Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Home Sweet Home For Tottenham

Defoe has found his touch again. It's official.

Two cracking goals and the feeling that there really are many many more to come.

I have done nothing but champion this lad and I cannot conceal the delight in sneering at all the low rent critics that hounded him. They called him lazy, a 'bling' merchant, selfish, not selfish enough. They were only short of calling him a no good n*gger. Absolute morons. The truth is, what this boy does best requires service. And when he gets it, he's one of the most ruthless, exciting finishers I'VE ever seen.

Go on Defoe!

Berbatov is now demonstrating on a regular basis that his assists are every bit the same quality as his shooting prowess.

Huddlestone is a delight to watch now. His advancement over the last few weeks has been a joy. His confidence to hit such well weighted passes is Tottenham through and through. Carrick did this twice a game. Huddlestone is attempting it every time there's a white shirt making a run.

Well done to the club for signing him up for another term.



Anonymous said...


defoe has got his confidence back and I can't see keano getting in the team other than as a late substitute!

Huddlestone is the new ronaldhino (did you see those passes!) and the club has done the smartest thing by giving him a new contract. Our team is a gives all those other b*****d teams that investing in young ENGLISH talent is profitable. Two fingers to all those haters!

Watch out liverpool u mite as well not turn up (12 out of 12).


Anonymous said...

LOVE Defoe.

dannyboy said...

i second that emotion.
defoe is quality as always said. him and berbatov are profiting from a consistent run in the side together.
with lee now established as 1st choice left back (?), the back 5 picks itself.
jol seems to favour hudds, malbranque and lennon, so i reckon 1 midfield place up for grabs between jenas and zokora. imo it should be jenas when fit. if we can get a settled team with all injuries back, i reckon we can finally go places. jol - please no more tinkering. settle on your favoured team and stick with it.


Anonymous said...

Berbs is injured. it's going to be interesting to see what the rest will do without him against Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

I saw an article which says King is off to Chelsea to replace Terry.

Anonymous said...

read that nice piece of news, mate: King's is worth 30 M plus FOUR players !!!In your dreams !
maybe we should ask him if he wants to go or ask Jol if he wants him to go.
for me, he can go: there's only one king in the team, and that's not him !

el said...

I used to think that all the 'Hoddlestone' stuff was fun but a bit of an exaggeration but a couple of those passes were sublime and truly redolent of the man himself. I've said before on these sites how I felt that if Defoe got a good run we should use his relative success rate to guage whether the club should sell him or not and I think we have a pretty definitive answer. I still think we suffer badly from not having a natural leader in the middle of the park, especially at away games but I've a feeling that in a year or two neither Jenas or Zokora will regularly occupy the spot in front of Big Tom and hopefully the player who does is the 'general' we've waited so long for.

Exciting times,

Go on the Spurs!

dannyboy said...

natural leader in the middle of the park - ive said it so many times before. why can't it be jenas? dont forget he's still only young and his best years are still ahead of him. imagine him and hudds bossing the midfield for the next 10 years? i think it would bring his game on bundles as well.


Harry Hotspur said...

Hudlestone irritated me the first few times I saw him. Even the basic 10/15 yard passes were ro
pey and he didn't seem to find the rhythm of the games he was in. Looked like a reserve.

Last season he came on at home against Wigan and was no better, memorably bungling two successive throw ins beneath the west stand with YP Lee. Woeful, nervous, football.

But what do we have on our hands now? An intelligent, strong adept passer of the ball who I believe leaves Carrick well in his shadow.

More power to Clive Allen & Co?

I always thought Carrick's corners were never 'deadly' enough. Huddlestone's are always seem a menace.

I loved Carrick's touch, but always felt it was somewhat rationed.

Big Tom appears to only have two plans, to break our strikers out or have a go himself. This confident, classy play is Tottenham through and through for me.

I love it.

Exciting is the word alright.

el said...


I would love to see Jenas develop into that sort of player but I just don't see it. I tend to think that players of that ilk are noticed by clubs and turned into captain material by the time they're in their early 20's. Don't get me wrong, I like Jenas and Zokora, I just don't see a roy keane or viera there. Big Tom is a more likely candidate due to his presence and vision but he appears to lack the character as did carrick. Dawson is the only player who has the right attributes as far as I can see but I can't see him being given the arm-band ahead of King and I feel a leader with a more creatively pivotal roll would serve the team better. A viera rather than an adams. (apologies for the arse*** references)

Quick word of support for Young-Pyo
Lee who seems to be playing ok since being given his place back.

Go on the Spurs!