Thursday, November 30, 2006

John Terry Guilty As Charged

Another great day for football as the FA does nothing but put both captain and coach firmly in their place after yet another display of unsporting thuggery from shameless Chelsea.

Terry has been charged with improper conduct and Maureeniho told to also behave herself and use the official channels if he is overwhelmed with the urge to pass comment upon referees or he too will be disciplined in future.

What is wrong with these awful, awful chavs, that they cannot just play football with even the slightest good grace?

It also came as no surprise that the obviously 'made up afterwards' allegations of Poll telling Chelsea players needed 'to be taught a lesson' were also dismissed as being false. Who are these arrogant little whiners trying to kid?

All I can say is well done the FA.


EL said...

Expressing a controversial opinion about a referee's decision making is one thing but claiming that a referee has made outrageous comments which he did not, ie; to blatantly lie about comments not made by a referee, is surely a different level of misconduct altogether? If I was caught at work saying openly to colleagues that I thought my manager had made a complete hash of something I would expect to be pulled into his office for a dressing down. If however I was caught making false allegations about his having said something completely out of order which he never said at all, I would expect a lot more. I'm curious to see what the FA consider an appropriate punishment. I still suspect it was a diversionary tactic.

Go on the Spurs!

Harry Hotspur said...

I agree and wonder if the FA rather naively believe that the 'Chelsea' problem will right itself with a sufficient number of unfavourable outcomes for them when they make unscrupulous challenges on a referee and for that matter, our ability as punters to suspend our disbelief long enough to think they're actually telling the truth.

dannyboy said...

should terry be stripped of the england capataincy? do we need our national captain being charged like this?

say what you will about david beckham's on field ability as of now and his last few dozen england appearances, but i dont think anyone can argue he conducted himself impeccably as captain of the national football side. JT can learn lots.

personally i think he will get a public slap on the wrist, told to mind his future behaviour and run along like a good boy. i.e. he will get off scott free - the FA just don't have the balls to do anything worthwhile.


Harry Hotspur said...

And Dannyboy's on the button as ever.

This goes beyond Terry as a person, it's about who he ought to be and what he ought to stand for.

Beckham for all the little digs that he attracted, bless him, he never attracted the grubby accusations.

We're simple breed on this island. We don't mind a nudge in our favour to help along a victory, but we don't care for cheats. Must be something to do with the Empire and cricket.

Terry is a great defender, ask anyone who has him in their Fantasy team.

But and it's a huge ask, needs to distance himself from being, quite frankly, a dog. (As voted by HH readers!!!!)

Anti war mongerer! said...

"A great day for football" it might be in your opinion Harry, and lets face it we all know that you more than anyone is entitled to your opinion and look out anyone who does not agree! Terry is a dishonest and aparently racist football player and in my opinion should never have been made captain of our country, but I for one am not experiencing the same glee and delight in what has happened as it seems that you are feeling right now, it has put a cloud over a great win for Tottenham, but made Harry 'the warmongerer'Hotspur very happy, I wish it had never happened but await the FA's decision with not alot of optimism.

Anonymous said...

so what if he's the england captain?

Anonymous said...

Re: Anti-war mongerer.

What an odd post!