Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thr Truth About Thierry!

How can Henry's so called loyalty be championed? What totally ridiculous sentiments written from relief rather than common sense. Arsenal fans have been absolutely mugged off by Henry, there really isn't a more succinct way of expressing it.

He refused for MONTHS to commit. He was 'making his mind up', he was 'waiting for his nails to dry' he was doing anything other than pledge his damn signature to a contract which would have more clout in the boardrooms of the financiers of the company he is employed by almost so than on the pitch and he wouldn't sign. In fact he got his knickers in a twist when he was asked! 'Oh, deary hark at her!' Ought to have been the cry from the press, but they too indulged him.

What did he do after the Wigan game? On the Day of Days at Highbury, when everything gooner shaped and orientated was celebrated? He kissed the bloody pitch. Well thankyou baby Jesus and the orphans for a sign! Hallelujah! We're saved! 'He IS the Messiah - I should know, - I've followed a few'...

No. Not a word. 'Anything for the teary eyed kids at home clutching their scarves, Thierry?' ' Theees ess a wundarfool day fuur Eyesnol, arrnd Aam gluurd eet dadurn't ruern'

What a ****.

However - it came as zero surprise to me that this naive, child at heart, can't we all just kick a ball together and make the world a better place guy was DEVASTATED by the way Barca dealt with him personally on the field. They pushed and kicked and barely looked him in the eye as they bullied him off the ball - again and again.

Whoa! Are you not my friends too? Are we not shooting a Nike advert here? Is the world not just one great big onion? No, this is war, not a glee club. He stayed because he heard your cheers and he felt your pride. To quote Catherine Tate's granny, ' Whaad a loadda of old SHIT!'

He's staying because he discovered the hard way that that not everyone is a honourable as he try's to be, and that Arsenal are more honourable than Barca. He feels he's had a narrow escape. But don't kid yourself you were first choice. That is all.


tonymeo'smum said...


Anonymous said...

what the fuck has it got to do with you cunts anyway ?

Anonymous said...

grow up you illiterate spaz gooner twat. Fucking good article.

dannyboy said...

great article harry

EL said...

Great article. Harsh but full on and enough truth to make it more than just a piss-take. Just how I like 'em.

Re: 9.01pm

Great response. Almost as funny as the article.

EL said...
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Vinny said...

Nice one Harry. I cant stand this idiot giving it the large, how funny would it be if we got our revenge next season and prevented them playin Champs League Footy, the season after next, bet his loyalty would all of a sudden change again wouldn't it...after all contracts dont mean shit these days.

Anonymous said...

Is someone a wee bit embarassed after months of gloating about him leaving? You lot must get really bored of looking like first class twats.