Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An Idiot's Guide To Getting Footy On Your PC

Obviously, this information is only for use by football fans who find themselves in foreign climbs and are therefore unable to access accredited viewing franchise holders services.

1) Go to www.

2) Download the software sopcast 1.0.1 with the new logo next to it.

3) On the original page, scroll down and look on the left for a box entitled ' Sopcast Provide'.

4) Click the register link and hit the SIGN UP button

5) Complete all the fields. Remember to write down both your Channel Id and your account name.

6) You should now have a new desktop icon. You are more than halfway there!

7) www. is your 'TV Times'.
8) Your connection speed will dictate how fast what happens next. Drop your firewall and click on your sopcast icon.

9) Enter your details, make life easy and select autologin.

10) Hit 'channels' and choose the one the game you want is on.

11) Wait. This will work, ignore the initial blurb that may come up, the channel will load. Patience is the key.

Only to add, I found the whole process quite painful initially and whilst there will be some sniggering reading this, I think that there are many more who might find this information very handy.

Preparation and patience. I tried to register when the Wigan game was on and the site wouldn't do anything for me, so perhaps pick a dull time rather than when they're under pressure.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

"drop your firewall"
oh happy days £££££££

Anonymous said...

are you serious????? have you actually seen any games using this service and how much did it cost you????? dropping your firewall sounds a little dodgy to me, but if it works well got to give it a go, especially as I sit here in Spain with no Spurs to watch.....

Anonymous said...

i have had several free games using the tvants software, it's easy to track down and use.

Anonymous said...

anyone know if it works with macs??? i can't wait for saturday! COYS

Chris said...

Good timing posting this in NewsNow

Have you not read this today?

Anonymous said...


Best streams and i've seen loads of games on there with English commentary

Anonymous said... is the site you want ,all prem footie just follow the guide given. coys

Anonymous said...

try live footy doctor as well, plenty of live games every week and it wont cost u a penny

Harry Hotspur said...

I can only reiterate that the information is posted for those who find themselves in areas where no conventionally franchised broadcasts are available.

And HH has ZERO involvement with sopcast or any other streaming organization!

Ståle C. Minde said...
Use PPMate. Almost every game with english commentator. Premier League, La Liga and UEFA Cup matches.
Believe me! ....and I'm norwegian

Anonymous said... the best p2p is free

EL said...

Oh, if you're norwegian I definately believe you.

Anonymous said...

I should have charged you for that, the weddings off you cheeky barsteward ;)

Anonymous said...

Btw if you have zonealarm just add sopcast to your allowed program list, saves taking down your firewall and all the problems that will cause.

Harry Hotspur said...

" Anonymous said...

I should have charged you for that, the weddings off you cheeky barsteward ;)

Caught red handed!

Cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

Are you insane? DO NOT DROP YOUR FIREWALL!!! it only take half a second to attack a computer. *shakes head*

Harry Hotspur said...

This advise is given on the proviso that it may well have been supplied by a moron, namely me.

One word.