Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Century For Robbie

Matin Jol has called on spurs to demonstrate the kind of courage and character that earned us the 2-1 win over the now floundering West Brom. "We are heading into a crucial month, the race for Europe looks set to go to the last minute of the last month". Certainly the determination of Spurs on Monday will give others something to think about. Keane has come of age almost, his captancy of The Republic arriving at a time that consolodated his emergence as a first choice striker for Jol. "This is a time for cool heads and brave hearts, good tactics and true quality" continued Jol. Certainly the pressure is coming at us from all sides. *rsenal are trying to make up for shoddy away form dating back to the start of the season, and Blackburn are making their push on fourth based upon an improvement in form. Bolton seem to threaten, but look too wonky to go the distance. For me personally, the best sight was that of Defoe causing the West Brom defense headaches when he tried twisting around their 18 yard box. The sooner the distribution to that boy is improved, the sooner we will see him back to his 'shoot to thrill' ways.


EL said...

Determination is one thing but lack of nous is another. It's difficult to invisage us holding off arse*** or even blackburn on that last performance. I wonder if we wouldn't get more out of a good eufa cup run rather than embarassed in the CL next season. We simply don't look anywhere near that level yet.

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment on here ages ago and it didn't get through and you're still on 0 comments. Is there a problem with this site?