Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Anyone For Chimbonda ?

The rumour mill has turned out another one...

But it has to be said that this one appears to 'have legs'. The story runs that Chimbonda is either already signed, or as good as dammit. The Wigan right back would certainly be a huge asset and there's no getting away from his stats this season.... The valuation is universally guessed to be at around 4 mill, with no specifics of salary quoted.

A decent link at last perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Would be a good signing!!!!

What a day at the lane

Polish plonker gone

King has signed a new contract a the day
s just getting better and better.

Team for next season


Bridge Dawson King Chimbonda

Ben Afra Jenas Carrick Lennon

Kuyt Keane

What do you Think?

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see....... you've put chimbonda on the left when he's a rightback and you've put Lennon on the left when he should only ever play on the right and you've got ben afra in a top 4 (please god) side which I would doubt is recomended so all in all I'd say you may not have thought this through very well. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

How's this:


chimbonda Dawson King bridge

Lennon Huddlestone Carrick Duff

Keane kuyt


Anonymous said...

Fuck ur an ediot yes Bridge on the right think about it i am looking at the screen so its my left.

We will never get duff ben afra is a more realistic target.

Are you some sort of retarded gooner

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm a gooner, that's why I'm called Yid15. And if we're getting insulting about these small matters, why, if you're the one who reversed left and right coz you're 'looking at the screen' but didn't manage to work out that you should then put the keeper at the bottom and work upwards, are you asking if I'M a retard?

duff? Unrealistic? Maybe you're right. Or maybe I think bigger than you. I would doubt Jol, Levy or Comolli think duff is unrealistic. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I thought your choices of bridge & kuyt were good. You seem upset.


Harry Hotspur said...

Bridge is a player that whilst I don't think he's breathtaking, I definately feel he'd blossom if he moved to us.

Anonymous said...


Mistook your 'afra' suggestion for arca at sunderland. My mistake. Don't know much about afra but Comolli reckons on him so that's good enough for me. Maybe not as soon as next season though.

Do you know what Harry H, it's been so long since I've seen bridge in action I can't remember how good he is. I seem to recall him being just short of international class. I suspect Jol et al knows best.


Harry Hotspur said...

I'm not a union jack waving moron, buty there's a part of me that loves our English spine. Bridge would be a great addition. I guess we're at the mercy of Maureeniho...

Anonymous said...

Well if we are, let's hope stories of maureen'os wanting to clear a few out for some fresh 'uns, his desire to lose duff and our 'first refusal at the right price' are true because whoever anybody bought from chelski will be at least close to a thoroughbred.

west ham for the cup!

Come on the Spurs!