Saturday, December 23, 2006

Score Draw

Hot on the heels of my most recent hit & miss tips for the connoisseur punter.... here then are this week's opportunities of a lifetime....

I really struggle to beyond Martins as the threat. 28 goals for Inter before this lot and 6 up already for the Toon make him no lesser menace because he's virtually on his own.

So on an upbeat note, the result ought to hinge upon Tottenham letting loose with their dazzling array of strikers and assorted goalscorers at large!

2-1 and 3-1 are 9/1 and 20/1 respectively.

The fear of course is a lapse from Spurs and us delivering nothing on promises made in the first half against Manchester City last week.....

So score draws are not a disaster bet wise and may therefore, be a more comforting bet with 1-1 at 11/2 and 2-2 at 12/1.


el said...

As you indicated Harry, it's about whether we turn up or not. That and how well Lee or Assou-Ekotto play. We could get hammered down the right if we don't stay organised at the back. Offence is the best form of defence.

Go on the Spurs!

dannyboy said...

what a load of shit - the performance not the blog harry !!!

Harry Hotspur said...

And you're right, mate.

I still have yet to see any highlights but I can guess.... and that's what depresses.

I don't think Jol is the problem, I don't think we need to do any more other than to lose this fragility that seems to rear it's head almost at random. But what on earth is the answer to that one?

I thought that this was a more important game than Man City.

It was a means of demonstrating we'd turned some class of a corner. It would put clear water between us and teams like Toon. They get knocked out the Cup by a team we beat in the league, we stay in the Cup and then we beat them.

Clear water. Of sorts.

But no.

Back to square one so as to speak. Back to the form of our vulnerable performances of this campaign against Reading and the Arse.

I don't even have a rant in me about it all. The Telegraph makes reference to a general failure of Tottenham players to live up to reputations and salaries etc etc, but I want to know if their is a more fundamental problem at the heart of this squad. Maybe I'm chasing ghosts. But as they say on 'Points Of View' - Why oh why....?

At least the Hotspur cellar is fabulously well stocked at this time of year to help cushion, in part at least, the misery.

To hell with the bike. Boxing Day win please, Santa.