Thursday, November 16, 2006

Spurs Can Beat Rovers

An away win is now essential. Reading was a disaster, granted. Blackburn are as good as prey as any. The win is far more achievable than a jaunt to say Old Trafford. So let's get lively.

A rotation system is insane until you have an established 1st XI. It's at this point that Defoe
apologists start to nod and I am with them. Introducing a player for the last 15/20 minutes is Plan B. I want to know what Plan A is. Because I'm too embarrassed to keep posting Tottenham videos of Defoe scoring sensational goals. If the clips get any older he'll be in a Holsten shirt. I'd like to see Defoe start and score.

Robinson has made some fabulous saves this season, but unfortunately those are rarely remembered unless you were behind the goal at the time or it was a World Cup Final. It would be contradictory of me to suggest he be shown a bit of bench when I want Defoe off it. Other keepers are having better seasons, true. Then they are playing for clubs that are having better seasons. In the cold light of day would you swap Robbo for David James?

Berbatov has incited all manner of Premiership journalists to use the c word. I mean 'classy' of course, the performance against Reading has to be a one - off. I expect to see Berbatov score.

Zokora, all jet set ilnesses aside needs to have much clearer direction. There was much made of 'unshackling' players after the World Cup and to me, our boy seems restrained too often. Whilst Carrick has added nothing to Man Utd (which is hilarious) there's no reason why his shirt at WHL ought not be filled by a more extravagant, attacking player. What I'm saying is let Didier do his 'thang'. He looks great when he gets at them, so let him go...

Ghaly has disappointed too often of late. Selfish missed shots and some really dopey loss of possession. Jenas requires more animation than just get booked when things go wonky. I want to see him hounding the opposition and tracking back when possession is lost. Be the extra man. Make a difference.

Robbie Keane's a headache. He's one of the most enterprising weapons we have and yet when he's out of sorts - boy is he out of sorts. His contributions this season have gone from showing pups like Ronaldo what a step-over is for - to those of a man with too many troubles on his mind. His 'historic' hatrick against San Marino last night wasn't a thing of beauty, but hopefully, it will at the very least have given him some penalty practice.

And finally... Aaron Lennon. Mr Electric. The winged heeled mighty atom. So let's see him let loose! Blackburn? Come On You Spurs!


sydney wale said...

Unshackle the Zak Attack!

I like the idea of playing Tom Hoddle's son and zak in the middle together, Lennon on the right and anyone else on the left. Jenas gets a start when either of them is injured.

Blackburn will be another tough game. Sparky will make sure they get something this week after losing last week to Man Utd. More points lost for us i fear.

dannyboy said...

well, you seem to have covered most of the points i raised in the previous blog !

would love to see zokora bombing forward being creative. if this is the case, i agree with syd - that a holding player in the mould of huddlestone needs to play behind him as cover.

defoe to start? yes please. point to prove maybe, i reckon he'd bang a few in, once he's removed the bench splinters from his arse.

robbo - give him some bench time. no-one should be an automatic start. should he have come for the corner holland scored from last night? another 6 yard box goal from a corner. sorry, just being honest.

lennon - simple. play right wing, hug the touchline, beat the left back, get crosses in, striker scores.

no mention of king - interesting to read on the official website, huddlestone saying he modeled himself on king when he captained the england u-21's against holland - not the most vocal, but lead by example. king - BE MORE FUCKING VOCAL.

keane - looked fantastic on the left against chelski - the answer to our problems there?

all in all, a few tweaks and i reckon we'll be flying again. i cant see spurs being embarassed on live tv 2 sundays running ?

oh, and bloghead, dont tell me to shut the cakehole or invite me to sniff your groin, it really aint funny !


Blog head said...

Danny boy,

Lick my balls

(the trick is to just ignore me)

emad said...

Defoe scores when spaces open up in front of goal particularly in counter attack situations, but is the team making any headway in this direction?

Robinson's glaring weaknesses are being exploited to our disadvantage this season. He simply does not have the reflexes to address long range shots from outside the box unlike his electric reflexes while effectively negotiating shots from blank range. Is it an eye-sight problem?

Two seasons ago, if my memory does not betray me, the team scored first away win of the season at Ewood Park and Keane scored in that game to put the rest of the season on the right track. Are we to see a repeat? I sincerely hope so

Blog head said...


Thats bullshit about robinson ass wipe, as long as he stops punching he's still one of the best keepers in the land. Yeah he's not on top form but he's only young for a keeper remember, he's got another fifteen years left in the game. I dont think seaman played for england untill he was about thirty so that gives Robbo five years of experience to be gained. Now please can you do me a massive favour and suck the nuts, regards.

emad said...

No problem at all as I agree with you that Robinson is the best keeper in the land too. But I am trying to establish why he seems vulnerable to long range shots as proven against Bolton earlier the season and most recently against Reading.

Dazza said...

I've been saying on other blogs since the Chelsea game, play Keane on the left wing, just like Dannyboy has suggested. He must be our answer out there which then leave a space up front for Defoe who needs a run to prove he has still got it, which i think he has as he's our most natural goal scorer. I think Berby and Keane are too similar.

Also I think its time for Tom to get a starting place ahead of JJ with Zok playing a more advanced role.

COYS lets get our first away with of the season on sunday.

sydney wale said...

Ledley King is a giant among defenders.
Ledley king is a giant among men.
Ledley King is rightly the club captain of my beloved spurs.
Ledley King embodies all the best at spurs.
Ledley King is human (this one I find hardest to accept)
Yes, dannyboy, it would be better if his leadership was more graphic but who else do you suggest as skipper? Keano aside, who else? Not Robbo.
One man's voice is not enough in a team. I don't see much communication between the other players presently, especially up front. Look what Hoddle's son said today regarding his similarities to King as captain and player. King leads by example and it is one of the best. Maybe a bit like Mabbs, Perryman, Judas, all of which I have pictures of lifting silverware.

Don't blame the captain for communication before the coach!!

dannyboy said...

hey dazza - an ally at long last !!!
anyone think although, without doubt, king is a quality player, he just aint vocal enough???


EL said...

I tend to think that the 'more vocal' issue is more about needing a general in midfield rather than a louder defender. I'd like to see a more aggressive Big Tom bossing the middle and spraying hoddle-like passes around. Maybe in time?

Anonymous said...

Defoe over the last 12 months has missed numerous good goal scoring chances . At present I believe he is behind Keane and Berbatov . However with Europe on Thursday believe Defoe may play at Blackburn . With Jenas injured I hope we go for Huddlestone and Zakora in the middle . If Lennon is fit he must start . I am mot sure who would get my vote as the 4th midfield player - I have liked what I have seen of Ghally and may just go for him ahead of Davids .

sydney wale said...

Is Big Tom ever going to be like that though el? As both me and dannyboy repeated, in his own words, he seems to be a quiet acheiver like King. A mouthy midfielder would be nice, or a Paul Allen type.

Maybe that's we played Edgar so much last year when he was crap.