Thursday, December 21, 2006

Spurs vs Southend : End Of The Pier Show

Mido hit the bar, Stalteri hit Davenport, Defoe hit a floodlight and then eventually the net in the 309th minute to clinch it.

Big Martin Jol, with relief causing him to beam from ear to ear said of Southend, "They made it difficult for us." And they did. Robinson and the back four were never really under seige, but Southend held onto the ball well and played unlike a team with their current league problems.

Huddlestone is making great strides to keeping his spot when those who are currently poorly get better.

And his corners are superior to Carrick's.

The Southend boys return then to the spiritual home of the white stilletto, with their pride well in tact and probably more part worn Spurs merchandise than the Megastore saw in recent returns of the third kit.


Anonymous said...

On top of all this may i also point out that very unlike anytime in the past for Tottenham even with injuries to key players we still can field a very very good team.

Huddlestone (a player mixture of Hoddle and Vieira) must be tied to a very long term contract asap.Wining a trophy sooner rather than later will achieve not only a piece of silverware but will also go a long way in terms of keeping our best talent like Huddlestone,King,Dawson,Lennon and alike.

lorraine kelly's teeth said...

The quality of articles on here get better as time goes by. Carry on .

Anonymous said...

when ius the draw for the semi final being made?

Anonymous said...

Re: first post.

So yo don't think chelsea are gonna win it?

Anonymous said...

After all the other teams have played???

Anonymous said...

The Pool vs Arse game is 'scheduled' for Jan 9th.

So one of them vs Cheatski, Wycombe or Tottenham.

Anonymous said...

the draw is saturday
my prediction is scum/liverpool vs chelski
and tottenham vs wycombe

spursforme said...

Spursforme says

Hi all, im really impressed with the boys this season. we are talking semis, euro football, top half of the table, still in the FA cup, its all so good. the funny thing is i think we are still only just comming into form ireally dont think that the prem have seen the best of us yet this season. so im confident of a stronger second half of the season. As we all know that is not usual for spurs. rather than flag at christmas (usual joke from the gooner scum) and start dropping down the table. I`m sure this term we are going to go up the table.

Prediction for the end of the season.....1 domestic cup. 1 euro cup.....champions league football next season.


Anonymous said...

where u bin?
visit the old gang on

Anonymous said...

I went on pride of london and it was shit. Are they paying to advertize on here harry?