Sunday, November 12, 2006

Reading Beat Dismal Spurs

In 7 days Tottenham go from impressive to regressive.

A realist would say that the dreadful start to the season is far from out our system yet. An optimist would say that today's result is gift. All it cost us was points. We're still on good runs in both our cup competitions.

Few have won at Reading in over a year but have many turned in performances as passionless as our mob on Sunday? Zokora would appear to have left his sick bed too soon, but what was eveyone else's excuse?

The substitutions were made too late and as per the Cheatski game, Defoe ought to have been released from the technical area sooner if he was to cause any real damage.

It has to be asked if there is a problem lurking beneath the surface at White Hart Lane? Morale and general esprit de corps seems to swing wildly from high to non existent without apparent reason. As a wise man on the previous article said, "Answers on a postcard, please....."


Anonymous said...

Reading (3) v Spurs (1). Total rubbish from our Spurs team!!! Unacceptable performance by all the players.

What is the point of beating Chelski if we cant beat Reading!!!

Plus the moans from Davids in today’s Sunday papers is surely no good for team harmony!!!

Anonymous said...

No good for team harmony is playing shite. Have one lucky run angainst Chelscum and you think you're all that.

Next time you cry over never winning anything remember there's only one team in north london in the champions league, and one team in north london that has a team able to win anything.

Harry Hotspur said...

"No good for team harmony is playing shite"

It's a northern Yoda.

Noam said...

think fatigue may be setting in as we have been playing 3 games a week all month. didnt see today's game but it was coming, at least we pulled it together against port vale. I think jol will give them a talking to and we will improve. shows how important chimbonda is tho.

Anonymous said...

Very, very disappointing. We got what we deserved on the day. This defeat was nothing short of CRIMINAL!

Anonymous said...

Fatigue my a**e. It happens all too often against so called lesser teams. Last season it was Sunderland, Leicester and Grimsby.

Other than for the goal, the build up all game was way too slow. They treated it like a Sunday morning stroll.

Equally worrying is our continued inability to shut players down properly and allowing them to shoot from distance (Campo, Makele, Riise and last year Gallas etc etc).

Even then you would hope that an England goalkeeper would have saved the day. I make Robinson in some way culpable for all three goals. He is very weak at anything hit low across his body. Two goals like that yesterday (and Campo on day 1). Also, despite Berbatov's almost comical understanding of marking a player, the second goal was on the six yard line and a confident goelie would have come out and caught tht ball.

I would dock the whole team a week's wages.

Anonymous said...

I'd dock their fuckin bollocks!

dannyboy said...

totally right.
yesterday was a shambles. reminded me of the 1st half against port vale. i think some of them may believe their own headlines of how good they are. well they fucking aint !!!
lots of work to do, but hopefully just a blip. bring on blackburn - we expect a reaction spurs.

HH - whats with the green? makes me feel like puking - put the blue back on man ! r u at work with nothing to do ?!


sydney wale said...

If you don't take each game as your pinacle in the EPL you suffer. Every team can get themselves up for it and so well done Reading.

CLICHE: They wAanted much more than we did!!

Dear MJ: Tell them the truth!!

Back to basics for a week!

I love Tottenham

EL said...

Harry, the orange and green are certainly interesting and 'of the moment' but the 'in the box column' layout is DEFINATELY an improvement on that 'right across the page' thing you were doing for a while. Much better.

All the best

Go on the Spurs!

Harry Hotspur said...


Cusop said...

Electrocution is the solution.. Bloody feckless players!! They should have there heads shaved and be sent to live in Peckham!!

dannyboy said...

right - lets get some serious debate going.

robinson - england's no 1, but needs a rest. zokora was at fault for the 2nd goal cos he should have marked the scorer, but inexcusable that robbo didn't claim the ball. he really isn't nowhere near the standards of last season.

king - needs to command the defence, not bollock them after the goal has gone in. too quiet to be a captain imo.

jol needs to select a first choice attack and stick with it. forget all this rotation cobblers. liverpool won the championship once, 1980(?) with 15(?) players over a 42 game season! what that combination is i really don't know. probably keane and berbatov if the ball is played on the floor and they get some proper service.

ekotto - not yet premiership class. give him a few run outs in the reserves. time and again he went missing and not for the first time.

lennon - ffs he needs to be played as an out and out right winger. how many times did he roast the left back? none. not good enough.

zokora - other than running round like a headless chicken with the occasional dive, not sure what his role his. does jol know? does anyone?

jenas - best midfielder at the club by a country mile. at least he's got the balls for a battle, chips in with the occasional goal and has added some bite to his game this season.

simply, we lost on sunday because after going 1-0 up, we thought we were too good to lose. how wrong can you be.

this is not a knee jerk reaction, far from it, just an honest stepped back look at the team and an honest opinion. i love my spurs, through thick and thin and expect a massive improvement against blackburn, starting with an improved attitude.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dannyboy,

I thought cusop had already started a 'serious' debate?


