I am 110% behind you on this one, the 'Mirror' are total scum especially that Harris guy, my old man told me 20 years ago that Harris was a Tottenham hater and it was always vile and venom that he wrote whilst falling off his bar stool, its a comic and thats being polite!!!

Homer said...

10/10 Harry.

Every day online we click on a headline that is fundamentally a con.

No coincidence that one website in particular even has a premium rate telephone number where you can give them additional revenue to also HEAR a con.

I am convinced that these 'journos' writing these 'stories' are no more motivated to do so than a traffic warden who is told he has to write 25 tickets each day. To hell with the consequences.

Ashley Young was never leaving Vicarage Road anyway. The reports were ALL dishonest.

Keep it coming Harry.

Anonymous said...

Dannyboy. What's 'the challenge'? Boothroyd has said that AY ain't leaving Poxford.

Tha Saint said...

Spurs and Man U have both put in increased bids of 5.5m approx. for Bale this morning

Murmurs in the club (Saints) are that they want 8m at least before considering letting him go

dannyboy said...

anon 9.14
its called banter.....

Anonymous said...

instead of this, harry, we should be trying to inspire our lads to beat Cardiff. Ideas anyone?..

Harry Hotspur said...

Yeah, I've a plan. Pass the ball on the floor or near to it to our ravenous strikers repeatedly until we score more than they do and win.

Harry Hotspur said...

dannyboy, you trying to have fun again on the internet? They won't like that, mate!

dannyboy said...

fun? moi? nah! you taking up the challenge or what !?

good plan by the way - lets hope we win an 11 goal thriller!


Harry Hotspur said...

Only if you change your name to Anneka!

Anonymous said...

Re: 4th post.

I have one question.

Is it hash, e, diazepam, or some opiate or other?