Monday, November 20, 2006

The Fans Want To Give Defoe A Go

42% Want Defoe as a starting striker
28% Want him to get motivated
30% Want shot of him in January

Jermain Defoe gets a vote of confidence from HH voters which I'm convinced he'll be over the proverbial moon about.

This on the back of another game where he failed to get a full 90 minutes despite scoring a cracking penalty against Friedel who's already stopped 3 this season.

Clearly Jol wasn't as struck as most of us on Sunday, leaving Mido firing potshots at advertising hoardings and anything else that was neither white nor net-like.

So let's give the boy a proper run on the starting sheet please, you big bundle of Dutchness!


EL said...

I'm very happy to see him given a good run Harry but how long has he been here and how much of that time has he been off form? How many chances? How many misses. If he gets a good run but no joy I'd sell in jan. Otherwise I'd give him to the end of the season. My feeling is, if he ends up at some other team soonish, that he'll immediately start scoring for fun. Perhaps were just not the team for him or perhaps he needs a change of scenery? I do wish he'd get his act together though as I feel there's a world-class striker struggling to get out.

dannyboy said...

defoe is quality. remember his first season? you dont become a bad striker overnight. the problem is imo, jol just will not stick with the same front 2, whoever it is.
a settled team is required, all over the pitch.
rotation is only for when youre winning games and can afford to rest players. what's needed now is consistency.


sydney wale said...

As long as he is happy to stay with THFC we should welcome him and try to fit him in the team somewhere. His results haven't been great in front of goal for a while but always adds a bit of danger and worries the opposition. Good effort this year, hasn't whinged when not playing and scored a few good penalties under pressure. Why sell him? Like el says, he will have another period of success so keep him at the lane.

As for world class? I feel he is more endeavour over natural skill. That's where Keano and Berbs have the edge. We saw all 3 play together pre season but hardly at all since. 4 3 3 anybody??

Harry Hotspur said...

Totally agree with both of you,

"I feel there's a world-class striker struggling to get out".


"you dont become a bad striker overnight"

C'mon Marty.....

Anonymous said...

3 into 4 don;t go harry.....we need 3 class strikers, and a good reserve lad (Barnard anyone)snapping at the heels,,,4 is to many and we need to release the grip on one player,,,dump defoe or mido IMO and let the goals flow....:) we are the spurs...come on you spurs. we are scum and we love it!!!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

What about long campaigns in Europe? what about injuries?

I think squad rotation is great when everyone's in form and chomping at the bit. But our strikers are not at that point yet, so let's not get shot of anyone too fast.

Harry the tipster! said...

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You talk as much shit as your tips are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, you know fuck all about football so piss off!

Dan Mac said...

The real fans, however, (the one's at the Blackburn game) want Keane to start, hense the singing of 'there's only one Keano' for the last half hour of the game when he didn't even play. To me that says that Keane really get's the nod!

Dan Mac said...

Danny boy - Defoe's first season??? He did well for the first half of the season, then scored just 2 goals from the turn opf the year, so basically, he's had 4 good months since he's been a Spurs, that sounds more like a purple patch than genuine quality!

Harry Hotspur said...

Harry the tipster aka Miss Marple

One question : Where are YOUR figures?

Anonymous said...

Dear 5.56am

Are you an insomniac autistic accountant who's wondering whether to leave his wife for that computer you fallen in love with?