Anonymous said...

well well harry hotspur i found a little scrap of paper in my dad's old trousers with your blog address scrawled on. thought i'd check it out - very impressive.

congratulations are in order for the victory over chelsea -a more satisfying spectacle i cannot recall all season. that is of course if you discount the systematic destruction of the pool last sun!

keep up the good work.

the man who fell down the toilet and couldnt get out

Anonymous said...

any constructive comments? or have i lost my sense of humour?


Blog head said...

Danny boy,

What a load of shit,

Sniff my groin and shut the hell up

dannyboy said...

thats what ive always liked about you - absolutely fuck all!
constructive and to the point huh? it must have taken you all of 2 seconds to come up with that - did mummy help you?


Blog head said...

Danny boy,

Actually moron, what my mother wanted to say was a lot worse then that. She's a foul mouthed bitch.

You talk drivel, Jenas licks balls just like you sniff groins so please cork that hole in your face or i'll put my willy in there.

P.s - I love you

dannyboy said...

blog head
i take the time to put my thoughts and comments on here. you talk a load of shit.
i will not lower myself to your level talking bout bitches and willies you tosser.
free speech is one thing left in this country to be proud of, so by shouting at me to put a cork in my face or else you will put your willy in there, really shows what a complete twat you really are. and you still make no constructive comments to my original post !
long live the freedom of blog sites !!!


Blog head said...


We had a bad game, why start slating the team as if they all need to be shot. As much as you'd love to believe it, were still pretty far behind the big clubs you nonce. (that was for effect i love you really)

What you say is true on a few of them is true, but on others your just critisising just for the sake of it. "King needs to command the defence more", He's a fucking great captain, he leads by example so what the fuck are you on about "Jenas is our best midfielder" Now your just being silly. All thats saying is how Mediocre our midfield really is.

Theres nothing wrong with critisising them cos they were shit, but it seems to be like you've been waiting to do it.

Now sniff my sweaty groin.

ps. WHat kind of Bee's produce milk?

A. Boo-bees

dannyboy said...

it pains me to criticise. all i'm doing is putting across a point of view based on a game where we were shambolic. refer to HH points of the original blog.
we are miles away from breaking into the top 2 and unless something drastic happens, a la abramovich, we wont for a long time. not a criticism, just a cold fact.
i think king is too quiet as well - where was the gee-up the team needed? and just what is zokoras best position? is robinson playing as well as he could?
these are merely observations.
i cheered like no-ones business when we beat chelski, and will again if we beat blackburn. all i'm saying is to challenge near the top we should not be losing to the likes of reading - and certainly not in the manner we did.

and as much as i'm sure your groin is lovely, i'll pass on the sniffing invitation if you don't mind - the wifes' boo-bees are much nicer !!!

are we taking over this site or what ?? haha


Anonymous said...

Allegedly the comment made to king by Terry was "shut up you lippy monkey".

It's been said that one one of the spurs players leaked it.

Anonymous said...

ive heard exactly the same thing - lots of hush money being paid by chelski to tabloid journalists?

Anonymous said...

That, I know nothing about and would doubt.

Anonymous said...

well ive heard different. funny how terry was being praised in the tabloids all last week after what he done? theres definitely something in it - watch kings reaction, hes normally so laid back, not to mention the reaction of black players on both sides and the fact terry virtually walked off straight away.
smouldering guns and all that.


Anonymous said...

Trust Graham Poll to have missed what Terry said and sending him off for 2 0r 3 other things. The man is a complete clown.

As for terry, I have the feeling mud like this could stick quite easily to England's new captain. I call for a slow motion/lip reading investigation!! Let the technology sort it out!!

Anonymous said...

what's your take on all this HH??
you're very quiet - have chelski paid you hush money too ??!! haha

Anonymous said...

Terry is w*nker and should discretely pop his armband through the FA's letterbox.

Blog head said...

Then he should tickle my balls, for good measure

Anonymous said...

fucking 'ell bloghead - you got a thing about tickling, balls and groins? maybe you need to get 50 quid and go see a tart, ya muppet.

Anonymous said...

Heather Mills £45

Harry the closet chelsea supporter said...

What a hostile site!

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, no it's not.