Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tottenham Put Their Teeth Back In

First up, a good win. Middlesborough were Boltonesque enough to, on another day, have gone through the motions and beaten a wimpy, not really in the mood Tottenham by at least a goal to nil. The post-match Southgate looked bemused, like a man telling his wife they'd been turned down for another bank-loan. He clearly didn't think Spurs were going to come out fighting.

Of course we want more. It's in the blood.

We want the type of performance that beat the champions every game. But it's unrealistic to moan when we don't get it. Moaning is for the third rate rubbish served up last Saturday.

Melbranque is settling in nicely. Defoe was missing off the score sheet again but not for the want of trying. Robbie's goal was an inspired piece of opportunism. Is Huddlestone match fit? Zokora was a menace. Berbatov's goal was lovely. Instinctive strike. But he was shamefully static when Lennon cut open the six yard box for him with the cross of the game. Chimbonda was a bit hit and miss. The miss from Defoe's well worked free kick was diabolical.

The reds? Perhaps if Chimbonda hadn't started playing British Bulldog with Boateng the whole thing wouldn't have looked as bad as it did. The whole thing was bun fight without any real purpose, but hopefully Zokora can get a squeeze purely on the grounds we need him.


JolsGoneMental said...

Lee Cook.


Anonymous said...


Huddlestone for Life

Anonymous said...

Hear me now ... the HUD IS GOD

spurs4ever said...

Had Huddlestone played sat it might have been a different result

Anonymous said...

We played well but we have to score more. I get the feeling from MJ's remarks he thinks this makes up for the Emirates debacle. Not by a long way, Martin. But, oh my, I like the looks of "Hoddlestone". He lacks pace but seems to have time to do what he wants to - the mark of class.

Anonymous said...

Might have been a different result if the 11 that did go out had played too.

defo1 said...

lee is beter.ocoto need time

dannyboy said...

i still think the big test will be man city away. we won there last season quite comfortably. this season will see if we have learnt to win away and if we have improved or stayed the same.
lets be honest, games such as m'boro at home we SHOULD win. as we should charlton at home.
great to see us get back to winning ways, but still mighty pissed off from saturday. the team still owe the fans some good results / performances. lets start on saturday.
hudds needs to play every game. with zokora banned for 3 games, would like to see hudds / jenas pairing given a 3 match run, injuries permitting.


Anonymous said...

Fellow believers....stop pulling yourselves apart....did anybody see the so called highlights of Spam v Wigan??????????You think we have problems???????Although none of my business, it seems the Irons need at least two to get behind the opposition and one to come from deep....step forward Morley and Bishop!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i dont give a shit about the spammers
we have problems of our own - morley and bishop? cryptic or what? and yeah, i know who they are.

kop said...

loser yid....

twd said...

Spurs have played sixteen League matches this season.

In all bar one - the 3-0 defeat at Liverpool, which no Spurs fan should need reminding would have been a whole lot different if Jenas scores - Jol has chosen one of Defoe and Keane.

In the games started by Keane only, Spurs' record reads P8 W2 D2 L4.

In the games started by Defoe only, Spurs' record reads P7 W4 D2 L1.

These facts are available for all to see, even Martin Jol.