Friday, May 26, 2006

Lennon - England's Brightest

Man of the Match Aaron Lennon made a terrific start to his England career tonight. His first 20 minutes was quality 1st squad stuff.

Henry Winter of The Telegraph on Wednesday described Lennon's training ground performances as 'electric' and there was certainly no flattery there. Of course, Tottenham fans already knew the potential - and he did not fail to deliver on the international stage. His first touch is educated and complimented by his instinctive drive to attack, attack, attack. The winged heeled Lennon's breathtaking speed and close control allowed him to repeatedly make the opposition look both sluggish and slow witted.

He didn't have all his own way and it was a combination of Belarus altering their strategy and England's passing becoming frenetic that faded him from things either side of the break.

With the ball won back, the consequences were predictable, the defence doubled up on him and he spent much of the last quarter hitting the grass. Winning repeated free kicks, culminating in a flurry of referree activity and a sending off.

One word from me.



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Vinny said...

After seeing Downing tonite,
maybe Im being cynical but just cant see Stuart Downing as setting White Hart Lane alight. Just because he is English will cost us 7 or 8 million maybe more. At that price would rather get some one who can actually go past players instead of passing square and back too much, even Reid can do that! We shouldn't just buy English for the sake of it, no point in that.
Even though Lennon was frustrated a lot, thought he done well to get a lot of free kicks and a player sent off, as they just couldn't handle his speed, that goes a long way in important games. You see thats what wingers are supposed to do...have the speed and/or skill to go past players, what a great player Lennon is for 1 million!

Harry Hotspur said...

Downing is okay, but I agree that he would come at a premiunm that might well not reflect his true worth.

We have a number of what I call developing players that are on a slow burn to greatness - in which I include all the lads who played for Englandlast night - but I don't know about Downing. And I'm less swung at the thought of him being big money...

yid4life said...

I prefer: nuff said.

Anonymous said...

downing has alot of potential, and he should not be judged on 1 night

lennon was truly electric

Anonymous said...

yid4life - piss off

Anonymous said...

Carlton Cole?????????????????

EL said...

Do my eyes deceive me or is that really a potential opportunity to knock arse**l back out of the champions league appearing on the horizon?

Come on you FIFA!